RTO Noida

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RTO Noida

The Regional Transport Office (RTO) in Noida was established under Section 213 (1) of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. Noida, located in Uttar Pradesh, has an RTO office that falls under the Transport Department of the Government of UP.

RTO Noida Overview

The RTO has many functions, including vehicle registration, the issuing of registration certificates of vehicles, and checking vehicle insurance details.

Official website of RTO Noida: uptransport.upsdc.gov.in/en-us

List of RTO offices in Noida


The RTO Office in Noida is located opposite the NTPC in Sector 31. They usually work from 10 AM to 2 PM and can be reached via phone during this time. Citizens also have the option to access Noida RTO online to get their documents attested. For any help regarding regional transport, this is where you should go.

RTO Office Noida UP-16 Sector 32, Opposite NTPC, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, 201301 91-120-2505556

RTO Noida Office Timings: 10 AM - 2 PM(Monday to Saturday)

RTO Noida registration charges


Here are the registration charges for various vehicles in the RTO Office in Noida:

Invalid carriage 50

Two-wheeler 300

Imported two-wheeler 5,000

Light motor vehicle (LMV) 600

Medium goods and passenger vehicle 1,000

Heavy good vehicle passenger 1,500

Imported motor vehicle 5,000

Any other vehicle apart from the above 3,000

E-rickshaw/E-cart 1,000

Light commercial vehicle 1,000

Functions of Noida RTO


As a government organization that is established for the sole purpose of overseeing any and all transport-related activities in the country, every RTO follows strict rules and regulations that are dictated by the Transportation Department of India. The main objective of RTO Noida is to maintain a complete database of every vehicle purchased by Indian citizens. This database helps policemen and government officials locate missing/stolen vehicles and ensure the safety of those who are on the roads.

The RTO office in Noida has many functions that have been listed out below:

  • Issuing learner’s licence and driver’s licence.
  • Issuing Registration Certificate (RC) for motor and transport vehicles.
  • Issuing State, Interstate and Tourist permit to the same vehicles.
  • Providing assistance in online vehicle registration and Driver’s License registration through Noida RTO online.
  • Issuing and renewing fitness certificates for cars, bikes and other vehicles.
  • Issuing NOC for registration of vehicles outside the state.
  • Changing details in the driver’s license and RC according to the customer’s requests.
  • Making sure that every vehicle follows the Pollution Under Control requirements.
  • Reinforces the transportation rules on the road.
  • Collecting taxes related to transport - this is a one-time road tax that is collected from all motor vehicle owners.

How to register a vehicle at RTO Noida?


Every purchased vehicle needs to be registered at an RTO database according to the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988. The following steps explain how exactly one can get a Registration Certificate from the RTO Noida so that you can legally take your vehicle out on the road.

Step 1. Visit the RTO office in Noida. Step 2. Make sure you fill the application forms and carry the following documents mentioned in another section below. Step 3. Once the Superintendent has approved and verified your documents, you can pay a registration fee at the office. Step 4: After the inspection of the vehicle is complete, you will receive the Registration Certificate via mail.

How to renew a Registration Certificate in Noida?


The RC should be carried at all times if you wish to avoid penalties and fines on the road. A registration certificate for a private vehicle is only valid for fifteen years, after which the RTO needs to reissue your RC. The renewal of the Registration Certificate requires the filling and submission of a few forms to the RTO Noida, after which your vehicle needs to be produced at the office for inspection. After the inspection is complete, a new Registration Certificate will be issued.

The following documents are mandatory for the procedure:

  • Form 25
  • Original RC
  • Pollution certificate
  • Valid Motor Insurance Certificate
  • Vehicle Fitness Certificate
  • Paid receipt for renewal charges and applicable taxes

Documents required to register a vehicle in Noida


The following documents are mandatory for the registration of new vehicles in Noida.

  • Form 20 for the registration of the vehicle
  • At least three passport size photographs of the owner of the vehicle.
  • Form 21 (sales certificate) issued by the seller of the vehicle
  • Identity Proof - Pan Card, Aadhar Card, Passport, Driver’s License, Voter ID.
  • Proof of reticence
  • Form 34 with details of loan (if required)
  • Pollution Under Control Certificate
  • Insurance certificate from the seller.
  • Original sales invoice from the seller
  • Temporary registration number
  • Sales tax clearance certificate if the vehicle has been bought in one state and registered in another
  • No objection certificate from the RTO if the vehicle has been bought in one state and registered in another.

Motor Insurance for a Vehicle in Noida


The Motor Vehicle Act of 1988 makes it mandatory for all vehicles on the road to be insured. In a bustling city like Noida where the roads are busy and full of vehicles, purchasing insurance for a vehicle is necessary for the complete protection of your car if any kind of damage happens to it.

TATA AIG four wheeler insurance ensures that your car is always protected even on the busiest of city roads and that all damages will be taken care of. You can also opt for bike insurance from Tata AIG for optimum protection for your two-wheeler.

Vehicle insurance ensures that if any kind of damage or accident occurs with your vehicle, it will be compensated by the company, as long as you regularly pay your premium amount. If you do not claim the insurance for a vehicle for a few policy years in a row, you can benefit from the NCB or No Claim Bonus, where you can avail of up to a 50% discount on your premiums.

This is how you can purchase Tata AIG motor insurance in Noida:

Step 1 - Visit the TATA AIG website. Go to the Motor Insurance page. Step 2 - Once the Vehicle Registration Number is filled in, click on ‘Get Price’. Step 3 - Fill in the necessary information as indicated on the screen. Step 4 - Select the type of coverage along with the add-ons as needed. Step 5 - Complete the online payment. After the verification, your e-policy will be sent to your registered email address.