HR-98 RTO Office Badshahpur

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HR-98 RTO Office Badshahpur

HR-98 is the code of the Badshahpur RTO office which is present in the Gurugram district of Haryana. The city of Badshahpur is surrounded by sectors 49, 65, 67 and 69, all of which are equipped with high-quality infrastructure and numerous housing societies.

The RTO office in Badshahpur manages the registration and movement of vehicles along with ensuring that each and every transport rule is being followed. Let’s learn more about HR-98 passing Badshahpur Regional Transport Office (RTO) and the services it provides.

What is the HR-98 Regional Transport Authority?

The HR-98 RTO in Badshahpur works under the Transport and Road Safety Department of the Haryana government, which follows and implements the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act, of 1988.

In total, there are 99 Regional Transport Offices (RTOs) in Haryana, and one of them is the Badshahpur RTO having an HR-98 RTO code (where HR stands for Haryana and 98 for the 98th number of RTO in the whole state).

HR-98 Which City?: HR-98 RTO Address and Other Details

HR-98 Passing City Name Badshahpur
RTO Code HR-98
HR 98 RTO Address C3FG+8JX, Sector 15, Block H, Sector 57, Gurugram, Haryana 122001
State Haryana
Pin Code 122001

Main Functions of HR-98 RTO Office in Badshahpur

Vehicle Registration

The HR-98 RTO Office issues Registration Certificates (RC) to the vehicle owners. This certificate given by the RTO proves that your vehicle is documented under the central vehicle database and allows you to use your vehicle on the roads. You cannot drive a vehicle without a registration certificate.

The HR-98 RTO also provides a duplicate RC in case of loss, theft or damage to the original RC and also offers RC renewals.

Fees Structure of Vehicle Registration at HR-98 RTO

Type of Vehicle Charges in ₹
Motorcycle/Two-Wheeler ₹300
Three-wheeler/Light-Motor Vehicles/Cars Transport-₹ 1000
Non-Transport- ₹600
Medium Goods/Passenger Vehicles ₹1000
Heavy Goods/Passenger Vehicles ₹1500
Other Vehicles ₹3000

Issues Driving Licence

A driving licence is one of those documents without which your vehicle is not permitted to be used on the road. Having a driving licence saves you from unnecessary fines and penalties, ensures your safety and protects others on the road as well.

The RTO Office in Badshahpur conducts driving tests to check your driving skills on the road and issues the driving licence if everything is in order.

Important Note: As per the latest changes in driving licence rules, you can now get a driving licence from authorised private driving training centres.

Charges for Driving Licence Related Activities at HR-98 RTO

Purpose Charges in ₹
Issue of Learner Driving Licence ₹150
Issue of Normal Driving Licence ₹200
Issue of Duplicate Driving Licence 200
Issue of Smart Card for Duplicate Driving Licence ₹400
Renewal of Driving Licence ₹200
Change in Address or Any Other Information ₹200
Renewal for Vehicle Carrying Hazardous Goods ₹1000
Issue of Licence to Driving Schools ₹10,000
Issue of Duplicate Licence to Driving Schools ₹5000

Issues Permits for Different Vehicles

Not every vehicle is the same, there are various categories of vehicles (passenger, goods, etc). Each of these vehicles needs to have a special type of permit issued by the nearest RTO.

HR-98 RTO, passing city name, Badshahpur issues different types of permits based on the vehicle’s use and type. Here is a small list of permits that Badshahpur RTO issues:

Goods Carrier Permit - This permit allows a goods vehicle to carry a certain amount of load within a particular area i.e., if you live in Badshahpur, and you have a goods carrier permit for Badshahpur, then you will only be allowed to carry goods in this area only.

National Permit - As the name suggests, this permit is for those goods and passenger vehicles that also run outside the home state. A vehicle needs to move between a minimum of 4 states to get a national permit.

All India Tourist Permit - This permit is issued to those whose vehicle is used for tourist purposes. Moreover, all Indian tourist permits remain valid throughout India.

Fees Structure for Different Permits

Parameter Embassy Consulate
Purpose An Embassy is a representation of the country’s culture and politics. It serves a broader diplomatic purpose, offering services to maintain political and economic relations and other consular services. A Consulate deals with more specific requirements by offering services for visa applications, passports, etc., for a region in the country. 
Location An Embassy is located in the country’s capital.  These are located in various major cities, such as Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, etc. For example, the Bangladesh Consulate in India is located in Kolkata.
Size The staff working in an Embassy is more as it offers more services. The staff size is comparatively smaller.

Vehicle Ownership Transfer

Selling a vehicle to someone else means most of the documents related to the vehicle have to be changed.

It is important that you first transfer the ownership to the new owner as it will free you from all the legal obligations related to your vehicle. HR-98 RTO offers vehicle ownership transfer services and charges a fee of only ₹300.

Collects Road Tax

As per the Indian Government, it is compulsory to pay the road tax. The HR-98 RTO collects road tax depending upon the cost of the vehicle, its engine and seating capacity and its unladen weight.

A Quick Glance on the Road Tax Percentage in RTO Badshahpur

Cost of the Vehicle Tax Percentage
2-Wheeler (costing less than ₹75,000) 0.04
2-Wheeler (costing between ₹75,000-₹2,00,000) 0.06
2-Wheeler (costing more than ₹2,00,000) 0.08
4 Wheeler (costing less than ₹6,00,000) 0.05
4-Wheeler (costing between ₹6,00,000-20,00,000) 0.08
4-Wheeler (costing more than ₹20,00,000) 0.1

Pollution Under Control Certificate

Having a Pollution Under Control Certificate is a prerequisite for driving your vehicle on the road as per the law. This certificate makes sure that the emissions released from a vehicle are below the specified limit.

Badshahpur RTO provides this service as well. After checking the emissions of a vehicle, the RTO gives a PUC “Pollution Under Control” Certificate to the vehicle owner so that he can legally use his motor vehicle.

The fee charged by the RTO for a PUC certificate starts from ₹60 or ₹100, but the exact amount is calculated on the basis of the vehicle's features and the type of fuel it uses.

Furthermore, the validity of this certificate is 1 year from the date of issue.

Provides Vehicle Fitness Certificate

Another essential document that you must have to avoid paying fines and penalties while driving is the Vehicle Fitness Certificate.

According to the Motor Vehicles Act, it is essential that you have a Vehicle Fitness Certificate regardless of the vehicle you are driving.

This certificate is also issued by HR-98 RTO. The RTO official will inspect your vehicle’s condition thoroughly and confirm that it is fit to run on the road with other vehicles and then issue the certificate.

Issues Conductor Licence

In order to work as a conductor on stage carriage, it is mandatory to have a conductor’s licence. The Badshahpur RTO also offers the service of issuing a conductor’s licence.

The price charges for a conductor’s licence are one-half of that for a driving licence. Besides, this licence remains valid for 5 years starting from its issuance date.

Grants No Objection Certificate (NOC)

HR-98 RTO also grants NOCs to the vehicle owner, when requested. One of the main reasons for applying for a No Objection Certificate is for re-registration in another state.

This certificate states that the vehicle, in question, has no pending liability, such as road tax, penalties or any other crime.

Most Used RTO Forms at Badshahpur RTO that You Should Know Of

Form Use
Form 20 Application form for registration of a motor vehicle.
Form 26 Application form for issue of duplicate Registration Certificate (RC).
Form 27 Application form for a new registration mark/number for the vehicle.
Form 28 Application form for “No Objection Certificate” (NOC).
Form 29 Application form for vehicle ownership transfer on sale of the vehicle to third-party.
Form 31 Application form for vehicle ownership transfer due to succession.
Form 33 Application form for changing the address or any other particularities in the Registration Certificate.
Form 34 Form for intimating the RTO that the vehicle to be registered is purchased with a bank loan.
Form 35 Form for intimating the RTO about the termination of the loan agreement on clearance.

Importance of Car Insurance Policy in Badshahpur

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From conducting driving tests and issuing driving licences to providing several necessary certificates, the HR-98 RTO is a one-stop solution for all your transport-related needs.

The HR-98 passing city name is Badshahpur which is located in Gurugram. This RTO provides different services to vehicle owners and helps them comply with rules and regulations right from the moment they buy a new vehicle.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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Can we renew RC after 15 years in Haryana?

Can we renew RC after 15 years in Haryana?


Yes. It is possible to get your Registration Certificate renewed after 15 years from the date of issuance. However, it should be kept in mind the extension that renewal provides only lasts for 5 years.

What Is the jurisdiction of RTO HR-98?


The HR-98 RTO is situated in Badshahpur in the Gurugram district of Haryana and takes care of vehicle-related processes in Badshahpur.

How much time does it take to get a bike registration number?


In general, it only takes a week or so to get a registration number for your bike. But the condition here is that all the required documents have to be submitted so that RTO officials can start the processing.

How to register a vehicle in Haryana, Badshahpur?


To register a vehicle in Badshahpur, Haryana you should visit HR-98 RTO with your vehicle, the documents you received from your seller, and your identity proofs and fill the form 20 appropriately. After filling out the form, attach the necessary documents and submit them to the RTO official so that they can verify the documents, inspect the vehicle and start the registration process.