Car Insurance in Nagpur

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Car Insurance in Nagpur

Car insurance, which is also referred to as motor or four-wheeler insurance, is an agreement between the vehicle owner and the insurance provider.

The purpose of the insurance is to provide financial coverage to vehicle owners in case of any accident, theft, loss, etc. In return the policyholder will pay a premium to the insurance company.

Having a third-party car insurance policy is mandatory in Nagpur as per the Motor Vehicles Act. The policy is mandated to provide financial protection to vehicle owners for the damage or loss caused by their vehicle to third parties or property.

Why Do You Need a Car Insurance Policy in Nagpur

Vehicle owners make a hefty investment while purchasing a vehicle. Any kind of minor or significant damage can be costly if a vehicle owner doesn't have a car insurance policy.

Car insurance in Nagpur offers financial protection to policyholders in case of any vehicle damage, such as vandalism, theft, and more. The policy provides protection to vehicles against various man-made and natural damages.

Further, it also saves vehicle owners from fines and penalties imposed by traffic authorities for driving a vehicle without motor insurance.

Moreover, Nagour has seen an increase in traffic congestion, haphazard parking, poor road conditions and increase in accidents. All these factors add up to the chances of car damage. Hence, over and above the mandatory requirement, purchasing a comprehensive car insurance policy in Nagpur has become important.

Key Features and Benefits of Tata AIG's Car Insurance in Nagpur

Key Features and Benefits  Details
Third-Party Damage Damages to third-party property or bodily injury to the third party are included.
Own Damage Own damage covers offer damages to owned vehicles caused by accidents and natural and man-made disasters.
Claim Assistance We have a team of 650+ claim experts to ease the claim settlement process.
No Claim Bonus (NCB) Discount on car premium after consecutive claim-free years.
Cashless Repairs We have a network of 7500+ garages all across the country to offer free cashless service to policyholders.
Add-ons With our unique 12 add-ons, we offer enhanced protection to vehicle owners.

Types of Tata AIG Car Insurance in Nagpur

When you start searching for car insurance near me in Nagpur, Tata AIG offers different car insurance policies in Nagpur based on the varied needs of vehicle owners.

Third-Party Car Insurance Policy

Tata AIG’s third-party insurance policy protects vehicle owners from financial and legal liabilities.

Pros and Cons: The policy is mandatory, which saves vehicle owners from the fines imposed by authorities. However, the con of the policy is it doesn't provide enhanced protection to insured vehicles.

Ideal For: Individuals who own a four-wheeler in a less populated area benefit from the third-party car insurance policy.

Stand Alone Own Damage Car Insurance Policy

Own damage car insurance policy offered by Tata AIG applies to cars bought after September 2018. The car insurance policy provides coverage to insured vehicles for the damages caused due to accidents.

Pros and Cons: The policy offers financial coverage to insured vehicles against damages but the cone is it doesn't offer coverage against damages caused to third-party property or bodily injury to the third-party due to insured vehicles.

Ideal For: The policy is ideal for four-wheeler owners who want to protect their insured vehicle against accidents.

Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy

Tata AIG's comprehensive car insurance policy offers extensive coverage to vehicle owners against various natural and man-made disasters. The policy offers coverage for third-party and own-vehicle damage.

Pros and Cons: It offers enhanced vehicle protection against various damages. However, the premium charged is higher compared to other policy types.

Ideal For: The policy is ideal for vehicle owners who are looking for an all-in-one vehicle insurance policy against various natural and man-made damages.

The Best Car Insurance in Nagpur: Third-Party Vs Comprehensive Plans

Coverage Provided Third-Party Car Insurance Comprehensive Car Insurance
Mandatory Cover It is mandatory as per the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988. No, it is not mandatory
Third-Party or Property Damage  The policy offers coverage for third-party damage and property by insured vehicles. It also covers third-party damage to property or person by an insured car.
Vehicle Theft The policy does not offer coverage for vehicle theft. It provides coverage against vehicle theft as per the policy condition.
Damages Due to Natural Disaster The policy does not offer coverage for vehicle damage caused by natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, etc. Under this policy, insured vehicles are covered against damages due to natural disasters.
Damages Incurred In Transit The policy does not offer coverage for damages to insured vehicles during transit. This policy provides coverage to policyholders for damages incurred during the transit.
Damages due to Fire or Man-made Scenarios The policy does not offer coverage for damages to vehicles in man-made scenarios such as fire, riots, etc. Under this policy, the vehicle is covered against damages caused due to man-made disasters.
Personal Accident Cover  It does not offer coverage for personal accidents. Under this policy, individuals can have personal accident cover benefits.
Add-Ons The policy does not offer flexibility to include add-ons. Under this policy, individuals can include add-ons based on their choice.

What is the Car Insurance Rate in Nagpur?

The car insurance policy rate depends on several factors.

Car Model and Type: The first thing which contributes to the premium of car insurance in Nagpur is the car type and model. Depending on the car model and price, the premium can be higher or lower.

Insured Declared Value: Insured declared value is the maximum financial support the policyholder will receive in case of vehicle damage or total loss. It is generally calculated based on the vehicle’s current market value.

No Claim Bonus: Knowing what NCB is in insurance helps policyholders in lowering the premium of the car. Policyholders who don't make any claim for consecutive years can be eligible for discounts on car insurance premiums.

Policy Type and Add-on: The policy type and add-on included can also affect the premium cost.

Deductibles: Deductibles are a voluntary choice offered to vehicle owners where they agree to pay part of repair expenses for vehicle damage, while the insurance provider covers the rest. The higher voluntary deductible makes the premium of insurance for four-wheelers lower.

Best Car Insurance Add-Ons to Get in Nagpur

Some of the Tata AIG add-ons included:

  • No Claim Bonus Protection

  • Roadside Assistance

  • Repair of Glass Fiber and Plastic Parts

  • Daily Allowance

  • Emergency Transport and Hotel Expenses

  • Key Replacement

  • Engine Secure

  • Tyre Secure

  • Consumables Expenses

  • Loss of Personal Belongings

  • Return to Invoice

  • Zero Depreciation

How to Buy and Perform Car Insurance Renewals in Nagpur with Tata AIG

How to Buy Car Insurance Online

To buy car insurance online from the Tata AIG website, follow these Steps:

Step 1: To initiate a car insurance policy process, visit the Tata AIG official website.

Step 2: Next, click on the "All Product" Section.

Step 3: Under that section, scroll down to the "Motor Insurance" option.

Step 4: After that, choose the "Car Insurance" option.

Step 5: Enter the registration number of the car and hit the "Get Price" button.

Step 6: Next, select the car insurance plan and add-ons if needed and then proceed.

Step 7: The insurance price based on the policy type and add-ons will appear. Complete the required procedures such as filling out the application form and upload necessary documents. Pay the car insurance policy price.

Step 8: Once the payment is done, the policy document will be sent via email

How to do Car Insurance Renewal in Nagpur?

The procedure for car insurance renewal in Nagpur is mentioned below.

Step 1: Visit the official Tata AIG website.

Step 2: Next, browse to the "All Product" section.

Step 3: Further, select the "Motor Insurance" and then choose the "Car Insurance" option.

Step 4: Next, add the car registration number and then click the "Renew" option.

Step 5: Next, the policy details will appear, including or exclude the add-ons if needed.

Step 6: Review the policy terms and conditions carefully before making a payment.

Step 7: Once the payment is done, the renewed policy document will be sent via email.

How to File a Claim for Car Insurance in Nagpur?

There are two ways to make insurance for four-wheeler claims from Tata AIG.

Reimbursement Claims

In reimbursement claims from the Tata AIG, policyholders can get their vehicle repaired from the garage of their choice. In that case, they need to pay the repair expenses out of their pocket.

Once the repair is done, they can file a claim by visiting the website by submitting all the repair receipts and other policy documents. After verifying the claim request, the maximum amount will be reimbursed as per the policy condition.

Cashless Claims

The other way to get a claim is to take a damaged vehicle to any of the authorised Tata AIG network garages. The policyholder needs to file a claim by filling out the survey form and submitting other necessary documents to the garage owner. Once the repair is done, they can collect their vehicle. The bills will be settled directly by the insurance provider.

Documents Needed for Car Insurance Claims in Nagpur

  • Duly completed claim settlement form.

  • Original policy documents.

  • Copy of vehicle registration number certificate.

  • Copy of driving licence.

  • Proof of identification.

  • Proof of address.

  • Copy of First Information Report in case of vehicle theft and accident.

  • An official document for no trace report

  • Legal document in case of third-party damage.

  • Hospital bills in case of personal accident.

  • Any additional papers required by the insurance provider.

Tata AIG Cashless Network Garages for Car Insurance in Nagpur

Tata AIG has a network of 7500+ repair garages all across the country. This garage allows policyholders to repair their vehicles without paying anything out of their pocket. The settlement will be done directly by the Tata AIG. It makes the claim settlement easy for the policyholder.

To locate the cashless network garages, visit the website and select the city "Nagpur". The cashless garage available in the city will appear on the screen. However, this facility is only available in the comprehensive car insurance policy offered by Tata AIG.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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Which insurance cover is best for a car?


The comprehensive car insurance policy offered by Tata AIG is best for cars as it offers broad coverage to vehicles against various damages.

Is buying car insurance mandatory in Nagpur?


Having basic or third-party car insurance in Nagpur is mandatory for all vehicle owners. Driving without insurance can lead to fines and penalties from the traffic authority.

What is the validity of a car insurance policy?


Usually, a car insurance policy comes with a one-year validity. However, some individuals consider buying car insurance online with multi-year validity.