RTO Wadala

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RTO Wadala

Wadala is a neighbourhood in Mumbai's eastern outskirts. It is where the Wadala RTO office is formed under the 1988 Motor Vehicles Act (Section 213.1). It was established to assist individuals in the region with the legalities associated with their automobiles. The 1988 Motor Vehicles Act entrusted the MH 03 RTO code (the unique code assigned to Wadala RTO) with the vital responsibility of implementing various laws.

The state in which the Wadala RTO Code (MH-03) is located, is Maharashtra. 'MH' is the state transport code. All of these are overseen by the Maharashtra Commissioner of Transport.

Since the world's going digital, the Maharashtra Motor Vehicles Department has built up a web portal to provide residents greater freedom and flexibility in completing RTO-related duties. Residents may learn more about RTO Wadala by visiting: https://transport.maharashtra.gov.in.

Wadala RTO Office

The following table will give you the Wadala RTO address as well as the contact details:

MH-03 RTO Mumbai East - Wadala RTO Address and Contact Details

RTO Code MH-03
RTO Office Location B/2, 3rd Floor, Wadala Truck Terminal, Wadala Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400037
RTO Working Hours 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM | Monday to Saturday
RTO Phone Number +91-22-24036479, +91-22-24036221
Email Address rto.03-mh@gov.in 

RTO Wadala Vehicle Registration Charges

The table outlined below displays the Wadala RTO's vehicle registration charges:

Vehicle Class Registration Charges (in ₹)
Invalid Carriage ₹50
Two-Wheelers ₹300
Imported Two-Wheelers ₹5,000
LMVs (Light Motor Vehicles) ₹600
Medium goods and Passenger Vehicles ₹1,000
Heavy Goods and Passenger Vehicles ₹1,500
Imported Motor Vehicles ₹5,000
E-carts or E-rickshaws ₹1,000
Light Commercial Vehicles ₹1,000
Any other vehicles (from the ones mentioned above) ₹3,000

RTO Wadala: Functions

RTO Wadala performs a number of activities or procedures that are necessary to provide adequate and safe street traffic. The MH-03 code is primarily responsible for implementing road transportation laws in the Wadala region. The key functions of the Wadala RTO are listed below:

  • Vehicle Registration: RTO Mumbai East (MH-03) is responsible for providing temporary and permanent vehicle registration documents, changing registration details, extending registration credentials, and transferring vehicle ownership.

  • Driving Permit: At RTO Wadala, people can receive their driving licences, including commercial licences, duplicate driving licences, etc. The MH-03 code also conducts driving examinations.

  • Collecting Revenue: The Wadala RTO's responsibility also involves generating revenue for the government, such as collecting Road Tax or Motor Vehicle Tax in accordance with the 1988 Motor Vehicles Act, addressing any motor division action concerns, and receiving automobile inspection fees.

  • Vehicle Examination: The Regional Transport Office in Wadala inspects automobiles for mechanical competence as well as pollutants in order to limit pollution levels and protect the ecosystem.

  • Permit Issuance: The Wadala RTO (MH-03) is also in charge of providing transportation and tourist permits, permits for school buses, national and inter-state permits for good-carrying vehicles, international driving permits, and so forth.

Registering a Vehicle in Wadala: How to Do It?

Even though you may certainly register your vehicle with the assistance of your vehicle dealer, you can also register it at the MH-03 RTO code.

  • 1. Take your new automobile to the Wadala RTO office.

  • 2. Complete Application Form No. 2 and attach all relevant papers (listed below):

    • CV20 Application Form

    • Temporary registration certificate supplied by the vehicle dealer

    • Registration charges

    • Photocopy of PAN Card

    • Sale Certificate of the vehicle

    • Valid ID and address proof

  • 3. You'll be brought to the kiosk in order to pay for the vehicle registration fees after the Wadala RTO officer has checked and verified all of your paperwork.

  • 4. After completing the verification processes, you will be handed a Smart Card that serves as your RC (Registration Certificate).

Vehicle Registration Certificate Renewal in Wadala: How to Do It?

In order to drive an automobile freely on Wadala or Maharashtra's roadways, a valid registration certificate is required. Every private and commercial vehicle is to be re-registered every five years following the initial registration for a period of 15 years. Listed below are the steps to renew your vehicle registration certificate in RTO Wadala:

  • Visit the MH-03 RTO code, and fill up Application Form No. 25. You may also obtain it by visiting the official website of the Maharashtra Motor Vehicles Department.

  • You must provide the following papers to the Regional Transport Office of Wadala:

    • Original vehicle RC (registration certificate)

    • Valid two-wheeler/four-wheeler insurance

    • Application Form No. 25 duly filled and signed

    • Applicable renewal charges

    • Payment proof of road tax

    • PUC Certificate

    • Vehicle fitness certificate

Vehicle Registration in Wadala: Documents Required

The following documents will be required if you want to register your vehicle in Wadala:

  • Application Form 20, 21

  • Application Form 22A, or vehicle dealer's certificate of safety and emissions

  • Purchase invoice

  • Application Form No. 28 (if the vehicle is bought using a bank loan)

  • Customs bill (if the vehicle is imported)

  • Bike/Car insurance proof

  • Passport-size photographs

  • PAN Card or Application Form No. 60

  • Proof of address

  • Duly filled TCA and TCR paperwork (if the vehicle is bought for commercial reasons)

Motor Insurance in Wadala

The 1988 Motor Vehicles Act requires you to get at least a basic third-party insurance for your automobile. If you're caught operating your vehicle without a valid insurance plan, the consequences will be severe. Obtaining vehicle insurance should be viewed as more than just following the law; you must also consider the benefits of motor insurance.

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What is the MH-03 RTO name?

What is the MH-03 RTO name?


If you are searching for the MH-03 RTO name, let us tell you that it is the special code assigned to RTO Wadala. It's located in the east of the city of Mumbai. Hope we are able to answer your question "MH-03 which city". For more details regarding the MH-03 code, you can visit the Maharashtra Motor Vehicles Department's official web portal by clicking https://transport.maharashtra.gov.in.

Is it allowed to carry people while just holding a learner's permit?


You may carry people, but you should show learner (L) plates on both the back and front of your vehicle.

What are the processes I need to undergo when it comes to applying for a duplicate Registration Certificate in Wadala?

  • The following steps are involved in the procedure of issuing duplicate Registration Certificate in the Regional Transport Office of Wadala:

  • The vehicle owner will be given a challan that says "RC is Lost".

  • Application Form No. 26 must be obtained and completed on Maharashtra RTO's official web portal.

  • No Objection Certificate or letter of authorisation from the financier if the vehicle is financed

  • Motor insurance policy photocopy

  • Papers of driving test

  • A copy of your driving licence

  • Application Form No. 26 (triplicate copy) with the registration authority's approval

  • The vehicle owner must submit all documentation to the Wadala RTO

  • A cost will be charged in order to get a duplicate Registration Certificate



*All the car prices and other information listed above pertain to a specific city and vehicle model. Since this information is subject to change, it is advisable to check the latest information before purchasing a vehicle or an insurance policy.