Yelahanka RTO Office KA-50

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Yelahanka RTO Office KA-50

Bangalore is a beautiful city with an admirable cultural heritage and stunning gardens. It is the capital of Karnataka, vibrant and known for the booming IT industry. However, with the increase in population and the standard of living, the city is highly spoken about for its extremely crowded traffic conditions. And it is especially prominent during the busy office hours in the morning and evening. As a result, regular commuters have been facing lengthy delays while navigating the chaotic streets.

The Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation has taken measures to curb the traffic and make travelling easier for the inhabitants. Some significant steps include vehicle registration, issuing a driving licence, levying penalties, checking for a car insurance policy, etc. The Corporation manages these activities with the aid of Regional Transport Offices established at different locations in the city.

Yelahanka RTO Office is one of the oldest RTO offices established in the city's northern region. It enforces the laws stated under the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 to ensure that people comply with good road discipline for public safety. Therefore, the Yelahanka RTO is responsible for registering and managing the vehicles of the people belonging to that locality.

Locale Of Yelahanka In Bangalore

The region of Yelahanka, located in the northern region, has been reminisced for its relevance as it is closely linked to the origin of Bangalore. Hence, one can experience a good mix of history, modernity, and nature at its best in this region. Moreover, the magnificent Yelahanka Fort, the beautiful lakes, well-maintained lakes, etc., adds to the serene environment known for its peaceful ambience. It is a common place for people to spend their early mornings walking, jogging, etc.

Today, the region of Yelahanka has developed into a vast residential neighbourhood that features busy markets, shopping malls, hospitals, educational institutions, supermarkets, etc., to ensure the residents have access to the essential requirements. Moreover, the well-planned layout of the region provides good connectivity to the different parts of the city using regular road transport. It is also near the airport, making it a perfect choice for frequent travellers.

As it has transformed into a busy neighbourhood, regulating local transport is necessary and the responsibility of the old RTO office in Yelahanka. Here is a detail about it and its functions.

What Is A Regional Transport Office (RTO)?

The RTO or the Regional Transport Office is established by the Transport Department of a state or union territory. It is introduced in different regions of the state to manage the transport-related formalities and ensure that the vehicles belonging to that area comply with the prevailing laws as stated under The Motor Vehicles Act of 1988.

Majorly, the functionalities are associated with vehicle registration, collection of taxes and taxes, issue of licences, motor vehicle mechanical inspection, and issue of permits. The Yelahanka RTO Bangalore has a well-established system to manage these functionalities in a streamlined manner. The individuals can apply for all the related services and get it done in a simple, hassle-free, less time-consuming process.

Yelahanka RTO Office

The Yelahanka RTO Bangalore is headed by the Transport Commissioner, Transport Department of Karnataka. The Yelahanka RTO code is KA-50. Therefore, vehicles registered here will have KA-50 on their respective registration certificates.

The 'KA' in the code refers to the Karnataka state, and '50' corresponds to the location within the state. The RTO codes corresponding to the other locations are listed in the Transport Department, Karnataka web portal.

Here is a brief about the Yelahanka RTO address, Yelahanka RTO Number, and other details.

State Name Karnataka
Region Yelahanka
State RTO Code KA
RTO Office Code 50
Office Address Regional Transport office, Survey No - 111, Singanayakanahalli Village, Yelahanka Hobli, Bangalore (North)-560064
Office Contact Number 080-29729909, 080-29729908
Office Timing 10 AM - 5:30 PM
Vehicle Registration Related Forms

Functions Of Yelahanka RTO Office

The RTO office in Yelahanka is responsible for certain functionalities. It is related to the formalities assigned to the management of vehicles and their compliance with the motor laws prevalent in the country.

The Transport Department, Government of Karnataka, has employed a well-qualified staff to meet the required guidelines and work efficiently, considering the quantum of work involved in complying with the regulations.

The major functions of the Yelahanka RTO Office are detailed as follows:

-Enforcement of law - The Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 has defined the rules and regulations that need to be enforced on road transport vehicles. The RTO is responsible for enforcing these regulations and taking the necessary actions if there is a discrepancy. Some primary responsibilities include vehicle registration, checking for valid motor insurance, inspecting vehicles for pollution control, etc.

-Control operations - The RTO is responsible for controlling the operations required to enforce the laws, such as collecting taxes, levying penalties, issuing licences, inspecting vehicles for harmful emissions, etc. The procedures for the respective operations are subject to change based on the Transport Department's timely assessments and related decisions.

-Growth and development - The RTO offices perform the required functionalities to work towards the growth and development of the Transport Department and take initiatives to maintain law and order for public safety specific to the region.

Services Offered At The Yelahanka RTO Office

The Yelahanka RTO Bangalore offers a wide range of services to ensure and fulfil the responsibilities required to enforce law and order concerning road transport vehicles in the region.

Here is a detail about the services offered in the Yelahanka RTO Office.

Vehicle Registration

Vehicle registration is the first and foremost responsibility of an individual purchasing a new car. The vehicle must be taken to the nearby RTO office for registration. Therefore, for an individual residing in the Yelahanka region, registering their new car with the RTO office in Yelahanka is mandatory.

The services offered concerning vehicle registration in the Yelahanka RTO office are:

1. Issue Registration Certificate (RC) - The RTO office in Yelahanka is responsible for registering the new vehicles applicable to that region. The application for registration of a motor vehicle is Form 20. The applicants can provide the duly filled Form 20 with the other essential documents, such as insurance for the car, Pollution Under Control Certificate (PUCC), identity and address proofs, etc., to get the temporary and further permanent registration number.

2. Renewal of RC - The validity for a registration certificate is 15 years, after which the vehicle owners will have to renew their RC to comply with the rules and regulations of The Central Motor Vehicles Act of 1988. The form for the application of renewal of the Registration Certificate is Form 25 for the Transport Department, Government of Karnataka. While applying for the renewal of the RC, the applicant must provide the original RC, PUC Certificate, and valid motor insurance.

3. Changing details in RC - The Yelahanka RTO office provides services to make any changes in the RC. For instance, if there is a mistake corresponding to the vehicle owner's name or date of birth in the RC, the applicant can apply for it and get the required changes done promptly.

4. Issue of No Objection Certificate (NOC) - The NOC is an important document required during the transfer of vehicle ownership in the event of a sale. It is often provided to the vehicles bought in one state or city being transferred to another. The application form for intimation and transfer of ownership of a motor vehicle in Karnataka is Form 30.

Collection Of Taxes And Levying Penalties

Collecting taxes and levying the applicable penalties are the two other important responsibilities of the RTO office.

1. Collecting taxes - The RTO in Yelahanka is responsible for collecting the taxes, such as the Motor Vehicles Tax, Green Tax, etc., for the vehicles of that region.

2. Levying penalties - Although the processes are detailed, and the rules and regulations are well-defined, people still do not follow them diligently. Therefore, finding and penalising such incidents have become essential to ensure no such repeated occurrences affect the public's safety. The vehicle owners will be responsible for paying the applicable penalties for incidents such as not having valid car insurance, skipping traffic signals, etc.

Issue Of Licence

A driving licence is mandatory for every individual driving a motor vehicle in India. And it is the responsibility of the RTO office to issue valid driving licences to deserving applicants. The Yelahanka RTO Bangalore has a streamlined process for issuing the driving licence and addressing related issues.

The services offered by the Yelahanka RTO office concerning the issue of licences are:

1. Issue Of Learner's and Permanent Driving Licence - Individuals residing in the Yelahanka region requiring a driving licence can apply for the same at the RTO office in Yelahanka. The RTO office will primarily issue a learner's licence. The applicants will have to learn and practice driving and appear for the driving test conducted by the RTO. On clearing the test, the RTO will issue the permanent driving licence.

2. Renewal of driving licence - Applicants can also approach the RTO office later to renew the licence before its expiry date. Getting the driving licence renewed promptly is crucial to avoid paying penalties for holding an expired driving licence.

3. Conduct driving tests - The RTO office in Yelahanka conducts the driving test for the applicants. They will assess the applicant's driving skills for the type of vehicle registered and issue the driving licence to the eligible individuals if they have cleared the driving test.

4. Issue of a duplicate driving licence - In case of loss or damage to the driving licence, individuals can apply for a duplicate driving licence at the RTO office in Yelahanka.

Motor Vehicle Mechanical Inspection

Maintaining vehicles at the best standards is essential for public safety and a cleaner environment. Moreover, as the region of Yelhanka is prominent for residential establishments, having the best safety standards in place is even more crucial.

The Yelahanka RTO Bangalore is responsible for the mechanical inspection of the motor vehicle for the following reasons.

1. Issue of Pollution Under Control Certificate(PUCC) - Harmful emissions can increase air pollution and cause serious health issues in humans. The RTO office in Yelahanka will inspect the registered vehicles and provide the PUC Certificate. For a new car, the validity of the PUC Certificate is one year. And after one year, it is six months. Therefore, older vehicles need to get inspected for emissions and get valid PUC Certificates timely every six months.

2. Issue of Vehicle Fitness Certificate - Vehicle Fitness Certificate is important to ensure the vehicles that ply on the road are maintained in the required conditions. It is provided after checking the vehicle's condition based on the make and model, emission, etc. The RTO office in Yelahanka issues the Vehicle Fitness Certificate for the vehicles registered at their office.

3. Checking the validity of car insurance - According to the Central Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, purchasing third-party liability insurance for a car is mandatory. However, vehicle owners can consider purchasing a comprehensive car insurance plan that enhances the coverage by providing extended coverage that includes own damages and third-party liabilities. The Yelahanka RTO Bangalore checks the vehicles plying on the road for valid car insurance at different places at regular intervals to ensure compliance.

Issue Of Permits

The RTO office in Yelahanka is responsible for issuing the permits necessary to ensure compliance with the laws and guidelines concerning road transport vehicles.

1. Issue of permits - The procedure to apply and the video of the procedure is detailed on the Transport Department, Government of Karnataka web portal. Some of the important permits are the issue of the following:

a. International Driving Permit b. For Motor Cab

c. For Goods Vehicle

d. Authorisation for National Permit

2. Issue of duplicate permits and renewal - In addition to issuing the permits, the RTO office also provides the services of issuing duplicate permits in case of loss or damage. And it allows for renewing the different permits within the stipulated time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Yelahanka RTO number?

The Yelahanka RTO office number is 080-29729909, 080-29729908.

2. What is the application form requesting the No Objection Certificate grant in Karnataka?

The application form for the No Objection Certificate in Karnataka is Form 28.

3. How to apply for a Duplicate RC in Yelahanka RTO Bangalore?

The application process is simple and cost-efficient online.

1. Visit the Transport Department, Government of Karnataka web portal.

2. Under the Parivahan tab, click on Vehicle Related Services.

3. Enter the Vehicle Registration Number and click on Proceed.

4. Choose the option for Duplicate RC.

5. Provide the last five digits of the Chassis Number and click on Verify Details.

6. Authenticate the process using Mobile OTP or Aadhaar Number.

7. Fill Application Entry Form for Duplicate RC and pay the applicable fees.

8. The application for the Issue of Duplicate RC will be successfully submitted, and intimation on further updates will be notified.

4. What documents are required to renew my Registration Certificate in Yelahanka RTO Bangalore?

The application form for the renewal of the Registration Certificate of a Motor Vehicle is Form 25. The documents required to apply for the renewal of RC are:

a. Duly-filled Form 25

b. PUC Certificate

c. Original Registration Certificate

d. Vehicle Fitness Certificate

e. Valid car insurance policy

f. Identity and address proofs

The documents required are subject to change. Therefore, it is necessary to contact the RTO office and get the procedures right before renewal.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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