RTO Office MH-32 Wardha

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RTO Office MH-32 Wardha

Wardha City will always strike a different chord in every Indian’s heartstrings. This is because of the great political and historic significance the place holds. History tells us that more than 450 freedom fighters belonged to Wardha. Thus, the place boasts a unique spiritual and political aura, loved and cherished by tourists and residents alike.

If you have settled in Wardha or plan to shift there and drive a vehicle of your own in the city, it is necessary that you have all the necessary vehicle-related documents to avoid the hassle. These include a valid driver’s licence, registration, bike or car insurance, etc.

The Wardha RTO is the governing body that issues most of these essential vehicle-related documents and also takes care of the vehicular and road safety in the city.

What is the Regional Transport Authority in Wardha?

Every city’s RTO is responsible for managing traffic and ensuring that its citizens abide by the traffic laws in order to have safer streets to drive on. These rules include following the traffic signs, carrying the necessary documents while driving, and being mindful of driving on the roads of Wardha.

RTO in Wardha is also responsible for issuing the necessary documents like driving licences, vehicle registration certificates, and PUCs, settling fines and fees, and encouraging learning to drive and follow the rules.

MH 32 RTO Details

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RTO Name Dy. Regional Transport Office, Wardha
Wardha RTO Code MH 32
Wardha RTO AddressDy. Regional Transport Office, Administrative Building, 1st Floor,  Sevagram Road, Wardha - 442001
Wardha RTO Contact Number 07152/252400 
Email Address mh32@mahatranscom.in 
Office Hours Monday to Friday 09:40 AM - 06:15 PM

Functions of Wardha RTO

Maintaining safety on the streets of Wardha and keeping the traffic under control is one of the most important functions of the MH 32 RTO. However, there are many other important functions it carries out. Here is a list of some of the key functions of Wardha RTO:

Issuing Vehicle-Related Documents: One of the most important functions of RTO Wardha is issuing all the necessary documents required by law. These documents include driving licence, registration certificate, PUC, permits, etc.

These documents are mandatory for every vehicle owner to have, as stated in the MV Act of 1988. If you fail to present any of these documents to the traffic police officer, you are liable to pay hefty fines or even face a three-month imprisonment or both.

Enforcement of Traffic Laws: Ensuring that the citizens of Wardha abide by the traffic laws is one of the most crucial functions of the RTO. Since these laws are made to protect drivers, it is important that everyone follows these to maintain safety standards.

Settling Fines and Taxes: It functions as a tax and fine collection centre. As a vehicle owner and driver in the city, you are liable to pay road and vehicle taxes. These taxes go into the development of bigger and better roads. The RTO of Wardha collects these taxes from its citizens and works toward the betterment of the city and its residents.

Additionally, it is also responsible for collecting fines that are incurred by the vehicle owners. As per the MV Act, 1988, not following the traffic rules such as missing documents, are chargeable offences. They can be settled either by paying at the RTO, online, or paying to the traffic police officers.

Regulation of Transport Operations: Wardha RTO is also responsible for conducting regular checks and scans to ensure that the vehicles and roads are safer mediums of transport.

Services Offered by RTO Office Wardha

It offers many other crucial services along with providing services of issuing necessary documents to the citizens of Wardha. Here is a comprehensive list of the services provided by the RTO Office Wardha:**

Driving Licence

The MH 24 RTO issues 3 types of driving licence:

  • International Driving Permits:** The special permits allow people to drive outside of India and can be availed via Wardha RTO upon submitting the application. However, you are eligible to apply for the International Driving Permits only when you have a valid driver’s licence.

Learner’s Licence (LL): Before you get your first permanent driving licence in Wardha, you will first need to apply for a learner’s licence. You will get a temporary or a learner’s licence from the RTO after submitting the form and paying the fees. The application can also be filled out online on the Parivahan website.

Once you fill out the form online, you only need to carry your original documents for verification along with your fee slip and submit them to the RTO on your scheduled appointment date.

Permanent Licence: An applicant can only be eligible to apply for a permanent licence when they have a valid learner’s licence. The validity of a learner’s licence is 180 days, so you can apply for a permanent one after a month of getting your LL.

However, it is important to note that depending on the type of licence you are applying for, you will have to take different driving tests to prove your driving skills. For example, if you apply for an LMV licence, you will have to drive a car for the test.

Apart from issuing these licences, Wardha RTO also provides other services related to driving licences. They are:**

  • Driving licence renewal.

  • Duplicate driving licence.

  • Driving licence correction.

Vehicle Registration Certificate

The Dy RTO Wardha issues registration certificates for newly purchased vehicles in Wardha. It offers to provide services for two types of registration certificates:**

  • Temporary Registration

  • Permanent Registration

Temporary Registration Certificate:

Every time you buy a new vehicle in Wardha, you get a temporary registration number from the RTO Wardha, which is different from the permanent registration number.

It is provided through the vehicle manufacturers and dealers. The validity of the temporary RC is only 1 month from the date of issue. After that, it becomes the owners’ responsibility to get a permanent registration number before the temporary registration number expires.

Permanent Registration Certificate:

A vehicle owner must have this certificate to prove their ownership. It is a legally mandatory document, and a missing RC will result in penalties, imprisonment or both. Once you get your temporary registration with the new car, you have to apply for a permanent registration within one month of buying a car.

Renewal of Registration Certificate

Along with the registration of new vehicles, the RTO of Wardha also facilitates the renewal of RCs of existing vehicles. As mentioned above, the permanent registration certificates have a validity period of 15 years or 5 years, depending on the type of vehicle you own.

Therefore, once you are nearing the expiry date of your existing registration certificate, it is mandatory to renew it to avoid paying penalties over an invalid RC.

Transferring Vehicle Ownership

In case you sell your vehicle, the Dy RTO Wardha helps you facilitate the transfer of ownership to your buyer. You can carry out the procedure by either visiting the Wardha RTO or online. All you will need is your original RC, a valid PUC certificate and insurance, and duly filled Forms 29 and 30. You can submit these documents with the RTO and it’s done. PUC Certificate

Every vehicle owner needs to have a valid PUC certificate while driving around Wardha. The certificate is proof that the vehicle has emissions under the acceptable range and that your vehicle does not harm the environment. To get your Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate, you can visit any one of the RTO-authorised centres and get your vehicle assessed.

Vehicle Fitness Certificate

Every vehicle needs to get a fitness certificate in order to prove that the vehicle is fit to drive around in the city. This certificate is issued by the city RTO after the official inspection and checks are carried out on the vehicle. With this certificate, it means that the vehicle fits into the environmental standards and will not cause harm to the city.

Motor Vehicle Permits

RTO Wardha provides service for another one of the most important documents to have as a vehicle owner, which is a vehicle permit. A motor vehicle permit allows you to drive around different parts of the country for various reasons like moving goods, etc. Depending on your requirements, you can apply for one of the following permits with Dy RTO Wardha:**

  • Goods Carrier Permit

  • All-India Driving Permit

  • Private Service Vehicle Permit

  • Stage Carrier Permit

  • Counter Signatures of Goods Carrier permits

  • Auto Rickshaw and Taxi permits

Importance of Motor Insurance Policy in Wardha

The city RTO helps its citizens have their required documents and get regular checks on their vehicles. It also helps protect the city drivers as well as the environment. Along with getting the necessary documents issued from the RTO, there is one more document you must not forget, which is a bike or a car insurance policy.

Without a valid insurance policy, you will be charged with a penalty, as stated in the MV Act, 1988. With Tata AIG, you can choose from a range of motor insurance policies to find a plan that fits your budget and coverage needs.

For example, if you only need insurance to complete a legal formality, you can opt for our third-party insurance. However, if you are looking for overall protection for your vehicle, opt for our comprehensive insurance plans.

Additionally, you can further enhance the policy coverage by choosing from our exhaustive range of add-on options, such as an invoice cover in car insurance, zero depreciation, daily allowance, no-claim bonus, etc.

With us, it is easy to determine the best-suited car or bike insurance policy for you by getting the bike or car insurance quotes from our website. Simply enter your vehicle’s registration number and get started on the journey of securing your precious vehicle.


RTO Wardha plays an important role in maintaining the safety standards on the city streets. To drive safely around the city, ensure that you carry around all the necessary documents of your vehicle with you.

The MH 32 RTO provides essential services like issuing vehicle-related documents, imposing traffic rules, issuing permits, etc. Additionally, you can get more information like the Wardha RTO contact number, MH 32 passing city name, address, etc., online by visiting the official website.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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My car has the code MH 32, which city does it belong to?


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