Car Insurance in Manipur

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Car Insurance in Manipur

Manipur is a state in northeast India with an abundance of flora, fauna, and natural landscapes, making it a popular tourist destination. It is among the top small states in terms of economy, entrepreneurship, and infrastructure.

Manipur is well connected to all its neighbouring states via roadways. It consists of various growing industries such as petrochemicals, handloom, textiles, fertilisers, etc. As the number of travellers in the state increases due to tourism and employment, the number of vehicles moving on the roads has also gone up, leading to accidents.

Those who own a vehicle in Manipur must buy a car insurance policy to remain safe while travelling in the city! In this write-up, you will get an insight into the best car insurance in Manipur, details of Tata AIG insurance, how to buy and renew policies, etc.

Why Do You Need a Car Insurance Policy in Manipur?

Manipur is among the top three states in three categories: tourism, health, and governance. Therefore, the state has seen a growth in the number of vehicles due to the movement of people for employment, tourism, etc. More vehicles on the roads often lead to mishaps. In 2022, 508 accidents took place in Manipur, out of which 127 led to deaths.

Traffic violations are the leading cause of accidents. Therefore, every vehicle owner must have car insurance in Manipur to safeguard themselves in case of accidents. Having third-party insurance is mandatory under the Motor Vehicle Act.

Tata AIG Four Wheeler Insurance in Manipur: Key Features and Benefits

Premium Rate Insurance premium starts at ₹ 2094. Customers also get up to 75% off when they buy an insurance plan online
Cashless Claim Facility We have a network of over 7500 cashless garages in the country.
Settlement Ratio of claims In the FY 2022-23, the settlement ratio was 99%
Claim Assistance We have 650 claim assistants to guide customers through the online procedures.
No Claim Bonus Insured can get up to 50% discount as a no-claim bonus
Comprehensive Coverage It protects the policyholder and a third party in case of damage to the vehicle, life, or property.
Add-Ons Insured can include 12 add-ons, which enhances the scope of the insurance
Own Damage Policy It protects the insured against damage due to accidents, natural or man-made disasters, theft, etc.
Third-Party Coverage Under this insurance, the insured gets assistance against third-party damage.
Online Processes Straightforward buying and renewal processes

Types of Tata AIG Car Insurance in Manipur

Having car insurance in Manipur safeguards you in case of an accident. But before you buy a policy, it is crucial to know the various options available so you can choose the right one. Here are the three types of insurance for a four-wheeler.

Comprehensive Insurance

This type of insurance offers complete protection to the insured for his own damage and the damage of a third party. It combines the features and benefits of third-party and own damage insurance.


Covers loss or damage against accidents, theft, vandalism, disasters, etc.

It allows you to include add-ons

It provides all-inclusive coverage

ConsThe premium is high compared to other insurance types

It Consists of some exclusions

Ideal For

Drivers of all ages must have this insurance

It is best for people living in high-risk areas

Standalone Own Damage Cover

Standalone car insurance in Manipur protects the policyholder if he meets with a collision. Such insurance also provides coverage in case of loss due to disasters, whether man-made or natural, such as floods, cyclones, theft, etc.


It is an insurance with affordable premium

It protects the insured against many losses


There is no coverage for third-party liability.

Ideal For

It is ideal if you have a third-party insurance

It is suitable for those living in risk-prone areas.

Third-Party Insurance

The Motor Vehicles Act states that every vehicle owner must have at least third-party insurance. This insurance assists the policyholder when a third party suffers a loss due to a collision with his vehicle.


It covers damage to life, property, and vehicle

The premium is affordable


There is no assistance for the insured for his loss

Ideal For

Young drivers in the age of 20-25 years must have this insurance.

It is an ideal choice if your car has a low-value

The Best Car Insurance in Manipur: Third-Party Vs Comprehensive Plans

Policy Features Third-Party Insurance Comprehensive Insurance
Premium Cost The cost is affordable due to the limited coverage of the insurance It has a high premium cost as the coverage is wide
Legal Requirement It is compulsory to have third-party insurance under the Motor Vehicles Act 1988 This type of insurance is not required under any law.
Insurance Coverage Protects the insured against third-party losses Protects the insured against third-party as well as his own damage
Premium Calculation Premium amount is calculated according to the engine’s cubic capacity The premium amount is calculated based on the car’s make, model, IDV, etc.
Add-Ons There is no option to include any add-ons Insured can include various add-ons like zero depreciation, key replacement, tyre protection, etc.
Rates The IRDA is authorised to fix the premium rates Insurance companies fix the premium rates based on the terms of the policy 
Sufficiency This insurance may be insufficient as the policyholder’s loss is not covered. It is sufficient as the losses of the third party and the insured are covered.

What is the Car Insurance Rate in Manipur?

An insurance premium is the total cost of the insurance that a policyholder must pay. The cost differs from individual to individual and vehicle to vehicle. Many factors together determine the car insurance price in Manipur. Read on to know the different factors involved to help you save on your insurance premium.

Your Location—The location where you buy insurance plays a significant role in determining the price. If you buy insurance in a metropolitan area, the cost will be higher, as vehicles in urban areas are more prone to accidents and damage due to congestion.

Your Driving Record—Insurance companies prefer drivers with clean driving records. On the contrary, drivers with violations and fines are considered dangerous, so they may end up paying more premiums.

Make and Model of the Car—High-end and luxury cars are costly to repair, so their insurance premiums are higher than those of standard cars. Similarly, if you own a CNG or electric vehicle, the premium will be higher.

Type of Coverage- The insurance premium you pay also depends on the type of coverage you are looking for. If you are purchasing comprehensive insurance, the premium will be high. Whereas, in the case of third-party or standalone cover, the price will be less.

Add-On Covers- If you decide to include add-on covers in your insurance policies, the price will go up as the add-ons come at an additional cost.

Insured Declared Value- IDV is the current market price of the vehicle after depreciation. The insurance premium is fixed based on the actual price of the car which is the IDV.

Your Age—Young drivers between the ages of 16 and 25 are charged more insurance premiums because they are more likely to be involved in road accidents than older adults.

Best Car Insurance Add-Ons to Get in Manipur

When buying Tata AIG car insurance in Manipur, you can include a range of add-ons. Our add-ons increase the scope of coverage and let you enjoy added benefits.

Following are some of the most popular add-ons:

  • Daily allowance

  • Key replacement

  • Engine protection

  • Roadside assistance

  • Zero depreciation

  • No claim bonus protection

  • Return to invoice cover

  • Tyre protection

  • Loss of personal belongings

  • Repair of fibre parts or glass

  • Emergency transport and hotel expenditure

  • Consumable expenditure

  • Opting for the daily allowance provides the insured with the expenses for daily commuting in case the car takes a longer time for repairs. Similarly, if the vehicle meets with a collision in the middle of the journey, the emergency transport and hotel expenditure provides the insured with the stay and travelling expenses.

  • You can also protect the engine with the engine protection add-on. It covers the expenses required to fix the engine if it is spoiled due to an oil spill or water ingestion. You can also benefit from the no-claim bonus protection cover as it allows you to make one claim without losing the NCB.

How to Buy and Perform Car Insurance Renewals in Manipur with Tata

Our different insurance plans offer plenty of benefits to the insured. You can buy Tata AIG car insurance in Manipur by following the simple **Steps mentioned below.

Buying a Tata AIG Insurance

Step 1: Go to the Tata AIG official website.

Step 2: Provide the car registration number and click “ Get price.”

**Step 3:**On the next page, fill out the car details as required. You must also provide personal details like your phone number and email address.

Step 4: Select the policy you want to purchase. Also, select the add:**ons that you wish to add.

**Step 5:**Once you receive a quote from us, you can pay online and purchase the policy.

Car Insurance Renewal Manipur

Step 1: Open the Tata AIG website on your browser.

Step 2: Fill in the car number under the “car” tab.

Step 3: Click on the “Renew Existing Tata AIG policy.”

Step 4: Provide personal details like phone number, address, etc. You must also fill in the vehicle details.

**Step 5:**Choose the policy you want to buy. You must also select the add:**ons that you want to add.

Step 6: We will give you an instant quote for the policy. If you are happy with the quote, you can pay the premium online.

How to File a Claim for Car Insurance in Manipur?

If your vehicle has met with an unfortunate incident, you can quickly file a claim by following a few steps. You can choose the reimbursement method or the cashless claim method.

Reimbursement Claim

  • Under the reimbursement claim method, the insured is required to make the payment for vehicle repairs and later submit the invoices to us for reimbursement.

  • Firstly, you must register the claim with us by calling 1800-266-7780 or by visiting the claim support page.

  • Next, you must provide the details of the claim in the self-inspection form we will send you. We will also send a surveyor to inspect the vehicle physically.

  • After filing the details, you must choose reimbursement as your preferred claim method.

  • Submit the documents such as FIR, policy documents, etc.

  • Preserve the bills and invoices for getting a reimbursement.

  • If your claim matches the guidelines, we shall approve it and pay you the amount.

Cashless Claims

  • When you choose the cashless claim method, you do not have to make any payment for the repairs. You can take the vehicle to any of our cashless network garages, and we shall make direct payment to them. However, a few steps that you must follow are given below:

  • Register your claim by calling us at 1800-266-7780 or visiting our claim support page.

  • Please provide us with the details of the damage in the self-inspection form. Our surveyor will also visit and inspect the vehicle.

  • Select the cashless claim method.

  • Submit the documents as required.

  • Once the surveyor confirms the damage and your claim is registered, you can take the vehicle to any network garage for repairs. We will directly pay the dues to the garage.

Documents Needed for Car Insurance Claims in Manipur

  • Claim form signed and filled by the insured.

  • Policy documents

  • FIR in case of an accident

  • No trace report from the police in case the vehicle is stolen

  • Repair bills

  • Legal notice from third party in case of third party liabilities

  • Copy of driver's licence

  • Address and ID proofs

  • Original car keys

  • Copy of registration certificate

  • NOC and form 35 in case of vehicle loan

  • Transfer papers from RTO and Form 28, 29, 30.

Tata AIG Cashless Network Garages for Car Insurance in Manipur

A cashless network garage facility makes the claim procedure hassle-free and smooth. If you want to buy car insurance near me, look for a provider like Tata AIG, which has an extensive network of cashless garages.

Cashless network garages have an agreement with insurance companies under which they provide free repair services to the policyholder. The insurance company bears all the cost of the repair and replacement and pays directly to the garage.

Cashless network garages may be available in a few cities. Therefore, you must find out about the availability of cashless garages in your city before you buy any 4-wheeler insurance! One must also find out about the premium rate with the help of a car insurance premium calculator to find out if the insurance is within budget.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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Why should I buy car insurance in Manipur?

Why should I buy car insurance in Manipur?


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What are the different types of car insurance?


There are 3 significant categories of car insurance: Comprehensive cover Third-party liability Standalone damage cover