Ghaziabad RTO Office

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Ghaziabad RTO Office

Ghaziabad, a city in Uttar Pradesh, is located in the National Caption Region of the country. As a significant city with a growing population, it is known to be a commercial hub with numerous well-developed residential areas.

The road connectivity to cities like Noida and Delhi is well-planned to ensure ease of commuting. Additionally, to avoid traffic congestion between intercity travels, the NH-24 and NH-9 offer drivers a seamless experience of wide roads with improved connectivity between highways.

The Hindon Elevated Road is an excellent effort from the Ghaziabad Transport Authority to reduce traffic during peak hours.

From public passenger vehicles like buses, rickshaws and tempos to private 2 and 4-wheelers, the streets of Ghaziabad require proper obedience to the traffic rules and regulations to avoid unnecessary accidents and fatalities.

Role of a Regional Transport Office

The Regional Transport Office in Ghaziabad or any other region is a government-authorised body that is solely responsible for taking care and streamlining the different transport-related facilities for proper law compliance and enforcement.

Established under the main Transport Department of Uttar Pradesh, RTO is involved in many significant services relating to vehicle registration, driver and vehicle safety, road safety, etc., in accordance with the Motor Vehicles Act 1988.

Ghaziabad RTO Office Details

To know all the information regarding your nearest RTO GZB (Ghaziabad), find all the details below.

Ghaziabad RTO Code  UP -14
RTO Ghaziabad Address  B35, Bulandshahr, Bypass Road, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh - 201001
RTO Ghaziabad Contact Number 0120-2703888, 0120-2703884
RTO Ghaziabad Working Days Monday to Saturday
RTO Ghaziabad Timings 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
RTO Ghaziabad Official Website  

Functions of Ghaziabad RTO Office

The key function of the Ghaziabad RTO is the correct implementation of the different road rules and regulations with proper compliance with all laws revolving around vehicle inspections, emission standards, vehicle permits and so on.

Some of the key functions in detail include:

Road Safety

One of the main functions of RTO is to maximise road safety by ensuring all vehicles on the road are driving with the right permissions.

From vehicle registration-related documents to fitness and pollution investigation, all these roles are under the umbrella of RTO. Without their approval and issuance of necessary documents, taking the vehicle on the road is against the law.

Compliance with Laws

Every city has a list of traffic laws that require the driver to carry a list of necessary documents with them at all times. Additionally, they need to practice safe driving to avoid any violations, as the RTO records all of them.

RTO is responsible for issuing driving licences, and they also conduct random checks for valid two or four-wheeler insurance availability to make sure all the drivers are following the necessary guidelines.

Road Tax Collection

Paying road tax is mandatory based on the vehicle category you own. One of the other important functions of the RTO is to collect road tax on time from every vehicle owner.

This is necessary to ensure no one takes any vehicle on the road without paying the taxes levied on their vehicle as per traffic authorities.

Services Offered at the Ghaziabad RTO Office

People in Ghaziabad and around the country rely heavily on automobiles for day-to-day commutes. RTO, as a federal agency, plays a vital role in keeping track of these vehicles in a particular region.

From permission to drive to valid vehicle-related documents, RTO is fully involved in all the processes and approvals to ensure compliance with the safety rules and regulations.

Driving Licence-Related Services

One of the essential services offered by Ghaziabad RTO is complete assistance in obtaining a valid driving licence to take your vehicle on the road. RTO is the evaluation, approval, and monitoring body that assesses the eligibility of every driver thoroughly.

Driving Tests - All licence applicants are required to undertake a driving test to prove their driving ability and general know-how of the traffic safety rules and laws.

RTO is responsible for conducting all such driving tests for different vehicle categories. After the application form submission, the next step is to book an appointment at your nearest RTO and take the test under the supervision of an RTO official for final approval.

Learner’s Licence - People below the age of 16 to 18 years can apply for a licence called a learner’s licence. A valid learner’s licence is mandatory to apply for a permanent licence.

All applications for learner’s licence go through detailed verification by the RTO at Ghaziabad along with a driving test. An important thing to note is that every driver with a learner’s licence needs to be accompanied by a person with a permanent licence to avoid law violations.

Driving Licence - An integral part of maintaining road safety is a driving licence. Anyone who wishes to navigate the streets of Ghaziabad using their personal or commercial vehicle requires a valid DL to do so.

Driving licence applications are all processed at the RTO. Once the application with the correct documentation is received at the RTO, a verification procedure is conducted to assess the submitted form and details. Then, based on the results of the driving licence tests, application approval or rejection is finalised by the RTO before issuing your DL.

International Driving Licence - Based on specific travel plans and trips, individuals can apply for an international driving licence from RTO Ghaziabad.

To be eligible, you need to have a valid driving licence in India and then apply for an international permit via application to the RTO.

Renewals and Duplicate Issuance - Driving licences require timely renewals to avoid law violations as per the Motor Vehicles Act 1988. Moreover, at times, people also misplace their valid DL, which can attract fines.

RTO Ghaziabad ensures a timely renewal facility and also helps replace your lost or stolen DL after application for the same. For any amendments in your existing DL, you can reach out to RTO for support.

Vehicle Monitoring - RTO ensures all vehicles available on the streets of Ghaziabad are monitored thoroughly. This includes correct counting of the number of violations and rule breaks.

Additionally, they also provide all the information regarding fines and collect penalties where applicable to promote responsible driving.


National Permits - For commercial vehicles, commuting to different locations for good delivery is necessary to maintain operational efficiency. However, any such vehicle in Ghaziabad cannot take the vehicle outstation without a valid national permit.

The national permits are approved and issued by the RTO. This allows them to move around freely to complete their delivery commitments in a timely manner.

Tourist Permits - For locals and national travels between regions and states, many companies provide public transportation for easy movement. However, all such passenger vehicles for tourism purposes or inter-city travel require a tourist permit.

RTO is responsible for issuing these permits for a said period post valid application and document submission.

Renewals - Permits require timely renewals to ensure the vehicle in question is permitted to go around different cities and states without any hassle.

Vehicle Registrations

Registration Certificate - The first thing any vehicle owner needs to do after the purchase of their vehicle is get it registered with the RTO. Upon completing the registration, the RTO provides you with a valid registration certificate.

This document is crucial, and any driver is required to have it available with them at all times to avoid breaking traffic laws and facing fines.

No Objection Certificate - For relocation to another city or state, the vehicle also needs to be transported to the new location. However, this cannot happen if the vehicle owner does not have a no-objection certificate.

To apply for an NOC, you need to complete an application form and attach the necessary documents with it for submission to the RTO. After receiving the application, RTO verifies all details and then provides you with this certificate.

Additionally, RTO also transfers all details regarding your vehicle to the new RTO in the region you are relocating.

Changes and Amendments -Address, contact information, and other details can change over time, but it is necessary to get the same updated in the vehicle registration documents.

Even name changes can be implemented, but all these requests need to be directed to the RTO, and the final approval is provided after proper checks.

Vehicle Inspection

Pollution Under Control Certificate - To safeguard the environment, RTO monitors the pollution emission levels of every vehicle on the roads of Ghaziabad. The main role of the document is to ensure and confirm that the emissions from a particular vehicle are well at par with the standards.

Therefore, every vehicle owner needs to get the vehicle assessed by the RTO to receive this certificate for a seamless driving experience.

Fitness Certificate - Every vehicle is required to undergo a fitness assessment conducted by the RTO of the region. Under this assessment, the vehicle’s engine, brakes, transmission, mechanical parts, and other components are evaluated.

RTO conducts this assessment to ensure that the vehicle is fit to be taken on the roads. Moreover, it assures the vehicle owner of the fitness levels and emissions of their vehicle for better accountability and responsible driving.

Valid Insurance - RTO is also involved in conducting random checks for the availability of valid vehicle insurance with the driver. It is mandatory by law to have valid insurance at all times to avoid fines.

These random checks can take place at various checkpoints, and you need to adhere to the rules to enjoy a safe driving experience.

Law Enforcement

RTO is responsible for carrying out strict checks and providing valid documentation to all vehicle owners to facilitate a safe transportation network on the streets of Ghaziabad.

Therefore, all the traffic law enforcement responsibilities fall onto RTO, and they need to assess each vehicle activity and evaluate the violations of each of them for proper accountability and timely penalisation.

From basic traffic rules, including safe driving, no drinking and driving, no rash driving, etc., to all the necessary documents like a valid registration certificate, driving licence and insurance policy, RTO needs to ensure all are followed.

Need for a Car Insurance Policy in Ghaziabad

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Motor vehicles crowd the streets in abundance today, and Ghaziabad city traffic is no less. Therefore, understanding the different traffic rules and regulations and following them diligently is necessary for all vehicle owners.

RTO Ghaziabad office is also the main authority to oversee the compliance of all rules properly to ensure maximum road and personal safety. From vehicle registration documents to permits and licences, the RTO is the main approving party.

For any changes or vehicle-related documentation requirements, you can easily visit the RTO Ghaziabad office or go to the Ghaziabad RTO online platform for easy resolution.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

Can I complete the vehicle ownership transfer online?

Can I complete the vehicle ownership transfer online?


To complete a vehicle ownership transfer online, you need to visit the official portal of Parivahan. You need to fill and submit the relevant RTO forms based on requirements and submit the same to RTO for completing this procedure online.

How much does RTO Ghaziabad charge for licence renewal?


The fee for driving licence renewal is ₹200 within the grace period and ₹300 after the grace period.

What happens if I drive without valid car insurance?


Driving without valid car insurance can result in a violation of the law, resulting in ₹2000 fine and, in some cases, up to 3 months of imprisonment.