Sheikh Sarai RTO Office DL-03

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Sheikh Sarai RTO Office DL-03

Named after the freedom fighter Madan Mohan Malviya, Sheikh Sarai is a place of beautiful tourist attractions like Jahanpanah City forest and Siri Fort. Sheikh Sarai is ensconced between Hauz Khas and Saket, making it the perfect spot for finding great residential properties.

The place is quite close to public amenities, like the airport and bus terminal, making it a preferable choice for people of South Delhi. The societies here are welcoming, and you will find well-maintained roads where you can drive safely and comfortably. And if you are planning to buy a new car or bike, you can also find an RTO office in South Delhi near you.

The Sheikh Sarai RTO Office will be the nearest one to you if you live in Sheik Sarai. This RTO office oversees all the transport and licence-related matters in the area. They are also involved in other services, about which you will learn further in the article.

What is the Regional Transport Office?

RTO or Regional Transport Office is a government agency that has been established for the management of matters related to motor vehicle administration and maintenance of regulation of local transportation. Such RTO offices are located in all the states of the country.

Established in 1988 under section 213(1) of the Motor Vehicle Act, the RTOs play a pivotal role in maintaining the transportation regulations and road safety of every region. The Transport Commissioner of the Department acts as head of the region and oversees every aspect of the actions taken to maintain discipline in and outside the office. However, the RTO offices have many other responsibilities and services to fulfil.

Additionally, you can also contact the Sheikh Sarai RTO office for any query or help related to any of your issues.

RTO Office Sheikh Sarai Details

Here are the details of Sheikh Sarai RTO address, code, phone number, etc:

Functions of Sheikh Sarai Authority

The Sheikh Sarai RTO authorities are entrusted with some big responsibilities by the government. Their primary function is to maintain the rules and regulations on the regional roads and administer the databases too.

Let’s understand Sheikh Sarai authority functions in detail.

Enforcement of Rules & Regulations: The primary responsibility of RTO authorities is to ensure that all the rules and regulations stated in the Motor Vehicles Act 1988 are enforced properly.

Additionally, the authorities do timely checks that these rules and regulations are followed on the ground level.

**Charge and Collect Taxes: It is the responsibility of DL 03 RTO authorities to levy the taxes mentioned in the Motor Vehicles Act 1988. As taxes are the primary source of income of the government, charging and collecting the right amount of tax is a crucial responsibility. The Sheikh Sarai RTO is responsible for following these functions for their region.

Developing Road Transportation: The next function of Sheikh Sarai RTO is to develop and maintain the road transportation of the area. They check and maintain the health of the road and vehicles running on the roads of Sheikh Sarai.

Services Offered at the Sheikh Sarai RTO Office

There are several types of services that the RTO Sheikh Sarai online and offline authorities provide for ease of the public. Some of these services are:

Motor Vehicle Registration

It is obliged that every person who purchases any new vehicle, from two-wheeler to four-wheeler, needs to get their registration done. The Sheikh Sarai RTO office provides the service of registering new vehicles through both online and offline modes.

If anyone buys a second-hand vehicle, they also need to register the vehicle under their name by requesting the RTO authority for making RC changes. You can get your provisional RC, NOC etc., from the office too.

Sheikh Sarai RTO Vehicle Registration Types:

Temporary Registration Number: This type of registration number is issued by the RTO authorities to the newly purchased vehicle owners. The purpose of issuing a temporary registration number is to avoid any inconvenience till the permanent registration is done. The duration of this registration is about a month.

Permanent Registration Number: This registration number is provided by the RTO officer after they have registered your vehicle in the database of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways of India. The processing time for registration can be long, depending on the type of vehicle and local authorities' rules and regulations.

Transport Vehicle Registration: Transport vehicle registration is done by Sheikh Sarai RTO for trucks, tractors and other vehicles.

Interstate Vehicle Registration: If someone has a vehicle that they use to travel to other states, then they need to get the interstate vehicle registration number from the Sheikh Sarai RTO office.

Issuing Driving licence

The next service provided by the Sheikh Sarai authority is the issuance of a driving licence to every eligible candidate. To determine the right candidates, the RTO authorities conduct a driving test where they check the applicants driving skills and knowledge of basic traffic rules and regulations.

After the test, the applicants are allocated the types of driving licences best suitable for their skills and situation. These are the different types of driving licences issued by the Sheikh Sarai RTO authorities.

Learner’s Driving Licence: This type of driving licence is allotted to applicants who want to get a permanent licence. It is a temporary licence with a validity of 6 months from the date of issue.

During this time, it is expected that the driver will hone their driving skills and get knowledge of various traffic rules to become eligible for permanent licence. If someone learns within 30 days then they can apply for a permanent licence too.

Permanent Driving Licence: A permanent licence is issued to drivers who have passed the driving test conducted by the Sheikh Sarai RTO authority, and have sound knowledge of traffic and road etiquette.

This licence is valid for 20 years from the date of issue. Once these 20 years pass, the driver has to reapply and take the test again.

International Driving Licence: This driving licence is issued to individuals who want to drive in foreign countries. To get this licence, one has to apply to their local RTO office and should also have a permanent driving licence and application form. An international driving licence is valid for one year only.

Commercial Driving Licence: A commercial driving licence is different from the above licences. Such a licence is issued to individuals who want to drive heavy, moderate and light transport and goods vehicles.

As these vehicles are used for commercial purposes, their drivers have more responsibility for them. Thus, they are trained by government-driving teaching centres.

Issuing Vehicle Fitness Certificate

The Sheikh Sarai RTO authority is also responsible for timely checking the health of vehicles running in their region. They conduct fitness tests on the roadworthiness of the vehicles and their remaining lifetime. Depending on the results obtained from their tests, they issue vehicle fitness certificates to the vehicle owners.

Drivers can also get their certificate by getting their vehicles tested at frequent intervals voluntarily. This will not only give you estimates of your vehicle’s health but also protect you from any accidents etc., in case your vehicle’s health is deteriorating.

Pollution/Environment Certificate

The rising pollution and declining air quality in Delhi have forced the government and RTO offices to take strict steps. To maintain the health of Delhi’s people, the RTO offices like Sheikh Sarai RTO conduct PUC tests to check the vehicle’s compliance with the environmental standards.

These tests tell whether the vehicle is emitting more pollutants in the environment than it should, depending on the type of vehicle. If you pass the PUC test, you will be given the Pollution clearance certificate by the RTO officer. Note that these tests are conducted every few months.

Issuing Vehicle Permits

Various types of permits are required by different vehicles to run on roads. These permits have various uses depending on the business they are being used for. All these different types of vehicle permits are allotted by the Sheikh Sarai RTO authority.

You can get your permit by visiting offline or checking the South Delhi RTO Code for Sheikh Sarai to apply online.

These are the different types of vehicle permits issued by the Sheikh Sarai RTO office.

Goods Carrier Permit: This type of permit is granted to vehicles that carry goods, within the boundaries of the state. You can get this permit under the regulations of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.

Permits for Stage Carriers: These types of permits are given to the DTC and private buses that run on various routes in Delhi. The permit allows the buses to carry passengers and go through their designated routes.

Private Vehicle Permit: A private permit is for vehicles like rented cabs, minivans, and private tourist buses. This permit allows such vehicles to run on a fixed route they asked permission for, and for a certain period.

National Permits: This type of permit is granted to vehicles travelling from one state to another. This permit is granted to travel in 4 states including the home state, to get this permit the driver needs to fill out Forms 46 and 48 before they travel.

Importance of Four-Wheeler Insurance

Sheikh Sarai has one of the most well-maintained roads and connecting highways here and the RTO division making efforts like doing vehicle health checks makes for a great driving experience.

However, this cannot also be denied that Delhi is one of the top cities for fatal road accident cases in India. That is why, it is always advisable to safeguard yourself and the lives of your loved ones, and buying bike or car insurance does that.

With good two/four-wheeler insurance, you get protected in case of any minor or major accidents. To get the right claim amount, you must know the correct IDV in policy for your insured vehicle.

With Tata AIG, you can secure your motor vehicle with our customisable insurance policies for a reasonable premium and drive worry-free on the roads of Sheikh Sarai!


All in all, if you are planning to move to the Sheikh Sarai area or live there already, and are planning to buy a new vehicle, do get in touch with the Sheikh Sarai authority in RTO. They will guide you through the process of learning to drive, taking driving tests, applying for a driving licence etc.

However, if you are planning to buy a vehicle for a business, like starting a transportation business or rental cab service, then you need to follow different rules. But do not worry, the RTO office Sheikh Sarai will also help in that scenario too. So, apply for your registration and permits offline by visiting their office or online via their website.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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Which metro station is near RTO Sheikh Sarai?

Which metro station is near RTO Sheikh Sarai?


If you want to reach the RTO office in Sheikh Sarai by travelling via metro, then the nearest metro station to their office is Malviya Nagar Metro station. You can check on the official website of Delhi Metro to see how to change the metro lines to reach there from your nearest metro station.

Does Sheikh Sarai RTO work on Saturdays?


Yes, the working days of the Sheikh Sarai RTO office are Monday to Saturday. Except on the second Saturday of every month or any government-allotted holiday.

Who controls the RTO in Delhi?


The Transport Department of the Government of NCT of Delhi is responsible for all the workings of the regional RTOs of Delhi.

RTO Code DL-03
Office Address DDA Market, Sheikh Sarai,  South Delhi, Delhi - 110017
Office Timings 8:30 am to 1:00 pm
RTO Sheikh Sarai Contact Number 011 29259800, 011 29253535