RTO Office Washim MH-37

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RTO Office Washim MH-37

Washim is situated in the eastern part of Maharashtra, and it offers a glimpse of history with its ancient temples and numerous ponds. In ancient times, it served as the illustrious capital of the Vakataka dynasty, known as Vatsagulm. Later, during the British Raj, its strategic location gave it the status of a full-fledged district.

But the heart of any modern town beats with its transportation system. This is where the Regional Transport Office (RTO) of Washim, or the MH-37 RTO passing authority, plays a pivotal role. With Washim witnessing increased traffic growth, the RTO ensures smooth and safe rides for everyone.

So, whether you have just moved to Washim or have been a resident of Washim for quite some time now, knowing about the RTO Washim rules is imperative to ensure a safe driving experience.

This handy guide will help you learn more about the RTO MH-37 functions and services to make navigating through the roads of Washim easier for you.

What is the Regional Transport Authority in Washim?

The Regional Transport Authority (RTO) in Washim is a government body responsible for regulating and overseeing transportation services within the Washim region. It administers licences, permits, and regulations for various modes of transportation, including buses, taxis, and auto-rickshaws.

The MH-37 RTO passing authority ensures compliance with road safety standards, violation penalties, and operational guidelines to maintain an efficient and safe transportation system for residents and commuters in Washim.

There is no dedicated Washim RTO website, but you can learn more about the RTOs in Maharashtra on the official website of the Department of Motor Vehicles.

RTO Office in Washim

MH-37 Passing City Name Washim
Washim RTO Code MH-37
RTO Washim Address College Building, Risod Road Lakhala, Washim - 444505
RTO Official Email mh37@mahatranscom.in
RTO Contact Number -242405
Opening Hours 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Monday - Friday)

Functions of Washim RTO Passing Office in Maharashtra

The Washim Regional Transport Office (RTO) in Maharashtra undertakes vital functions to regulate and manage transportation effectively. The RTO remains committed to promoting road safety, enhancing regulatory compliance, and improving the overall quality of transportation services in Washim and its surrounding areas.

Some of its major functions are stated as follows:

Traffic Law Enforcement: One of its primary functions is law enforcement, where it plays a key role in upholding traffic laws and regulations. Through enforcement activities, such as monitoring speed limits, ensuring proper use of signals, and cracking down on reckless driving, the RTO contributes significantly to enhancing road safety and maintaining order on Washim's streets.

Issuing Several Documents: Next, the RTO is responsible for the issuance of various vehicle-related documents. This includes registration certificates, which validate the legality of vehicles operating within the region.

Moreover, the RTO facilitates the issuance of driving licenses, permits, and fitness certificates, ensuring that drivers and vehicles meet prescribed standards and qualifications. These documents not only authenticate the legality of vehicles and drivers but also promote accountability and safety on the roads.

Collection of Fines and Taxes: The RTO serves as a vital hub for the collection of fines related to traffic violations and road taxes. By imposing penalties for offences, such as overspeeding, improper parking, riding without a helmet, and driving without valid documents, the RTO aims to deter reckless behaviour and promote adherence to traffic regulations in the area.

The revenue generated from fines is often reinvested in road maintenance and safety initiatives, contributing to the overall improvement of transportation infrastructure and services.

Transportation Control: This constitutes another significant aspect of the RTO's functions. It involves the monitoring and regulation of both public and private transport services operating within Washim. This includes overseeing routes, schedules, and vehicle conditions to ensure compliance with established standards and regulations.

By maintaining strict control over transportation operations, the RTO seeks to enhance efficiency, reliability, and safety in the provision of transport services to residents and travellers alike.

Services Offered by Washim MH-37 RTO Office

The Washim Regional Transport Office (RTO) in Maharashtra provides various essential services related to motor vehicles and driving licences. These services aim to ensure road safety, compliance with regulations, and smooth functioning of transportation systems.

Motor Vehicle Registration: Motor Vehicle Registration at the Washim RTO involves issuing Temporary Registration Certificates (TRCs) for newly purchased vehicles, allowing legal usage until Permanent Registration Certificates (PRCs) are obtained. These documents are crucial for identifying vehicles, ensuring accountability, and maintaining order on the roads of Washim, Maharashtra.

Temporary Registration Certificate (TRC): TRC is a temporary document issued by the RTO to allow the legal use of a motor vehicle on the road until the permanent registration process is completed.

Permanent Registration Certificate (PRC): PRC is a permanent document issued by the RTO after completing the necessary inspections and paperwork. It serves as proof of ownership and legality for the motor vehicle.

Motor Vehicle Tax Collection: The Washim RTO collects taxes from motor vehicle owners in accordance with government regulations. These taxes play a vital role in financing road maintenance, infrastructure development, and other transportation-related expenses, ensuring the upkeep and improvement of road networks and facilities.

Issuance of Driving Licences: Individuals who pass driving tests and meet eligibility criteria receive driving licences from the Washim RTO. These licences authorise individuals to operate motor vehicles on the road legally, ensuring drivers possess the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate safely.

Vehicle's Mechanical Inspection: The Washim RTO conducts thorough mechanical inspections of motor vehicles to ensure compliance with safety and emission standards. This meticulous inspection process helps identify and rectify any mechanical issues that could potentially endanger road users, ensuring safer and more reliable transportation.

Issuance of Permits: The RTO Washim issues different road-travel-related permits to different types of vehicles:

Goods Carrier Permit: This permit enables vehicles to transport goods commercially within designated regions, facilitating the movement of goods and bolstering economic activities.

National Permit: National permits grant vehicles the authority to transport goods or passengers across various states within the country, fostering interstate trade and connectivity.

Private Service Vehicle Permit: Vehicles used for private transportation services, such as taxis or rental cars, require this permit to operate legally, ensuring passenger safety and regulatory compliance.

Stage Carriage Permit: Vehicles providing scheduled passenger transportation services, such as buses, obtain stage carriage permits, ensuring efficient and regulated public transportation services.

No Objection Certificate (NOC): The RTO issues NOCs to vehicle owners seeking to transfer their vehicle's registration to another state. This certificate confirms the absence of pending obligations or objections against the vehicle, facilitating seamless interstate vehicle registration transfers.

PUC Certificate: After undergoing emission tests, vehicles receive Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificates from the Washim RTO, affirming compliance with prescribed pollution control norms. PUC certificates indicate that vehicle emissions fall within permissible limits, contributing to environmental sustainability and air quality improvement efforts.

Vehicle Fitness Certificate: Following comprehensive inspections covering mechanical, safety, and emission aspects, the Washim RTO issues fitness certificates to vehicles. These certificates attest that vehicles are in suitable condition for safe operation on roads, ensuring public safety and regulatory compliance.

Importance of Motor Insurance Policy in Washim

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So, if you were thinking, “MH-37 which city in Maharashtra?” - it is in Washim.

From issuing driving licences and registering vehicles to collecting taxes that improve road conditions, the RTO ensures a safe and efficient driving experience for everyone.

Whether you are a new driver embarking on your journey or a seasoned one keeping your vehicle compliant, the RTO is there to assist you.

So, remember to drive responsibly, follow traffic rules, and stay safe on the roads of Washim.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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What documents do I need to register my vehicle at the Washim RTO?

What documents do I need to register my vehicle at the Washim RTO?


The required documents might vary depending on the type of vehicle. However, generally, you will need the sales certificate, registration certificate (if transferring ownership), pollution under control certificate (PUC), insurance policy, and address proof.

Can I pay road tax online for my vehicle registered in Washim RTO?


Yes, you can pay road tax online through the Parivahan Sewa portal or other government-authorised websites.

What are the fees associated with obtaining a driving licence at the Washim RTO?


The fees for obtaining a driving licence may vary depending on the type of licence and category. However, you can find the detailed fee structure on the official Maharashtra Transport Department website or inquire directly at the Washim RTO office.