RTO Offices in Thane

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RTO Offices in Thane

Thane has two full-fledged RTOs that have been set up by the State Government of Maharashtra to fulfil the requirements of the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 (both RTOs fall under the same code 'MH-04.').

RTO Thane operates to meet the needs of citizens by establishing hassle-free traffic rule enforcement, motor vehicle convergence, and other services. Thane's regional transport offices can also be found on the Thane RTO website.

Thane, the 15th most populous district in Maharashtra, is a part of the Mumbai Metropolitan Area. Many tourists are drawn to Thane, which makes it a popular tourist destination.

Thane’s economic expansion has put a great deal of strain on both urban and rural transportation infrastructure. The number of two and four-wheelers used for rapid transit has directly increased, as has the frequency of accidents and air pollution. To carry out these duties and to put the tax laws, other limitations, and regulations outlined in the Motor Vehicle Act into effect, Motor Vehicle Departments were established.

The city's new car registrations are up as a result of the expanding industrial and service sectors. Therefore, the Thane Regional Transport Office's role is essential to the administrative system's efficient operation. Within a given area, the RTO is the government agency in charge of regulating and controlling a number of issues pertaining to cars, driving, and transportation.

For information on the regional transport office Thane, services, costs, contact information, and office hours, continue reading.

What is a Regional Transport Office?

Regional Transport Office, also known as RTO, is responsible for vehicle and transportation regulations. At the regional or local level, the Regional Transport Office is the government department or agency in charge of several facets of motor vehicle administration and regulation.

In India, the RTO is in charge of all transport-related activities. It is in charge of carrying out the duties and obligations outlined in the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 in each state and Union territory.

This government agency is in charge of keeping a driver database. It is also in charge of the database for vehicles. All Indian states and union territories are included in this database of drivers and vehicles. RTO's parent organisation is the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.

The Motor Vehicles Act and other pertinent laws are the Regional Transport Office's main areas of responsibility, but it also has a number of other duties, which are covered in the section below.

RTO/ Thane - Mumbai

The MH-04 Regional Transport Office (RTO) in Thane, Mumbai, is an important institution within the Maharashtra Motor Vehicles Department. Its jurisdiction extends across the bustling district of Thane, a significant Mumbai suburb.

The Thane RTO's primary goal is to implement and enforce the regulations outlined in the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, ensuring the smooth operation of vehicular activities in the region.

RTO Thane Office, Mumbai Maharashtra

To find the MH 04 RTO address, thane RTO contact number, and the RTO Thane timings and operation, refer to the table below:

RTO Code Number MH-04
RTO Name RTO Thane
Office Address Opposite Central Jail Thane, Maharashtra 400601
Helpline Number +91-22-25340474 / +91-022-25823580 
Email rto.04- mh@gov.in
Official Thane RTO Website https://transport.maharashtra.gov.in/1035/Home
State Maharashtra 
Office Timing  10 AM to 5 PM

Note - Users can easily gain access to the RTO Thane online website, which features an easy-to-use interface that will allow users to navigate and find the information they seek.

Thane Deputy RTO MH-04 Office Central Mumbai

This table contains the MH 04 RTO code, contact information, and office hours.

RTO Code/Number MH-04
RTO Name RTO Central Mumbai
Office Address Eastern Express Highway, Near LIC Building, Murphy Company, Thane (West) Maharashtra, 400604
Helpline Number -25823331
Email rto.04- mh@gov.in
State Maharashtra
Office Timings 10 AM to 5 PM

Functions of RTO Thane MH-04 Office

As a key organisation under the Maharashtra Motor Vehicles Department, the Thane RTO (MH-04) performs a variety of tasks to control and expedite vehicle operations in the area. Several of the essential roles consist of:

Collecting Road Taxes: The RTO office is in charge of obtaining the government-mandated road taxes and fines.

By paying road taxes on time, it guarantees that car owners fulfil their financial obligations and support the upkeep and development of road infrastructure. The office also levies fines for different infractions, encouraging responsibility and responsible car ownership.

Control of Unauthorised Vehicles: The RTO actively participates in locating and regulating the use of vehicles that have been unlawfully or unapproved modified on public roads. This keeps the fleet of vehicles uniform and secure.

Public Awareness Campaigns: To inform the public about traffic laws, road safety, and the penalties for infractions, the RTO holds public awareness campaigns. The purpose of these campaigns is to increase pedestrians' and drivers' sense of responsibility.

Services Offered at the RTO Thane Office

The RTO Thane MH-04 office is dedicated to providing a wide range of services for registered vehicles, with a focus on compliance with road safety regulations and environmental standards. The office provides a wide range of critical services, including:

Registration of Vehicles

Issuing No Objection Certificate (NOC): The RTO Thane facilitates the insurance of No Objection Certification (NOC) for vehicles, an essential document when transferring ownership across state boundaries. This ensures smooth transitions with proper documentation and verification.

Issuing Registration Certificate (RC): The Thane RTO is responsible for issuing Registration Certificates (RC) to recently registered vehicles. These certificates contain important information like ownership details and identification numbers and serve as official documentation of a vehicle's legal registration.

Change in Registration Details: The RTO Thane maintains accurate and current registration records by responding to requests for changes in registration information, such as ownership modifications, address updates, or modifications to vehicle details.

Collection of Taxes and Levying Penalties: To ensure adherence to the guidelines set forth in the 1988 Motor Vehicles Act, the Thane RTO office plays a crucial role in tax collection and the imposition of penalties on registered vehicles. Among the many goals of these levies and penalties is the upkeep and development of local transport infrastructure.

Collection of Taxes and Levying Penalties

To ensure adherence to the guidelines set forth in the 1988 Motor Vehicles Act, the RTO Thane office plays a crucial role in tax collection and the imposition of penalties on registered vehicles.

**Taxes:**The RTO Thane actively collects the taxes that are required by law, which helps to finance and improve road maintenance, related services, and municipal transportation infrastructure.

Penalties: The Motor Vehicles Act specifies penalties that the RTO Thane applies to traffic infractions and noncompliance with motor vehicle regulations. These fines encourage responsible driving, discourage illegal activity, and foster accountability.

Issue of License

Maintaining traffic safety regulations and granting driving licences to qualified applicants depend heavily on the Mumbai Thane MH-04 RTO office. Regarding licencing, the office is tasked with a number of duties and obligations, such as:

Conducting Driving Tests: The RTO Thane administers extensive driving tests to candidates seeking a licence, assessing their knowledge of traffic laws, their ability to handle a vehicle and general driving prowess.

Approving Driving Licences: The RTO Thane carefully examines all required paperwork and requirements before approving and issuing driving licences to qualified candidates who pass their driving exams.

**Renewal and Re-issuance of Licences:**The RTO Thane encourages compliance with regulations by managing re-issuance in the event of loss, damage or updates and facilitating driving licence renewals within predetermined timeframes.

Recording Traffic Violations: The RTO Thane keeps track of licence holders' infractions and actively monitors driving behaviour to guarantee safer roads and foster accountability.

Motor Vehicle Mechanical Inspection

In order to guarantee the security and adherence of automobiles on the road, the RTO Thane MH-04 office is essential. The office performs a number of crucial duties linked to vehicle regulation and monitoring, such as:

Issuance of Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate: The RTO Thane plays a vital role in promoting environmental responsibility and verifying that vehicles are complying with emission regulations by awarding Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificates. For vehicles to receive or renew their PUC certificates, PUC inspections must be performed on a regular basis.

Issuance of Vehicle Fitness Certificate: Inspections of fitness certificates are required for commercial vehicles. These examinations evaluate the vehicle's overall suitability and state, taking into account its safety features, mechanical parts, and emissions.

The RTO Thane issues vehicle fitness certificates after conducting routine inspections to make sure cars are roadworthy and adhere to strict safety regulations for increased road safety.

Checking the Validity of the Bike/Car Insurance Policy: The RTO Thane ensures that vehicle owners adhere to legal insurance coverage mandates by validating insurance policies for cars and bikes, thereby encouraging responsible vehicle ownership.

Reputable policies for two-wheelers and four-wheelers provide crucial financial security against mishaps, theft, and other unanticipated events. The RTO actively encourages responsible car ownership and carefully examines the insurance details to verify compliance with the law.

Issue of Permits

The RTO Thane MH-04 authority plays a crucial role in the issuance and renewal of different licences in accordance with the necessary laws. Their duties cover a broad spectrum of activities, such as:

Issue and Renewal of Permits: The RTO Thane is in charge of issuing and renewing permits for different kinds of vehicles, making sure that the application process is complete, that all supporting documentation is verified, and that all laws and regulations are followed.

Tourist and Transportation Permits: By providing travel and tourism permits, the RTO Thane enables vehicles involved in tourism or business to operate in a regulated manner while maintaining tight compliance with all applicable laws and rules.

RTO Fees in Thane

The registration and licence fees applicable at the Thane Regional Transport Office (RTO) for various services are listed below:

Vehicle Registration Fees:

Vehicle Type RTO Thane Fee (₹)
Two-wheelers ₹50
Three-wheelers ₹600
LMV (Light Motor) ₹1,000
MMV (Medium Motor) ₹1,000
HMV (Heavy Motor) ₹1,000
Imported Cars ₹5,000
Imported Bike ₹2,500

Driving licence Fees

Licence Type RTO Thane Fee (₹)
Learner’s Licence ₹200
Driver’s Licence ₹200
International Driving Permit ₹1,000

Importance of a Motor Insurance Policy

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Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

How can I determine if a vehicle has an MH-04 registration?

How can I determine if a vehicle has an MH-04 registration?


Check the registration number plate on the vehicle to identify the MH-04 registration. The regional code MH-04 will be displayed, indicating that it is registered in Thane.

Can I transfer my vehicle registration from another region to MH-04?


Yes, vehicle registration can be transferred to MH-04. You must, however, follow the prescribed procedure, which includes obtaining a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from your previous RTO.

How can I check the registration status of an MH-04 registered vehicle?


To check the registration status of an MH-04 vehicle, go to the Thane RTO website or contact the Thane RTO directly with the vehicle's registration information.