RTO Office

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RTO Office

If you own or drive a vehicle in India, you probably have heard about the RTO. RTO or Regional Transport Office is a government organization that supervises and manages all transport-related operations in India. Each state and union territory in the country has its RTO that governs the transport-related operations in the country.

Regional Transport Functions Number, Offices, Address & Timing

RTO office or the Regional Transport Office is a government body specifically established to oversee all transport-related operations in the country. RTOs are located throughout the country in each state and union territory. RTOs are responsible for enforcing the rules as laid down by the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988.

The department also maintains a database of all the vehicles operating in the country as well as issues licenses for drivers. Besides, the RTO office also collects road taxes, supervises pollution checks, and ensures the enforcement of all road transportation rules. If you own or drive a vehicle in India, you will need to visit the RTO to get your vehicle registered, obtain a driver’s license or renew your driver’s license, etc.

RTOs are also responsible for improving road and vehicle safety, especially to avoid accidents and other road fatalities.

What is VAHAN?

VAHAN is an integrated solution with RTO vehicle details. Launched in 2011, VAHAN is a national vehicle registry introduced by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways along with the National Informatics Centre. This highly flexible and comprehensive system takes care of the heavy activities of vehicle registration, equipping the transport department to handle more important and pressurizing transport and business issues.

With VAHAN, the RTOs can computerize processes such as vehicle registration, fitness, taxes, permits and enforcement, etc. The main objective of VAHAN is to collate all details of the motor vehicle registration certificates from the RTO and DTO (District Transport Offices) across the country.

Here a few services offered by VAHAN:

  • Vehicle registration
  • Issue of permit
  • Tax calculation and payment
  • Issue and renewal for vehicle fitness certificate
  • Issue of challan and penalty settlement

What is SARATHI?

SARATHI was created initiated by the Road Transport and Highway Ministry to digitize the working conditions of the road transport offices. SARATHI was initiated to create a computerized database of vehicle-related licenses and RTO information, such as driving licenses, changes in permanent driving license, driving school licenses and fees, conductor’s licenses, etc. SARATHI was created as per the state regulations along with provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.

RTO Codes of Union Territories and Official Websites

Key Functions of RTO office

  • Conducting driving tests
  • Testing and issuing learning license
  • Renewing driving licenses
  • Issuing international driving license
  • Issuing licenses for driving instructors
  • Issuing licenses for conductors
  • Issuing and renewing of Registration Certificate for Motor Vehicles
  • Transferring ownership in Registration Certificate
  • Registering loan transactions
  • Making changes and recording the changes in the Registration Certificate
  • Issuing of NOC
  • Issuing of fitness certificate
  • Issuing permits for tourists and transport vehicles
  • Collecting road tax on motor vehicles
  • Collecting of IMV fees
  • Departmental action cases
  • Inspecting vehicles at check posts
  • Clearing pollution tests
  • Selling customized registrations
  • Issuing fitness certificate to transport vehicles

What are the different types of RTO forms?

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has provided different forms of RTO online, where each has a defined purpose:

  • Form 20: Application for motor vehicle registration
  • Form 21: Sales certificate
  • Form 23: Registration certificate
  • Form 24: Registration of motor vehicle
  • Form 29: Notice of transfer of ownership of the motor vehicle
  • Form 38 A: Inspection report
  • Form 50: Bill of lading
  • Form 51: Certificate of insurance
  • Form 54: Information report of an accident

Vehicle Registration Process

You can follow these steps to register for vehicle registration:

  • Visit your state/city’s RTO office and submit the documents required along with duly filled forms.
  • Submit the demand draft for the road tax to be paid
  • Submit the registration form and the documents as directed by the RTO officers.
  • Pay the charges involved in processing
  • Usually, the process takes two to three days. In some cases, it might take longer.
  • After the processing and verification are complete, the RTO will assign a vehicle number.

Transfer of Ownership of a Registered Vehicle

If you wish to transfer the ownership of a registered vehicle, you can follow these steps:

  • Fill the applicable RTO form – Form 29 and 30
  • Obtain a NOC from the state where the vehicle was originally registered. In case the vehicle is bought through finance, NOC is to be obtained from the financer.
  • Get the PUC certificate
  • Secure vehicle insurance certificate
  • Pay applicable fees and road taxes
  • Complete registration of the vehicle
  • Affirm sale and purchase of a vehicle
  • Submit age and address proof documents along with passport size photographs

To ensure you navigate the transfer process faster, ensure all your documents and other proceedings are in order.

Disclaimer / TnC

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Frequently Asked Question

How many RTO are there in India?


Presently, there are over 1,100 RTOs in India across all states and union territories.

What is the job of an RTO officer?


The RTO officer will register your vehicle and issue the driver’s license as well as check for four-wheeler insurance or two-wheeler insurance and grant the certificate of fitness for vehicles.

Is RTO closed in India?


RTOs are still operational in India. However, as per the Union Minister for roads, transport and highways Nitin Gadkari, RTOs will soon be abolished and replaced with a new system.

What is RTO tax in India?


RTO is a mandatory tax levied by the State government and the Central government on all vehicles before they are used on public roads.

Can I transfer the ownership of my vehicle?


Yes, you can transfer the ownership of your vehicle by visiting the RTO office or using their online services at parivahan.gov.in.

Do all states have a unique RTO code?


Yes, all states and union territories in India have a unique RTO code.

Can someone find my address through online databases like VAHAN?


No, RTO databases like VAHAN and SARATHI safeguard your privacy and personal details. These databases do not mention your address online.

Is RTO really important?


Yes, as per the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988, RTO registration of all types of vehicles is mandatory in India. Any vehicle found driving without registration is fined by the RTO.