Rajasthan RTO Office

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Rajasthan RTO Office

Every Indian state and union territory has its own RTO (Regional Transport Office), which is in charge of managing the state's vehicle and driver database. The Rajasthan RTO was also established keeping this in mind. Rajasthan's Regional Transport Department executes the provisions of the 1988 Motor Vehicles Act. The Rajasthan RTO office's main goal is to provide efficient and competent transportation services to the residents of the state.

A total of 45 RTO offices (currently active) are located throughout the state, and each of them has a unique Rajasthan RTO code. Every Rajasthan RTO number strictly enforces vehicle laws in accordance with the 1988 Motor Vehicles Act. This legislation governs the general activities of the RJ RTO (RJ is the code name of Rajasthan).

An individual can know more regarding Rajasthan RTO online by visiting their official website

Rajasthan RTO Office List with Rajasthan RTO Codes

The princely state of India - Rajasthan, now has 45 RTOs operating in various cities. The specifics of some of the RJ RTO offices are listed below:

RTO Locations RTO Code
RTO Ajmer RJ-01
RTO Alwar RJ-02
RTO Banswara RJ-03
RTO Barmer  RJ-04
RTO Bharatpur  RJ-05
RTO Bhilwara  RJ-06
RTO Bikaner RJ-07
RTO Bundi RJ-08
RTO Chittorgarh  RJ-09
RTO Churu RJ-10
RTO Dholpur  RJ-11
RTO Dungarpur RJ-12
RTO Sriganganagar RJ-13
RTO Jaipur (South) RJ-14
RTO Jaisalmer  RJ-15
RTO Jalore RJ-16
RTO Jhalawar RJ-17
RTO Jhunjhunu RJ-18
RTO Jodhpur  RJ-19
RTO Kota RJ-20

Rajasthan RTO Vehicle Registration Charges

Vehicle registration charges levied by different states of India vary. If you are going to register your vehicle in Rajasthan, you should know the Rajasthan vehicle registration cost. So, here is a table outlining the Rajasthan vehicle registration costs for different types of vehicles:

Vehicle Type Registration Costs (in ₹)
For Invalid Carriage  ₹50
For Motorbikes and Scooters ₹300
For Quadricycle/Three-Wheelers/Light Motor Vehicles ₹1,000 for transport automobiles and ₹600 for non-transport automobiles 
For medium passenger and goods carrying automobiles ₹1,000
For heavy passengers and goods carrying automobiles  ₹1,500
For imported vehicles  ₹5,000
For imported motorbikes  ₹2,500
Any other automobiles besides the above-mentioned ₹3,000

Rajasthan RTO: Functions

Every Rajasthan RTO number is primarily responsible for the following duties and functions:**

  • Driving Licence: Rajasthan RTO, just like every other Regional Transport Office, is in charge of issuing driving licences. It issues four types of licenses:** learner's, permanent (issued once the learner's licence term is over), commercial driving licence, as well as an international driving licence. Aside from granting these licences, it also deals with licence renewal, issuing a duplicate licence, and carrying out driving tests.

  • Road Tax: Certain vehicle-related taxes are levied by the government. One such levy is the Road tax. Every RJ RTO is in charge of collecting the road tax. This action is basically conducted when registering an automobile for the first time.

  • Automobile Inspection: The RTO Rajasthan also checks to see if the automobiles on the road follow the rules outlined in the 1988 Motor Vehicles Act. It undertakes inspections on a regular basis.

  • Road Safety: Accidents on the road are one of the top causes of mortality worldwide. The RTO Rajasthan guarantees that road safety measures are implemented in accordance with the 1988 Motor Vehicles Act. The RTO Rajasthan also carries out several campaigns and programmes for this purpose.

  • Vehicle Registration: Well, one of the principal tasks is to maintain a database of vehicles and drivers. It's generally done during the automobile registration process. Every new automobile operating in the streets of Rajasthan must be registered with the Rajasthan RTO. Vehicle information is all kept and managed by the officials on a regular basis.

Registering a Vehicle in Rajasthan: How to Do It?

Even though you may be eager to take your new automobile out on the road, it must first be registered with your nearest Rajasthan RTO office. You may either take an agent's help or do it by yourself:

  • Step 1: Visit the Rajasthan RTO's official website and download Application Form No. 20. You may select either Gujarati or English. It's completely based on your preference. You can also do this offline by visiting your local Rajasthan Regional Transport Office.

  • Step 2: Fill out the application form and send it to the local RJ RTO office together with the required documentation.

  • Step 3: In most cases, the inspection is performed by the authorised dealer when the vehicle is being sold. If it's not done, then a trained and certified RTO inspector will check your vehicle.

  • Step 4: Following verification of the inputs, the Rajasthan RTO office assigns a unique registration number for your automobile.

The RC (Registration Certificate) is mailed to your registered postal address. If you have a temporary RC, you should then get a permanent vehicle registration number prior to the expiration date of your temporary registration.

Vehicle Registration Certificate Renewal in Rajasthan: How to Do It?

An automobile can be registered for only 15 years. After that, it has to be renewed every 5 years. It's valid till the department deems your automobile roadworthy. Look at the steps mentioned below to renew your RJ registration certificate:

  • Visit your nearby RTO Rajasthan and duly fill up Application Form No. 25. A person can also obtain it by visiting RTO Rajasthan online.

  • A person must put forward the following papers to the Rajasthan RTO office:

    • Duly filled and signed Application Form No. 25

    • Road tax certificate

    • Registration Certificate (original)

    • PUC certificate

    • Valid address and ID proof

    • Bike/Car insurance policy certificate

After the aforementioned paperwork is presented, the vehicle will be inspected by a representative from the Rajasthan RTO office. The renewed Registration Certificate will be given to the vehicle owner after everything’s been validated.

Vehicle Registration in Rajasthan: Documents Required

The vehicle owner must submit the following papers to their nearby Rajasthan RTO office together with the vehicle registration application form:

  • Application Form No. 20

  • Application Form No. 21 (Certificate of Sale)

  • Application Form No. 22 (Certificate of Roadworthiness)

  • Identity and address proof of the applicant

  • Recent Passport-size photos of the applicant

  • Valid insurance for four-wheelers/two-wheelers

  • Customs bill, in case the automobile is imported

  • Paid tax receipt

Motor Insurance in Rajasthan

Valid insurance for 4-wheeler/2-wheeler is more than just another paperwork required at the RJ registration at any Rajasthan RTO office. It has the ability to protect you from potential road dangers. Also, the 1988 Motor Vehicles Act requires every vehicle plying on the streets to be insured. In a busy state like Rajasthan, where the roads are full of automobiles and remain congested, getting motor insurance is essential for the total protection of your automobile if it sustains any such damage.

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Is vehicle parking a part of the RTO driving test, and how much room is required?

Is vehicle parking a part of the RTO driving test, and how much room is required?


You may be asked to show parallel parking skills in the space designated by the supervisor as part of the driving exam.

Will I be able to drive my automobile in any Indian state without transferring the registration certificate from one state's Regional Transport Office to another?


If you want to relocate to a different state for an extended length of time, such as a year, then you must transfer your vehicle's registration from one state's Regional Transport Office to another. You may contact your local RTO to find out how long you have before you are required to deregister the automobile from one state's Regional Transport Office to register it in another.

Are RC Cards and RC Books the same thing?


Previously, vehicle registration certificates were known as RC Books. Presently, they are called RC Cards or RC since they're available in the form of cards.