RTO Office MH-28

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RTO Office MH-28

Being an advanced economic hub and blessed with a pleasant climate, Maharashtra attracts people from various parts of the country. The state boasts of having one of the most extensive road infrastructures.

The government established the Maharashtra Regional Transport Office (RTO) under the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 to ensure vehicle owners comply with transport-related rules and regulations. There are over 51 RTOs in the state, including the RTO MH-28.

The MH-28 city name is Buldhana. Let’s learn more about the RTO Buldhana in detail.

What is the Regional Transport Authority MH-28?

Have you ever wondered what MH28 means on a vehicle’s number plate?

Well, every RTO is assigned a code.

The RTO in Buldhana in Maharashtra operates under the MH-28 RTO code. So, the code MH28 followed by the vehicle's registration number stands for the RTO Buldhana where it is registered.

The MH-28 RTO functions under the Maharashtra Transport Department and performs crucial functions like registering vehicles, enforcing traffic laws, issuing vehicle-related documents and so on.

Buldhana RTO Office

Here are the Buldhana RTO office details, such as address, phone number, etc.

RTO Buldhana Code  MH-28 
MH-28 Passing Address  Opp. Malkapur Road, Buldhana-443001
Phone number  +91-728 628 -28 428 28 44
Office timings  9.30 AM-6.30 PM

Functions of RTO Buldhana MH-28

Just like any other RTO in Maharashtra, the Buldhana RTO office performs an array of functions related to transportation. Here’s a list of a few:

Registering vehicles

One of the most important functions the RTO Buldhana performs is registering vehicles in its jurisdictional area. The RTO ensures all roadworthy commercial and private vehicles are registered with the government. It lays down a seamless process for vehicle registration. You can complete it online or offline.

Issuing vehicle-related documents

Another crucial function of the MH-28 RTO is issuing documents like driving licenses, registration certificates (RCs), fitness certificates, etc., to vehicle owners. The RTO ensures every vehicle owner carries these documents, complying with the Motor Vehicles Act and provides a hassle-free process to procure them.

Issuing driving permits

The MH-28 passing RTO is also responsible for issuing driving permits. These permits are issued to vehicles that carry goods and passengers from one place to another. By issuing these permits, the RTO ensures no illegal or unwanted vehicles cross from one region to another.

Collecting revenue

Vehicle owners are required to pay road tax usually at the time of vehicle registration. RTO ensures every vehicle owner pays these taxes. The government uses the collected revenue for road infrastructure development and maintenance. Besides tax revenue, the Buldhana RTO office also collects fees for providing various vehicle-related services.

Ensuring road safety

The MH-28 RTO is responsible for the implementation of traffic laws in its jurisdictional area. The RTO also makes everyone aware of the traffic laws and ensures their proper implementation. This helps in making the roads safer to drive.

Protecting the environment

An important function performed by the RTO Buldhana is inspecting vehicles to know if they are fit to drive on Indian roads. It carries out vehicle fitness tests to ensure the emissions are within the limits set by the government. Vehicles that are harmful to the environment are prohibited from use on the roads.

Services Offered by the Buldhana RTO Office

Now that you know what MH-28 RTO is and its important functions, here’s a list of services it offers to the public:

Vehicle Registration Certificate

As soon as a vehicle is purchased, it must be registered with the government. This is done through the RTO. Like any other RTO, the MH-28 RTO provides a seamless vehicle registration process. Once you complete the process, the RTO Buldhana issues an RC that proves you own the vehicle and is registered with the government. There are two types of vehicle RCs such as:

Temporary RC

As the name implies, a temporary RC has a short-term validity. Motor dealers provide it for newly purchased vehicles. The validity of this RC is seven days or a maximum of one month. You must apply for a permanent RC within this duration to get your vehicle registered with the government.

Permanent RC

A permanent RC is one of the most essential vehicle documents to carry in India. It is issued for a long term i.e., 15 years for private vehicles. The RTO Buldhana provides a permanent RC after you complete the registration process.

Besides issuing vehicle RC, the MH-28 RTO also offers the following services:

Transfer of vehicle RC

Renewal of RCs when they expire

Providing duplicate RCs

Authorisation of number plates, etc.

Managing vehicle cancellations

Driving Licence

The MH-28 RTO issues various driving licenses depending on the type of vehicle and driver. It provides driving license-related services such as:

  • Conducting driving tests

  • Issuing fresh driving licenses

  • Renewing driving licenses

  • Providing duplicate driving licenses

  • Making corrections

Here are the types of driving licenses issued by the RTO:

  • Learner’s driving license

The MH-28 passing RTO issues this license before a permanent driving license. It is meant for learner drivers. The purpose behind its issuance is to ensure that you improve your driving skills and learn about various traffic rules before getting a permanent driving license. It is valid for six months.

  • Permanent driving license

  • You can apply for a permanent license within a month of getting a learner's license. The MH-28 RTO conducts a written and driving test to issue this license. It certifies that you are a skilled driver and know about the traffic signals and rules.

  • A permanent driving license for private vehicles is valid for 20 years from the date of issue or till you are 40 years old, whichever is earlier. You need to renew your driving license after this.

  • International driving permit

  • This type of driving license is issued if you want to drive outside India. It certifies that you have a valid driver's license and are eligible to drive in foreign countries. If you have a permanent Indian driving license, you can apply for an international driving license at the RTO Buldhana. It has a validity of one year, after which reapplication is needed. This license is not renewable.

Motor Vehicle Permits

The MH-28 RTO also provides motor vehicle permits for various vehicle categories. These permits allow certain vehicles to travel from one region to another. The RTO usually issues motor vehicle permits to commercial vehicles carrying goods or passengers. Here are the different kinds of permits one can apply for:

  • Permits for vehicles carrying goods

  • National Permit

  • Good carriers

  • Countersignature of good carriers permit

  • Permits for vehicles carrying passengers

  • Auto rickshaw and taxi permit

  • Phat-phat sewa permit

  • Eco-friendly sewa permit

  • Maxi cab permit

  • Stage carriages permit

  • Permits for chartered buses

  • Rent a cab permits

  • Permits for institution or school buses

  • All India tourist permit

  • Temporary permit

PUC Certificate

  • A PUC test ensures vehicle emissions do not violate the Indian emission standards. On clearing the test, a PUC certificate is given to you. You must carry the certificate along with your driving license, RC and motor insurance policy.

  • Authorised testing centres test vehicular emissions and issue the certificate. The RTO MH-28 verifies the PUC certificate to provide various services.

No Objection Certificate

  • A No-Objection Certificate (NOC) is another document issued by the RTO MH-28. It is required when a vehicle is transferred from one state to another.

  • An NOC certifies that no challans and taxes are due for the vehicle. After all necessary clearances and obtaining an NOC from the initial RTO of registration, the vehicle can be registered at the new RTO.

Vehicle Fitness Certificate

  • One of the most important services of MH-28 passing RTO is inspecting vehicles to check their fitness or roadworthiness. After evaluating a vehicle’s mechanical condition and emissions, the RTO grants a fitness certificate.

  • The certificate states that the vehicle is allowed to move on Indian roads and is not harmful to the environment or other road users.

  • The fitness certificate of a new private vehicle is valid for 15 years. You can approach the RTO MH-28 to renew the fitness certificate once it expires.

Importance of Motor Insurance Policy in Buldhana

Road accidents are common in any part of India. And Buldhana is no different.

The government has, therefore, made third-party insurance mandatory in India. It is a cost-effective tool to stay protected against unforeseen mishaps on the road. A third-party insurance pays on your behalf if your vehicle injures a third party or damages their property.

  • You can buy third-party two-wheeler or four-wheeler insurance separately or with a comprehensive insurance plan. A comprehensive plan can help protect you and your vehicle against the various risks of driving.

  • It offers protection against theft, fire, accidents, natural calamities, etc., including third-party liabilities. The cost of comprehensive car insurance depends on your car’s IDV (Insured Declared Value).

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RTO Buldhana performs many crucial functions. It was established under the Motor Vehicles Act to ensure the proper implementation of vehicle-related rules and regulations in the city.

It maintains a record of different types of vehicles and drivers and issues several essential documents, such as driving licenses, fitness certificates, motor vehicle permits, etc.

The RTO MH-28 also ensures that vehicles comply with Indian emission standards.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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MH-28 is which city?

MH-28 is which city?


The MH-28 passing city name is Buldhana. The MH-28 passing RTO implements motor vehicle laws and issues vehicle-related documents in the city.

What is RC cancellation?


An RC cancellation means that a vehicle is no longer considered roadworthy and cannot be registered by the RTO

What is the validity of a fitness certificate for a new car?


The fitness certificate of a newly purchased private vehicle is valid for 15 years. You must renew the certificate every 5 years after the completion of 15 years.

What is the validity of a vehicle RC?


A permanent RC of a private vehicle is valid for 15 years. After expiry, the RC can be renewed every 5 years after passing a fitness test.