Cashless Garages in Kolkata

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Cashless Garages in Kolkata

Protecting your car with a car insurance policy is crucial to mitigate any financial losses that may incur during a road incident.

However, selecting a suitable car insurance policy requires extensive research and comparison of policy details. This ensures you make informed decisions regarding the safety of your vehicle.

An important factor that makes a car insurance policy stand out is the provision of access to cashless garages under it. These are a network of garages associated with the insurance provider that offer repair services without the immediate need for cash payments.

Here are all the details related to the benefits of the cashless garages of Tata AIG and what makes them an attractive part of your investment in a car insurance policy.

What are Tata Cashless Garages?

The Tata cashless garages associated with Tata AIG are repair centres that enable policyholders like you to have their vehicles repaired without any upfront payment. These facilities operate within the network of Tata AIG like the Tata AIG cashless garage list in Kolkata.

These garages are equipped with skilled technicians and fantastic technology to ensure that your car receives high-quality services. Getting service at these network garages also helps save time as the payment procedures are eliminated. This proves to be greatly useful in the event of an accident or sudden car breakdown during extensive road travel.

This characteristic makes the repair process seamless and quick. For example, the cashless garage list of Tata AIG, includes garages all over the country and provides prompt services upon request.

How Do Tata AIG Network Garages Work?

In the event of a road incident, Tata cashless garages streamline the repair process. As opposed to having to pay the repair or replacement fees upfront, Tata AIG settles the expenses in your stead.

The elimination of your involvement as a policyholder speeds up the process and ensures a seamless service experience where you do not have to stress about the cost of the repairs.

Usually, the cashless service in a Tata AIG garage in Kolkata would work like this:

Step 1: Notify the Tata AIG team and complete the claims form. An assigned evaluator will evaluate the seriousness of the damage incurred.

Step 2: After approval from the evaluator, proceed to the nearest Tata AIG garages in Kolkata.

Step 3: At the repair centre, the bill for covered expenses will be forwarded to Tata AIG for settlement. You are only responsible for settling the costs of uninsured parts.

Key Features of Tata AIG Network Garages

No. Key Features Description
1 Additional Network Benefits Enjoy prompt service at your convenience through Tata AIG’s extensive network of cashless garages.
2 Nationwide Extensive Network With over 7500 garages nationwide, quality care across India is guaranteed through the cashless garage list of Tata AIG. 
3 Hassle-Free Repair Procedures Expenses are settled directly between the garage and Tata AIG, streamlining the repair process and eliminating your involvement as the policyholder. 
4 Quick Settlement Procedures Direct expense settlement also eliminates the requirement for separate settlement of claims. 

How to Find a Tata AIG Cashless Garage Near Me in Kolkata?

Step 1: Go to the free Garage Locator service available on the Tata AIG website.

Step 2: Enter ‘Kolkata’ in the designated city/state field.

Step 3: Provide the details of your vehicle in the following section and hit the ‘Search’ button.

Step 4: Including the Tata AIG cashless garage list in Kolkata, view all the relevant information on the next page.

How to Claim Cashless Services at Tata AIG Garages in Kolkata?

Step 1: Contact Tata AIG and report the accident to the team while also providing all the details about the loss/damage sustained by the car parts.

Step 2: Arrange for your vehicle to be transported or driven to one of the nearest Tata AIG garages in Kolkata.

Step 3: An appointed evaluator or someone from the garage will evaluate the extent of the damage and request the required necessary policy-related documents for further approval. It is best to communicate transparently to avoid any issues in the process.

Step 4: Upon verification, the associated cashless garage will receive the approval for the claim.

Step 5: The garage will go ahead with the procedure for repairs, and Tata AIG will settle the costs directly. As a policyholder, you will only be responsible for covering the uninsured parts.

Cashless Claim Vs Reimbursement Claim – Which Is Better?

No. Key Factors Cashless Reimbursement
1 Description  Thanks to the tie-ups, the insurance provider settles the claim directly with the garage.  You will have to pay the bills out of your own pocket in the beginning as the insurance provider reimburses the claim amount a lot later. 
2 Access to a Network Of Garages You are limited to the garages associated with the insurance provider. You can choose any garage for repairs, regardless of affiliation.
3 Documents Required Basic documents are sufficient for a claims process.  Numerous documents are required for the reimbursement of claims. 
4 How Long Does Claim Settlement Take? Typically, the claims under this are settled within a few hours.  The settlement process for claims takes a considerable amount of time. 
5 Primary Advantage You are protected from sudden large expenses during stressful times.  You need not waste time searching for a garage and can proceed to receive services at the nearest garage. This can help save money on towing fees as well. 
6 Primary Disadvantage A preferred repair centre may not be in the network.  Requires management of multiple documents and bills for proper processing, which can be difficult during stressful situations. 

Benefits of Cashless Garages of Tata AIG

  • Controlled repair costs and pre-negotiated prices help ease the financial stress in adverse situations.

  • Tata cashless garages offer stress-free claim settlements with efficient management, which ensures peace of mind during challenging situations.

  • The minimal document requirement for claim settlements reduces the burden of documentation, which makes the process smoother and hassle-free.

  • Repairs at these Tata AIG garages in Kolkata are not only seamless but also convenient and overseen by professionals who provide optimal care for your vehicle.

What Expenses Can Policyholders Claim at Tata AIG Garages in Kolkata?

No. Cover Details
1 Vandalism and Malicious Acts Provides coverage for the vehicle damage resulting from vandalism or other malicious acts. 
2 Third-party Liability  Provides coverage for the vehicle damage incurred by a third-party vehicle involved in an accident, excluding damage to the insured vehicle. 
3 Theft Recovery Provides coverage for theft-related vehicle damage.
4 Natural Disasters Provides coverage for the vehicle damage caused by natural calamities like floods, earthquakes, etc.
5 Artificial or Human Induced Calamities Provides coverage for the vehicle damage caused due to incidents like riots, strikes, or terrorism. 
6 Fire Damage  Provides coverage for the vehicle damage caused by fire, including lightning, explosions and self-ignition. 
7 Accidental Damage Provides coverage for the vehicle damage resulting from an accident and encompasses the repairs or replacements of damaged parts of the car. 

What Can You Do If Your Car Insurance Claim Gets Rejected at a Cashless Garage?

In case your cashless repair claim is declined at a repair centre, you still have the option to apply for a reimbursement claim as a backup. Here is what you can do:

Step 1: Contact Tata AIG and report the accident to the team while also providing all the details about the damage sustained by the car parts.

Step 2: Transport your car to a garage of your choice for repairs. It does not need to be on the Tata AIG cashless garage list in Kolkata, as you do not need a cashless service.

Step 3: Pay for the repair costs on your own.

Step 4: Submit your claim online to Tata AIG and provide the team with your bills, repair estimates, and other necessary documents for verification.

Step 5: Once your claim documents are verified, you will be reimbursed for the incurred expenses.

Common Causes for Rejection of Your Cashless Claim at Tata Cashless Garages

Several factors can lead to the rejection of your cashless claim at Tata AIG network garages. It is best to be aware of these details to ensure any future claims processes go smoothly and you do not face unexpected financial losses despite investing in the best car insurance in India for you:

Driving Under the Influence: If you are found driving under the influence, it calls for automatic rejection of any claims that are filed.

Providing False Information: If the insurance provider discovers any attempt at fabrication or misrepresentation of accident details, your claim will be declined.

Driving Without a Licence: If you are caught driving without a valid licence at the time of the incident, the insurance provider can reject your claims.

Failure To File a Claim in Time: if you do not file a claim within a stipulated time frame according to the policy guidelines, your claim will be rejected.

Missed Insurance Renewal: If you have missed out on the renewal of your car insurance before its expiry, you will no longer be eligible to file a claim for the damages incurred.

Ownership Issues: If you are driving a vehicle that isn't legally transferred to your name as per the RC and the insurance policy records, your claims may be rejected.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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What can I do if I cannot locate a Tata AIG cashless garage near me in Kolkata?

What can I do if I cannot locate a Tata AIG cashless garage near me in Kolkata?


If you cannot find a cashless garage near you, you can simply dial Tata AIG’s 24/7 toll-free number, 1800-266-7780, for assistance.

Are there any restrictions on the types of vehicles eligible for Tata AIG cashless repairs under a car insurance policy?


Unless your vehicle has illegal modifications, all kinds of motor vehicles are eligible for a cashless service under the Tata AIG car insurance policy.

How long will my car take to be repaired at a cashless service centre?


The time required for repairs entirely depends on the damage incurred by the vehicle. However, you can track the progress with the garage where the repairs are being made.