Cashless Garages in Coimbatore

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Cashless Garages in Coimbatore

With the growing awareness of the importance and benefits of four-wheeler insurance, the demand for the same has grown significantly. However, having the correct car insurance for your car is no longer limited to the available scope of coverage.

Vehicle owners are constantly looking at the additional benefits offered by insurance providers with comprehensive and own damage insurance plans, and one such benefit is cashless garages.

Cashless garages are authorised car repair facilities offered by an insurer to allow customers to benefit from cashless repairs with their car insurance policy.

You can avail of cashless claims at any of the Tata AIG garages in Coimbatore to reduce the financial burden of repair payments using your personal finances.

What are Tata AIG Cashless Garages?

Cashless garages of Tata AIG are car repair facilities that allow policyholders to avail of different types of repairs with no additional burden of payment.

When you buy four-wheeler insurance from Tata AIG, you can opt for a cashless claim settlement.

For a cashless claim, you must first find one of the cashless garages of Tata AIG after an unfortunate accident and get all the required repair services there. Once the work is done, Tata AIG will pay the cost of repairs on your behalf.

The Tata AIG network garages consist of authorised repair facilities that offer top-notch quality services and reasonable turnaround times for car repairs.

How do Cashless Garages Work?

  • To understand how cashless garages work and how to get started with the same in Coimbatore, you should first check the Tata AIG cashless garage list in Coimbatore.

  • Once you have the list, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Notify us about the accident and mention the most damaged areas. You can do so by calling us at 1800-266-7780.

  • Fill out a claim intimation form with all the accurate details regarding the accident.

  • After receiving the claim request, we will share a self-inspection on your registered mobile number. Follow the link in the message and fill out the damage details.

  • Next, we will also send an authorised surveyor to assess the car damage and other details.

  • For a cashless claim, you must find a cashless garage and get the required repair work completed.

  • After completion, the garage will send the repair bill to us. We will cover the sum assured based on the policy terms and conditions. However, the non-covered repair work expenses and deductibles will be paid by you.

Key Features of Tata AIG Network Garages

With the help of the cashless garage list of Tata AIG, you can benefit from added convenience and additional financial support during emergencies without the hassle of out-of-pocket expenses.

Here are some of the key features of Tata cashless garages.

  • The cashless garages bridge the gap between repair work and payment pressure, reducing the burden off the policyholder in times of emergencies.

  • Tata AIG offers a garage network of over 7500+ garages spread around India to allow policyholders from all parts of India to avail of cashless claims.

  • The garages within the network ensure top-notch repair services within a short time to get your car up and running in no time.

  • The garage repair bills are shared directly with us, reducing the bill settlement time as no middlemen or policyholder involvement is required.

  • Along with the convenience of buying car insurance and completing car insurance renewal online, you can also file a claim online in just a few steps.

How to Find Tata AIG Cashless Garages Near Me in Coimbatore?

The cashless garage list of Tata AIG consists of over 7500+ garages in India, including a few in Coimbatore. If you are looking for Tata AIG garages in Coimbatore, you can find one easily on our website.

Here is how to locate a Tata AIG cashless garage near me:

  • Visit our website.

  • Select “Self-Service” from the top bar.

  • Find and click on the “Network Garages” option on the new page.

  • Enter your city as “Coimbatore” and add the “make” details under it.

  • Click on “Search” to view all the Tata AIG network garages in Coimbatore on the screen.

  • Alternatively, you can also call our helpline number, 1800-266-7780, and ask for the nearest network garages to your current address.

How to Claim Cashless Services at Tata AIG Garages in Coimbatore?

To avail of a cashless service at any of the Tata AIG garages in Coimbatore, here is what you need to do:

  • Inform us about the accident, the magnitude of the damage incurred, and what parts of the car were damaged.

  • Next, drive or get your car towed to the nearest Tata AIG network garage.

  • Once your car reaches the garage, an assessment of the car is done to estimate the damage repair expenses.

  • Based on the assessment, policy documents for a cashless claim are submitted to us.

  • After the assessment is evaluated, the garage will receive approval on the amount of cashless settlement permitted for you as per policy terms.

  • Next, the garage will begin and complete the necessary repair work and update us once done.

  • As soon as we get the bill, we will settle the payment on your behalf. Please note that you will have to pay for any repair work that is outside your car insurance policy inclusions.

Cashless Claim Vs Reimbursement Claim – Which is Better?

Features Cashless Claim Reimbursement Claim
Convenience  Highly convenient Less convenient as it requires documentation
Garage Network Limited to Tata AIG network garages.  Freedom to choose any garage 
How Does it Work? When you file a cashless claim, the insurer pays the garage directly, except for deductibles and depreciation that the policyholder pays. In a reimbursement claim, the policyholder pays the repair bills first, and then, upon filing the correct documentation and proof, the insurer reimburses them.
Turnaround Time It is a quicker settlement process, as once the repair work is completed, the bill payment is cleared between the insurer and garage without the need for any additional proof. It will take longer for settlement as too much back-and-forth is required between the policyholder and the insurer. Moreover, the policyholder will have to first pay the bills on their own and then file for reimbursement. 
Required Documents  Proof of age, ID, and address and some additional forms. All repair work bills, invoices, FIR, licence, receipts, RC, etc., are necessary.

Benefits of Cashless Garages of Tata AIG

  • Complete transparency throughout the process from start to end.

  • No excessive financial burden of paying repair bills after work completion.

  • The entire process requires minimal documentation work as everything is taken care of by us.

  • The bill payments are cleared between the garage and us with no involvement of the policyholder.

  • When you choose one of our network cashless garages, you receive priority service with quality assurance in a minimum time.

  • Assurance of genuine equipment and parts integration due to our tie-up with the network garages.

What Expenses Can Policyholders Claim at Tata AIG Garages in Coimbatore?

Under Tata AIG, the inclusions for cashless claims within a network garage are extensive to ensure maximum support is extended to the policyholder. However, it is important to know the potential situations and repairs that are covered under our policy for a cashless claim.

Here is a quick list -

  • Any loss or damage incurred by your car due to man-made disasters like strikes, fire, terrorism, or riots is covered.

  • Any loss or damage to the car in case of a natural disaster like earthquakes, tsunami, floods, etc., all repair work required will be covered.

  • Any damage or loss incurred by your car due to accidents is covered.

  • If your car is stolen and recovered with severe damage, the repairs will be covered.

  • Any damage or loss to a third party or their property due to your insured car is covered.

  • Any repair work required due to fire incidents or acts of vandalism is also covered.

  • In addition to these covers, Tata AIG also offers additional customisation flexibility with comprehensive car insurance to allow policyholders to enhance their policy coverage based on specific needs. Some of them are as follows.

No Claim Bonus - This allows the policyholder to benefit from discounted premiums at the time of policy renewal for every claim-free year.

Engine Protection - This add-on provides coverage for any loss or damage to your car’s engine caused by accidents or other situations.

Emergency Transport and Hotel Expenses Cover - This provides the policyholder with emergency stay and trip cover to reach their home destination in case of emergency or when the car is damaged extensively.

Tyre Protection - This add-on provides financial protection when the car’s wheels are damaged and require repairs.

The coverage of repairs also depends on the policy type you purchase. Based on the choice between comprehensive and own damage insurance plans, the policy terms and coverage available will vary.

Thus, you must read the policy terms and conditions thoroughly to know what is covered under your plan.

What to do if your Car Insurance Claim Gets Rejected at a Cashless Garage?

In case the network garage rejects your cashless claim requests, you can contact us and file a reimbursement claim instead.

The significant difference between both these claim procedures is that with cashless, the policyholder does not have to pay the garage after repair work.

However, in a reimbursement claim, the policyholder must first pay the repair bills themselves and then file for reimbursement after submitting the necessary proof.

Reimbursement Claim with Tata AIG

  • Notify us about the accident and the damage incurred by your car.

  • After filing your claim, take the car to any garage of your choice for repair work.

  • Get the repair work completed and test the car to see if it is operating correctly.

  • Collect all the necessary bills, receipts, invoices, and other documents related to the work done.

  • Submit all the documents to us for verification.

  • After verification, we will reimburse the bill amount as applicable based on your car insurance policy terms.

Reasons Why Your Cashless Claim Could Get Rejected at Tata Cashless Garages

Some common reasons why cashless garages of Tata AIG may reject your claim include -

  • If you were driving under the influence of alcohol or other illegal substances.

  • If you were driving without a valid driving licence, vehicle RC, car insurance, PUC, etc.

  • If you submit incorrect documentation when filing a claim.

  • If you participate in voluntary speed racing or rash driving activities.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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Can I get a cashless claim at a garage of my choice?

Can I get a cashless claim at a garage of my choice?


No, to file a cashless claim, you must visit one of the authorised garages within the Tata AIG garage network. There are over 7500+ garages in this network. In case you wish to get the repair work at a garage of your choice, you can file a reimbursement claim instead.

What will happen if my repair expenses under the cashless claim go beyond the policy coverage limit?


In such a case, you will be responsible for clearing the balance amount above your policy coverage limit on your own. The insurer is not responsible for the extra expenses. Thus, it is necessary to understand the policy coverage limits in advance.