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Car Insurance in Noida

Noida is one of the most vital cities in Uttar Pradesh. This progressive city is well connected to the country’s capital, Delhi, via National Highways, metros, DND flyover, and road networks.

It is a thriving business city and is a preferred location to live due to its excellent connectivity networks. Whether you are on a road trip or travelling for work, four-wheeler insurance is a must-have in this hustling, bustling city!

Having car insurance is mandatory as per the legal laws and also necessary in case of unfortunate incidents on the road! Read to know in detail about the best car insurance in Noida and how Tata AIG can provide you coverage while on the road.

The Need for Car Insurance Policy in Noida

Noida is considered an education, software, and business hub. All these factors make it a favourable place to live, which has also led to increasing the population, number of vehicles, and road accidents. As per the statistics, Noida has registered 26,181 vehicles in 2024.

An increase in the number of vehicles in the city combined with overspeeding and violation of traffic rules has increased the accidents taking place in Noida. However, the number of accidents in the city must not discourage you from owning a vehicle. In fact, it is wise to brace yourself with third-party car insurance or a comprehensive insurance policy.

Buying a car insurance policy in Noida is a mandatory requirement under the Motor Vehicle Act 1988, and it is also an effective way to safeguard your life and property. When you are adequately protected you can drive around in Noida and any part of the country with confidence.

Key Features and Advantages of Tata AIG’s Car Insurance in Noida

Key Features and Advantages Details
Affordable premiums Tata AIG premium starts at ₹2094. You can save up to 75% when you purchase a policy online
Settlement ratio High claim settlement ratio of car insurance at 99% in the FY 2022-2023
Assistance facility Quick and hassle-free claim procedure provided by 650 claim experts
Cashless facility 7500 network garages all over the country for cashless car repairs
Comprehensive coverage Offers coverage to own damage, third-party damage and personal accident
No-claim bonus Up to 50% discount on premiums
Online processes Easy steps to compare, buy and renew insurance, initiate and track claims, calculate car insurance premiums etc.
Add-ons or riders 12 customisable add-ons for your four-wheeler
Own damage cover Covers own damage due to accident, natural and man-made disasters
Third-party coverage Provides for thirty-party loss or damage to vehicle, property, and life

Types of Tata AIG Car Insurance in Noida

Knowing the different types of car insurance available and the benefits and features they offer helps you to make a wise decision while buying car insurance in Noida. Here are the types of insurance for your vehicle.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

Just like its name, comprehensive insurance provides all-inclusive coverage to the policyholder. Under this insurance, you get coverage for your own damage as well as for the third party.


It is a high-coverage insurance and facility to include unique add-ons

It protects from man-made and natural disasters, theft, fire, etc.


It comes with a higher premium

Does not cover the loss incurred under specified circumstances

Ideal For:

It is the best car insurance for drivers of all ages with any vehicle

Standalone Third-Party Insurance

Having third-party car insurance is mandated under the Motor Vehicles Act. It provides to cover the loss occurring to any third party vehicle, property, or life due to the action of the policyholder. It is also known as “Act Only” insurance.


It offers an affordable premium.

Offers financial protection to the policyholder in case of third-party bodily, property or vehicle damage.


It does not compensate the policyholder.

It does not cover the loss of a third party due to theft, natural calamity, etc.

Ideal For

Drivers between the ages of 20-25 years

Those with low-value or old vehicles

Standalone Own Damage Cover

With this type of car insurance in Noida, a policyholder can get coverage for any damage to his vehicle in case of a collision. When deciding the premium of this insurance the IDV of the vehicle is Considered.


Covers damage from man-made and natural disasters

You can include add-ons


No assistance for third-party damage

Ideal For

Young drivers aged 20-30 years

If you live in high-risk areas

A Brief Comparison of Car Insurance in Noida: Third-Party Vs Comprehensive Plans

Features Comprehensive Car Insurance Third-Party Car Insurance
Insurance Coverage It covers the policyholder as well as third-party damage It only pays for damage to third-party vehicles, property, or life
Premium Amount Due to the expansive coverage, the premium cost is high The premium amount is low as it covers only third-party damage
Add-ons You can include various add-ons like zero depreciation, roadside assistance, etc. It does not have an option to include any add-ons.
Legal Requirement It is not mandatory as per the legal laws You must have third-party insurance as per the Motor Vehicles Act
Premium Calculation The premium is calculated on the basis of factors like IDV, model and make of the vehicle, etc. Premium is calculated on the cubic capacity of the engine and decided by the IRDAI.
Sufficiency Factor It is sufficient as it covers the third party and the insured himself It is not sufficient as the policyholder is exposed to their own damage risk
Rates The insurance company decides the premium rate as per the terms and conditions of the policy. The IRDAI fixes the rates as per the car engine capacity.
Exclusions It does not cover the loss incurred under the influence of alcohol, rash driving, etc. It does not cover the loss to the policyholder’s vehicle, property, and life.

What is the Car Insurance Rate in Noida?

The car insurance premium is fixed based on a combination of factors. If you are planning to buy car insurance online, it is crucial to have a clear idea about the various factors so you can opt for a beneficial and affordable insurance plan.


The insurance premium is affected by the geographic location of the policyholder. Staying in a metropolitan city costs a higher insurance premium than in a tier 3 city. In an urban setting the vehicle is more prone to damage; hence, the premium is more.

Insured Declared Value:

IDV is the value of your car in the current market. It is the value of the car after deducting the depreciation amount. If your car has a higher IDV, the insurance premium will also be high.

Claim History:

The insurance companies reward those who have not made any claims in the previous years. You may enjoy a discounted premium as a part of the reward under the no claim bonus policy.

The extent of Coverage:

Depending on the extent of coverage you require, the premium will be decided. For instance, if you want comprehensive coverage with add-ons that enhance the coverage, the premium charged will be more.

Make and Model of the Car

The class, model, and make of your vehicle also have a role to play in the premium amount. A luxury or high-class vehicle will attract a higher premium than a regular car.

Some other factors that determine insurance premiums include the age of the policyholder, driving record, safety features of the vehicle, type of engine, personal factors, deductibles, etc.

Best Car Insurance Add-Ons to Get in Noida

Including add-ons to your car insurance policy in Noida provides customised protection to meet the unique requirements of the policyholder. Tata AIG offers 12 add-ons for enhanced benefits.

The add-ons are as follows:

  • No claim bonus

  • Roadside assistance

  • Repair of glass or fibre parts

  • Emergency expenses

  • Daily allowance

  • Key replacement

  • Engine protection

  • Consumable expenditure

  • Return to invoice cover

  • Passenger protection

  • Tyre Cover

  • Loss of personal belongings

The daily allowance add-on provides the policyholder with a travel allowance for 10-15 days when the vehicle is under repairs. Similarly the emergency expense add-on provides for expenses of hotel stay or travel in case you meet with an accident during a journey.

Zero depreciation is an add-on under which Tata AIG compensates the insured for the loss incurred due to the depreciation of the vehicle. It allows the policyholder to get a higher claim amount.

When the policyholder adds the engine protection rider, we shall cover the loss or damage caused to the engine due to an oil spill, water ingestion, or any kind of mechanical or electrical failure.

When a policyholder opts for a return to invoice add-on, they receive the invoice value of the car (without any deduction) as the claim amount in the event of complete loss or theft of the vehicle.

You can opt for the most appropriate add-on for your vehicle and customise your Tata AIG car insurance in Noida after fully understanding their benefits and the charges they come at!

The Process of Buying & Car Insurance Renewals in Noida with Tata AIG

Here is a simple process to buy the best car insurance in Noida

How to Buy Car Insurance

Step 1: Head to our official webpage.

Step 2: Go to the ‘Car’ tab and enter the car registration number.

Step 3: Click on ‘Get Price.’

Step 4: Fill up all the personal and vehicle-related details.

Step 5: Select the insurance policy you want and the add-ons.

Step 6: You will get a quote for the policy.

Step 7: If you are satisfied with the price, make the payment online.

How to Renew Car Insurance

If you already have an insurance policy and are looking for a car insurance renewal in Noida, you can do so by following the steps below.

Step 1: Visit the Tata AIG official website.

Step 2: Under the ‘Car’ tab, enter the car registration number.

Step 3: Click ‘Renew existing Tata AIG Policy.’

Step 4: Select the policy that you want along with the add-ons.

Step 5: We will give you an instant quote for the policy.

Step 6: If you are happy with the quote, you can pay the premium online.

How to File a Claim for Car Insurance in Noida?

Claiming insurance amounts with Tata AIG can be done in two ways: Cashless Claims and Reimbursement Claims. The process for both ways is given below.

Reimbursement Claims

Under this method, the policyholder first pays for the repair and services of the car and then gets it reimbursed from us. If you want to make a reimbursement claim for your Tata AIG car insurance in Noida, here is the process.

Register the claim by calling 1800-266-7780. Another way of registering a claim with us is by visiting our claim support page and providing the details.

You must choose the reimbursement claim method.

Submit the necessary documents like police FIR, policy documents, etc.

Remember to preserve the repair invoice to get full reimbursement from us.

Cashless Claims

The cashless claim method allows you to get services and repairs done to the vehicle free of cost at any of the cashless network garages. We shall pay the repair cost to the garage directly.

The first step is to register the claim by calling us at 1800-266-7780 or filing a claim on our claim support page.

Next, you must carefully fill out the self-inspection form sent to your registered mobile number and answer the questions related to car damage.

We shall also send a surveyor from our end to inspect the vehicle.

Choose the cashless claim method.

Submit the required documents.

Once the claim is registered with the company, you can take your vehicle to any of the network garages and get it repaired.

Documents Needed for Car Insurance Claims in Noida

The claim form must be filled out correctly and signed by the insurer.

  • In case of vehicle theft, a No-trace report from the police is required

  • Copy of driver’s licence

  • Copy of policy documents

  • FIR report in case of accident

  • In case of third-party liabilities, notice from the concerned party

  • Original keys of the car

  • NOC and Form 35 in case of car loans

  • Estimated bill of repair cost and payment receipt

  • Copy of registration certificate

  • Transfer papers from RTO along with forms 28, 29, and 30

Tata AIG Cashless Network Garages for Car Insurance in Noida

Are you searching for ‘car insurance near me’ in Noida and want to opt for cashless claim procedures? In that case, you must look for an insurance provider that has an extensive network of garages. Tata AIG partners with various garages across the country to provide cashless insurance claims to policyholders.

The network garages have a tie-up with insurance companies to provide repair services to the insured free of cost in case of an accident or damage. An insurance company like Tata AIG then bears the expenses of the repair. One must know that a cashless claim facility is available only if you have comprehensive four-wheeler insurance.

Cashless garage networks may only be available in some of the cities. Hence, before you decide to buy car insurance, it is advised to check if the insurance provider has a tie-up with the garages in your city.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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What are the exclusions of a car insurance policy?

What are the exclusions of a car insurance policy?


A comprehensive car insurance policy covers damage to the vehicle, property, or life of the insured and the third party as per the policy. However, things that are not covered under this insurance include:

Regular wear and tear of the car

Not possessing mandatory car documents at the time of accident or damage.

Violating traffic rules

Overspeeding, rash driving, etc.

Using a private car for commercial purposes

Driving under the influence of alcohol

Can I claim an insurance amount if my car meets with an accident outside the geographical location of the policy?


No, you cannot claim insurance if the accident happens outside the geographical boundaries. The insurance companies have the right to include terms in the policy which state that any damage caused to the vehicle outside a specific geographical location is not covered.

What is a deductible in car insurance?


A deductible is the amount of money which the policyholder must pay from his pocket whenever they register a claim. It is a voluntary and compulsory amount which you must pay based on the cubic capacity of the engine.