Kolkata RTO Office

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Kolkata RTO Office

Kolkata, the land of dear Rabindranath Tagore, is a city pulsating with an amalgamation of culture, history, street markets and vendors, and breathtaking sights.

From the iconic Howrah Bridge to the serene Victoria Memorial, the city offers a unique blend of lively streets and calming lifestyles. The city seems chaotic at first, but the well-constructed streets crowded with yellow taxis are a sight to see and enjoy while you devour yummy fish curry and Sandesh.

The hustle and bustle of the dynamic Kolkata streets is a true reflection of the vibrant energy of the locals. Two-wheelers, hand-rickshaws, taxis, and private 4-wheelers are always in sight, so to ensure proper safety on the road, the traffic rules and regulations are very strict in Kolkata.

Furthermore, the rules to be eligible for driving or riding any 2 or 4-wheeler on the streets of Kolkata are mandatory for everyone, reducing on-road accidents and other fatalities significantly.

Anyone who wishes to drive in Kolkata requires a valid driving licence, bike or car insurance policy, vehicle registration certificate, PUC, and much more. For the proper safety of drivers and locals on the street, careful driving and following traffic rules are crucial.

All About Kolkata Regional Transport Office

Formed by the main Government Transport Department of West Bengal, the Kolkata RTO is responsible for the correct enforcement of all the country-wide regulations as per the Motor Vehicles Act 1988.

For proper regularisation and management of road and people safety of individual regions in the city of Kolkata, the Kolkata RTO (Regional Transport Office) is responsible.

To confirm obedience to rules and regulations and to support the people with their driving-related requirements, Kolkata has 8 different RTOs. Among these, 4 are in Beltala, 2 are in Kasba and 2 are in Salt Lake to help you with all things related to your driving licence, road taxes, and other fees.

For added convenience, you can also avail of the services of the Kolkata RTO using their Kolkata RTO website for any driving or vehicle-related services.

Kolkata RTO Office Details

Having the correct information and details regarding the different Kolkata RTO office locations is essential. Here is a table with all the information regarding the PVD Kolkata RTO code list, Kolkata RTO address list, Kolkata RTO number details, etc.

RTO Code Covered Vehicles Office Address Working Hours Contact Details 
WB - 01 RTO WB - 02 RTO WB - 03 RTO WB - 04 RTO 2 wheelers 4-wheeler (Private) Goods Carriages Commercial Vehicles Beltala Road, Garcha, Bhowanipore, Kolkata - 700020. 10:00 am to 5:00 pm 91-33-24751621 91-33-24751622
WB - 05 RTO WB - 06 RTO Commercial Vehicles Private Vehicles Sector C, East Kolkata Township, Kolkata, West Bengal - 700107. 10:00 am to 5:00 pm 0
WB - 07 RTO WB - 08 RTO Private Vehicles Private Vehicles CM Block, Sector V, Bidhannagar, Kolkata, West-Bengal - 700020 10:00 am to 5:00 pm 033-23676722 033-23676733

Key Functions of a Kolkata RTO

Kolkata RTO is responsible for multiple vehicle-related roles and rules for maximum on-road safety and thorough compliance from the people of Kolkata. Some of the key functions of a Kolkata RTO include the following:

Vehicle Registrations and Permits:

One of the key functions of the Kolkata RTO office is to support and provide the people of Kolkata with all vehicle registration-related services, including RC, pollution certificates, wellness certificates, and other permits.

This is important to ensure no one is driving the streets of the city without the correct vehicle documents to avoid any heavy fines. Moreover, this encourages people to follow the road rules and regulations strictly.

Licence Insurance and Renewal:

All driving licence-related services like issuance of a new licence, renewals, international licence, commercial licence, etc., are all managed and monitored by the RTO.

A driving licence is a mandatory driving document, without which, you cannot ride or drive in the city. If found guilty, you can be liable to pay high fines.

Tax Collections and Compliance Fines:

Road tax and traffic rules are fixed. Everyone needs to pay the Road tax based on the vehicle category they own, and all these taxes are collected at the RTO. Moreover, as the RTO records all vehicle violations, they ensure all guilty are fined, and the payment of fines and penalties can also be completed at the RTO.

Services Offered at the Kolkata RTO

Kolkata RTO offices offer a wide range of services to the locals to ensure they have the right documentation, permits, and licences to drive safely and in accordance with the laws of the city. Some of the key roles include the following:

Driving Licence Related

All the issuance and renewal of licences takes place at the Kolkata RTO. It takes into account the safety rules and regulations and the individual’s well-being and driving capacity before any service provision.

Learner’s Licence - Before getting a valid driving licence, a learner’s licence is mandatory by law. Moreover, a learner’s licence copy is a mandate to apply for a permanent licence.

RTO is responsible for evaluating and approving or rejecting learner’s licence applications based on eligibility, driving abilities, and other road safety standards.

Permanent Driving Licence - Permanent driving licence applications are all taken through the Kolkata RTO office before being approved or rejected. Here, the RTO needs to carefully assess all the necessary documentation and a driver’s mental and physical ability to drive before issuing a valid licence for use.

Driving Tests - A driving test is mandatory and can be booked both offline or online via the Parivahan website after the correct submission of the application form for any licence category.

All the driving tests are conducted at the RTO under the supervision of an authorised person who evaluates a driver on driving capabilities and general knowledge of the laws, rules and regulations of Kolkata before approval.

Renewals or New Licences - All licences expired or lost require urgent issuance of a new one to avoid any traffic law breaks. The issuing authority is RTO, and they are required to investigate the reasons behind renewal, the grace period timeline and other factors before issuing a renewed or new licence to anyone.

Additionally, all changes and modifications required are completed after application approval from the RTO.

Monitoring of Rule Breaks - Every vehicle that is available on the streets of Kolkata is under constant surveillance by the RTO. This is because one of the key responsibilities of a Kolkata RTO is to keep a clear track record of all the vehicles and the rule breaks and violations they perform.

Due to this, the drivers are always updated and informed about the rule breaks to make the necessary fine payments and comply for better road safety.

Permit Issuance

Every category vehicle needs a list of permits to drive around safely without breaking any law, especially goods carriage.

Along with this, there are many rules around the use of commercial vehicles and the areas they can commute to, and based on the same, RTO is responsible for issuing and renewing these permits.

Tourist Permits - Tourism is big in India, so the supply of tourist vehicles is very high for commuting to different destinations with ease. RTO issues tourist permits to such commercial vehicles as buses, passenger vehicles, buses, etc., to allow them to freely go about different places, cities, and states for a said period without any hassle.

National Permits - Many commercial vehicles need to go to different cities and states for goods delivery. Without it, commercial vehicles like trucks are limited to a particular region or city. RTO issues the national permit to such vehicles for easy operation around the country without any restrictions.

Permit Renewals - Both tourist and national permits are valid for a time frame. Therefore, timely renewals are necessary to avoid operational inefficiencies. RTO is also responsible for renewing these permits after thorough evaluation and driving track record.

Vehicle Inspection

Vehicle health and maintenance is very crucial to ensure the vehicle is fit to be taken on the road without harming the environment or locals. RTO is responsible for the issuance of many necessary vehicle fitness certificates.

Fitness Certificate - As an important safety measure, RTO is responsible for issuing fitness certificates to the vehicles. The assessment for the same takes into account various factors regarding the vehicle and its performance to ensure no emission norms are broken.

The assessment includes a thorough examination of the vehicle’s brakes, suspension, engine, mechanical components and transmission to confirm their condition.

Other than this, the vehicle emission is tested to check whether it complies with the norms, the overall functionality of the safety features in a vehicle are examined, and the structure, body, and tire assessment is also conducted before issuing a fitness permit.

Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate - The responsibility of issuing the PUC to any vehicle is also on Kolkata RTO. It is an important document as it confirms the vehicle’s emission levels to be at par with the emission standards, ensuring minimal pollution contribution to the environment.

Before issuing this certificate, RTO conducts proper checks using special equipment to test the emission levels, and once the test is cleared, PUC is provided to the vehicle owner.

Insurance Policy - RTO is also in charge of conducting frequent random checks for the availability of valid motor insurance for vehicles.

Third-party insurance is compulsory as per law to ensure all rules and safety parameters are followed, and that is the main criterion of investigation by RTO.

Vehicle Documents

All vehicles purchased in Kolkata need to be registered with the RTO to receive the necessary vehicle documents for a seamless driving experience on the road.

Registration Certificate - For authorising any vehicle to be taken on the road, a valid registration certificate is compulsory. It is a legal mandate as it confirms the vehicle’s registration at the Kolkata RTO.

For any vehicle, the driver needs to submit a list of necessary documents and fill up an application form to apply for vehicle RC at the RTO.

Once the application fee is received, the RTO conducts a verification process to cross-check all vehicle-related details and documents before issuing a valid RC.

You need to carry the vehicle RC at all times to avoid fines. It is also an important document for completing other processes like change in ownership of the vehicle, resales of vehicles, etc.

No Objection Certificate - For vehicle transportation from one region or state to another, a no objection certificate is required, especially if you are relocating to a new city or state.

The process to apply for an NOC is completed at the RTO. For this, you need to submit an application form and necessary documents to the RTO to complete the verification process before issuing your NOC. NOC also transfers all your details and records from the current RTO to the new one hassle-free.

Amendments - Changes on any of the vehicle documents are only approved by the RTO. Whether it be an address change, name change, or other requirements, you need to inform the RTO and request the change to ensure your records are updated at the RTO with the correct and most accurate information.

Role of a Car Insurance Policy in Kolkata

Kolkata RTO allows everyone to get the best use of their personal and professional vehicles the right way.

From abiding by the rules and regulations to getting the correct documentation for their 2 or 4-wheeler, they offer both offline at-office services and online facilities via the official Kolkata RTO website for maximum convenience.

Similar to how no individual is permitted to drive any vehicle on the road without a valid licence and registration certificate, third-party insurance is also mandatory as per the Motor Vehicles Act.

Whether it is insurance for a four-wheeler, a two-wheeler or other vehicle categories, except the mandatory third-party insurance, many other insurance plans are available at Tata AIG to provide you with a safety net.

Our comprehensive two and four-wheeler insurance plans are curated to ensure you do not fall prey to heavy expenses in case of unforeseen circumstances. Whether it be personal accidents or severe damage to your vehicle, we offer a network of 7500+ authorised garages to help out with cashless claims.

Moreover, we offer complete customisation flexibility to the users to allow them to combine 12 different add-ons to their base policy as per requirements to cater to the specific needs of individuals.

Therefore, with Tata AIG, you can navigate the streets of Kolkata with peace of mind and a financial backup for unexpected situations.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

Can I check my driving licence status via the Kolkata RTO online services?

Can I check my driving licence status via the Kolkata RTO online services?


Based on your requirements regarding licence, you can visit the Parivahan portal and enquire with ease. All you need to do is go to the website, select “Driving Licence Related Services” from the “Online Services” drop-down menu and select your state as West Bengal to find all the information.

For how long can I use my car before changing it to comply with the rules of Kolkata?


All private cars in Kolkata are allowed for up to 15 years. Any car older than 15 years needs to be changed within a maximum of 360 days or 6 months, or else it will be cancelled for use.

What is the fee for getting an international driving permit from the Kolkata RTO office?


For international driving licence issuance from Kolkata RTO, you will be charged a fee of ₹1000.