Pune Road Tax

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Pune Road Tax

When you decide to buy a personal vehicle for daily commutes and travel, you frequently consider the regular expenditures associated, such as car accessories, fast tags, number plate expenses, car registration charges in Pune, and other automobile-related costs.

But, one inevitable consideration is the cost of road tax. Whether you are a long-time resident or new to the dynamic city, understanding Pune's road tax legislation is critical.

In Pune, road tax is more than simply a bureaucratic burden; it is a financial requirement that all vehicle owners must meet. However, with the correct knowledge at your fingertips, you can ensure compliance with minimal worry or misunderstanding.

From understanding the calculation methods to knowing four-wheeler insurance, this guide will cover everything you need to know about Pune road tax.

What is Road Tax?

Road tax, also known as vehicle tax or vehicle excise duty (VED) in some regions, is a mandatory fee imposed by governments on individuals or businesses owning and using vehicles on public roads.

The purpose of road tax is to generate revenue for the maintenance and development of road infrastructure, as well as to regulate vehicle usage and emissions. The amount of road tax payable depends on factors such as the type of vehicle, its engine size, fuel type, and emissions output.

Modern advancements in technology, such as electronic toll collection systems and automated vehicle registration databases, have streamlined the administration of road tax, making it more efficient and transparent for both authorities and vehicle owners.

Failure to pay road tax can result in penalties or legal consequences, making it a crucial responsibility for vehicle owners to ensure compliance with taxation regulations.

Who Levies Road Tax Pune Charges?

The Maharashtra State Government levies Pune road taxes. The state government is responsible for determining the road tax rates and regulations within the Pune area.

The revenue generated from road tax plays a significant role in financing various road infrastructure projects in Pune, including construction, repair, and maintenance. These funds are utilised by the municipal corporation and other concerned authorities to enhance road safety, reduce congestion, and improve overall transportation efficiency in the city.

Hence, if you have moved to the city and plan to purchase a vehicle, you should be aware of the applicable road taxes for different types of vehicles.

Road Tax in Pune Calculation

You must be aware of how Pune’s road tax rate is determined in order to pay road tax either online or at the closest RTO. The Maharashtra state government sets and implements various tax rates for different types of vehicle classifications in accordance with the Motor Vehicle Act.

These include:

The category of vehicle comprises motorcycles, auto-rickshaws, cars, buses, agricultural machinery, trailers, and other government-owned vehicles.'

  • Details regarding the vehicle's make and model.

  • Seating capacity.

  • Engine displacement.

The intended usage of the vehicle, whether it is for personal transportation, commercial goods carriage, or passenger conveyance.

  • Ex-showroom price.

Pune RTO Tax for Vehicles

The Road Transport Office (RTO) tax for vehicles in Pune, India, depends on various factors. The tax rates are set by the Maharashtra Motor Vehicles Tax Act. Typically, the tax is paid annually or in one-time payment depending on the choice of the vehicle owner. Here are all the applicable road tax rates for different kinds of vehicles in Pune. **Calculation of Bike Road Tax in Pune **

Number of Years Since Vehicle Registration Percentage of Road Tax Applicable. (Value\Cost of the Vehicle)
1 to 2 years 95.80% 
2 to 3 years 94.30% 
3 to 4 years 86.70% 
4 to 5 years 81.80% 
5 to 6 years  76.60% 
6 to 7 years 71.20% 
7 to 8 years 65.60% 
8 to 9 years 59.60% 
9 to 10 years 0.534
10 to 11 years  46.80% 
11 to 12 years  39.90% 
More than 12 years of age  32.70% 

**Road Tax Calculation for New Three-Wheelers in Pune **

Number of Years Since Vehicle Registration Percentage of Road Tax Applicable. (Value\Cost of the Vehicle)
1 to 2 years  95.8%
2 to 3 years 91.3%
3 to 4 years 86.7%
4 to 5 years 81.8%
5 to 6 years  76.8%
6 to 7 years 71.2%
7 to 8 years 65.6%
8 to 9 years 59.6%
9 to 10 years 53.4%
10 to 11 years  46.8%
11 to 12 years  39.90%
More than 12 years of age  32.70%

**Calculation of Car Road Tax in Pune **

Number of Years Since Vehicle registration Percentage of Road Tax Applicable. (Value\Cost of the vehicle)
1 to 2 years  97.20% 
2 to 3 years 0.943
3 to 4 years 0.912
4 to 5 years 0.879
5 to 6 years  0.845
6 to 7 years 0.81
7 to 8 years 0.772
8 to 9 years 0.733
9 to 10 years 0.691
10 to 11 years  0.648
11 to 12 years  0.602
12 to 13 years 0.554
13 to 14 years 0.504
14 to 15 years 0.451
15 to 16 years 0.396
16 to 17 years 0.338
Above 17 years  0.277

**Pune Road Tax for Commercial Vehicles **

Category of vehicle  Passenger capacity  Per Seat Rate (₹/year) Estimated tax cost Additional fees
Light Goods Vehicle (LGV) Up to 2 160 ₹320 + Fees ₹2,000 (SSC & CC) + HP fees (if required).
Up to 3 300 ₹900 + Fees ₹2,000 (SSC & CC) + HP fees (if required).
Up to 4 400 ₹1,600 + Fees ₹2,000 (SSC & CC) + HP fees (if required)
Up to 5  500 ₹2,500 + Fees ₹2,000 (SSC & CC) + HP fees (if required).
Up to 6 600 ₹3,600 + Fees ₹2,000 (SSC & CC) + HP fees (if required).
Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) N/A Varies depending on tonnage ability and ex-showroom price. Determined from RTO. ₹2,000 (SSC & CC) + HP fees (if required).
Bus Up to 20 N/A Varies depending on the number of passengers, size, and ex-showroom pricing. Determined from RTO.
Up to 30 N/A Varies depending on the number of passengers, size, and ex-showroom pricing. Determined from RTO.
Up to 40 N/A Varies depending on the number of passengers, size, and ex-showroom pricing. Determined from RTO.

**Vahan Tax Pune for Other State Vehicles ** In Pune, you can drive a vehicle from another state for up to 11 months without paying any taxes. If you intend to drive your vehicle in Pune for more than 11 months, you must re-register it in the state and pay the appropriate taxes.

Period of Stay in Maharashtra Road Tax Applicable/Steps to Follow
More than 11 months  Re-register the vehicle in Maharashtra and pay the applicable lifetime taxes.

Vehicle Tax Payment Online Pune: A Step-By-Step Process

You can easily do the road tax online payment Pune on the Parivahan website or in person at your local RTO to register your vehicle.

To pay your Pune road tax online, you can follow the steps below:

Step 1: Access the official website of Parivahan

Step 2: Choose the "Vehicles Related Services" option after clicking on "Online Services."

Step 3: Select your local RTO after selecting the state of Maharashtra from the dropdown box.

Step 4: Enter the vehicle's registration number and other necessary details on the next page.

Step 5: You can pay your road tax online and download a copy of the receipt once your data has been validated.

How to Find the Amount of Your MV Tax Pune Online?

Step 1: Access the Vahan portal.

Step 2: To continue, click the "Know your MV Tax" link in the top bar.

Step 3: A new page will open. Fill out all of the requested information carefully.

Step 4: Once completed, enter the verification code and click on "Get Tax Details".

Step 5: Your Pune road tax amount will show up on your screen.

Offline Payment of Road Tax in Pun

Step 1: Bring the relevant paperwork to your nearest Pune RTO. This should consist of the vehicle registration certificate, vehicle purchase invoice, proof of address, and so on.

Step 2: Request a road tax payment form at the RTO reception.

Step 3: Fill it out carefully, including all actual details about yourself and your vehicle.

Step 4: Request to speak with the authorised officer in charge of collecting road taxes.

Step 5: To complete the process, submit the form and pay the applicable tax in cash.

Step 6: Do not forget to collect your payment receipt for future reference.

Note: Please be aware that individual documents and processes may differ. Hence, it is recommended to reach out to the Pune RTO or consult the Vahan website for further details or any additional requirements concerning offline road tax payments in Pune.

Penalties for Non-Payment of Vehicle Tax in Pune

After registering your car with the Maharashtra RTO, you have 30 days to pay the road tax. Penalties for not doing so include the following.

The penalties for first-time offenders are at least ₹300 and can go up to the one-time tax that applies to that particular vehicle category.

Repeat offenders will be required to pay twice as much as the initial tax due.

List of RTOs in Pune

RTO Names RTO Codes RTO Addresses
Baramati MH-42 Vidhya Corner, MIDC Circle, Bhigwan Road, Baramati, Pune - 413133
Pimpri Chinchwad MH-14 Purna Complex, A Wing, Opp. Telco Gate, Chikhali Road, Pimpari, Chinchwad, Pune - 411019
Pune south MH-53 Pune South, Maharashtra
Pune north MH-54 Pune North, Maharashtra
Pune RTO office MH-12 38, Dr Ambedkar Road, Near Sangam Bridge, Pune - 411001

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Can road tax rate in Pune vary for different types of vehicles?

Can road tax rate in Pune vary for different types of vehicles?


Yes, Pune Road Tax rates can vary based on the type of vehicle. For instance, rates may differ for two-wheelers, four-wheelers, commercial vehicles, and luxury vehicles. Additionally, electric vehicles may be eligible for certain tax exemptions or concessions

Where can I find more information about Pune Road Tax rates and regulations?


For detailed information regarding Pune Road Tax rates, regulations, payment procedures, and any updates, individuals can visit the official website of the Pune Municipal Corporation, the Maharashtra government's transport department, or consult with local authorities at Regional Transport Offices (RTOs).

How can I update my Pune Road Tax records in case of vehicle ownership transfer?


In case of vehicle ownership transfer within Pune, the new owner must update the Pune Road Tax records with the Regional Transport Office (RTO) by submitting the necessary documents and paying any outstanding dues or transfer fees.

How does Pune Road Tax contribute to city development and infrastructure maintenance?


Revenue generated from Pune Road Tax is utilised by the Pune Municipal Corporation for various purposes such as road maintenance, infrastructure development, traffic management, and public transportation initiatives, contributing to the overall development and upkeep of the city.