RTO Delhi

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RTO Delhi

The RTO (Regional Transport Office) in Delhi was established under the Department of Transport, Delhi, as per Section 213 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.

RTO Delhi Overview

Delhi being the nation’s capital, the city regularly has a huge number of registered vehicles on the roads. Along with this, the number of vehicles being registered also increases every year. RTO Delhi is responsible for formulating policies as well as coordinating, implementing, monitoring and regulating all transport-related operations and aspects of the city of Delhi.

Official website of RTO in Delhi: transport.delhi.gov.in/home/transport-department

List of RTO Offices in Delhi

The RTO offices in Delhi come under the Department of Transport, Delhi. It upholds the rules and regulations listed under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. There are 13 RTO Offices under the umbrella of the Delhi RTO.

Their details are as follows:

DL – 01 Mall Road RTO Office Delhi DL -01 Deputy Director’s Zonal Office @ Mall, Delhi - 110009 011 23819191, 011 23819192

DL -02 Tilak Marg RTO Office New Delhi DL -02 Deputy Director’s Zonal Office 3,@ Tilak Marg in New Delhi - 110001 011 23378877, 011 23378886

DL – 03 Sheikh Sarai RTO Office – South Delhi DL -03 DDA Market, Sheikh Sarai, South Delhi, Delhi - 110017 011 29259800 , 011 29253535

DL – 04 Janakpuri RTO Office – West Delhi DL - 04 Janakpuri, West Delhi, Delhi - 110058 011 25551618, 011 25531002

DL – 05 Loni Road RTO Office – East Delhi DL -05 Loni Road, Shahdara, East Delhi, Delhi - 110032 011 22813475

DL – 06 Sarai Kale Khan RTO Office – Central Delhi DL - 06 Sarai Kale Khan, Delhi - 110013 011 24351100

DL – 07 Mayur Vihar RTO Office – East Delhi DL - 07 Mayur Vihar, East Delhi, Delhi - 110091 011 22753800

DL – 08 Wazir Pur RTO Office – North West Delhi DL – 08 Wazirpur, North West Delhi, Delhi - 110052 011 27217642

DL – 09 Janakpuri/Palam RTO Office – South West Delhi DL - 09 Palam, Janakpuri, Delhi - 110058 011 25624064, 011 25163615

DL – 10 Raja Garden RTO Office – West Delhi DL – 10 Raja Garden, Delhi - 110027 011 25163616

DL – 11 Rohini RTO Office – North West Delhi DL – 11 Rohini, North West Delhi, Delhi - 110085 011 27563535

DL -12 Vasant Vihar RTO Office – South West Delhi DL - 12 Vasant Vihar, South West Delhi, Delhi - 110057 011 26146498

DL -13 Surajmal Vihar/Shahdara RTO Office – East Delhi DL – 13 Surajmal Vihar, East Delhi, Delhi - 110092 011 22383900

RTO Registration Charges in Delhi

Two-wheeler 50

Three-wheeler or light motor vehicle (LMV) (Private) 600

Three-wheeler or LMV (Commercial) 1,000

Medium Goods Vehicle (GDV) 1,000

Medium passenger motor vehicle 1,000

Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) 1,500

Heavy passengers’ vehicle 1,500

Imported two-wheeler registration 2,500

Imported motor vehicle registration 5,000

Others 3,000

Duplicate registration certificate

50% of the applicable fees mentioned above Transfer of ownership Address change Recording alterations in RC Endorsing lease/hire/hypothecation agreement

Two-wheeler- 500

LMV or three-wheeler – 1,500

Medium or heavy vehicle – 3,000

Functions of Delhi RTO

The main functions of the RTO involve issuing driving licenses, registering commercial and private vehicles, road tax collection, conducting pollution tests of the vehicle, etc. Their main functions involve ensuring that the road discipline is maintained completely. The major functions of the RTO offices in Delhi include:

  • Renewing and issuing a driver's license
  • Registration Certificate (RC) renewal
  • Temporary and Permanent Vehicle Registration
  • Enforcing safety measures
  • Granting permit to vehicles
  • Issuing NOC
  • Controlling vehicle pollution
  • Vehicle ownership transfer and re-registration of the vehicle
  • Tracking registration status
  • Assistance in online road tax payment and registration formalities

How to register a vehicle at Delhi RTO

The steps you will need to follow for registering a vehicle in Delhi RTO include:

Step 1: Obtain and provide Form 20 and provide it to the closest RTO Delhi office in your region. You can get Form 20 online or get it from the closest RTO Delhi office. Step 2: Gather important documents like your vehicle insurance documents, roadworthiness certificate provided by the dealer, business certificate, vehicle suspension number, residential proof, etc. Step 3: Provide all required documents to the RA (registering authority) Step 4: After the experts inspect the vehicle at the registering authority, you will get the registration number.

How to Renew a registration certificate in Delhi

The steps for renewing a registration certificate in Delhi include:

Step 1: You will need to submit an application to the Motor Vehicle Inspector Grade or the RTO (Regional Transport Officer) to initiate the proceedings. Step 2: The vehicle will need to be inspected by the registering authorities.

Documents required for renewing the RC:

  • PUC certificate
  • Vehicle Registration Certificate (RC)
  • Certificate of Insurance
  • Duly filled form 25
  • Charge receipt

Documents required for registering a vehicle in Delhi

The documents needed for registering a private vehicle with the RTO office in Delhi are:

  • Sales certificate/Form 21 provided by the dealer of the vehicle
  • Duly Filled Form 20
  • Form 34 (signed by owner and financer)
  • PAN card or Form 60 & 61
  • Motor Insurance (self-attested copy)
  • Roadworthiness certificate or Form 22 provided by the manufacturer
  • Registration fee
  • Address proof (self-attested copy)
  • Applicable road tax
  • MCD parking fees
  • Invoice (from dealer and manufacturer)

In the case of taxis and TSR vehicles, these are the document requirements:

  • Form 20/21/22
  • Form 34 (if the automobile is on loan)
  • OI issued from STA Branch
  • Manufacturing Invoice
  • Fitness certificate
  • Form 60/61/ PAN card (self-attested)
  • Address proof and the insurance certificate (self-attested copies)
  • Road tax paid (as applicable)

Motor insurance in Delhi

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Frequently Asked Question

Are RTOs open in Delhi?


As the Covid-19 pandemic has taken a toll on how different institutions are functioning, the RTO offices in Delhi are only allowing the booking of few appointments. These steps were taken to follow the strict safety protocol. You can visit the official website of the RTO offices in Delhi and gather the required information: transport.delhi.gov.in/home/transport-department

How can I renew my driving license in Delhi?


You must visit the official RTO Delhi online website and go to the driving license section. After visiting the section, you must click on the 'renewal' button. After you've provided the required documents and made the payment, your renewed driving license will be issued.

How can I check my vehicle details in Delhi?


If you wish to get the details on your vehicle in Delhi, you must visit the 'VAHAN' official website. It is a National Vehicle Registry launched in 2011 by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH). You must provide your vehicle registration number, and it will provide you with all the information you need.

How can I get a driving license in Delhi?


You must visit the official government transport website in Delhi and fill out the application form for getting a new driving license and submit it online. After filling out the application form, you will get an application number you will need at your learners' license test. Once you have passed your learner's license test, you will get your driver's license.