RC Status Himachal Pradesh

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RC Status Himachal Pradesh

The application of the Motor Vehicles Act in India has made it compulsory for vehicle owners to possess various documents when driving the vehicle. No matter in which state you reside, adhering to the Motor Vehicles Act is mandatory.

The Department of Transport, Himachal Pradesh, is the authoritative body that looks after the implementation of the laws of this act in Himachal Pradesh. According to the act, vehicle RC is among the mandatory documents that all vehicle owners must have. When you buy a car or bike, you must register it with the government and obtain an RC.

Every vehicle owner must fulfil this requirement to be eligible to drive their vehicle on the road. To apply for an RC, one must submit a sales certificate, car insurance, PUC certificate, etc., to the Regional Transport Office in their area.

After you apply for the RC, you can conveniently check the RC application status in Himachal Pradesh.

What is a Registration Certificate?

A registration certificate is a document that contains all the information related to the vehicle, such as the model, make, vehicle number, chassis number, etc. An RC serves as proof that your vehicle is registered with the government and you are the rightful owner.

If you have purchased a new vehicle, you must apply for a new RC. However, if you have bought a used vehicle, you must apply for the transfer of the RC from the seller’s name. The validity of an RC lasts for 15 years from the date it is issued. The process of applying for a new RC as well as the transfer, are mentioned in this article.

What is the RC Application Status in Himachal Pradesh?

After you apply for an RC, the authorities scrutinise the application. Once they are satisfied with the details provided, they will issue the RC. It takes up to 30 days from the date of application for the RC to be issued.

In the meantime, you can do an RC status check in Himachal Pradesh online or offline. It is very convenient to track the status using the application number.

How to Check Vehicle RC Application Status in Himachal Pradesh?

Once you have applied for RC, stay updated on its status. You can check RC status in Himachal Pradesh either through online mode or offline mode, whichever is convenient.

Here is a detailed explanation of the steps to follow:

RC Status Check Online Himachal Pradesh

Head to the Parivahan website.

Under the “Online Services” tab, select “Vehicle-Related Services.”

When the dropdown menu of the State appears, choose Himachal Pradesh.

On the Vahan Citizen Services page, select the RTO and accept the terms of service. Then click “Proceed.”

Look for the option of ”Status” and click on “ Know Your Application Status.”

Key in the application number and click “Submit.”

Select the “View Report” button.

The status of your RC will be displayed.

Offline RC Status Check Himachal Pradesh

Another way of tracking the RC status is through the offline process. Here are the steps to know the status:

Visit the RTO nearest to your location for Himachal Pradesh RTO RC status.

Carry all the documents required and keep the application number handy.

At the RTO, enquire with the officer about the process for RC tracking status in Himachal Pradesh.

Once directed to the concerned officer, provide him with the application number.

He will input the number in his system and inform you of the status of the RC in a few minutes.

How to Check RC Transfer Status in Himachal Pradesh?

The application for RC transfer must be made when a used vehicle has been purchased. If the vehicle has been purchased from the same State, the application for transfer must be made within 14 days. If the vehicle is from another State, the transfer application must be made within 45 days.

After you apply to the RTO, the RC takes a while to be issued. During this time, you can track the status of your transfer online or offline.

Online RC Transfer Status Himachal Pradesh Via Application Number

Open the Parivahan Website on your browser.

From the “Online Services” tab, select “Vehicle-Related Services.”

From the dropdown on the next page, choose the State as “Himachal Pradesh.”

On the next page, select the applicable RTO and click “Proceed.”

Under the “Status” option, click on “Know Your Application Status.”

Tick the “Application Number” option.

Enter the application number and captcha.

Click “Submit.”

The details of your RC transfer will be available on the screen.

**RC Status Check By Vehicle Number in Himachal Pradesh

Go to the Parivahan website.

Under the option “Online Services,” click “Vehicle-Related Services.”

When the following screen appears, choose the State as Himachal Pradesh.

From the “Status” option, select “Know Your Application Status.”

Choose “Vehicle Number” as your choice.

Enter the vehicle number and captcha in the space provided.

Click “Submit.”

Once you have entered the details correctly, you will be able to see the RC transfer status.

**Offline RC Transfer Status in Himachal Pradesh

It is also possible to find out the status of your RC transfer offline in the following manner:

Head to the nearest RTO in your area.

Ask the personnel at the RTO about the RC transfer status.

They will direct you to the concerned counter or officer.

Provide them with the application or vehicle number.

They will put the details in their system and tell you about the RC transfer status.

How to Apply For Vehicle RC in Himachal Pradesh?

The temporary registration certificate in case of a new vehicle is valid only for one month. Before the expiry of one month, a vehicle owner must apply for a permanent registration certificate by submitting the required documents and following the procedure. You can apply for a permanent registration in two ways:

Through the Parivahan Sewa website

Through an RTO near you

Documents Required for Vehicle Registration in Himachal Pradesh

The following documents are needed while applying for a permanent RC:

Application in Form 20.

Sale Certificate (Form 21)

A valid car insurance policy

Temporary registration certificate

Roadworthiness certificate (Form 22)

Custom clearance certificate (for imported vehicles)

Income Tax clearance certificate or Form 60

Fees, as mentioned in Rule 81

Tax payment

RC Process in Himachal Pradesh Online

Go to the Parivahan Sewa portal.

From the “Online Services” tab, select “Vehicle-Related Services.”

Select the State as ‘Himachal Pradesh’ from the options.

On the “Vahan Citizen Service” page, choose the tab “Apply for New Registration.”

Select “For temporary Issues Registered Vehicle.”

Enter the temporary registration number. Then click “Proceed.”

Fill out the application form and upload the documents

Make the fee payment online.

Book an appointment for a vehicle inspection at the RTO.

Visit the RTO on the appointed day with your vehicle.

The officer in charge will inspect the vehicle, and if all the requirements are met, the RC will be issued.

RC Process in Himachal Pradesh Offline

You can also apply for a permanent registration certificate at the nearest Regional Transport Office near you in case you need to be better versed with the online process. Here are the steps to follow:

Head to the nearest RTO in your area with all the necessary documents in your vehicle.

Fill out the application in Form 20 which you can download online or collect from the RTO itself.

Submit the necessary documents and Form 20, along with the prescribed fee and road tax.

An inspector at the RTO will inspect your vehicle and verify the documents.

Once the inspector is satisfied with the documents and the condition of the vehicle, an RC will be issued.

How to Renew Registration Certificate in Himachal Pradesh?

The validity of an RC is for 15 years, after which one must renew it. The renewal process must be done not 60 days before the date of expiry by paying following the correct procedure. Listed below are the documents needed for renewal and the process to be followed.

Documents Required for RC Renewal in Himachal Pradesh

Application (Form 25)

RC book

PUC certificate

Fitness certificate

Insurance policy

Copy of PAN card or Form 60 & 61

Certificate of registration

Chassis and engine pencil print

Owner’s signature identification

**RC Renewal Process in Himachal Pradesh Online

A very convenient way to renew the RC is through the online method. You only need an internet connection and a computer system/laptop. Follow the steps given for RC renewal:

Open the Parivahan Sewa Portal on your browser.

Head to the “Online Services” tab, and from the options, select “Vehicle-related Services.”

Once the next page appears, choose the State as Himachal Pradesh.

The Vahan Citizen Service page will appear on the screen. Select the RTO from the list and tick the terms of the services check box. Then click “Proceed.”

From the list of options, select “Renewal of Registration.”

You must then enter the registration number and the chassis number. Then click “Verify Details.”

Further, provide the details as asked and upload the necessary documents.

Pay the RC renewal fee.

Book an appointment for a vehicle inspection at the RTO near you.

Go to the RTO in your vehicle on the appointment date, along with the fee receipt.

The RTO inspector will inspect the vehicle and on satisfactory completion, the RC will be renewed.

**RC Renewal Process in Himachal Pradesh Offline

Another option to renew the RC is through the offline method. You can follow the steps below to complete the offline renewal process.

Go to the RTO nearest to you.

You can inquire about the RC renewal forms at the counter. Fill them out carefully with the correct details and provide the supporting documents as needed. You can also download the form online from the Parivahan Sewa and fill it out before going to the RTO.

Pay the RC renewal charges and take the payment receipt.

The RTO officer will inspect the vehicle to ensure it meets the set standards.

On successful inspection, the RC will be renewed.

How to Download Registration Certificate Online in Himachal Pradesh?

Go to the Parivahan website.

Select the “Online Services” tab on the left side and click on “Vehicle-Related” services.

Choose the State Himachal Pradesh from the list on the next page.

Next, the Vahan Citizen Service page will appear. Choose the applicable RTO. Then, tick the privacy policy box. Then click “Proceed.”

Navigate to the “Download Document” option and select “Print Registration Certificate.”

Provide the registration number and the last five digits of the chassis number. Then, press ”Validate Information.”

An OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number.

After you enter the OTP, and then you can download the RC.

Having Motor Insurance Along With RC is Necessary in Himachal Pradesh

No matter which part of India you live in, car insurance is a must to provide financial assistance in case of an accident. Just as the RC is mandatory as per the Motor Vehicles Act, a valid car insurance policy is also compulsorily required. Both the RC and motor insurance must be present along with other documents to adhere to the road safety rules.

Having car insurance provides the policyholder with financial assistance in case of damage to his or a third-party vehicle, property, or life. Depending on your budget requirement, the age of the car, etc., there are various types of insurance you can choose from.

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Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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