Mall Road RTO Office DL 01

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Mall Road RTO Office DL 01

Delhi is popular for its bustling streets and heavy traffic. The rising population, advancement in lifestyle, and infrastructure facilities in Delhi have resulted in a significant increase in the number of motor vehicles on the road. However, the Government has taken effective steps to maintain good road discipline among the vehicles plying on the road for the public's safety.

Every individual purchasing a new car must take the necessary steps to complete the formalities laid by the Government to ensure safe ownership of their vehicle. Registering the car, paying the road tax, purchasing a car insurance policy, etc., are some of the most important steps.

The Regional Transport Offices(RTO) enforce the rules stated under the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 to ensure safety regulations. Here, we will discuss the Mall Road RTO Office, Delhi.

Mall Road In Delhi

The Mall Road in Delhi is one of the busiest regions in the city. It is found in the Northern part of Delhi and is one of the biggest centres for tourist attractions. There are many places to visit nearby, and it is a good area to enjoy shopping.

The Mall Road is well connected by different means of transport. Therefore, it is easily accessible to the people living in that area. Individuals can utilise the regular Government buses, city trains or the Metro train to reach Mall Road.

Here is a detail about the Mall Road RTO Office. It details the functions and services offered by the office for managing the vehicles registered in that area.

What Is A Regional Transport Office (RTO)?

The Regional Transport Office, popularly called the RTO, is an organisation managed by the Government that handles all the transport-related functions in the different regions of our Country. It is established in every state and union territory across India.

The RTO branches are established in many regions within a state to handle the required functions timely and provide the necessary services to the applicants conveniently and in less time.

The RTO is responsible for enforcing road safety rules and regulations, collecting taxes, etc. Therefore, it handles activities such as registering the vehicles of the locality in which it is established, issuing driving licences, providing permits, etc.

Mall Road RTO Delhi 01

The State of Delhi has 13 regional RTO offices. The Delhi Road Transport Department manages them and controls their operations. in the DL 01 region.

The Mall Road Delhi RTO functions under the jurisdiction of the North District Zonal Office headed by the Transport Department Of Delhi.

The Mall Road Delhi RTO offers various services, such as vehicle registration, transfer of ownership, conducting a driving test, issuing learner's and permanent driving licences, etc. The vehicles registered in the Mall Road RTO office will have DL 01 in their registration number.

Here is a brief about the contact number and DL01 RTO address.

Mall Road RTO Delhi
Union Territory Delhi
Zone Northern Zone
State RTO Code DL
RTO Code DL 01
Mall Road RTO Office Address Deputy Director’s Zonal Office, Mall Road, Delhi - 110009
Office timings 8:30 AM to 1:00 PM
RTO Mall Road Contact Number -258824.25

Functions Of Mall Road Delhi RTO

The Mall Road RTO DL 01 works based on certain defined functions to ensure road safety rules and regulations while formulating the different activities as necessitated by the Transport Department. It provides a platform for vehicle owners to comply with the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 by providing various services to secure their vehicles. Here is a detail about the primary functions of Mall Road RTO:

Enforcement of law- The first and most important function of the Mall Road RTO is to enforce the provisions stated under the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, central and state motor vehicle guidelines. It includes vehicle registration, checking for pollution control, car insurance cover, etc.,

Taxes and penalties- The Mall Road Delhi RTO collects taxes and levies penalties on registered vehicles based on the provisions stated under the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988.

Control operations- It helps in the growth and development of the Delhi Road Transport Department by handling and controlling transport-related functionalities in the DL 01 areas, such as the issue of driving licences, permits, etc., and maintaining a record of the registered vehicles.

Services Offered At The Mall Road RTO Delhi 01

Services Offered At The Mall Road RTO Delhi 01

The Mall Road RTO office offers a range of services to manage the functions mentioned above for the vehicles registered in the Mall Road locality.

Here are the services offered by the Mall Road RTO Office:

Registration Of Vehicles

Every individual purchasing a new vehicle has to get it registered in the nearby RTO Office according to the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988. The Mall Road RTO is the branch office for registering the vehicle for individuals belonging to areas nearer to Mall Road.

The following are the services rendered to applicable individuals related to the registration of vehicles.

Issuing Registration Certificate(RC) The Mall Road RTO provides the temporary and permanent registration numbers and the corresponding registration certificate for the applicable vehicles. The office will also keep track of the status of the registration certificate for all the vehicles that applied for registration. The registration certificate is valid for 15 years, after which the individuals will have to renew the same at the Mall Road RTO office.

Issue Of No Objection Certificate(NOC) NOC is required for the transfer of vehicle ownership. It is provided for vehicles bought and registered in one state getting transferred to another across India.

Change in registration details The Mall Road RTO can register the vehicles and change any significant details, such as personal details, in the registration certificate based on the individual's application.

Collection Of Taxes And Levying Penalties

Tax collection and levying penalties are two important responsibilities of the RTO.

Taxes The Mall Road RTO office officials collect the applicable fees and taxes, such as the Road Tax, Green Tax, etc. The road tax is collected before registering the vehicle with the RTO.

Penalties The Government has instructed the relevant officials to levy penalties for individuals and their vehicles not following the road safety guidelines and legal formalities. Therefore, the Mall Road RTO levies penalties on vehicles violating the road safety guidelines, such as parking vehicles in the 'No Parking Zone', violating traffic rules, etc. Furthermore, the RTO maintains a record of the offences committed by the individuals with their vehicles for future reference.

In addition, the RTO office collects the applicable service charges for all the vehicle-related services offered.

Delhi Road Tax

Seating Capacity Of The Passenger Vehicle (without driver and conductor) Annual Road Tax (in ₹)
Less than 2 305
Between 2 and 4 605
Between 4 and 6 1130
Between 6 and 18 1915
Exceeding 18 1915 + 250 per passenger

Issue Of Licence

Licences are provided to applicable individuals to ensure only well-trained individuals hold ownership and drive vehicles on the road, conduct tests and approve driving licences, etc.,

The roles and responsibilities of the Mall Road RTO in issuing licences are:

Issue Of Learner's and Permanent Driving Licence The Mall Road Delhi RTO issues the learner's licence and, subsequently, the permanent driving licence for the applicable individuals. Applicants can also apply for the renewal of their driving licence at the Mall Road RTO.

Issue of licence to instructors and conductors The RTO officials are also responsible for issuing the licence for driving instructors and conductors for professional motor vehicles driving schools and commercial vehicles.

Conduct driving tests The qualified RTO officials from the Mall Road RTO branch conduct the driving licence test on a regular basis for the applicable individuals in that region.

Issue of Duplicate Driving Licence The Mall Road RTO office will also provide the duplicate driving licence for the individuals who have registered the application owing to damage or loss of the driving licence.

Motor Vehicle Mechanical Inspection

The Mall Road RTO is responsible for inspecting vehicles registered with them and approving them for the necessary standards. It will ensure public safety and make them environmentally responsible. The registration certificate is provided after inspecting the vehicle.

The important tasks associated with the inspection are:

Issue of Pollution Under Control Certificate(PUCC) The Mall Road RTO office inspects every vehicle registered with them and provides the Pollution Under Control Certificate.

Issue of vehicle fitness certificate The fitness certificate is another important document required for motor vehicles. The Mall Road RTO office issues the vehicle fitness certificate for the vehicles registered with them.

Checking the validity of car insurance policy Insurance for four-wheelers is mandatory according to Indian Motor laws. Although third-party liability insurance is mandatory, individuals must analyse their requirements and opt for enhanced coverage, such as the comprehensive car insurance plan to cover third-party liabilities and own vehicle damages. The RTO officials check the validity of all vehicles registered with them, especially those who appear for the driving licence test.

Issue Of Permits

Issuing permits for vehicles entering and moving out of Delhi is crucial to ensure safety and maintain the relevant records.

The responsibilities of the RTO officials in this regard are:

Issue and renewal of permits The Mall Road RTO office issues and renews national permits for passenger-carrying vehicles, school buses, commercial motor vehicles, etc.,

Tourists and transportation permits The Mall Road RTO will also issue various transportation and tourist permits such as inter-state permits, international driving permits, etc.,

Importance Of A Car Insurance Policy

A car insurance policy provides an additional layer of protection to a car. It provides the necessary financial support to manage the unexpected expenses to handle the damages incurred to third party liabilities and the insured car.

There are three different car insurance policies available in India. The third-party liability insurance pays for the damages incurred to third parties and their properties. It is mandatory according to the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988. Stand-alone own damage insurance covers damages incurred to the policyholder's insured car. And the comprehensive insurance for four-wheelers covers the damages incurred to third parties and their insured car. Therefore, car insurance policy seekers will have to analyse their financial condition and choose a car insurance policy based on their requirements, considering their driving and location conditions.

At Tata AIG, we offer a car insurance calculator online to help individuals compare the products based on their necessity and affordability to choose a suitable product. It is an online tool that helps you find the right solution and make well-informed decisions.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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What is the RTO Code of Delhi Mall Road?

What is the RTO Code of Delhi Mall Road?


The RTO Code of Delhi Mall Road is DL 01.

How long does it take to receive a NOC from Delhi RTO?


It takes no longer than 3 days to receive the NOC from the Delhi RTO.

How can I find details about the RTO in Delhi?


You can visit the official website of the Delhi Transport Department to find more information about the RTO offices in Delhi.

Can I contact the Delhi RTO to change the details of my driving licence?


Yes, you can contact the RTO to change the details in your driving licence. You can visit the RTO directly or apply for the same online and pay the required charges.

What is the Mall Road RTO Office address?


The address of Delhi Mall Road RTO is Deputy Director's Zonal Office, Mall Road, Delhi - 110009.

Should I visit the RTO in Delhi to renew my registration certificate?


Yes, you need to visit the Delhi RTO to renew your registration certificate because the vehicle inspector will inspect your vehicle before renewing the Registration certificate.

What is the office timing for the Mall Road RTO in Delhi?


The working time for the Mall Road RTO in Delhi is between 8:30 am and 1:00 pm.