Car Insurance in Faridabad

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Car Insurance in Faridabad

Faridabad, one of the largest and oldest cities in Haryana, is also the state's most populated city. This city is well-known for its industry and contributions to agriculture. The city is bounded to the north by New Delhi, to the west by Gurgaon, and to the south by Uttar Pradesh. When it comes to the economy, Faribadab generates more than half of Haryana's income tax.

Regarding tradition and culture, Faridabad has a distinct blend with a focus on folklore. The suburban side of the city's architecture is reminiscent of great craftsmanship, but the city centre is developed and industrialised.

As a densely populated metropolis, the city traffic is congested with plying cars. This causes significant traffic bottlenecks as well as a large number of accidents, with four wheeler drivers being the majority of those wounded.

Although the public transportation system in Faridabad is solid, most people prefer to drive themselves to work, and because four wheelers are one of the main modes of transportation, this leads to a lot of traffic congestion. However, as the number of four wheelers has grown, so has the number of firms offering four wheeler insurance policies in Faridabad.

Also, as per the 1988 Motor Vehicles Act, driving a four-wheeler in India requires third-party car insurance. In addition to this standard four-wheeler insurance coverage, you can add an extra layer of security by opting for a comprehensive four-wheeler insurance policy.

At Tata AIG, we offer different personalisations and add-ons/riders under our comprehensive four-wheeler insurance plans to assist you customise your Faridabad car insurance package a robust one, ensuring mental peace and satisfaction.

Car Insurance in Faridabad: A Brief Overview

The expansion of industry in Faridabad has increased the commute for residents within the city as well as those travelling to the city. While the number of traffic accidents in Faridabad is relatively under control and low, the residents confront a number of additional issues.

Those who go by car are frequently subjected to traffic bottlenecks. Travelling throughout the city by automobile can be stressful since you may have to wait for hours in traffic to get to your destination. Furthermore, the weather conditions in Faridabad complicate the trip. The monsoon season brings flooding and extensive damage. The city is prone to cyclones, landslides, and floods, all of which might cause harm to your four wheeler. Vehicle theft, on the other hand, is fairly widespread in Faridabad. More than 30,000 automobiles are reported stolen in the city each year.

So, in order to safeguard your four wheeler in the event of an accident, loss as a result of natural/man-made activities, or theft, it's critical to invest in a car insurance policy in Faridabad.

However, because of the new revision to the 2019 Motor Vehicles Act, every four wheeler owner must have insurance for cars if they wish to drive on Indian roadways. The new traffic laws and regulations have made car insurance mandatory. This sort of insurance will protect you as well as your vehicle from damage caused by natural calamities, burglary, and theft. Also, this insurance will cover litigation, including legal expenses that you may have to pay as a consequence of an accident. The insurer's family would obtain benefits in the event of an untimely death of the insured.

Why Should You Purchase Tata AIG Car Insurance in Faridabad?

Car insurance protects the owner-driver, their four wheeler, and third-party property and automobiles against unforeseeable disasters and dangers. In India, having a legal and active car insurance policy is required at all times. The Government of India recently amended the Motor Vehicles Act, one of which was to make third-party four-wheeler insurance mandatory.

Vehicle insurance is also necessary for personal protection in case of an unforeseeable incident that results in four-wheeler loss or damage. A car insurance in Faridabad can also protect you in times of personal liability if you cause third-party property damage. However, before you get vehicle insurance online, ask yourself whether you are making the apt decision.

You may easily obtain car insurance coverage online and can even compare car insurance to get the best possible plan for you with Tata AIG. We offer a quick and easy way to activate your coverage. Here are some reasons why you must obtain car insurance from Tata AIG:

High Claim Resolution Ratio: We take pride in having a high insurance claim resolution rate. In the fiscal year 2020-21, our claim resolution per cent touched 98%.

The Brand Value of Tata: Tata is a more than 150-year-old brand recognised for its principles and consumer trust. For the past two decades, our four-wheeler insurance has delivered on the same ideals and is recognised for keeping its promises.

Optional Riders (Add-ons) for Additional Perks: To supplement the coverage given by the firm, Tata AIG provides more than 13 riders to its clients, who can choose from the available alternatives to construct a personalised car insurance policy.

Comprehensive Coverage: Tata AIG offers its policyholders in Faridabad a one-of-a-kind comprehensive car insurance package that includes both its own damage coverage and third-party coverage. This gives comprehensive coverage for any difficulties that may arise.

Extensive Cashless Garage Network: With 7,500+ cashless garages located across the nation, Tata AIG will undoubtedly provide you with more than a few alternatives when it comes to choosing a garage in Faridabad.

Car Insurance Plans in Faridabad

In addition to addressing the many issues faced by individuals travelling to or within Faridabad, third-party four-wheeler insurance is a required document under the 1988 Motor Vehicles Act. However, it is recommended to take a step further and obtain comprehensive coverage because these policies include extra protection. In India, two types of four-wheeler insurance plans exist, and the same goes for Faridabad. These are comprehensive four-wheeler insurance and third-party four-wheeler insurance.

A third-party insurance for cars is the most standard type of car insurance coverage that just covers third-party liabilities. Because the policy provides limited coverage, it's always better to purchase a comprehensive car insurance plan in Faridabad. Tata AIG allows you to purchase or renew your four-wheeler insurance online. Our website enables you to renew or acquire vehicle insurance online with little to little documentation.

How to File Car Insurance Claim Online with Tata AIG?

Tata AIG's four-wheeler insurance claim is well-known for its simple and speedy online claim submission process. Continue reading to learn about the procedure in detail:

Remember to notify Tata AIG customer service as soon as possible following the damage, accident, or theft. We’ll assist you in determining your next steps.

  • Navigate to the Tata AIG 'Claims Process' webpage.
  • Choose 'Raise a Claim'.
  • Please provide us with the information shown on your device's screen. Click the 'Submit' button.
  • Submit every pertinent paper required for the insurance claim processing.
  • Suppose your vehicle has been damaged and requires repairs, you must take it to a Tata AIG network garage. It'll assist you in filing a cashless claim.
  • We'll investigate the insurance claim. We'll settle your claim if it fits the requirements outlined in your four-wheeler insurance policy agreement.

Filing Car Insurance Claim in Faridabad: Documents Required

You should make a list of these documents that are commonly asked and keep in place for the settlement of four-wheeler insurance claims:

  • Complete claim application form
  • File an FIR in the case of an accident
  • File a No-Trace police report if your four-wheeler is stolen
  • In the case of third-party liabilities, the appropriate party must submit a legal notification.
  • Car insurance policy documents
  • Personal details - identity and address evidence
  • Hospital expenses details in the case of personal accident claim
  • Expenditures for garage repairs (in case of reimbursement claims)
  • Any further paperwork required for car insurance claim settlement

Need for Four Wheeler Insurance in Faridabad

Listed below are the major issues that call for the need for four wheeler insurance in Faridabad:

  • Congestion: Faridabad, with a general population of more than 10 lakh, it’s easy to see that this city has significant traffic congestion on a daily basis. With companies thriving across the city, people are likely to have four-wheelers and other personal vehicles available to them at all times. During early business hours, it’s typical to get stuck in traffic for a few minutes to many hours merely to reach your destination.

  • Theft and Robbery: Each year, more than 36,000 automobiles, amounting to ₹115 crores are stolen, of which just 14,500 are traceable. Four-wheeler owners continually live with worry in their minds as a result of poor road conditions and an increase in robberies.

  • Weather: Faridabad's climatic conditions complicate the commute. The monsoon season brings flooding and extensive damage. The city is prone to cyclones, landslides, and floods, which may cause damage to your cars. To keep these problems away and ensure your four-wheeler is safe, you must obtain the best four-wheeler insurance that this beautiful city has to offer.

Tata AIG Network Cashless Garage List in Faridabad

We have compiled a list of some of the Tata AIG network garages in Faridabad that provide cashless four-wheeler repairs and maintenance.

Garage Name Garage Address and Contact Number
Pasco Motors LLP PLOT. NO. 2 SEC. 6 FARIDABAD PH: 7042670245
Select Cars Private Limited Plot No. 1 Sector 27B Urban Estate Mathura Road FARIDABAD PH: 9818189697
Alt X Autoworks 13/4, MAIN MATHURA ROAD SECTOR 27c FARIDABAD PH: 8287614995
Autovikas Sales and Service Private PLOT NO.2, SECTOR 5, NORTHERN INDIA COMPOUND, 2 MATHURA ROAD FARIDABAD PH: 7669305716
Baltic Motor Private Limited PLOT NO-124-126 DLF INDUSTRIAL ESTATE PH-1 FARIDABAD PH: 9870395712
Saraswati Automobiles 44, Neelam Bata Road, Faridabad PH: 9643409672
Kenbar Auto Pvt. Ltd. 13/7, MATHURA ROAD, MEWLA, MAHARAJPUR PH: 9899000705

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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Frequently Asked Question

1. How can I get four wheeler insurance in Faridabad?


You may get four wheeler insurance in Faridabad by navigating to the Tata AIG official website and following the procedures outlined below:

  • Input your vehicle and personal details
  • Fill out the four-wheeler insurance form
  • Select the kind of coverage you require and any optional extras
  • Go through your insurance policy before making a payment for the premiums
  • You can pay online using any payment gateway of your preference
  • A soft copy will be e-mailed as soon as the transaction is successful.

2. Is car insurance required in Faridabad?


3. Can my car insurance claim be cancelled by my insurance provider?


Yes, the insurance provider can dismiss your car insurance claim if they find that the information you gave was inaccurate, misleading, or due to your lack of cooperation with the insurance carrier