MH-34 RTO Office Chandrapur

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MH-34 RTO Office Chandrapur

Also known as the black gold city, Chandrapur is a city known for its various forts and temples that date back centuries. With picturesque architecture adorning the walls of these forts and temples, local tourists flock to Chandrapur to take a glimpse at the timeless beauty of the monuments in person.

With Chandrapur predominantly relying on roads as a mode of transportation, visitors mainly use the major state highways like the MSH 06 and MSH 09 to enter the district. The management of the district roads connecting these major highways falls under the RTO of MH 34 which city traffic regulations also fall under.

Beyond managing traffic and roads, the RTO office Chandrapur also oversees the provision of various vehicular services. Here is a brief overview of its significance to Chandrapur residents.

What is the Regional Transport Authority in Chandrapur?

The Regional Transport Authority in the Chandrapur district of Maharashtra is a government body that is mandated under the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988. Under the authority of the Maharashtra Ministry of Transport, it operates to ensure the efficient management and enforcement of traffic rules and regulations in the Chandrapur district.

Led by the Transport Commissioner, the RTA maintains an extensive database of all registered motor vehicles in the district and oversees their adherence to the Motor Vehicles Act, aiming to promote safer travel conditions and better road conduct.

The MH 34 RTO streamlines various vehicle-related processes and regional traffic regulations to ensure all district residents have access to crucial vehicle services. Moreover, all vehicle owners in the district are required to own valid documents issued by the MH 34 RTO.

RTO Offices in Chandrapur

MH 34 Passing City Name Chandrapur
Chandrapur RTO Code MH 34 RTO code
MH 34 RTO Address Dy. Regional Transport Office
Behind LIC Bldg, Jailnagar ward, Chandrapur
Pincode -442401
Chandrapur RTO Contact Number 07182/237321

Functions of RTO Offices in Chandrapur

Sr. No. Functions of RTO office Chandrapur
1 Duplicate Radio Cab Licence Issuance 
2 Driving Licences Issuance and Renewal 
3 Issuance of NOC Certificate for Vehicle Registration in Other States
4 Issuance of High-Security Number Plates
5 Learners Licence, International Driving Permits, and Duplicate Driving Licences Provision.
6 Mechanical Inspections of Vehicles
7 Motor Vehicle Permit Issuance 
8 Motor Vehicle Tax Collection
9 Ownership Transfer for Vehicles
10 Permanent and Temporary Registration Certificates (RC) Issuance
11 Preparation of Lading Bills
12 Road Tax Collection
13 Tourist Vehicle Permit Issuance 
14 Vehicle Fitness Certificates Issuance 

Services Offered by RTO Offices in Chandrapur

The RTO office Chandrapur oversees a wide range of responsibilities aimed at managing traffic and ensuring the safety of the district's roads. Services offered by the MH 34 RTO play an important role in facilitating smooth transportation in a busy district like Chandrapur.

Vehicle Registration Services

One of the primary functions of the RTO office in Chandrapur is facilitating MH 34 passing certificates. It is absolutely essential for vehicle owners in Chandrapur to obtain an MH 34 RTO passing certificate.

The overall registration services also include renewal of existing certificates as well as cases of reapplications. All vehicle owners in Chandrapur must approach the MH 34 RTO to initiate the process related to the application of new or existing RC renewals.

Driving Licence

Another important service offered by MH 34 RTO is the issuance of driving licences. Residents of Chandrapur who want to apply for a new driving licence or even renew an existing one can approach the RTO office in Chandrapur for the necessary procedures.

The MH 34 RTO in Chandrapur also offers various types of driving licences depending on the operation of an intended vehicle. Additionally, the RTO also conducts driving tests for licence applicants to assess their driving skills before issuance.

Transfer of Vehicle Ownership

Residents of Chandrapur who are looking to transfer their vehicle ownership can do so by simply approaching the MH 34 RTO in Chandrapur. The RTO facilitates the transfer of the vehicle by guiding the residents through the streamlined procedure while also ensuring legal compliance.

Permit Issuance Services

The RTO office Chandrapur offers processing of various permits required for commercial vehicles. These include temporary permits, national permits and other essential permits that are needed for ensuring regulatory compliance and controlling unauthorised vehicle entries.

Vehicle Fitness Certification

The MH 34 RTO in Chandrapur conducts various inspections to certify vehicles' fitness and ensure that they meet the necessary safety and emission standards. Compliance with emission standards and having updated fitness certificates, such as a PUC certificate, is a legal requirement.

High-Security Number Plate Issuance

The RTO office Chandrapur offers the issuance of high-security number plates (HSRP) for vehicles to enhance their security and prevent theft. These plates are designed to ensure that the vehicles are more traceable.

Tax Collection Services

The MH 34 RTO in Chandrapur collects various taxes and fees related to vehicle registration, road tax, and other services as mandated by the Motor Vehicles Act. Vehicle owners can also make payments for these taxes and fees through the RTO.

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To conclude, the RTO office Chandrapur not only ensures compliance with traffic regulations but also offers vital services related to vehicle ownership to the residents of the district. Be it initiating the process for a driver’s licence or renewing an RC certificate, the residents of Chandrapur can approach the RTO for guidance as well as the issuance of the documents.

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What documents do I need for a new vehicle registration?


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When do I need to renew my registration certificate?


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