Car Insurance in Indore

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Car Insurance in Indore

Nestled in the heart of Madhya Pradesh, Indore is a thriving commercial and educational hub known for its cleanliness. The bustling roads of the city make car insurance necessary to protect car owners against unforeseen mishaps.

As a car owner in Indore, you must compare different car insurance policies to make the best decision for your prized possession.

This write-up will help you understand the importance of car insurance and how you can buy the best car insurance in Indore. So, let us begin!

Why Do You Need Car Insurance Policy in Indore?

Like any other Indian city, a car insurance policy in Indore is a legal necessity according to the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988. Driving without third-party car insurance can lead to penalties and even punishments.

However, Indore experiences one of the highest numbers of road accidents in the state due to negligence of traffic rules like speeding, not wearing seat belts, poor road conditions and poor emergency facilities.

With millions of vehicles moving on the city roads and heavy vehicles crossing the city every day, it is vital to ensure your and your car’s safety too through the best car insurance in Indore.

Key Features and Benefits of Tata AIG’s Car Insurance in Indore

Key features and benefits  Details 
Affordable premiums  Discounts of up to 75% on premiums for online car insurance policies 
No Claim Bonus (NCB) NCB discounts can go up to 50% for five consecutive claim-free policy years
Network of cashless garages  An extensive network of 7500+ cashless garages across India 
Easy buy and renewal process  Simple 3 step online buying and renewing process 
High claim settlement ratio 99% claim settlement ratio for the FY 2022-2023
Claim assistance  650+ claim experts ensure a hassle-free claim process from filing to settlement 
Various coverage options  Offers third-party insurance, standalone own-damage insurance and comprehensive car insurance 
Personal accident cover  Personal accident cover of up to ₹15 lakh 

Types of Tata AIG Car Insurance in Indore

Tata AIG provides the following insurance policies you can choose from based on your requirements:

Third party car insurance

Third-party car insurance is a must-buy if you want to drive on Indian roads. It is the most basic policy that covers any third-party financial and legal liabilities if your car ends up injuring a third-party person or damaging third-party property.


Ensures financial security against third-party liabilities

Available at low premiums

Makes you compliant with the Motor Vehicles Act

Less documentation


Does not pay for your car damages

Limited coverage

No add-ons availability

Ideal for:

Third-party insurance is a suitable option if you have a low-value or old vehicle in Indore. It is also ideal in the case of a minimally used car

**Standalone Own Damage Insurance

Standalone own damage policy covers damages to your car caused by fire, collision, natural calamities, man-made disasters, etc. It also reimburses you in case of theft.


Covers a wide range of car damages including theft


Does not offer respite in case of third-party liabilities

Limited add-on benefits

Applicable to cars purchased after September 2018

Ideal for:

Standalone own damage cover is suitable if you wish to protect your car against multiple risks. However, you will have to buy third-party insurance separately with this policy.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

Comprehensive car insurance provides broader coverage including own damages and third-party liabilities. It pays for the damages your car may suffer from natural calamities, man-made disasters, fire, theft, etc.


All round coverage against multiple threats

Covers third-party liabilities through a single premium

Range of add-ons available


Higher premiums

More documentation

Detailed claim process

Ideal for:

Comprehensive insurance is an ideal choice if you are looking for comprehensive protection of your dream car in exchange for higher premiums.

The Best Car Insurance in Indore: Third party vs Comprehensive Insurance

Here’s a table that will help you understand the key differences between third-party and comprehensive insurance:

" "
Parameter  Third-party Insurance  Comprehensive Insurance 
Extent of coverage  Covers legal and financial liabilities resulting from third-party damage or losses Covers third-party liabilities and own damages due to fire, natural calamities, man-made disasters, theft, etc. It also provides personal accident cover to the owner-driver of up to ₹15 lakhs
Is it mandatory? Mandated by the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 Not mandated by law
Cost  Lower premiums due to limited coverage Higher premiums due to extensive coverage
Add on covers  No add-on covers are available with this policy  A wide range of add-on covers are available 
Exclusions  Does not cover own damages Does not cover damages incurred due to:

Regular wear and tear Using private vehicles for commercial purposes Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs Driving outside the geographical location specified Negligence Driving without a licence Speed racing, crash testing War or war-like situation Specific add-ons available at extra costs

What is the Car Insurance Rate in Indore

Now that you know what different types of car insurance to choose from, let’s delve into the factors that determine your car insurance policy rate in Indore.

Third-Party Car Insurance Rate in Indore

The prices for third-party car insurance are set by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI). If you want to buy third-party insurance in Indore, you'll have to pay premiums based on the car’s engine cubic capacity.

Comprehensive Car Insurance Rate in Indore

What about comprehensive car insurance premiums? Who sets them? Well, several factors come into play while calculating premiums for your Tata AIG car insurance in Indore. They are as follows:

Car’s Insured Declared Value (IDV)

IDV is your car's current market value. It helps determine the maximum amount an insurance company is liable to pay if it gets damaged or stolen.

Car’s Age

New cars have higher market value and therefore higher premiums. On the other hand, older cars have less market value and lower premiums.

Type of Policy

Third-party insurance offers the least coverage and has the lowest premium. Comprehensive insurance involves higher premiums since it provides broader coverage.


Since add-on covers are available at extra costs, they increase car insurance premiums.

No Claim Bonus

You can benefit from the no-claim bonus and enjoy lower premiums if you have not made any claim in the previous policy year.

Other factors

These include your car’s make and model, location where it is used, engine capacity, modifications and additional security devices installed.

Best Car Insurance Add-ons to Get in Indore

You can tailor the best car insurance by choosing from the following add-on covers offered by Tata AIG:

Zero Depreciation

This rider allows you to receive the claim amount without the deduction of depreciation of your car’s parts for the first two claims.

Roadside Assistance

With this add-on, you can get round-the-clock assistance if your car breaks down in the middle of a journey due to an empty tank, mechanical/electrical breakdown, flat tyre, etc.

No Claim Bonus Protection

This rider allows you to file a certain number of claims in a policy year without losing on the no-claim bonus benefit.

Daily Allowance

The insurance provider pays for your travel if you have to leave your car in the garage for a long time after an accident. The amount covers 10-15 days depending on the cause of the claim.

Return to Invoice

This rider helps receive the invoice cost of your car if it gets stolen or damaged beyond repair. You are also reimbursed for the road tax and registration charges.

Key Replacement

This add-on covers the expenses involved in replacing your car keys in case of theft or loss.

Engine Secure

You can claim for replacing or repairing your car’s engine with this add-on which is not covered under a comprehensive insurance policy.

Tyre Secure

It covers the costs of replacement or repair of your car’s damaged tyre or tube after an accident.

Consumables Expenses

The rider covers the costs of replenishing, repairing or replacing consumables lost or damaged in an accident. Consumables may include engine oil, nuts and bolts, gearbox oil, etc., excluding fuel.

Loss of Personal Belongings

You get reimbursement for personal belongings like CDs, audio tapes, clothes, etc., damaged or lost in an accident. However, debit/credit cards, jewellery, money, etc. are not covered.

Repair of Glass, Fibre or Plastic Parts

This rider pays for the repair of damaged glass, fibre or plastic parts without affecting your NCB benefit. However, you can file only one repair claim in a policy year.

Emergency Transport and Hotel Expenses Cover

This add-on pays for accommodation expenses and travel charges if your car meets with an accident in the middle of a journey.

How to Buy and Renew Car Insurance in Indore with Tata AIG

Below is the step-by-step guide on buying and car insurance renewal online with Tata AIG.

How to Buy Car Insurance?

Step 1: Visit Tata AIG’s official website and click the “Car Insurance” tab.

Step 2: Enter your car's registration number and click 'Get Price'.

Step 3: Furnish the necessary personal information along with car details.

Step 4: Select suitable coverage and add-ons if you want to enhance policy coverage.

Step 5: The car insurance premium calculator will display the payable premium. Go ahead with the payment if you are satisfied with the price. You can choose any of the digital payment options. After receiving the payment, Tata AIG will share your policy documents via email.

How to Renew Car Insurance?

Step 1: Visit Tata AIG’s official website and click the “Car Insurance” tab.

Step 2: Enter your car's registration number and hit “Renew” for car insurance renewal Indore.

Step 3: Furnish the necessary details asked. Inform Tata AIG about NCB benefits if applicable.

Step 4: Pick suitable car insurance policy coverage and add-ons to enhance your car protection.

Step 5: The car insurance premium calculator will display the premium payable. Go ahead with the payment if you are satisfied with the price. Your policy documents will be shared via email soon after.

How to File a Claim for Car Insurance in Indore?

You can file a claim for your Tata AIG car insurance in the following way:

Step 1: Visit Tata AIG’s “Claims Support Page” or call toll free number 1800-266-7780.

Step 2: Furnish the details asked. A link will be shared with you on the registered mobile number for self-inspection.

Step 3: Fill in the damage details in the self-inspection form. A surveyor will also inspect your car and prepare a damage report.

Step 4: You can choose between a cashless claim or a reimbursement claim. Keep the claim registration number for future communication.

Cashless Claims

After choosing the cashless claim option, you can take your car to any of our network garages. Tata AIG will approve cashless repairs based on the policy coverage and the survey report. You can get your car repaired and your bills will be taken care of by Tata AIG.

Reimbursement Claims

If you choose a reimbursement claim option, you can visit any garage of your choice and pay for the repair costs on your own. Once your car is repaired, you have to submit the bills or receipts to Tata AIG.

After verification, we will reimburse for the costs incurred. A reimbursement claim is a flexible option when it comes to garage choices, however, the process may involve more documentation.

Documents Needed for Car Insurance Claims in Indore

  • Copy of driver’s licence

  • Copy of policy documents

  • Original keys of the car

  • Verified copy of First Information Report (FIR) if applicable

  • Copy of car’s Registration Certificate

  • RTO transfer papers signed with Forms 28, 29 and 30

  • No trace report from the police in case of car theft

  • Claim form filled and signed by the policyholder

  • NOC and Form 35 from the lender if the car come under an active loan

Tata AIG Cashless Network Garages for Car Insurance in Indore

Cashless garages are an important part of Tata AIG’s car insurance in Indore. These garages come under the Tata AIG network of garages where you can enjoy cashless repair facilities. Tata AIG has over 7500 cashless garages all over India.

How do Cashless Claims Work?

Here’s how cashless claims work:

Step 1: Inform Tata AIG about the repairs or accidents. Specify the damaged areas.

Step 2: Take your vehicle to the nearest cashless garage. You can find the list of network garages on Tata AIG’s official website. You can also call the toll-free number 1800-266-7780 to inquire about the nearest facility.

Step 3: The damages to the car will be checked and policy documents will be filed for approval of the cashless repairs.

Step 4: A confirmation of the amount approved will be shared with you and the garage owner.

Step 5: You can get the repairs done up to the approved amount. Tata AIG will pay the repair facility directly. However, you have to pay for the repairs excluded from your car insurance policy.

Note: Cashless repairs are only available under comprehensive plans, and certain services are available only in select cities. You can get your queries cleared with Tata AIG customer service before moving forward with any purchases.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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How can I find car insurance near me?

How can I find car insurance near me?


You can visit our website and locate our branch office nearest to you. Alternatively, you can also contact our customer service executives to help you locate our nearest branch to buy car insurance.

How can I reduce my car insurance premium?


You can reduce your car insurance premium in the following ways:

Go for fewer modifications Avoid raising small claims to benefit from no-claim bonus Compare insurance rates Install authorised security devices Ask for a higher deductible Ensure a clean driving history

What is zero depreciation cover in car insurance?


Zero depreciation cover is an add-on available in car insurance. If you buy this rider, the insurance company won't deduct the depreciation from the claim amount. However, this add-on benefit is available only for the first two claims.