RTO Office MH-36

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RTO Office MH-36

The MH-36 RTO operates for the Bandhara city in Maharashtra. Many tourists visit the city to explore Ambagad Fort, Chinchgad, Dighori, and Brahmi.

Reaching Bhandara is easy as it is on the major National Highway 53 (NH-53), which joins Kolkata and Mumbai. The Maharashtra State Highway 249 is also in the Gondia, Bhandara, and Nagpur districts in the state of Maharashtra. To maintain safety and give travellers a smooth journey on these highways and the city roads, the Indian government has established a Bhandara RTO office.

The RTO office manages all transport-related services in the city. It is the regulatory body for vehicles in MH-36 passing and offers vehicle and driver-related services. It also administers traffic rules and regulations presented in the Motor Vehicles Act 1988.

In this post, you will find all the information related to RTO Bhandara, its code, services, contact details, and more.

What is the Regional Transport Authority in Bhandara?

The Regional Transport Authority (RTA) or Regional Transport Office (RTO) in Bhandara serves under the Ministry of Transport of Maharashtra. After the Motor Vehicle Department was formed under the Motor Vehicles Act 1988, a regulatory body was set up in every Indian state to implement the various provisions of this Act.

The Bhandara RTO office serves to maintain the city’s transport system. It is governed by the Transport Department of the State Government and maintains a database of vehicles and drivers in the city. Its vehicle and driver-related services include vehicle registration and issuance of driving licences and permits. Moreover, it is responsible for tax collection, undertaking measures to control pollution, and implementation of road safety regulations, etc.

RTO Offices in Bhandara

Bhandara RTO Name Bhandara
Bhandara RTO Code MH-36
Bhandara RTO Address Administrative Building, NH 6, Bhandara, Maharashtra 441904
Bhandara RTO Official Website https://transport.maharashtra.gov.in/1035/Home
RTO Bhandara Contact Number 07184-258165
Opening Hours 09:30 AM to 6:30 PM

Functions of RTO Offices in Bhandara

The RTO at Bhandara delivers a wide range of functions to fulfil the duties mentioned in the Motor Vehicles Act 1988 and manage the city’s transport system. These functions include:

Implementation of Traffic Laws: The primary function of the Bhandara RTO office is implementing traffic laws in its jurisdiction. The RTO officers must ensure that vehicle owners comply with all traffic laws and regulations and that the roads are safe for driving. The authorities can take appropriate action against a person who violates traffic laws.

Issuance of Vehicle-Related Documents: The Bhandara RTO issues all vehicle-related documents for the assistance of vehicle owners. These include vehicle registration certificates, driving licences, motor vehicle permits, international permits, etc.

The government has made these documents mandatory. Driving without them can result in fines and penalties. Individuals can apply for these documents either online on the Parivahan website or in person at the MH-36 RTO.

Collection of Fines and Taxes: The next function of the RTO at Bhandara is the collection of fines and taxes. Vehicle owners must pay different taxes, such as vehicle tax, road tax, and more, for using their vehicles legally on the road. The RTO officials decide the amount of taxes depending on the vehicle type and purpose.

The government uses the taxes collected to maintain roads and other safety measures. The traffic police department also collects fines from vehicle owners who violate traffic laws.

Administer Transport Operations: Finally, the RTO manages the traffic and ensures vehicle standards on the road. The officials schedule inspections to inspect the vehicle’s insurance and fitness and clear the pollution test.

Services Offered by RTO Offices in Bhandara

With the MH-36 RTO code, the Bhandara authority offers many vehicle-related services to drivers/riders and vehicle owners. Below is a brief description of the services.

Vehicle Registration Certificate

The vehicle registration certificate (RC) is a legal document that every vehicle owner must possess. The state or district’s RTO issues it, proving your vehicle’s ownership and validating your vehicle’s registration with the government. The details mentioned on the RC include the registration number, vehicle type, engine number, chassis number, model, and owner’s details.

You can apply at the RTO in Bhandara for the issuance of a new registration certificate. You can also request the following:**

  • RC transfer

  • RC renewal

  • Duplicate RC

  • RC update/correction

Types of Vehicle Registration Certificates issued by the Bhandara RTO office

There are two types of vehicle registration certificates that the Bhandara RTO issues.

Temporary Registration Certificate

Car dealers or manufacturers can apply for a temporary registration certificate. They provide this document to vehicle owners at the time of car delivery. The validity period is seven days, extendable to up to one month.

Permanent Registration Certificate

You must have a permanent registration certificate to drive your vehicle legally on Indian roads. After taking delivery of the vehicle, you must apply for the certificate at the RTO. You will need to submit specific documents like a car insurance policy, Form 20, Form 21, Form 22, PUC certificate, etc., to support the application.

Driving Licence

You must have a valid driving licence issued by an authorised RTO to legally drive a vehicle in India. Failing to show the document during an inspection can result in fines and penalties. Check for the eligibility criteria before applying for a driving licence. In India, you can get a driving licence only if you are 18 years old or above.

The driving licences issued by the Bhandara RTO office are of different types depending on the vehicle type. You can pick from the options of a heavy goods vehicle driving licence, personal vehicle driving licence, and commercial vehicle driving licence.

The RTO evaluates your skills and knowledge in a driving and written test before issuing the driving licence. The other RTO office services related to the issuance of a driving licence include:**

  • Driving licence renewal

  • Duplicate driving licence

  • Driving licence updation or correction

Types of Driving Licences issued at the Bhandara RTO office

Temporary or Learner Licence

A learner’s licence is the first document issued to any individual who has applied for a driving licence. It implies that you are practising driving skills. It has a six-month validity from the date of issuance. You can apply for a permanent driving licence within one month of the issuance of a learner’s licence if you’re confident in your driving skills.

Permanent Driving Licence**

The RTO issues a permanent driving licence to applicants who have cleared their written and driving tests. It certifies that you have an understanding of traffic signs and symbols and can drive a vehicle with ease.

International Driving License

Individuals with an international driving licence can drive vehicles in foreign countries. If you have a valid Indian permanent driving licence, you can apply for an international one at the RTO in Bhandara.

Motor Vehicle Permits

The Bhandara RTO also issues permits to vehicle owners. These permits are approval slips that let vehicle owners travel freely from place to place. Goods and passenger-carrying vehicles must possess this document. The purpose is to restrict the entry of illegal or unwanted vehicles into the region.

Types of Motor Vehicle Permits issued by the Bhandara RTO

Goods Carrier Permit: This type of permit is issued to vehicles that transport goods from one city to another.

National Permit: The Ministry of Road and Transport issues this type of permit to give vehicle owners approval to travel across all Indian states. It applies to both passenger and goods-carrying vehicles.

Private Service Vehicle Permit: The RTO issues this type of permit to private service vehicles like employee vehicles. Generally, it includes non-commercial vehicles.

Stage Carriage Permit: This permit is suitable for passenger vehicles like minivans, buses, etc.

PUC Certificate

A Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate attests that the vehicle’s carbon emissions are within the standards set in the Motor Vehicles Act 1988. If vehicles do not fulfil the environmental standards, they don’t get a PUC certificate.

A PUC certificate has limited validity and requires renewal upon expiration. The RTO inspects for PUC certificates from time to time, and failing to provide the same can result in fines and penalties.

Vehicle Fitness Certificate

The Bhandara RTO office also issues the vehicle fitness certificate after checking the vehicle’s safety and environmental standards. The certificate’s application is rejected if the vehicle doesn’t meet the standards during the RTO official’s inspection.

No Objection Certificate

Apart from the other services, the RTO also issues a no-objection certificate. Vehicle owners transferring their vehicles from one state to another require this certificate. It confirms that the vehicle does not have any pending dues or tax payments. To get an NOC, vehicle owners must complete the process in their state’s respective RTO.

Importance of Motor Insurance Policy in Bhandara

Vehicle owners and drivers must apply for all the mandatory vehicle-related documents at the RTO in Bhandara. They must also invest in at least a basic (third-party) car insurance policy. The policy is mandatory for the application of a vehicle registration certificate. Moreover, driving without a valid car insurance can result in fines and penalties.

Car insurance offers various benefits, like protection against theft, transit damages, personal accidents, and third-party liability. It ensures that you don’t burn a hole in your pocket if your car suffers a loss or damage.

It is wise to invest in a car insurance plan keeping the road conditions and the rise in accidents in mind. However, make sure you pick a plan carefully. You must know the premium, inclusions, add-ons, and other terms of the policy. You must also understand what is IDV in insurance to ensure that you pay an optimum premium.

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Wrapping Up

The RTO at Bhandara fulfils various transport and vehicle-related responsibilities. It issues essential documents like vehicle registration certificates, driving licences, PUC certificates, fitness certificates, NOCs, etc. Moreover, it is responsible for implementing traffic laws and ensuring that the city’s citizens comply with them. If they don’t, it collects fines and penalties.

The authority also engages in organising traffic and safety-related drives to spread awareness among the masses. The government has introduced a Parivahan Sewa portal to streamline operations and make it easier for vehicle owners.

The portal offers transport and vehicle-related services online. Users can apply for the certificates by filling out an application form and uploading mandatory documents. They can also book an appointment to visit the RTO for further proceedings.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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Which city is MH-36?

Which city is MH-36?


MH-36 passing city name is Bhandara. It operates under the RTO of Maharashtra.

How many RTO offices does Bhandara have?


There is only one RTO office in Bhandara. It uses the RTO code MH 36. It is located at the Administrative Building on National Highway 6 in Bhandara.

How many RTO offices are there in Maharashtra?


There are 50 RTO offices in Maharashtra, each with a distinct RTO code. RTO Bhandara uses the code MH-36.

Which services does the Bhandara RTO office offer?


The Bhandara RTO issues driving licences, registration certificates, PUC certificates, NOCs, motor vehicle permits, vehicle fitness certificates, etc. It fulfils the duties mentioned in the Motor Vehicles Act 1988.

Can I apply for Bhandara RTO services online?


Yes. The Indian government has launched a centralised platform for offering vehicle and driver-related services online. The Parivahan Sewa portal has all the Bhandara RTO services.