Krishnarajapuram RTO KA-53

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Krishnarajapuram RTO KA-53

Krishnarajapuram is the official name of KR Puram. It is in the Karnataka city of Bengaluru. The Karnataka Transport Department created the Krishnarajapuram RTO or KR Puram RTO Office in 1988, following Section 213 of the Motor Vehicles Act. This RTO's main duties include new vehicle registration, licence and permit issuance, and other related tasks. The KR Puram RTO code is KA-53. One of the main duties of the KA-53 RTO is to administer driving tests for licences, issue new driving licences and registration certificates, transfer vehicle registration, issue fitness certificates and special permits, and receive road tax. In addition, every city has a separate RTO office that is in charge of keeping track of all the motorists and vehicles.

Today, every RTO office has established its presence in the online sphere to make things easier for people. So now, people have the opportunity to complete many of their tasks online or make certain applications online before they need to go into the office. If you want to know how to reach the Krishnarajapuram RTO online, you can do so by accessing the link below.

List of KR Puram RTO Office

Even though most RTOs, including the KA-53 RTO, have an online presence today, you will have to go into the office in most cases. Thus, knowing where the RTO office closest to you is is always beneficial. Thus, we will be listing the KR Puram RTO code, the KA-53 RTO address and the RTO KR Puram phone number for your convenience.

RTO NAME KR Puram RTO Code KA-53 RTO Address RTO KR Puram Phone Number Office Timings Email Address
Krishnarajapuram RTO Or KR Puram RTO KA-53 Regional Transport Office 345/4, Bhattarahall, Old Madras Road, K.R.Puram, Bangalore - 560016 080 – 25617959 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM Monday to Saturday

If you ever need to go to the RTO office you can use the KA-53 RTO address given above, and if you need to call the office for any reason, you can do so on the RTO KR Puram phone number provided. Please note that you will not be able to reach the office number outside office hours and on holidays. The office remains closed on Sundays and major public holidays, so you should call and make an appointment before you go to the office.

Krishnarajapuram RTO Registration Charges

There are different registration charges for different types and classes of vehicles. The different KA-53 registration charges levied by the RTO office are;

Class of Vehicle KA-53 RTO Registration Fees (in ₹)
Invalid carriage 50
Two-wheeler 300
Imported two-wheeler 5000
Light motor vehicle (LMV) 600
Medium goods and passenger vehicle 1000
Heavy good vehicle passenger 1500
Imported motor vehicle 5000
Any other vehicle apart from the above 3000
E-rickshaw/E-cart 1000
Light commercial vehicle 1000

Functions of KR Puram RTO Office

RTO offices have very important functions that they are expected to carry out in an organised manner. Their functions can be divided into primary and secondary functions based on the amount of work that goes into each task. They must ensure that each task is carried out orderly, so that road transportation goes smoothly and efficiently.

  • Some of the main functions of the KR Puram RTO include;

  • To ensure that the Central Motor Vehicles Rules of 1989, the State Motor Vehicle Guidelines, and the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 are properly implemented.

  • To impose taxes and collect money in accordance with the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988's regulations.

  • To control the necessary permissions to improve and grow the transportation system.

Some other functions that fall under the purview of the RTO office of KR Puram include;

  • Providing learners' permits on an interim and permanent basis.

  • Renewing registration documents and driver's licences.

  • Receiving road taxes and keeping an eye on pollution.

  • Generating copies of registration, hypothecation, and licence documents.

  • Imposing penalties for breaking traffic laws.

  • Monitoring the registration documents' validity.

  • Advocating and maintaining road safety to lower the risk of an accident.

  • Monitoring all infractions committed by vehicles with registration.

  • Allotting permits to tourists.

  • Providing licences for good carriages.

How to Register a Vehicle at KA-53 RTO?

A registration certificate is among the most important documents a person must carry while driving their vehicle. When you have a registration certificate, it shows that your vehicle has been checked thoroughly by the ministry and is fit to be used on the roads of India. So if you are buying a new vehicle, or moving states, getting your registration certificate is a must.

The process you need to follow to get your registration done in Krishnarajapuram includes;

Take your car to the KR Puram RTO office.

You must ask for form 20 when you get to the office and fill it out very carefully. You will need to submit the following documents alongwith the form 20.

  • Registration fees

  • PUC certificate

  • Temporary form 20 provided to you by your car dealer

  • Copy of Pan Card

  • Current address proof

  • Sale certificate of your car

  • Form 34 if your car is bought on loan

  • Passport-size photographs

(Keep in mind this is not the full list of documents you will need to submit. We will provide you with the whole list of documents in the next sections.)

You will need to hand over your documents to an official who will check if all the essential details have been filled out and everything is in place. You will be taken to a counter to pay the registration fee if everything is proper.

Once the payment is made, you will receive a smart card as your registration document. You will not receive the smart card on the sport, but it will be sent to your address in a few working days.

How to Renew a Registration Certificate in KR Puram?

When driving in India, you are required to have a registration certificate on you at all times. However, your registration expires after a certain period. This is so that you can take your car back to the RTO to check it out and see if it is still fit to be driven. If your car is given the all-clear, you can use it for a few more years.

You will need to submit the following documents at the RTO office to get your registration renewed.

  • Fully filled out Form 25

  • Receipt for the payment for re-registration

  • Older registration certificate

  • Receipt of Road Tax payment

  • Existing car insurance

  • Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate

  • Fitness certificate

Please note that you will need to submit your car at the RTO office for inspection along with the documents specified above. The RTO office may keep your car for a few days for a thorough inspection. If your car passes the inspection and is found to be in good condition, your registration will be renewed.

Documents Required to Register a Vehicle in Krishnarajapuram

As we had mentioned earlier, here is the complete list of documents required to register a vehicle at KR Puram.

  • Original sale certificate from your car dealer

  • Your vehicle registration form, or form 20

  • Form 21 in case of a second-hand car

  • An NOC from your bank in case you have purchased your car on loan, or form 28

  • Safety Emissions Certificate, or form 22A

  • Purchase receipt

  • NOC if you are bringing your car from one state to another

  • Interim registration number in case of a new car

  • PUC Certificate

  • Car insurance papers

  • Recent passport size photographs

  • Customs bill in case of an imported car

  • Sales tax clearance certificate when you are taking your car from one state to another

Car Insurance in Krishnarajapuram

You must obtain suitable car insurance for your vehicle in accordance with the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988, as driving without a valid four-wheeler insurance plan might result in penalties, including fines or even jail time. However, obtaining car insurance coverage should be seen as a method to benefit from insurance rather than merely to comply with the law. The benefits of having comprehensive car insurance go beyond protecting you from third-party obligations. Comprehensive four-wheeler insurance will provide both personal accident and own damage coverage for the owner-driver and protect you against third-party liability.

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Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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Which registration happens in KA-53 RTO?

Which registration happens in KA-53 RTO?


If you are wondering which kind of registration happens at KA-53 RTO, then it would interest you to know that all kinds of vehicular registration take place here.

After how long do I need to get my registration renewed?


You need to renew your registration after 15 years for personal vehicles and 3 years for commercial vehicles.

Can I go to the KA-53 office on a Weekend?


You can go to the KA-53 RTO office every day of the week barring Sundays. However, the office also stays closed on public holidays.

Can vehicle registration be done without insurance?


No vehicle registration cannot be done if you do not have a valid car insurance policy.