Kohima RTO Office

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Kohima RTO Office

Kohima, the beautiful capital of Nagaland, is one of the finest getaways to explore and get lost in the natural beauty of diverse landscapes and flora.

The city is full of life with colonial architecture, with a touch of modernisation and top-class amenities. The daily lives of the people living in Kohima require them to go from one place to another via different modes of transportation.

To facilitate a smooth driving experience, Kohima offers a wide network of roads connecting city transportation to different inter and intra-state routes in Nagaland. Moreover, one of the main reasons for the economic development of this city is due to its road connectivity.

Many national highways are also a part of this wide road network, making it easier for the people of Nagaland to go around hassle-free. However, due to the scenic views and hilly terrain, maintaining road and personal safety while driving with a bike or car insurance policy is mandatory.

Therefore, to allow locals and tourists to navigate through the beauty of Kohima, the city authorities, like Kohima RTO, are collectively working together to maximise road safety.

What is a Regional Transport Office?

A regional transport office is an authorised government agency that is responsible for regulating and monitoring different aspects relating to a particular region’s transportation, traffic law enforcement, and road safety.

All policies announced by the government to curb accidents and fatalities while increasing ownership of each driver driving the streets of a region need to be implemented by the regional transport office in charge.

All aspects relating to vehicle ownership and usage are covered under the roles and responsibilities of RTO.

The primary goal of any RTO is to encourage people to actively participate in their vehicle maintenance, payment of necessary taxes and fines, and get the necessary documentation to drive on the streets with full responsibility.

Details of RTO Office Kohima

Similar to other regions, cities, and states, Kohima also has an authorised RTO to carry out the necessary responsibilities while extending full support to the people of Kohima for any vehicle or driving-related documentation.

NL-01 RTO code belongs to Kohima RTO, where all applications, approvals, and renewals take place. You can also access the Kohima RTO online using their official website or the Parivahan portal to get the desired services from the comfort of your home.

Below, you will find all the necessary information regarding the NL-01 RTO code.

Kohima RTO Code  NL-01 RTO
NL-01 RTO Address  Secretariat Complex, Kohima, Nagaland - 797001
RTO Kohima Contact Number 91-3866-221315
RTO Kohima Working Days Monday to Saturday
RTO Kohima Timings 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Kohima RTO Website  https://mvd.nagaland.gov.in/

Functions of Kohima RTO

RTO is responsible for enabling a secure driving environment for all by encouraging responsible driving with the right documentation and rules. To make this happen efficiently, some of the key functions of Kohima RTO include the following:

Improve Road Safety

One of the key functions of Kohima RTO is to maintain road safety. To do so, they implement several road rules and regulations and push them through to the people of Kohima.

Moreover, Kohima RTO is also responsible for conducting awareness sessions when required and implementing the right safety measures to ensure minimal road accidents due to careless driving.

Vehicle and Driving Documentation

Every vehicle in Kohima requires a list of documentation to be permitted to drive the streets of Kohima. All these documents are approved and issued by the RTO.

From vehicle registration to driving licence and other permits, to obtain these documents, you need to visit the RTO. Even for changes or amendments in these documents, only the RTO can authorise and implement them for you.

Tax and Fine Collection

To drive any vehicle on the streets and roads of Kohima, paying road tax is mandatory. RTO collects the payment of the road tax.

Moreover, as RTO is responsible for improving road safety through proper law enforcement, any breaches or violations conducted by the people attract heavy fines and penalties. The collection and payment of these can also be completed by the RTO.

Vehicle Record Maintenance

No matter the vehicle category, RTO has the key function of recording proper track records of each of them. This includes recording per-vehicle violations, emission levels, vehicle fitness, and much more.

This is necessary to promote better vehicle maintenance and responsible driving to avoid law violations and fines.

Services Offered at the RTO Office Kohima

For complete maintenance and registration of the transportation network and system of Kohima, the RTO office Kohima is responsible. Additionally, to provide the necessary vehicle and driving documentation, RTO is in charge of the entire verification process.

Let us look at some of the key services offered by Kohima RTO below.

Vehicle Registration Certificate

After the purchase of any vehicle in Kohima, getting the vehicle registered at the Kohima RTO office is mandatory. Once your vehicle is registered, you need to complete the formalities of the registration certificate to get your valid RC issued by the RTO.

Whether you own a private vehicle or a commercial vehicle, driving without a registration certificate is against the law and can thus attract heavy fines.

At Kohima RTO, you can apply for the following registration certificates:

Temporary Registration Certificate - Kohima RTO is authorised to provide you with a temporary registration certificate for your vehicle, which comes with a validity of a maximum of 30 days.

The primary reason for issuing this certificate is to allow the new vehicle owners additional time to complete any required vehicle-related formalities like part changes, beautification, vehicle insurance purchase, accessories, etc.

With a temporary registration certificate, the vehicle can be taken on the roads, when necessary, for limited usage. It is mandatory to convert the temporary vehicle RC into a permanent one within the given period to avoid fines.

Permanent Registration Certificate - A permanent registration certificate is an official document that is issued only by the Kohima RTO to allow convenient and stress-free usage of the vehicle on the streets of Kohima.

To get your valid vehicle registration certificate, you need to apply at the RTO with the correct documentation regarding yourself and your vehicle. The validity of a permanent registration certificate is 15 years, after which you can renew it for 5 years each time.

Driving with a valid RC can result in serious violations as it is mandated by the law.

Vehicle Fitness Certificate

To promote utmost road safety, evaluating the vehicles based on their parts functionality and emission levels is very crucial. Kohima RTO is in charge of conducting fitness checks for all the vehicles before issuing them the fitness certificate, which is an important mandatory document.

Under this assessment, the vehicle undergoes a thorough inspection wherein the brakes, mechanical parts, engine, transmission, and other components undergo strict checks by the RTO officials.

Once the vehicle passes this assessment, the RTO issues the fitness certificate. RTO also provides renewals of these certificates as per timeline and specialised certification for specific commercial or other transport vehicles.

Vehicle No Objection Certificate

Certain situations or decisions require the transportation of vehicles from one district or region to another city or state. Kohima RTO is responsible for issuing the no-objection certificate for the vehicles in such cases.

Whether it is due to the relocation of individuals or a change in ownership of the vehicle, without a no-objection certificate, this transition cannot take place.

To apply for an NOC, the vehicle owner needs to submit an application form to the RTO with all the relevant documents, including vehicle RC, insurance, fitness certificate, etc.

For transporting vehicles without any legal obligation, this document is a must. Moreover, NOC also transfers all the vehicle details to the new RTO with ease, ensuring a quick and efficient re-registration process.

Vehicle Pollution Under Control Certificate

Along with keeping a check on the vehicle's fitness level, the RTO is also responsible for keeping the environment clean and safe. For the same reason, RTO also issues the pollution under control (PUC) certificate to the vehicle owners after an assessment.

In this assessment, the RTO conducts a thorough inspection to measure the emission levels of the vehicle and their compliance with the emission standards of the city or region.

So, you need to get your new or existing vehicle verified for safe driving on the streets of Kohima by the RTO and renew the PUC as needed to avoid fines.

Licence Issuance and Renewals

No one is permitted to drive any vehicle without a valid driving licence in hand. RTO provides both offline and online services to apply for a licence as per convenience. Along with issuing new licences, RTO also looks into providing complete renewal assistance to extend maximum support.

Here is a list of licences provided by the RTO.

Learner’s Licence - Before getting a valid DL, everyone needs to apply for a learner’s licence. You need to be at least 16 years of age to apply. All applications for a learner’s licence go to the RTO for final approval and verification.

To apply, you need to submit an application form with valid documents. Once you do that, you need to book a driving test that is conducted at the RTO under the supervision of the RTO officials.

Upon passing, you are granted the learner’s licence by the RTO. A learner’s licence is usually valid for up to 180 days.

Driver’s Licence - One of the most important documents required by the law to be eligible to drive any vehicle is a permanent driving licence.

You need to apply with an application form and important documents at the RTO, online or offline, and then book a driving test to proceed. During the driving test at the RTO, you will be accompanied by an RTO officer who will test your driving and traffic rules and regulations knowledge.

Once approved, you will receive a valid DL to drive hassle-free. The validity of a DL is either 20 years or till you turn 40 years, whichever is earlier, after which you need to renew it to be able to drive.

International Licence - If you wish to drive a car in international destinations, you need to get the permit for the same from the RTO at Kohima.

The international licence permit confirms that you hold a valid DL in India, and without it, you will not be allowed to drive anywhere in the world except India.

Commercial Licence - Some commercial vehicle drivers require a specific driving licence to be able to drive their vehicles on the road.

For example, to drive buses, trucks, good carriages, etc., you need to apply for a commercial driving licence at the RTO, where they check your eligibility before issuing it.

Permit Issuance and Renewals

For certain activities that require commercial vehicles to travel to other regions or states, different permits are necessary. Without them, you will not be allowed to leave the region to go to another.

The list of permits issued by RTO Kohima includes the following.

National Permit - For commercial vehicles, transportation of goods from one city or state to another in India is a big part of operations. Therefore, to do it easily, they need to apply for a national permit at the RTO that allows them to travel between different regions and states easily, without any legal or law obligation.

You also need to renew it after the said validity period to avoid any fines or delays in deliveries.

Tourist Permit - Tourism is a big part of India, and even the locals plan trips around India frequently. To facilitate the same, many individuals and companies hire passenger vehicles to ease the commute.

However, to drive the vehicles from one region or state to another, you need to have a valid tourist permit from the RTO for a set time frame for a seamless experience. For ongoing operations for the inter-state for tourism, timely renewal is mandatory.

Amendments in Vehicle Document or Licence

The RTO issues all the above-mentioned vehicle and driving-related documents, and they are all mandatory documents for better driver accountability.

However, over time and or in some circumstances, an individual might want to change certain details in the documents. Whether it is your RC, driving licence, fitness certificate, or any of the permits, all amendment requests are lodged at the RTO.

Once the RTO has received your request, they verify the final details and collect additional information or documents, if needed, before approving and issuing a new document.

Role of Car Insurance Policy in Kohima

The Kohima RTO is your one-stop solution for all inquiries relating to vehicle or driving documents to adhere to the traffic and road rules and regulations of Kohima.

However, one very important document that is compulsory for all vehicle owners is a bike or car insurance policy. As per the Motor Vehicles Act 1988, 3rd party car insurance or bike insurance is mandatory for all vehicle categories.

Other than the mandate policy, Tata AIG offers other options to increase the financial support available for vehicle owners in time of need. Whether it be an unfortunate accident or other damages to your vehicle, our comprehensive insurance policy protects you from any such financial burden.

We believe in providing our customers best solutions, so we offer customisation flexibility with our comprehensive plans to allow you to increase your coverage as needed. To buy car insurance or bike insurance, compare different options before making the final decision.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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