RTO Office MH-22 Parbhani

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RTO Office MH-22 Parbhani

If you ever wonder about MH-22, which city it is associated with, and whether it has a functioning RTO, it is Parbhani. The MH-22 passing town has a functioning RTO that is active throughout the year, carrying numerous day-to-day duties and roles.

Parbhani is a city in the Marathwada region of Maharashtra, India. Its economy is moderately active and is dependent on the cultivation of cotton, fruits, and vegetables, which promotes trade. Since trade within the country calls for transport and transit, the city fosters moderate connectivity to other cities and states.

Parbhani is connected to other parts of the country through roads and railways. The road transport system is overseen by the regional transport authority office.

Managing the road transports, documentation, seeing through legality, etc., comes under the duties of Parbhani RTO. Let us understand the fundamental rights and responsibilities, duties and authorities of the RTO in Parbhani!

Parbhani Regional Transport Office: Jurisdiction and Authority

The Regional Transport Authority (RTO) is responsible for numerous duties and the government bestows them with the authority to make numerous decisions. Like any other RTO in the country, Parbhani City’s RTO is responsible for:

Issuing driving and learning licences

Issuing different types of vehicle permits

Issuing conductor licences

Carrying out the vehicle registration procedures (transfer of ownership, succession of ownership, renewal of registration, etc.)

Issuing certificate of fitness for transport vehicles

Collecting the road taxes

Arranging road safety campaigns

Issuing No Objection Certificate for interstate vehicle movement, vehicle transfer, and re-registration of vehicle after transferring to another state.

The Parbhani City RTO acts as the administrative and fundamental authority for all matters related to transportation, commuting, and roads. Collectively, the RTO has various duties. In the latter part of the blog, we will discuss the functions of RTO Parbhani in detail.

MH-22 RTO Code: Address and Contact Details

MH-22 Passing City Name Parbhani
MH-22 RTO Address Dy. Regional Transport Office, Administrative Building, Manwath Road, Pedgaon, Parbhani – 433 715
Contact Number 02452-248148
Email Address dyrto.22-mh@gov.in 
Official Website https://transport.maharashtra.gov.in/1035/Home 
Working Hours 9.30 am to 6.30 pm

Mentioned above is the MH-22 RTO address and details of the only transport office present in the city. Now, let us move on to the functions of Parbhani RTO.

Parbhani RTO Code MH-22: Functions

Legal Proceedings

Indian traffic is regulated by the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988. RTOs see through the enforcement of these laws under their regional jurisdiction. The Parbhani City RTO regulates the town's traffic and handles legal proceedings.

The RTO also investigates whether or not the rules are being followed, such as licence, RC, and other transportation matters. In case the law or rules are violated, the RTO has the authority to take legal action against the concerned person.

Issuing Documents

There are a few important documents related to transport and commuting in India. A vehicle owner needs to get a Registration Certificate and learner’s licence or driver’s licence, whichever is relevant to the person.

The RTO offers permanent registration, temporary registration, registration of VIP numbers, electric vehicle registration, dealer point registration, etc. You can also proceed with the transfer of ownership and get your documents from the RTO office of Parbhani.

The owner of the vehicle has to reach out to the necessary authorities and follow the procedures.

Taxation and Other Collection

The Parbhani RTO assists citizens in tax payments. You can visit the office physically or pay the taxes online through the Parbhani RTO's official website (mentioned above). The RTO collects these taxes for road maintenance and development.

Apart from taxes, RTO also collects various fees and fines. Vehicle owners have to pay fees to register their vehicles, get permits, and get licences. When a driver or vehicle is subjected to a fine or penalty due to legal reasons, it is the RTO’s responsibility to collect the fine money.

Transport Management

The Parbhani City RTO is also responsible for regulating transportation matters such as public transport, overseeing safety rules, controlling commercial vehicles, and complying with the law. These management functions are as important as the fundamental aspects of the RTO.

Public Awareness

Parbhani RTO also makes it a point to spread awareness about safety rules and regulations and traffic laws. It is a huge responsibility bestowed upon the transport office since compliance with traffic rules is paramount for a healthy society.

Visit the official website for presentations, statistics, and road safety campaigns designed and conducted by the Motor Vehicles Department and RTO.

Maintain Records

RTO has an important responsibility of maintaining records of all the documentation and certification that happens in the office. These records help the officers and citizens to keep a count of everything related to the vehicles. The RC, PUC, NOC, licences, etc., everything issued by the RTO is recorded at the office.

Services Offered by Parbhani RTO

Registration Certificate

Vehicle registration is an important aspect of owning a vehicle for an Indian citizen. Under the Motor Vehicle Act in India, every owner has to have a valid copy of a Registration Certificate. The Parbhani RTO offers the services of registering the motor vehicle under the name of the owner.

The RTO is also responsible for offering RC renewal, transfer of ownership, succession of ownership, and new RC services.

Permanent Registration Certificate

You must visit the RTO in order to get your RC and submit all the necessary documents. These documents include the chassis number, identity proof, contact details, a copy of the vehicle insurance, a temporary registration copy issued by the dealer, and duly filled official forms.

The RC is valid for 15 years after the date of issuance. This makes the renewal of RC an important process. This renewed RC can be issued from Parbhani RTO and is valid for 5 years after issuance.

Temporary Registration Certificate

Vehicle dealers usually issue temporary RCs for new vehicles. This RC allows the owners to ride the vehicle on the roads before getting their permanent RC so that they do not get fined. The validity period of the temporary RC ranges from 7 days to 30 days. One must get a new temporary RC or a permanent one before the original one expires and is rendered useless.

To get the temporary RC, you need a few important documents to prove your age and identity and duly filled official forms. After submitting the fees and forms, you own the RC and the right to drive your vehicle on the roads of Parbhani.

Transfer of Ownership

One needs to transfer the ownership of the vehicle RC from one person to another when they sell or purchase the said vehicle. RTO offers you the services to complete the transfer of the ownership of the vehicle and RC.

Issuance of Licence

A licence is an identification document issued by the RTO to vouch for the person’s capability of driving a vehicle. It also confirms that the concerned person knows and acknowledges the traffic rules and regulations. A licence is granted to a driver after a thorough evaluation of driving abilities, compared to the standardised skills of driving.

There are different segments in the type of drivers in India and the tests held for these segments are completely different. The public transport drivers in Parbhani, largely including auto-rickshaw and bus drivers, are tested differently from the car and bike drivers.

Learner’s licence

Getting a learning licence is essential in order to issue a permanent driving licence. When one possesses a learner’s licence, one ought to follow a few rules in addition to the normal laws.

For instance, these learners have to have the letter “L” stickers on their vehicles to signify their learning phase, two-wheeler drivers are not allowed to drive double-seats, and there are more such rules.

Driver’s licence

A driver’s licence is the permanent and final licence that one is granted from the RTO. These licences differ depending on the type of vehicle. Every driver is subjected to a driving test and an oral test to evaluate their skills and knowledge. The driver gets the licence based on the result of these tests.

Vehicle Permits

The RTO of Parbhani issues vehicle permits for commercial vehicles, including goods carriers, commercial passenger buses, auto-rickshaws, and commercial cars used for tourism and travel. These permits are an essential document for owners and drivers of these commercial vehicles.

The permits specify the routes, destinations, and conditions in which the vehicle can operate. There are different types of permits for different vehicles and different purposes. For instance, an eco-friendly auto-rickshaw has a distinctive permit, and a fuel auto-rickshaw has its own type of permit.

No Objection Certificate

An NOC, No Objection Certificate, signifies the government body’s approval for a vehicle to move from one state to another. This document is required when the owners are moving places, or there is a transfer in the ownership of the vehicle to a person from another state.

NOC is a certificate that verifies that there are no dues or obligations on the vehicle and allows the transfer of Registration Certificates. Parbhani City’s RTO will assist the owner of the concerned vehicle whenever help is required.

Pollution Under Control Certificate

The government has established specific standards for carbon emissions from individual vehicles. This certificate verifies that the concerned vehicle’s emissions are within permissible limits set by the regulatory authorities.

A vehicle owner needs to acquire the PUC certificate after an interval of 6 months. This procedure has to be carried out at the Parbhani RTO.

**Vehicle Fitness Certificate **

RTO offers services that verify and assess the fitness of the vehicles. This procedure helps the government to ensure that the vehicles on the road meet the safety standards. A fitness certification is mandatory for all motor vehicles.

Your vehicle is inspected for various reasons, such as brakes, lights, tyres, emissions, etc. If it passes all the tests, it is certified as healthy. You need to renew your fitness certificate regularly and ensure compliance with this safety protocol.

Importance of Motor Insurance in Parbhani

Understanding safety protocols calls for a discussion about the importance of motor vehicle insurance. In India, it is mandatory to buy an insurance policy when you purchase a vehicle. Not complying with this mandate can subject a citizen to fines and penalties.

However, the importance of having vehicle insurance is not limited to it being mandatory. It goes beyond that. Road accidents and accidental deaths due to these unfortunate events are a very common phenomenon in India. Insurance policies act as the financial support system to recover from these accidents.

Having a car translates to having car insurance!

If you want your car to have a safe and sound recovery from a car accident, you need to buy a policy that offers sufficient Insured Declared Value (IDV). But what is IDV in insurance? It is the maximum claim amount a policyholder will receive from the insurance company.

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Parbhani RTO code MH-22, a regional office for a small town in Maharashtra, carries out all the duties and responsibilities mentioned in the books for an RTO. The authority, functions, and services pertaining to roads, transports, vehicles, and related documents are administered by the Regional Transport Office.

If you are from Parbhani and want any kind of assistance regarding your motor vehicle, you can seek it from the office at Manwath Road in the city. Adhere to the traffic and road safety rules and have a healthy ride in the city.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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What is the procedure for getting a driving licence at Parbhani RTO?


For getting a driving licence, you will have to submit some necessary documents, like identity proof, age proof, government identification card (PAN or Aadhar card), duly filled out official forms, and issuance fees. You will also have to pass a driving test and an oral test actually to receive the licence.

What do I do in case of a misplaced or lost driver’s licence?


If you have misplaced or lost your driving licence, please file a complaint at the police station and get a copy of the FIR. Next, you will have to get a duplicate driving licence. For that, you will need to submit your FIR at the RTO along with a few other documents and follow the duplication procedure.

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