Car Insurance in Panchkula

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Car Insurance in Panchkula

A well-designed city with wide roads and beautiful trees aptly describes Panchkula in Haryana. It is one of the satellite cities of Chandigarh and is famous for its natural beauty.

Unsurprisingly, Panchkula has been witnessing increasing habitation and development over the recent years. Due to the increasing population and increasing personal and public vehicles, movement of heavy vehicles has led to road damage in Panchkula, resulting in more accidents.

As per the reports of Panchkula Police, the total number of accidents in the city in 2022 was 130, out of which 105 were fatal accidents. The rising number of accidents and deaths makes it crucial for everyone with a vehicle to have car insurance in Panchkula.

If you are looking to buy Tata AIG car insurance in Panchkula, read on to get all the information that can help your buying decision!

The Need for Car Insurance Policy in Panchkula

Panchkula is a peaceful city that attracts people from various fields. Over the years, the city has seen a rise in the population and the number of vehicles. Besides, due to various construction projects, the traffic conditions have worsened, leading to accidents.

Industrial and other roads often witness poor conditions, with potholes developing frequently. Motorists travelling during peak traffic hours often overlook the potholes, leading to accidents and fatalities. It is essential to know that driving carefully and having motor insurance is the best way to stay safe while driving a car.

The introduction of the Motor Vehicles Act 1988 has made it compulsory for all vehicle owners to have a third-party car insurance policy. Insurance is necessary to ensure your safety and that of the other motorists on the road.

Tata AIG Car Insurance in Panchkula: Key Features and Advantages

Features and Advantages Details
Premium affordability Tata AIG offers premium starting at ₹2094. Buying a policy online can also fetch you a discount of up to 75%
Insurance assistance 650 claim experts provide hassle-free and smooth claim assistance
Insurance settlement ratio 99% settlement of claims for the FY 2022-2023
Cashless facility 7500 cashless network garage to provide cashless repairs
No claim bonus Get a 50% discount on insurance premiums
Comprehensive insurance policy Covers third-party damage as well as policyholder’s damage
Online buying and renewals Simple buying and renewal processes, claim tracking,  car insurance calculations, etc.
Inclusion of add-ons 12 customisable add-ons/riders
Third-party cover Provides financial assistance for damage to the third-party vehicle, property, and life
Own Damage cover Covers damage to own vehicle due to accident, theft, natural and man-made disasters 

Types of Tata AIG Car Insurance in Panchkula

Those who are planning to buy insurance for a four-wheeler must have a sound knowledge about the various types of insurance available. Knowing the different options helps you to buy the right one and maximise the benefits.

Own Damage Cover

This type of car insurance offers coverage only for the damage to the policyholder’s vehicle. You can purchase this type of insurance if you already have third-party insurance.


You get coverage in case of accidents, theft, and natural or man-made disasters

It allows you to purchase add-ons


There is no coverage for third-party damage

Ideal For

New drivers

New car owners

Those who own luxury vehicles

Comprehensive Cover

This insurance policy provides broad coverage to the policyholder, covering both their own damage and damage caused to a third party. It is all-inclusive insurance that covers damages beyond their control.


Provides coverage in case damage caused due to man-made or natural disasters, theft, etc.

Comes with customisable add-on insurance covers at an additional premium cost.


The premium is higher for providing broader coverage

Ideal For

You must buy this insurance if you live in high-risk areas

Drivers of all ages must have this insurance

Third-Party Cover

Under the laws of the Motor Vehicles Act, third-party insurance or “Act Only” insurance is a mandatory requirement for all. You get cover for damage caused to the vehicle, property, or life of the third party.


It is a cost-effective insurance

Relieves you of the financial burden in case of third-party damages


There is no cover for own damage

Ideal For

If your vehicle has low value or is old

A Brief Comparison of Car Insurance in Panchkula: Third-Party Vs Comprehensive Plans

Features Third-Party Car Insurance Comprehensive Car Insurance
Type of Coverage It covers the damage to third-party life, property, or vehicle by the policyholder. It provides for the damage of policyholders as well as third parties.
Premium Cost The premium cost is affordable as it only covers third-party liability Premium cost is high as the coverage is wide
Legal Requirement As per the laws of the Motor Vehicles Act, third-party insurance is compulsory There is no legal requirement to have a comprehensive insurance
Premium Calculation Method The premium is decided based on the engine’s cubic capacity Factors like IDV, make and model of the car, etc., are used to calculate the premium
Add-ons Limited or no option to include add-ons You can include add-ons like roadside assistance, depreciation cover, engine protection, etc., at additional costs
Rates The IRDAI fixes premium rates according to the engine capacity of the vehicle. Insurance companies fix the premium rate based on the terms and conditions of the policy chosen.
Sufficiency of the Coverage It is not sufficient, as there is no cover for own damage It is sufficient as the coverage is for policyholder and third-party
Exclusions of the policy Excludes assistance to the policyholder’s vehicle, property, or life Exclusions include rash driving, violating traffic rules, regular wear and tear of the car

What is the Car Insurance Price in Panchkula?

As a standard rule, when buying a car insurance policy, you must opt for a policy that strikes the right balance between coverage and premium. To make a wise decision, you must know the factors that determine a policy's premium rates.


An insurance policy in a metropolitan city costs more than in tier 3 cities. Vehicles are more prone to damage in urban areas due to congestion, increasing traffic, etc, resulting in higher premiums.

Insured Declared Value

One factor that affects the insurance premium is IDV. In insurance, the IDV full form is the insured declared value, which represents the approximate market value of the vehicle to be insured. A higher IDV means a higher premium amount.

Record of the Policyholder

The driving record of the policyholder shows if he is a rash driver or a cautious one. If the policyholder has fines and violation charges against his car, the insurance company may charge a higher premium rate.

The Vehicle

Since the vehicle is the primary focus of insurance, the model, make, variant, etc., are taken into consideration to fix the premium amount. Luxury and high-class vehicles will be charged a higher premium as compared to regular cars.

Type of Insurance Cover

The premium amount is also dependent on the type of insurance policy you want to buy. If you want to buy a stand-alone third-party cover, the premium will be less. However, if you want to opt for comprehensive coverage, the rates will be high.

Claim History

You can enjoy a discounted premium rate under the no-claim bonus feature from an insurance provider as a reward for not making any claim.

Some other factors include deductibles, age of the car, anti-theft device, add-ons, seller of the policy, fuel type and so on.

Best Car Insurance Add-Ons to Get in Panchkula

Add-ons or riders in car insurance policies offer added coverage to the policyholder at added costs. Tata AIG offers 12 beneficial add-ons to strengthen your policy and get the most out of it.

If you are buying Tata AIG car insurance, you can add the following add-ons:

Roadside Assistance- This add-on is your friend if your car breaks down in transit. It covers expenses like a flat tyre or dead battery, etc., on the spot.

Zero depreciation- When you include this add-on depreciation cost is not charged by the insurance company when you make a claim.

Return to invoice- In case of a total loss of the vehicle, this add-on pays the policyholder the difference amount between the vehicle’s invoice and the sum assured.

Daily allowance- When the car repair takes longer than expected, the policyholder gets a daily allowance for 10-15 days to commute.

Key replacement- It provides the cost of key or lock replacement or a new key if the key is lost or stolen or if someone has broken into the car.

Engine protection- If the car engine breaks down due to water ingestion or an oil spill, this add-on covers the expenses related to the repairs.

Tyre protection- It covers the repair and replacement of tyres in case of an accident, etc.

Consumable expenses- Under this add-on, one can get all the expenses related to consumables like engine oil, gearbox oil, nuts and bolts, etc.

Loss of personal belongings- This pays for the policyholders and their family members' loss of personal belongings.

Emergency expenses- In the case of an accident during a journey, this add-on covers the hotel and travel expenses to prevent you from being stranded.

Repairing plastic parts & glass fibre- In case of minor damages to the fibre, glass or rubber parts, one can get it repaired with this add-on.

No-claim bonus protection- It allows the insured to make one claim within a policy year without losing the no-claim bonus.

The Process of Buying and Renewing Car Insurance in Panchkula with Tata AIG

Whether you want to buy the best car insurance in Panchkula or want to renew it with Tata AIG, you can do it in a few simple steps:

How to Buy Car Insurance

Visit the official website of Tata AIG.

Choose the ‘Car’ tab, and enter the vehicle registration number.

Click on ‘Get Price’.

On the next page, you must fill in the personal as well as vehicle-related information.

Choose the insurance policy you want to buy and select the add-ons.

You will get a quote for the policy.

If you are happy with the quote, you can proceed to pay the amount online.

How to Renew Car Insurance

In case your policy has expired and you are looking for car insurance renewal, Panchkula, you can easily renew it online and continue to enjoy the benefits. Here are the steps to follow for insurance renewal:

Open the Tata AIG official website on your browser.

Select the ‘Car’ tab and enter the vehicle registration number.

Click on ‘Renew existing Tata AIG policy’.

Select the policy and the add-ons that you want to include.

We will provide you with an instant quote.

You can renew the policy by making the payment using the online modes.

How to File a Claim for Car Insurance in Panchkula?

Reimbursement Claims

If you want to claim through the reimbursement method, you must first pay for the repairs and replacement of the car parts and then claim the amount from us. The process to file a claim with Tata AIG is as follows:

Every claim process begins by registering the claim with the company. You can register the claim by calling 1800-266-7780 or by visiting the claim support page.

Provide all the information as needed.

Next, you will receive a self-inspection link. Please provide the car damage details asked for in the link. We will also send personnel to inspect the car.

You can choose the reimbursement method for making the claim.

Provide the necessary documents like police FIR ID proofs, etc.

Once we examine the claims and approve it you can take the car to any garage and get it repaired.

Remember to preserve all the invoices and repair bills to receive the reimbursement.

Cashless Claims

Under the cashless claim method, you can get a free-of-charge repair service for your car in case of an accident.

Begin the claim process by registering the claim. Call us at 1800-266-7780 or visit the claim support page.

Fill out the self-inspection form sent to you with the correct damage details. (A surveyor from our company will also inspect the vehicle.)

Choose the cashless claim method.

Submit the documents like ID proof, vehicle papers, etc.

After the claim is registered, you can take it to one of our cashless network garages and get it repaired free of cost.

Documents Needed for Car Insurance Claims in Panchkula

A duly filed claim form with the applicant's signature.

Copy of policy documents

Copy of the driver’s licence

No trace report from the police (in case of theft)

FIR report

Original keys of the car

Transfer papers from the RTO, form 28, form 29, form 30

Copy of vehicle RC

Approximate cost of repair

NOC and Form 35 in case of a loan

Legal notice from the third party (in case of third-party insurance)

Tata AIG Cashless Network Garages for Car Insurance in Panchkula

Searching for “car insurance near me” with a hassle-free claim facility? If yes, you must choose an insurance provider with an extensive network of cashless garages so you can benefit from them. Tata AIG has an extensive network of garages in the country to provide an accessible cashless claim facility.

Network garages provide you with free-of-cost repair services in case of an insurance claim. We have tie-ups with various network garages in Panchkula as in the rest of India. These network garages provide cashless repair services for the covered damages, and then settle the amount directly with us.

The cashless claim facility is available only with comprehensive car insurance in Panchkula. However, cashless network garages may be available in some cities only. Hence, it would help if you check about cashless garages in your city before buying a policy.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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Which insurance is best for a 5-year-old car?


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Can I pay my car insurance premium in instalments?


No, you cannot pay your car insurance premium in instalments. The Insurance Act does not allow insurance companies to provide any cover until the entire payment is made before the start date.

Can I register a claim if my vehicle was being driven by someone else?


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