Mumbai Road Tax

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Mumbai Road Tax

Mumbai, the proud financial capital of India and the city of dreams is an integral part of the heavily-populated state of Maharashtra. Mumbai is known for its dynamic nightlife and vibrant cityscapes. However, manoeuvring through the city would have posed significant challenges if not for the highly well-developed road networks that crisscross through the state.

All of the multi-lane expressways and highways that connect to various parts of Maharashtra and South India demand consistent maintenance to ensure a smooth traffic flow. This is when the concept of taxation comes into play.

Whether you are new to Mumbai or a seasoned driver, this comprehensive guide demystifies the rules of road tax rate in Mumbai and discusses how to complete road tax online payment Mumbai.

What is Road Tax?

Both the Central and State governments impose a tax on the acquisition of a new vehicle primarily to maintain India's road infrastructure. Vahan tax Mumbai essentially serves as a means for authorities to recoup expenses incurred in various activities, such as deploying safety and recovery services on the country's roads.

According to the Central Motor Vehicles Act, individuals are obligated to pay the road tax as a one-time payment if they use their vehicle for over a year. The road tax amount varies based on factors such as the engine capacity, vehicle type, age, and sometimes its environmental impact.

Larger vehicles, like trucks and buses, typically attract higher road taxes compared to smaller cars or motorcycles. Furthermore, road tax rates may differ across states or regions within the country.

The funds generated from road tax play a pivotal role in financing road construction, repair, and maintenance projects, encompassing tasks like pothole filling, new highway construction, traffic signal installation, and implementation of road safety measures.

Additionally, road tax revenues may contribute to environmental initiatives, such as the development of greener transportation options or the establishment of pedestrian-friendly zones.

Who Levies Mumbai Road Tax Charges?

In India, individuals purchasing new vehicles are required to pay road taxes to both the State and Central governments for the upkeep of the nation's road infrastructure. As a prospective buyer, the road tax payment is directed to the state in which you purchase and intend to operate your vehicle, along with the various car registration charges in Mumbai.

In practical terms, this implies that when acquiring a bike or car in Mumbai, you will be contributing to the road tax funds managed by the Maharashtra government. Moreover, if you happen to relocate from Maharashtra to Delhi, it becomes necessary to remit a state road tax to the Delhi government within a month of your move.

The rationale behind state government involvement in road tax collection is that the State Municipal Corporation is responsible for the development and maintenance of the road network within its jurisdiction. It's important to note that only national highways (NH) fall under the jurisdiction of the Central Government for construction and maintenance.

Road Tax in Maharashtra (Mumbai) Calculation

In Mumbai, the road tax applicable to new cars and two-wheelers is regulated by the Maharashtra Motor Vehicles Tax Act of 1958, a legislation specific to the state. Under this act, the road tax in Mumbai is not standardised for all vehicles; instead, it varies based on factors such as the type of vehicle, its make, model, and usage.

Notably, private vehicles incur a lower road tax compared to their commercial counterparts. Furthermore, detailed tables have been provided below, presenting road tax information for both new and older vehicles categorised by different parameters unique to Mumbai.

These tables serve as a valuable resource for vehicle owners, aiding them in accurately determining their road tax obligations within the city and facilitating a smoother process.

Mumbai RTO Tax for Vehicles

The imposed road tax is subject to government regulations, traffic laws, and various factors, leading to variations between states. When purchasing a vehicle, expenses for central excise duty, central sales tax, and state VAT will be incurred. Presented below are the road tax rate in Mumbai applicable to different vehicle types: Calculation of Bike Road Tax in Mumbai:

Engine Capacity Rate of Road Tax in Mumbai
Up to 99 cc 10% of vehicle cost (minimum of ₹1,500)
From 100 cc to 299 cc 11% of vehicle cost (minimum of ₹1,500)
More than 299 cc 12% of vehicle cost (minimum of ₹1,500)

The rate of the road tax in Mumbai based on the subsequent registrations after the first is calculated on the basis of road tax payable for the two-wheeler on the first registration. Road Tax Calculation for New Three-Wheelers in Mumbai:

Age of Two-wheeler Rate of Road Tax in Mumbai
1 to 2 years 0.958
2 to 3 years 0.943
3 to 4 years 0.867
4 to 5 years 0.818
5 to 6 years 0.766
6 to 7 years 0.712
7 to 8 years 0.656
8 to 9 years 0.596
9 to 10 years 0.534
10 to 11 years 0.469
11 to 12 years 0.399
More than 12 years 0.327

Maharashtra's taxation approach for three-wheelers could be more complex. The tax is calculated based on the vehicle's passenger-carrying capacity. The prescribed road tax rate in Mumbai for three-wheelers is outlined as follows:

Vehicle Type Applicable Tax Rate (₹)
Vehicles permitted to carry 2 passengers  ₹11,000
Vehicles permitted to carry 3  passengers  ₹13,200
Vehicles permitted to carry 4 passengers  ₹17,600
Vehicles permitted to carry 5 passengers  ₹22,000
Vehicles permitted to carry 6 passengers  ₹26,400

The tax bracket for three-wheelers upon subsequent vehicle registration is outlined as follows:

Category Percentage of Road Tax Applicable
1 to 2 years 0.958
2 to 3 years 0.913
3 to 4 years 0.867
4 to 5 years 0.818
5 to 6 years 0.766
6 to 7 years 0.712
7 to 8 years 0.656
8 to 9 years 0.596
9 to 10 years 0.534
10 to 11 years 0.468
11 to 12 years 0.399
Above 12 years 0.327

Calculation of Car Road Tax in Mumbai: In Maharashtra, the tax rates for four-wheelers are categorised into two segments: initial registration and subsequent or multiple registrations. Here are the Maharashtra road tax rates for cars during the first-time registration process:

Type of Vehicle Tax at the Time of Registration
CNG or LPG-driven new vehicles The tax rate is 11% of the vehicle cost for vehicles priced up to 10 lakhs. For vehicles costing between ₹10 lakh and ₹20 lakh, the tax rate is 12%. Meanwhile, for vehicles costing more than ₹20 lakh, the tax rate is 13%. 
Petrol driven Motor Cars and Omnibuses For vehicles priced up ₹10 lakhs, the tax rate is 11% of the vehicle cost. For vehicles with costs ranging from ₹10 lakh to ₹20 lakh, the tax rate stands at 12% of the vehicle cost. Meanwhile, for vehicles exceeding ₹20 lakh in cost, the tax rate is 13% of the vehicle cost. 
Diesel Driven Motor Cars and Omnibuses Alternatively, if the vehicle's cost is up to ₹10 lakhs, the tax rate is 13% of the vehicle's cost. For vehicles priced between ₹10 lakh and ₹20 lakh, the tax rate is 14% of the vehicle cost. For vehicles surpassing ₹20 lakh in cost, the tax rate is 15% of the vehicle cost. 

Mumbai Road Tax for Commercial Vehicles If the four-wheeler has undergone prior registration, the following table should be referenced:

Seating Capacity Percentage of Annual Tax
1 to 2 years 0.972
2 to 3 years 0.943
3 to 4 years 0.912
4 to 5 years 0.879
5 to 6 years 0.845
6 to 7 years 0.81
7 to 8 years 0.772
8 to 9 years 0.733
9 to 10 years 0.691
10 to 11 years 0.648
11 to 12 years 0.602
12 to 13 years 0.554
13 to 14 years 0.504
14 to 15 years 0.451
15 to 16 years 0.396
16 to 17 years 0.338
Above 17 years 0.277

Mumbai Road Tax for Other State Vehicles The tax brackets for commercial Omni buses remain consistent with those for private vehicles. However, buses are subject to taxes based on their passenger capacity. The tax categories for commercial vehicles are as follows:

Type of Vehicles  Applicable Tax Rate
Petrol Omni Buses -
Vehicle cost up to ₹10 lakhs 0.11
Vehicle costs between ₹10 and ₹20 lakhs 0.12
Vehicle cost above ₹20 lakhs 0.13
Diesel Omni Buses -
Vehicle cost up to ₹10 lakhs 0.13
Vehicle costs between ₹10 and ₹20 lakhs 0.14
Vehicle cost above ₹20 lakhs 0.15
Non-air-conditioned buses ₹800 for every seat per year
Air-conditioned buses ₹1,800 for every seat per year
Standees ₹200 for every seat per year

In Maharashtra, you have the liberty to drive a vehicle from another state without taxation for a duration of up to 11 months. However, if your plan involves using the vehicle within Maharashtra beyond these 11 months, you are required to undergo re-registration in the state and fulfil the corresponding tax obligations.

Duration of stay in Maharashtra - Road Tax Applicable/Steps to be taken Road Tax Applicable/Steps to be taken
Beyond 11 months Re-register the vehicle in Maharashtra and pay lifetime taxes accordingly. 

Road Tax Online Payment Mumbai: A Step-By-Step Process

You have the option to conveniently pay your vehicle tax payment online Mumbai through the Parivahan website or in person during your visit to the local RTO for vehicle registration:

Step 01: Visit the Parivahan website.

Step 02: Navigate to "Online Services" and opt for "Vehicles Related Services."

Step 03: Select Maharashtra from the dropdown menu for the state, and then choose your local RTO.

Step 04: Enter the vehicle's registration number along with all necessary details on the subsequent page.

Step 05: Once your information is verified, proceed to make your road tax payment online and obtain a downloadable copy of the receipt.

How to Find the Amount of Your MV Tax Mumbai Online?

To retrieve your road tax information before completing your vehicle tax payment online Mumbai, simply adhere to the following steps:

Step 01: Navigate to the Vahan Mumbai Services portal to view your Mumbai road tax online.

Step 02: Select the 'Know Your Tax Amount' option located in the top menu.

Step 03: Fill in all the necessary details on the subsequent page, ensuring accurate entry of the captcha. Then, proceed by clicking on 'Get Tax Details'.

[Note: If you own a private vehicle, select 'Motor Cab' from the dropdown menu and designate 'Light Motor Vehicle' in the subsequent field.]

Offline Payment of Road Tax in Mumbai

Vehicle owners seeking to pay road tax can accomplish this by adhering to the steps outlined below:

Step 01: Visit the Regional Transport Office (RTO) in the respective city or the one responsible for handling your vehicle's licence and registration.

Step 02: Complete the required forms for road tax payment.

Step 03: Submit the necessary payment for road tax.

Step 04: Receive an acknowledgement from the RTO confirming the payment.

Penalties for Non-Payment of MV Tax Mumbai

Those who fail to pay road taxes within the designated timeframe will incur penalties. The fines are determined as follows:

  • For initial offenders, the fine is equivalent to the tax amount payable for the vehicle for two quarters.

  • In the case of any repeat offenders, the penalty will not be less than the vehicle's annual tax, which may be doubled. Fines range from a minimum of Rs. 300 to the vehicle's annual Tax for first-time offenders.

List of RTOs in Mumbai

In Mumbai, there exist a total of five Regional Transport Offices. Please consult the table provided below for comprehensive details regarding Mumbai RTO Codes, addresses, and codes:

RTO Names RTO Codes Addresses
Dahisar RTO MH-47 Dy. Regional Transport Officer, Wing-A Link Rd, Kandarpada Anand Park, Dahisar West, Near Borivali, Mumbai - 400068
Wadala RTO MH-03 B/2, 3rd Floor, Wadala Truck Terminal, Wadala Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400037
Worli RTO MH-03 25/Sir Pochkhanwala Road, Worli, Maharashtra - 400025
Andheri RTO  MH-01 Regional Transport Office, D/111, Ambivali Village, Versova Road, Near Manish Nagar, Andheri (West), Mumbai - 400053
Tardeo RTO MH-01 Old Bodyguard Lane, Tulsiwadi, Tardeo, Mumbai, Maharashtra, Pin Code - 400034

Motor Insurance in Mumbai

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As a resident of Maharashtra, you adhere to the law by paying road taxes. Timely payment of road taxes aids the government in providing better infrastructure and amenities, such as well-maintained roads. Fulfilling this obligation is crucial, as failure to do so may result in substantial fines. Therefore, being a responsible citizen is always the wiser option.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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How can I retrieve my road tax information in Mumbai?


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