Cashless Garages in Surat

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Cashless Garages in Surat

When investing in a car insurance policy, it is best to consider factors like premium rates, coverage and benefits that the policy and the insurer offer. One such significant benefit is the provision of cashless garages.

Cashless garages are a hassle-free solution where policyholders can claim repair services without paying an upfront fee, i.e., the repair bill. Cashless garages of Tata AIG, for example, are a network of garages all over India where you, as a policyholder, can avail services when in need.

For a better understanding of how this provision is beneficial to you, here is a quick overview of all the details.

What are Tata AIG Cashless Garages?

Cashless garages are automobile service centres where policyholders like you can repair their vehicles without facing the burden of an upfront cash payment. Such repair facilities work under the insurance provider's tie-up network.

For example, you can file a cashless claim and get your vehicle repaired at any of the garages listed under Tata AIG’s cashless garage list in Surat.

The garages listed under the cashless garage list of Tata AIG come equipped with skilled technicians who ensure your car receives optimal care. Moreover, you also save time as you do not have to engage in any payment procedures.

How Do Tata AIG Network Garages Work?

With cashless garages, instead of paying upfront, the insurers will settle the repair bills directly with the garage in your place. This makes the entire process seamless and convenient.

For example, in the event of a road incident, this is how a Tata AIG garage in Surat would work:**

Step 1: Inform Tata AIG and fill out a claims form. An appointed surveyor will be sent to examine the severity of the damage.

Step 2: Once your claim has been approved and the surveyor permits it you can take your vehicle to the closest Tata cashless garage in Surat.

Step 3: Upon receiving services at the chosen repair centre, the bill for the covered expenses will be sent to Tata AIG. All you need to do is pay for the uninsured parts and deductibles, such as towing charges.

Key Features of Tata Cashless Garages

No. Key Features Description
1 Hassle-Free Repair Procedures With Tata AIG network garages, the expenses of repairs are settled between the garage and Tata AIG.  This eliminates your involvement as a policyholder and speeds up the process.
2 Nationwide Extensive Network With 7500+ garages across India, Tata AIG has an extensive network of garages that ensures you receive quality care no matter where you are in the country. 
3 Quick Settlement Procedures The direct settlement of expenses also eliminates the need for a reimbursement claim process. 
4 Additional Network Benefits The network garages offer the benefit of prompt service at your convenience. 

How Can I Locate Tata AIG Cashless Garages Near Me in Surat?

Step 1: Navigate to the Garage Locator on our website.

Step 2: In the city/state tab type in ‘Surat’.

Step 3: Add in the specifications of your vehicle in the next tab and click on ‘Search’.

Step 4: You should find all the details on the next page and be shown the Tata AIG cashless garage list in Surat.

How to Claim Cashless Services at Tata AIG Garages in Surat?

Step 1: Notify the Tata AIG team about the accident and inform the team about the specifications of the damage incurred by the parts of the insured car.

Step 2: Tow or drive your vehicle to the nearby Tata AIG cashless garage.

Step 3: The garage or a surveyor will assess the damage and ask for the necessary policy documents for approval. Ensure you answer all questions honestly to ensure a seamless process.

Step 4: After verification, the network garage will receive the claim approval.

Step 5: The garage will proceed with the repairs, and we will pay the bill. You will only need to cover the payment for deductibles and non-covered parts.

Reimbursement Claim Vs Cashless Claim – Which Is Better?

Key Factors Reimbursement Cashless
Description  The insurer reimburses the claim amount at a later stage in the process.  The claim settlement is made immediately by the insurer, to the garage.
You will have to pay for the bills out of your own pocket in the beginning.  It is thanks to the tie-ups between the insurer and the garages. 
Primary Advantage A major advantage is that you do not have to spend time locating a garage from the list of network garages associated with the insurer.  A major advantage is that you do not need to bear the sudden expenses during already stressful times. 
This comes in handy in an emergency. You do not need to arrange large amounts of money in a short window of time. You can relax knowing your vehicle is taken care of optimally.
Primary Disadvantage You must keep track of all the bills and receipts related to the payment procedure to ensure the payment goes through seamlessly. A major disadvantage is that there are chances that your preferred repair centre may not be a part of the network list. 
Access to Network of Garages You need not worry about the validity of the claim. You have the freedom to go to any garage of your choice. You can only visit the garages associated with the insurance provider.
How Long Does Claim Settlement Take? The overall time for a settlement is considerably longer than a cashless claim, usually 30 days.  The overall time for a cashless claim is much less. The settlement usually takes only a few hours. 
Documents Required You require fewer documents to make a claim.  You just need basic documents for a claim. 

Benefits of Cashless Garages of Tata AIG

Tata AIG network garages provide hassle-free claim settlement with efficient management.

  • This benefit provides peace of mind during stressful situations.

  • The process of repairs at the cashless garages is convenient and hassle-free, with skilled professionals ensuring the optimal care for the vehicle.

  • The controlled repair costs and affordable prices help alleviate the financial stress in adverse situations.

  • The requirement for documents for claim settlements is also basic and minimal, reducing the burden of documentation.

What Costs Can You Claim at Tata AIG Garages In Surat?

No. Cover Details
1 Accidental Damage Covers damage incurred by the vehicle as a result of an accident and encompasses the replacements or repairs of the car’s damaged parts. 
2 Theft Recovery Covers the damage caused to a vehicle due to theft.
3 Natural Disasters Covers damage caused to a vehicle due to natural calamities like floods, earthquakes, etc.
4 Fire Damage  Covers damage caused by fire, including self-ignition,  lightning and explosions. 
5 Third-party Liability  Covers the damages incurred to a third party vehicle involved in the accident.
6 Vandalism Covers the damage caused to a vehicle due to vandalism or other malicious acts. 
7 Man-Made Calamities Covers damages caused to a vehicle due to incidents like riots, strikes, or terrorism. 

What to Do if Your Claim Gets Rejected at a Cashless Garage?

In the event that your cashless repair claim is rejected at a repair centre, the application for a reimbursement claim is still an option that is open for you. Here is how you can proceed:

Step 1: Notify the Tata AIG team about the accident and specify the damage incurred by the insured car.

Step 2: Move your vehicle to a garage that you prefer for repair. Unlike cashless claims, there are no restrictions on the garages you can visit for services.

Step 3: Settle the repair costs upfront with your own money.

Step 4: Register your claim online with Tata AIG and submit your bills, repair estimates, and other necessary documents for verification.

Step 5: Upon verification of the claim and documents, you will be reimbursed for the incurred expenses.

Reasons for a Cashless Claim Rejection at Tata Cashless Garages

Understanding the potential cases of your claim rejections is crucial for a smooth settlement of claims. Here is why your claim could be denied:

  • Drunk driving or drug abuse at the time of the incident.

  • You have not performed your car insurance renewal on time or have missed premium payments, i.e., your policy is lapsed or inactive.

  • Submitting incomplete or missing sets of documents for claim verification.

  • Driving without a valid driver’s licence.

  • Submitting inadmissible claims or providing false information.

  • Undisclosed modifications were made to the vehicle.

  • Other breaches of law or policy violations at the time of the incident/event.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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Is the benefit of cashless claims available for standalone own damage policy?

Is the benefit of cashless claims available for standalone own damage policy?


Yes cashless claims are available for all car insurance policies, including the standalone own damage policy with Tata AIG.

Is it alright to inform the Tata AIG team after the car is repaired?


No, it is important to inform the Tata AIG team at the earliest to avoid the chances of claim rejection.

Will my car insurance cover damage caused by daily use or regular wear and tear?


No, damages resulting from regular wear and tear or from day to day usage of your vehicle will not be covered by your car insurance policy. Your car insurance will in general, cover accidental damage, theft and damages due to listed natural or man-made calamities.