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Tata AIG – Make and Model - Honda Accord Car Insurance

The Accord is a 5-seater sedan priced in the premium bracket. It has a powerful 1993cc engine that generates a max power of 212bhp and max torque of 315nm. Internally, the Accord packs a punch and is loaded with state-of-the-art features. Externally, the Accord is sharp, sleek, and bold in design. The car is designed for everyday use and commuting.

Despite loading promising features, the Accord did not see many sales in the Indian subcontinent. Honda stopped the production of the Accord in 2022, which is why you can only get second-hand versions of it or the remaining models at select dealerships.

A car so classy and elegant as Honda Accord can turn heads on the road. It is a premium sedan that came with a hefty, yet deserving, price tag. So, when purchasing from a used-car dealership, make sure all the documents like the RC and insurance are in place.

For those who do not know, it is mandatory to get car insurance, as per the prevalent motor vehicle laws in India. Driving without a valid third-party car insurance policy at the least can attract penalties or punishment. Besides,

The Honda Accord has a series of cars – the first of which was launched almost two decades ago. The most recent 10th Gen Accord was the last variant to be released in India in 2018. Driving any vehicle on the road means exposing it, yourself, and third parties to the probability of accidents and the consequential damages arising from them. This is the reason why having insurance for four-wheelers becomes all the more important.

So, if you are planning to buy a Honda Accord, get your car insurance from Tata AIG, a trusted name in the market. Tata AIG comprehensive Honda Accord car insurance will cover -

  • for the damages, including the costs for lawsuits or legal fees if held liable.

  • Coverage for the repair cost.

  • Covered for accidents caused by terrorism, earthquakes, etc.

  • Personal accident cover.

  • Death benefits to the beneficiary.

Honda Accord Insurance Renewal/ Buy via Tata AIG

If you have already bought your Honda insurance policy from Tata AIG, you know the process of making a Honda car insurance renewal with us. We have two insurance buying processes - online and offline. Here is the reasons why you should choose the online process -

Features of Online Car Insurance Purchase and Renewal Process

It is 100% digital

It is time-saving and hassle-free

Zero paperwork

Almost instant issuance of insurance policy

If you are buying a car insurance policy with us for the first time, the process takes only a few minutes.

Step 1: Go to our 'Car Insurance' page on our official website.

Step 2: Fill in your car’s registration number and other details.

Step 3: If you are buying the policy for the first time, click on the 'Get Price' button. This will display the estimated Honda Accord insurance price. If you want to renew your insurance with Tata AIG, click on the 'Renew' button.

Step 4: Select the appropriate IDV (Insured Declared Value) for your Honda Accord insurance price.

Step 5: Fill in the details if you wish to raise a claim. Mention any applicable claim history. If you haven't raised any claim earlier, you can select the option 'No Claim Bonus.'

Step 6: Add add-ons based on your needs. Tata AIG Motor Insurance offers 12 add-ons to enhance your coverage. You need to pay additionally for any add-ons, so choose the add-ons wisely.

Step 7: Your Honda Accord insurance coverage amount and premium quote will be displayed on your screen.

Step 8: Select the plan and proceed with online payment from the digital payment options provided.

Once you successfully make the payment, you will receive a soft copy of your policy documents and other details on your registered email ID or WhatsApp number. In case of any support or help, you can contact our 24/7 support team on our toll-free number 1800-266-7780.

Honda Accord Car Insurance Cost – Your Premium Amount

Your Honda accord insurance price for a Honda car insurance renewal or a new car insurance policy will depend on various factors including,

  • The Insured Declared Value (IDV) of your Honda Accord. The IDV is the current market value of your car, payable under the Honda insurance policy during claim settlement. For instance, the Honda Accord is for ₹40 lakhs. If you make an insurance claim in two years, and the IDV drops to ₹35 lakhs, you will receive the said amount.

  • The age, make, and variant of your Honda Accord. The more expensive and newer your vehicle, the higher the premiums, and vice versa.

  • The type of Honda insurance policy and scope of coverage chosen – comprehensive, own-damage, or third party. (A third-party and own-damage Honda car insurance policy will cost less than a comprehensive one.)

  • Your age, your driving record, and the location of the car’s purchase/ usage.

  • Any Tata AIG NCB benefits (up to 50% in case of renewal) or premium discounts (up to 75%) for buying Honda car insurance online.

  • Adding safety devices or expensive modifications to your Honda Accord. Safety devices can lower the car insurance policy cost and modifications can increase it.

To see the factors that influence your car insurance policy premiums and get an accurate estimate of the Honda Accord car insurance price, try using our free and easy-to-use car insurance calculator.

Things Covered and Not Covered under Tata AIG’s Honda Car Insurance

Tata AIG’s Honda insurance policy strives to cover the maximum possible eventualities that can incur financial losses to you and your car. However, no car insurance policy will cover an unlimited number of unforeseen scenarios and the financial consequences tied to them.

Before buying insurance for four-wheelers, it is crucial to know the exact scope of coverage offered to avoid any unpleasant surprises during claim settlement. Here is the table of coverage that shows what our car insurance policy covers and does not cover.

Things COVERED under Tata AIG's Comprehensive Insurance Things NOT COVERED under Tata AIG's Comprehensive Insurance
Our Honda Accord car insurance policy online offers financial coverage against damages due to natural calamities like cyclones, earthquakes, floods, heavy rainfalls, snowfalls, etc. The policy does not cover the damages caused to the car due to driving without a valid licence or outside the geographical location.
Our comprehensive cover also offers coverage against man-made disasters like riots, terrorist attacks, vandalism, strikes, malicious activities, and other man-made catastrophes. If you are in any way found guilty of driving the car under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or other intoxicating substances, and the damages are caused due to these mentioned reasons.
We will compensate you with the entire Insured Declared Value (IDV) of the total current market value of your car if it is stolen or damaged beyond repair due to an accident. Your car's regular wear and tear or damage to the parts due to age or mechanical/electrical breakdown are not included.
It also covers financial liabilities arising from the repairs due to accidents. If the damages are caused due to speeding, rash driving, speed and reliability trials, etc.
Suppose you need to move your car from one location to another using any mode of transportation like the waterways, railways, roadways, airways, etc., and your car gets damaged during this transition. In that case, the damages to the car are covered under a comprehensive insurance policy. If your car is used for commercial purposes
We offer third-party liability cover that includes bodily injuries to a third party, death of a third party, and damages to the third-party property. If the damages are caused due to war or any war-like situation and nuclear peril.
We offer Personal Accident Covers of ₹15 lakhs to the owner-drivers of the comprehensive policy. This cover reimburses emergency medical expenses, ambulance costs, etc. In addition, the appointed beneficiary shall receive the death benefit if the owner-driver dies due to the accident. If the damages are covered under a specific add-on, and you haven’t opted for that add-on.
You can enhance your coverage by adding add-ons from our list of 12 add-ons. Your Honda car insurance in India from Tata AIG will only reimburse 50% of the cost of replacing consumables due to the wear and tear of the car.

Add-ons for Honda Car Insurance Online by Tata AIG

According to the World Health Organization, 1 in 10 people killed in road accidents happen in India. According to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, a total of 4,12,432 road accidents took place in India in 2021. In fact, India is one of the highest contributors to road accidents from four-wheelers and two-wheelers.

The purpose of these numbers is not to alarm you but to alert you into taking proactive action with car insurance. Insurance for four-wheelers cannot prevent accidents and other damage to your car, but it can surely mitigate the financial cost and lessen the emotional toll of unforeseen eventualities that threaten to harm your car, yourself, and fellow rider drivers on the road. And while the Indian government has made it mandatory to at least have third-party insurance for four-wheelers, it is wise to consider comprehensive Honda car insurance for your Honda Accord.

Anticipating the needs of four-wheeler owners in India and considering the road infrastructure, Tata AIG has come up with add-on riders that provide that added layer of security over and above the base coverage in third-party or comprehensive insurance for four-wheelers. Riders provide extra financial support during unforeseen eventualities involving your vehicle.

Instead of only getting third-party or comprehensive Honda car insurance, why not consider the 12 add-on riders offered by Tata AIG? The riders include:**

Zero Depreciation cover: It reimburses you for the depreciation of the Accord’s parts and gives you the original value of the car.

No-Claim Bonus Protection cover: It allows you to make a pre-specified number of car insurance policy claims for your Honda Accord in a year while retaining your previous unclaimed NCB benefits.

Roadside Assistance cover: It provides 24x7 mechanic services and car assistance if your Accord breaks down in a remote location. It also helps you get your vehicle back home or to the nearest destination.

Return to Invoice cover: It reimburses you for the depreciation of the Honda Accord and gives you its original purchase value instead of the insured declared value.

Repair of Glass, Fibre and Plastic Parts cover: It pays for the one-time repair of glass, fibre, and plastic parts of your Honda Accord in a garage if they get damaged during their repair.

Emergency Transport and Hotel Expense cover: It pays for hotel accommodation and travel expenses if your Accord meets with an accident. It also helps you get back home/ to the nearest destination.

Consumables Expense cover: It covers the cost of the Accord’s car parts/ consumables like the gearbox oil, engine oil, nut & bolt screws, and more, lost/ damaged due to an accident.

Loss of Personal Belongings cover: It covers the cost of pre-specified lost/ damaged personal belongings in your Honda Accord like clothes, video/ audio tapes, and CDs.

Engine Secure cover: It pays for the cost of repairing/ replacing the Accord’s engine due to damage except in the case of general/ excessive wear and tear due to prolonged, age-related usage.

Daily Allowance cover: It gives you a daily allowance for commute/ travel while your Accord is in repair after an accident.

Key Replacement cover: It covers the expenses of lost car keys if your keys or car get stolen.

Tyre Secure cover: It covers the cost of total repair/ replacement of damaged tyres or tyre tubes in your Accord due to an accident.

Why is it Important to Have Tata AIG for Your Honda Insurance?

At Tata AIG, we are committed to caring for your car throughout your journey of getting a car insurance policy with us. We don’t make empty guarantees – you will have our dedicated support not only during buying of the car insurance policy but also during claim settlement. We understand that a car is not an impulse purchase that you can forget about after.

Here are a few reasons to trust us:

The Tata Promise: Our long-standing brand name in the insurance industry comes from decades of dedicated work – we’ve rightfully earned the title of ‘Trusted Naam, Fantastic Kaam’.

High Claim Settlement Ratio: Our customer-first approach has contributed to our consistent claim settlement ratio over the years. Each year, our claim settlement ratio has never been below 95%. In FY 2020-2021, we settled 98% of our car insurance claims

Customer First Approach: We honour the needs and interests of more than 5 crore customers. We strive to serve our customers with pleasure.

**All our processes are 100% digital – So you can save time and have a hassle-free buying, renewal, and claim settlement.

**Wide Network of Garages - We have a network of over 5,400 cashless garages that span the country and provide immediate and high-quality services.

**Dedicated Team of Claim Experts - Our 650+ specialized claim experts are available to cater to your needs and queries around the clock.

Overview – Honda Accord Car Model

The Honda Accord launched its most recent and last version – the 10th Gen Accord in 2018, after which it discontinued its production in 2022. The Honda Accord is a 5-seater luxury sedan priced in the premium price segment. The Accord has a powerful 1993cc engine that generates a max power of 212bhp and max torque of 315nm. It gives a mileage of 18-23 kmpl on average and has an automatic transmission.

Accord has a 7.7-inch multi-information infotainment display and a touchscreen audio system. Its interiors sport premium leather upholstery. For a 5-seater, the cabin space in the Accord is impressive, with ample legroom and wiggle room. The Accord’s exterior appearance is minimalistic yet luxurious, with features like LED headlights/ taillights, 18-inch sleek alloy wheels, and a sharp grille, among other features that enhance its overall appeal.

Honda Accord Price and Variants

The Honda Accord is only available in two variants – the Honda Accord New and the Accord Hybrid. Both variants run on petrol and have the automatic transmission option. The car is available in the following monochromatic and minimalistic colours in India –

  • White Orchid Pearl

  • Modern Steel Metallic

  • Alabaster Silver

  • Urban Titanium Metallic

  • Crystal Black Pearl

  • Tafeta White

  • Lunar Silver Metallic

In foreign countries, the Accord is available in vivid colours like Radiant Red Metallic, San Marino Red, and Still Night Pearl (Ultramarine Blue).

The starting price of the Honda Accord is ₹38 lakhs and the ending price is ₹54 lakhs. The price will vary from city to city and dealership to dealership. Moreover, as Honda discontinued the production of the Accord, you can get it at second-hand dealerships for a much lower price than mentioned. The approximate city-wise price of the Accord variants includes:

City Approximate Price
Mumbai  ₹54 lakhs 
Delhi  ₹49 lakhs 
Kolkata  ₹48 lakhs
Chennai  ₹51 lakhs
Pune  ₹51 lakhs
Hyderabad  ₹52 lakhs
Chandigarh  ₹48 lakhs
Bangalore  ₹54 lakhs
Ahmedabad  ₹48 lakhs

Unique Selling Points: Honda Accord Car Features

Here are some standout features or core USPs of the Honda Accord that make it worth buying:

Blue accents on headlamps and taillamps

Unique and eco-friendly hybrid engine – the car is a combination of 143 horsepower, 2-litre IV-tech engine and two electric motors, making it a rarity in the market

An impressive mileage of 23kmpl – a rare feature in sedans of the 5-seater kind

Three drive modes - EV Drive, Hybrid Drive and Engine Drive

State-of-the-art safety features like ABS with brake assist, traction control, stability control, motion-adaptive EPS, multi angle cameras, front and rear parking sensors, active cornering lamps, and front and side curtain airbags

Honda sensing suite for safety assistance and navigation

Spectacular and useful car accessories like all-season floor mats, decklid spoiler, sport grille, pattern projector, trunk drawer, illuminated door sill, and more

Rivals of the Honda Accord

Even though the production of the Honda Accord versions has been discontinued, and the new variant is slated for release in 2023, the car is still available at some showrooms and second-hand vehicle dealers. The Honda Accord has hallmark features that make it one of a kind, but it naturally has several competitors in the market. They include:

Skoda Kodiaq

MG Gloster

Kia K5

Toyota Camry

Citreon C5 Aircross

Hyundai Ioniq 5

Volvo S60


Hyundai Sonata

Volkswagen Passat

Chevrolet Malibu

Audi A4

BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe

Nissan Altima

Subaru Legacy

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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What are the features of the new Honda Accord slated for release in 2023?

What are the features of the new Honda Accord slated for release in 2023?


Honda is all geared up to release the new 11th gen Honda Accord to global markets this year. However, it is not sure if the 11th gen of the Accord will be launched in India, as the previous generations have not been well-sold. The anticipated features of the upcoming Honda Accord will most likely include:

A new 12.3-inch all-digital touch-enabled infotainment display

LED lit tail lamps and headlamps

Continuation of the hybrid powertrain

What is the difference between third-party and comprehensive car insurance for the Honda Accord?

The difference between third-party and comprehensive car insurance is that comprehensive car insurance covers many more instances than third-party car insurance. The scope of coverage in third-party car insurance is basic and limited, while comprehensive car insurance has wider coverage.

What is the top speed of the Honda Accord?


The Honda Accord has a top speed of 223 kilometres per hour.

What is the Honda Accord service cost?


The first service after 10000 kilometres is free, but the later ones will be charged. The second service cost will come to around ₹4560. It will gradually increase with time because of the wear and tear.

Disclaimer: All the prices and other information listed above pertain to a specific city and vehicle model. Since this information is subject to change, it is advisable to check the latest information before purchasing a vehicle or an insurance policy.