MH-39 RTO Office Nandurbar

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MH-39 RTO Office Nandurbar

Sharing its northern border with the river Narmada, Nandurbar is a district in Maharashtra that is home to lush forests and picturesque mountains. Being a considerably rural region, the population in this district relies heavily on their roads as a mode of transport.

Locals and visitors both must adhere to the rules and regulations of road conduct set by the RTO office Nandurbar. The RTO of MH 39, which the city or the district of Nandurbar is under the jurisdiction of, oversees traffic regulation and various licence-related services.

What is the Regional Transport Authority in Nandurbar?

Like all other districts in Maharashtra, the transportation system in Nandurbar is under the jurisdiction of the Maharashtra Ministry of Transport. To ensure streamlined processes and better regional regulation, the Regional Transport Authority oversees the management in place of the state’s Ministry of Transport.

The RTO is tasked with managing all vehicle-related services as well as ensuring adherence to the traffic regulations in Nandurbar. This authority of the RTO plays a vital role in promoting safe travel conditions across the district.

Moreover, ownership of valid documents issued by the Regional Transport Authority in Nandurbar is mandatory for vehicle owners in the district. Since the district heavily depends on road transport, maintaining well-functioning road networks as well as driving conduct is of utmost importance. This responsibility, too, is overseen by the MH 39 RTO.

RTO Office in Nandurbar

MH 39 Passing City Name Nandurbar
Nandurbar RTO Code MH 39 RTO code
MH 39 RTO Address Dy. Regional Transport Office
Shasakiya Dhudh Bhavan, Sakri Road Nandurbar -425412
Nandurbar RTO Contact Number 02564 / 210129

Functions of RTO Offices in Nandurbar

The RTO office Nandurbar oversees a wide array of services to meet the requirements and demands of the residents of the district.

Sr. No. Functions of RTO office Nandurbar
1 Conducting thorough Mechanical Inspections of Vehicles
2 Collection of Road Taxes 
3 Conducting the Ownership Transfer of Vehicles
4 Collection of Motor Vehicle Taxes
5 Issuance of various types of Motor Vehicle Permits
6 Issuance of Tourist Vehicle Permits
7 Issuance of Fitness Certificates for Vehicles
8 Issuance of Duplicate Radio Cab Licences
9 Issuance and Renewal of Driving Licences
10 Providing NOC Certificate for Vehicle Registration in Other States
11 Provision of Learners Licences, International Driving Permits, and Duplicate Driving Licences.
12 Preparation of Lading Bills
13 Provision of Permanent and Temporary Registration Certificates (RC)

Services Offered by RTO Offices in Nandurbar

Driving Licence

Driving licences hold immense importance for vehicle owners and drivers. They are a document that stands as proof of legal compliance and safe driving practices. Without a valid driving licence, operating a vehicle can result in penalties and fines.

In Nandurbar, the Regional Transport Office is entrusted with the responsibility of issuing driving licences and offering a range of services to meet diverse citizen needs.

These services include driving licence renewal, which helps ensure the continued validity of the driving permit, as well as the issuance of duplicate licence, which helps replace the document in the event of loss or damage of the original licence.

The RTO office Nandurbar issues various types of licences that are tailored to different requirements. The permanent driving licence is a mandatory legal document that is basically a permit for diving in India across different vehicle categories.

Temporary or learner's licences are provided to individuals undergoing driving training and are valid only for three months. They are also an essential prerequisite for obtaining a permanent licence.

Motor Vehicle Permits

Motor vehicle permits are essential for ensuring regulatory compliance and controlling unauthorised vehicle entries. They are especially crucial for vehicles that are engaged in transporting goods and passengers. The MH 39 RTO in Nandurbar provides various types of permits in order to effectively meet the diverse transportation needs of the residents:

The Stage Carrier Permit is issued for passenger vehicles like buses and minivans. This permit helps facilitate safe and regulated public transportation services and ensures compliance with regulations while promoting passenger safety.

The Goods Carrier Permit is specifically designed for vehicles involved in transporting goods between different locations. It ensures legal authorisation for the transportation of goods.

The Private Service Vehicle Permit is tailored for non-commercial vehicles and ensures regulatory compliance for organised transportation services while also catering to the needs of private vehicle operators.

The National Permit allows vehicles to travel across all states in the country. It is applicable to both goods and passenger-carrying vehicles.

**No Objection Certificate

The No Objection Certificate is a crucial document that helps facilitate the legal and seamless transfer of vehicles across state borders. It offers clarity about the financial and legal standing of the vehicle.

**PUC Certificate

The Pollution Under Control certificate is a vital document for assessing a vehicle’s fitness by measuring the carbon emissions of the vehicle against permissible levels. It is a vital tool in controlling the environmental pollution caused by vehicular emissions.

Every vehicle is taken through a compulsory inspection to evaluate its emission levels. Following the assessment, the vehicle must obtain a PUC certificate. The RTO office Nandurbar meticulously oversees this process and ensures that thorough assessment and authentication of the PUC certificate is done to ensure environmental regulations.

Vehicles failing to meet emission standards, as indicated by the PUC certificate, are prohibited from being driven on the road.

**Vehicle Fitness Certificate

In addition to other vital services, the MH 39 RTO also provides Vehicle Fitness Certificates, which are essential documents that confirm the vehicle’s compliance with safety and environmental standards. Similar to the process of obtaining a PUC certificate, the RTO officials conduct comprehensive inspections of vehicles to evaluate their adherence to regulations.

During the certification process, meticulous assessments are made to ensure the vehicle meets the required safety and environmental criteria. If the vehicle successfully meets these standards, the RTO issues a fitness certificate. This certificate serves as an official confirmation of the vehicle’s roadworthiness and its compliance with standard regulations.

**Vehicle Registration Certificate

In Nandurbar, securing the MH 39 RTO passing is crucial for vehicle owners. The RTO office Nandurbar administers this MH 39 passing process and ensures accuracy in ownership details and legal adherence. RTO officials manage various tasks, including vehicle ownership transfers, certificate renewals, issuance of duplicates and proper registration.

The MH 39 RTO provides diverse registration certificates to meet specific requirements. The Permanent Registration Certificate is indispensable for legal driving and essential for vehicles with temporary registration. It involves a formal procedure to convert temporary registration to a permanent one. On the other hand, the Temporary Registration Certificate is intended for manufacturers or car dealers and is valid for 7 days with an option to renew it for a period of 1 month.

The validity of the registration varies with the personal vehicle registration lasting 15 years and the commercial for 5 years. Upon certificate issuance, the vehicle owner receives a unique identification number based on vehicle type and location.

Importance of Motor Insurance Policy in Nandurbar

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To conclude, the MH 39 RTO plays a crucial role in ensuring road safety and traffic management in the district. Its thorough engagement and detailed assessments aid in providing essential services for the residents of Nandurbar and mining order and safety on the roads. Given the district's heavy reliance on road transport, the RTO office Nandurbar is an indispensable authority for the efficiency and safety of the roadways.

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Where can I get a temporary registration number?

Where can I get a temporary registration number?


You can visit the RTO office of Nandurbar for a temporary registration number. It is advisable to contact the RTO in advance for more information about the required documents for the process.

Who is in charge of road tax in Nandurbar?


The collection of road taxes is overseen by the RTO office Nandurbar.