Cashless Garages in Patna

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Cashless Garages in Patna

Navigating the bustling streets of Patna can be a challenge. However, with the right insurance provider like Tata AIG, offering two-wheeler and four-wheeler insurance that ensures comprehensive coverage to keep you and your vehicle protected against unforeseen risks.

The best part of having a valid bike or car insurance is the availability of opting for cashless claims. It gives you access to any of the network garages near you and gets your repair work done faster. It adds convenience and peace of mind to your everyday drives across the city.

Read this article to learn more about the cashless garages of Tata AIG and how you can apply for cashless claims with us.

What are Tata Cashless Garages?

Cashless garages are one of the most crucial features of motor insurance, where the owner of the vehicle can be relaxed knowing that their vehicle can get necessary repairs without worrying about settling the bill. Yes, you are reading this right. Tata Cashless Garages is a facility offered to the Tata AIG motor insurance policy owners to avail repair services, while we settle the bill.

We have a tie-up with garages located all over the country and offer necessary repair work done conveniently without paying a dime from your pockets. This enables you (the policyholder) to avail of a quick and hassle-free service at any one of our cashless garages in Patna near you.

How do Cashless Garages Work?

Cashless garages enable you to avail of the necessary services quickly without the hassle of a mountain-load of paperwork and a tedious claiming process. It works in a very simple way and requires you to follow a few easy steps:

  • The first step to getting the cashless claim is to inform us about the accident and damage in detail.

  • You can do that either by calling our toll-free number, 1800-266-7780, via email or by raising a claim online on our claim support page.

  • Fill out the claim intimation form on our website and provide us with the accurate details of the incident.

  • Next, we appoint a surveyor to visit you and verify the claim and the damages done to your vehicle.

  • The surveyor will submit a report, after which we will accept your claim.

  • Then, you can avail of the cashless garage facility by visiting any of our Tata AIG garages in Patna and getting your repair work done immediately.

  • Once the repair is done, we will receive the bill from the garage directly. Depending on the type of insurance and the sum insured opted for, we will settle the bill.

  • Note that if the bill is above the insured sum or has elements that are excluded from the policy, the policyholder must pay the remaining amount.

Key Features of Tata AIG Network Garages

A cashless facility takes away the financial burden of repairing your beloved vehicle while you are still recovering from the unfortunate incident. The convenience and swift claim process adds to the relief.

However, there is more than convenience to the Tata AIG Network Garages. Below are some of the key features of cashless garages:

  • As mentioned above they reduce the financial burden in case of an accident by offering cashless repair services.

  • These garages offer reliable and professional services, ensuring that the repairs and parts they provide are genuine and of top quality.

  • We have over 6,900 Tata AIG network garages for car repairs and over 4200 garages for bike repairs listed with us. They are spread across the country, allowing you to use cashless facilities anywhere in the country.

  • With cashless claims, you can get access to priority service and get your repairs done in no time.

  • You do not have to settle the bill with the garage by paying from your own pockets. The bill directly comes to us, and we settle it based on the policy terms.

How to Find Tata AIG Cashless Garage Near Me in Patna?

If you face an incident that requires you to claim your insurance and your vehicle repaired, cashless claims can save you the hassle. With a wide network of Tata AIG network garages, you can easily find one that is the closest to you and get your repair done cashless and quicker.

Wondering how to find a garage in Patna? You can easily locate a garage near you by using our tool- the Garage Locator. Follow these steps to use the tool to find the Tata AIG cashless garage list in Patna:

  • Go to the official Tata AIG website.

  • Find the button for “Self-Service” on the website page.

  • Scroll further to find a tab for “Network Garages.”

  • You will now need to enter your city as “Patna” and the make of your car.

  • Click on Submit to find the Tata AIG cashless garage list in Patna.

  • It will display the search results, i.e., the cashless garage list of Tata AIG in your city.

  • You can also get details like the garage address, etc.

  • You can also find a garage near you by contacting us on our toll-free number: 1800-266-7780.

How to Claim Cashless Services at Tata AIG Garages in Patna?

If your insured car faces an unfortunate accident, claiming cashless service at one of the Tata Cashless Garages can be done in a few easy steps. Here are the steps:

  • Inform us about the accident and the details of the damage incurred to your car as soon as possible.

  • You can inform us by calling us at the toll-free number 1800-266-7780 or by submitting the claim initiation form on our website.

  • After your claim form goes through, one of our experts will visit and verify the details.

  • You can then tow or drive your vehicle to one of the nearest cashless garages of Tata AIG in Patna.

  • You will receive an estimate of the repair cost at the garage based on their careful examination.

  • The claim documents will be filed with us.

  • Once the claim amount has been approved, the confirmation is sent to you as well as the service provider. We will cover the amount according to your policy terms.

  • The garage will begin with the repairs and notify you and us once they are done.

  • The insured amount of your final bill will be paid by us. You will only have to pay for services not covered by your insurance policy.

Cashless Claim Vs Reimbursement Claim – Which is Better?

There are two ways in which you can claim your motor vehicle insurance from Tata AIG:

y opting for a cashless facility, or

By opting for a reimbursement claim.

Let us discuss both the claim processes in the table below:

Features Cashless Claim Reimbursement Claim
What does it mean? This type of claim allows you to get your repair work done at cashless garages without paying anything from your pockets. Under this claim, you get the reimbursement of the amount you paid during your car repair.
What is the Claim Process? The process is quick and only requires you to follow a few steps with minimum documentation. The process to get your reimbursement takes time and requires meticulous documentation.
Is it Convenient? It is more convenient as it requires less time, and you can get your car repaired in no time. This is less convenient because it takes longer for claim settlement and has a lengthy claim process.
Which Documents are Needed? Documents, such as ID proof, address proof, etc., are needed. Documents such as insurance policy, DL, RC, etc. are needed.

Benefits of Cashless Garages of Tata AIG

The quick claim process and minimum documentation make cashless claims more convenient and quicker.

  • It gives you peace of mind knowing that you do not have to pay for your car’s repair yourself. The repairs are done cashless, relieving the financial burden.

  • You can get access to high-quality repairs from a trusted and professional expert.

  • This process is more transparent and you are made aware of the entire process throughout.

  • You get the benefit of a priority service by opting for a cashless garage claim.

What Expenses Can Policyholders Claim at Tata AIG Garages in Patna?

With Tata AIG network cashless garages, you can get access to a lot of services. However, it is important to understand that these services are covered under comprehensive and own damage Insurance only; third-party car insurance does not offer these services.

You can claim your expenses under the following conditions:

  • If your vehicle incurs damage due to any natural or man-made disaster. This includes earthquakes, floods, riots, etc.

  • If your vehicle was damaged in an unfortunate road accident or collision

  • If your vehicle was damaged due to a third party or if you caused any damage to a third-party property, person, or vehicle

  • If your vehicle was stolen or damaged due to vandalism or theft

You can enhance your vehicle’s protection by choosing from our extensive add-on options. Some of them are listed below:

  • Engine Protection Cover

  • Zero Depreciation Cover

  • Consumable Cover

  • Daily Allowance

  • Tyre Protection Cover

  • No Claim Bonus

  • Key Replacement Cover, etc.

What to Do if Your Car Insurance Claim Gets Rejected at a Cashless Garage?

If, for any reason, your cashless four-wheeler insurance claim is rejected, do not worry; you can still get the expenses covered. You can apply for a reimbursement by following these steps:

  • Contact us and inform us about the incident in detail.

  • Initiate a claim and fill out the claim settlement form with proper details.

  • Once it goes through, take your car to any of the nearby garages and get your repair work done.

  • Get all the necessary documents about the repair work from the garage, such as bills, invoices, etc.

  • Submit these documents to us.

  • We will verify the details and reimburse the amount you paid for your vehicle’s repair. However, note that the amount reimbursed will be based on your policy and its terms.

Reasons Why Your Cashless Claim Could Get Rejected at Tata Cashless Garages

These are some of the reasons why your cashless claim and be rejected:

  • Driving under the influence.

  • If you do not carry the vehicle-related necessary documents while driving in Patna, such as driving licence, PUC, RC, etc.

  • Submission of false accident report.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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