RTO Offices in Indore

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RTO in Indore

The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 is a central act applicable throughout the country with the objective to consolidate and amend the law relating to motor vehicles. The Regional Transport Office (RTO) is responsible for enforcing the functions and activities that are mentioned in this act.

Regional Transport Functions Number, Offices, Address & Timing

The RTO office in Indore looks after the operational aspects such as driving license, car registrations, the validity of insurance for a vehicle, etc.

List of RTO offices in Indore

RTO offices across India are allotted a code (which is prefixed on every vehicle’s number plate) that helps identify the jurisdiction it represents. The RTO Indore is responsible for renewing various vehicular documents, undertakes RTO Indore vehicle registration for private and commercial vehicles, amongst performing various other functions.

RTO Indore offices are located at:

RTO Indore MP - 09 Indore RTO Office, Nayta Mundla, Indore, Madhya Pradesh – 452020 N.A.

The Indore RTO office timings are from 10 AM to 6 PM (Monday to Saturday)

For availing online services, you can visit: http://www.transport.mp.gov.in/online-services

Indore RTO Vehicle Registration Charges

The charges for vehicle registration depend on the class of vehicle. The following table displays the registration charges for vehicle types:

Functions of Indore RTO

The RTO office is responsible for enforcing various acts enlisted by the Motor Vehicles Department. Some RTO Indore functions include:

  • Enforcing the vehicular rules laid out by the central and state governments
  • Through management of permits ensuring a co-ordinated development of road transport
  • Levy and collect road tax basis the provisions of the vehicle act
  • Undertaking RTO Indore vehicle registration
  • Undertaking Indore RTO license renewal and issuance for vehicles in the public, transport, and private sections
  • Maintaining a vehicle registration database
  • Checking the validity of insurance for a vehicle
  • Inspection of vehicles that have encountered an accident
  • Granting a fitness certificate to transport vehicles
  • Issuing badges to public service drivers
  • Issuing international driving licenses
  • Aside from the aforementioned, there are several other functions and activities performed by the RTO office in Indore to ensure the smooth functioning of the mandated traffic laws.

How to Register a Vehicle at Indore RTO

The process for RTO Indore vehicle registration can be done through an agent, or you can do it yourself. If you have opted for the latter, below is a step-by-step guide to registering your vehicle at RTO Indore:


  • Take your new vehicle to the RTO Indore office.
  • Along with the necessary documents, fill out form number 20 and submit these together.
  • The RTO Indore superintendent would then inspect your documents.
  • Once this is done, pay the necessary fees along with the taxes at the cash counter of the RTO Indore vehicle registration.
  • The Inspector of Motor Vehicle will then examine your vehicle.
  • The RTO office of Indore will then input your vehicle’s data into the central database, which will be verified by the RTO Superintendent.
  • The vehicle registration will be approved by the Assistant Regional Transport Officer.
  • Post verification of the details, the RTO office releases a unique registration number for your vehicle.


Step 1: Download the RTO Form 20 here. You can choose the English or the Hindi version, as per your preference. Step 2: Fill the form and submit it to Indore RTO along with the relevant documents.

The rest of the steps remain similar to the offline process.

The Smart Card process will then get initiated, and it will be delivered to the applicant to their registered address through speed post. In case you have a temporary registration number, you must obtain a permanent one before the temporary registration expires.

How to Renew a Registration Certificate in Indore

As per the rules mandated by the Central Motor Vehicle Department, all private vehicles require a re-registration after completion of 15 years for every five years as long as the department considers the vehicle worthy of the road. The documents needed for renewal are:

  • The duly filled Form no. 25
  • Valid PUC certificate
  • Original Registration Certificate (RC) or the RC book
  • Professional tax certificate
  • Certificate of valid insurance policy
  • Copy of vehicle owner’s PAN card and either of the applicable forms: 60 or 61
  • Engine pencil and chassis print of the vehicle registration certificate that is up for renewal
  • A document with the signature proof of the owner such as Aadhar Card

Once the aforementioned documents have been collected, take your vehicle for inspection at the RTO Indore. After inspection, pay the registration fees and collect the receipt from the cash counter, and a re-registration certificate will be issued by the department.

Documents Required to Register a Vehicle in Indore

Contrary to popular belief, vehicle registration is not a cumbersome job, especially if the necessary documents have been readied:

  • Proof of Identity
  • Invoice of the vehicle to be registered
  • Copy of valid vehicle insurance. To save time, you can buy vehicle insurance online.
  • Copy of your PAN card
  • The temporary registration form issued by the dealer
  • The receipt of the registration charges
  • Form numbers: 20, 22, and 21

Motor Insurance in Indore

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Disclaimer / TnC

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Frequently Asked Question

How can I renew my driving license online in MP?


In MP, the renewal of the driving license needs to be undertaken within 30 days of the expiry of the former license. The online process for Indore RTO license renewal is:- Visit the MP Government’s transport website: transport.mp.gov.in Click on ‘License Appointment’. Select the tab for renewal of license and input your license number and your date of birth (DoB). Input the necessary details and take a print of the form. Collect the necessary documents and visit RTO Indore with your form. Once the documents are verified, your license will be issued on the same day.

How can I check my MP license status?


To check the status of your license application in MP: Visit the MP Government’s transport website: transport.mp.gov.in Search for driving license status. You will be asked you enter your application number, DoB, following which you need to input the verification code. Finally, select check status, and you will be provided with the status of your application.

What happens if I drive without a Registration Certificate (RC)?


Having a valid RC is mandatory by law to drive a vehicle (two-wheeler/four-wheeler) in India. If you do not have a valid RC, you can be fined as per the prevailing rules laid down under the Motor Vehicle Act. Further, your motor insurance claim can get rejected if you do not have a valid RC.

What is the penalty for the late registration of a vehicle?


If your RC expires, you need to get it renewed within the due date; else, you will be fined ₹500/month for private four-wheelers and ₹300/month for two-wheelers by the RTO.