Mercedes-Benz GLA Insurance

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Mercedes-Benz GLA Insurance

The Mercedes-Benz GLA is the smallest luxury compact crossover SUV introduced in 2013. It has a muscular yet sleek exterior design and is based on the platform of the Mercedes-Benz A-Class.

The Mercedes-Benz GLA is designed to cater to the needs of those looking for a car that combines both the luxury Mercedes-Benz and the SUV functionality. Unlike its predecessor, the second-generation Mercedes-Benz GLA, introduced in 2019, is bolder, upright, and offers a much more SUV-like appearance, with many other exciting features.

If you own this supreme and luxurious SUV, buying a car insurance policy to secure and seek financial protection for your Mercedes-Benz GLA is crucial.

A car insurance policy protects you from unnecessary expenses and provides financial coverage against unforeseen and unfortunate events, like car accidents or thefts.

In India, purchasing third-party liabilities car insurance is a mandate as per the Motor Vehicles Act 1988. At Tata AIG, we offer three types of car insurance policies: third-party liabilities, standalone own damage, and comprehensive car insurance policies to meet your insurance needs.

The third-party liabilities cover the expenses incurred towards assisting third parties (drivers or pedestrians) or third-party property damages. The standalone own-damage four-wheeler insurance offers coverage towards repairing your insured car. On the other hand, the comprehensive car insurance policy provides financial protection for third-party liabilities and damages to your Mercedes-Benz GLA.

You can compare the different insurance policies and their pricing to choose the best fit for your needs and budget requirements.

Mercedes-Benz GLA Insurance Renewal or Purchase via Tata AIG

Performing a Mercedes car insurance renewal or purchasing online has become a trend. The process is quite simple and convenient, especially for those with a busy life schedule.

Similarly, at Tata AIG, we simplify the process of accessing car insurance policy benefits, like making a car insurance claim, purchasing riders, renewing your insurance policy, and more.

Here are the steps to purchase your Mercedes-Benz car insurance online with Tata AIG:

  • Visit the official Tata AIG website and go to 'All Products' -> Motor Insurance -> Car Insurance.

  • Enter your vehicle's registration number and click on the 'Get Price' button if purchasing a Mercedes car insurance for the first time.

  • Alternatively, you can click on the 'Renew' button if you've already purchased a Tata AIG Mercedes-Benz car insurance and wish to renew the same.

  • Next, enter your personal details, like name and email address and car details, like the car's make and model, etc.

  • Choose the type of car insurance policy coverage and the riders, like roadside assistance and zero depreciation, based on your driving style, geographical location usage, and Mercedes-Benz car insurance price and financial requirements.

  • Ensure you have an appropriate and sufficient Insured Declared Value (IDV) for your Mercedes-Benz GLA to have enough financial coverage during complete car loss or damages.

  • Make sure to add the No Claim Bonus (NCB), if any, if it's a renewal process to reduce the premium amount.

  • The system will generate the Mercedes-Benz car insurance cost once you enter all these details.

  • If the displayed Mercedes-Benz GLA insurance price is affordable and fits within your budget, you could pay the premium through any of the displayed digital payment systems.

At the same time, if you aren't comfortable with the online process, you can visit our local branch and carry out the process of buying or renewing car insurance for your Mercedes-Benz GLA with the help of our registered agents.

Mercedes-Benz GLA Car Insurance Cost - Your Premium Amount

Buying Mercedes-Benz insurance in India at a budget-friendly price is critical to stay insured and leveraging car insurance claim benefits in extreme situations and needs.

Premium is the money amount you pay to your insurer or car insurance provider to receive financial coverage against unforeseen situations, like complete car damages due to accidents or loss.

However, this premium value depends on multiple factors, including:

  • Insured Declared Value (IDV)

  • Riders/add-ons

  • The type of insurance policy

  • Engine's cubic capacity

  • The car's age

  • The car's make and model

  • No Claim Bonus (NCB)

  • Deductibles

  • Coverage amount

  • Geographical location

Insured Declared Value (IDV) is a significant factor in determining your car insurance premium amount, which is the total coverage amount you'll receive from your car insurer whenever you need it in case of unexpected and unforeseen circumstances.

Thus, the higher the IDV, the more the benefits, and the higher the premium amount. However, it's also important to note that your car's IDV decreases with your car's depreciation through the years.

You can use our online car insurance calculator to determine your Mercedes-Benz GLA car insurance premium amount.

Add-ons for Mercedes-Benz GLA Insurance by Tata AIG

Riders or add-ons are the additional features you can add to your policy coverage with your Mercedes-Benz car insurance policy to enhance its coverage.

Each add-on provides significant benefits.

Here's the list of the crucial riders you can purchase with your Mercedes-Benz car insurance policy with Tata AIG:

  • No Claim Bonus (NCB) Protection

  • Roadside assistance

  • Key replacement

  • Zero depreciation

  • Daily allowance

  • Tyre secure

  • Return to invoice

  • Loss of personal belongings

  • Plastic and glass fibre repair and replacement

  • Consumable expenses

  • Emergency transport and hotel expenses

Things Covered and Not Covered under Tata AIG's Mercedes-Benz GLA Car Insuranc

Understanding the things covered and not covered within a car insurance coverage is essential before choosing the right insurance policy from a car insurer.

It prevents unnecessary claim rejections and allows you to choose a policy that best meets your requirements. Here's Tata AIG's scope of coverage and details about the inclusions and non-inclusions in a four-wheeler car insurance policy.

What is included under the Mercedes-Benz GLA car insurance coverage? What is not included under the Mercedes-Benz GLA car insurance coverage?
We will reimburse your Mercedes-Benz GLA's IDV in a comprehensive car insurance policy if your car gets stolen or damaged.  We don't offer reimbursement for the damages caused to your car without a proper or valid driver's licence or the driver's negligence. 
We cover damages to your Mercedes-Benz GLA due to natural disasters like snowfall, earthquakes, cyclones, rainfall, etc., in comprehensive and standalone own-damage car insurance policies. We don't cover damages caused to your Mercedes-Benz GLA for driving outside the specified geographical area. 
We cover damages caused due to strikes, riots, terrorist attacks, and man-made disasters in the comprehensive and standalone own-damage car insurance policies. We don't cover damages caused to the Mercedes-Benz GLA due to driving the car under the influence of alcohol or drugs. 
We cover damages caused to your Mercedes-Benz GLA in an accident in the standalone own damage and comprehensive car insurance policies. We don't offer reimbursement for the wear and tear due to regular usage, depreciation, and expenses incurred towards the general maintenance of your Mercedes-Benz GLA. 
We cover damages due to fire due to self-ignition, lightning, explosions, etc., in comprehensive and standalone own-damage car insurance policies.  We don't provide financial coverage for the damages caused to a private vehicle for commercial usage.
We cover damages caused due to the transit of your Mercedes-Benz GLA using different modes of transportation, such as roadways, waterways, and railways, in comprehensive car insurance policies. We don't cover damages for your Mercedes-Benz GLA caused due to crash testing or speed racing.
We reimburse bodily damages to a third party or their death and damages to a third-party property caused due to your insured Mercedes-Benz GLA.  We don't cover damages caused to your Mercedes-Benz GLA due to a war-like situation.
We cover medical expenses for the owner-driver in an unfortunate situation, like an accident, in the comprehensive car insurance plan. We don't offer replacement of consumables due to wear and tear for your Mercedes-Benz GLA, reimbursed only up to 50%.
We offer specific coverage for your Mercedes-Benz GLA based on the add-on cover.  We don't offer coverage under an add-on when it is not included in your Mercedes-Benz GLA insurance policy. 

Why is it important to have Tata AIG for your Mercedes-Benz GLA Insurance?

Purchasing an insurance policy from a reliable and credible car insurance provider is crucial to leverage good customer support and ensure a quick claim settlement process.

Here are the top reasons why choosing a Mercedes-Benz car insurance policy from Tata AIG can benefit you:

  • Serving over five crore customers with 20+ years of experience, we have gained enhanced expertise in the field of insurance policies, making us the leading car insurance provider.

  • We offer highly tailored insurance policies with enhanced customisation and 12 add-on options, including zero depreciation, roadside assistance, and daily allowance.

  • With a claim settlement ratio of 98% in 2020-2021, you can trust us with quick settlement processes of your policies.

  • We offer seamless and facilitated online car purchase and renewal processes for our customers, making it convenient for them to apply for and renew car insurance from the comfort of their homes.

  • With an extensive network of 7500 garages nationwide, you can leverage great convenience and assistance for your Mercedes-Benz GLA repair and replacement.

  • We ensure and offer excellent customer experience by offering simple documentation, enabling fast processing techniques, ensuring clear communication, and minimising processing time.

Overview - Mercedes-Benz GLA Car

The new Mercedes-Benz GLA is more upright and spacious, especially the back seat. Moreover, it comes with attractive and luxurious interiors because of the new technologies and HD screens.

Here are the technical specifications of the Mercedes-Benz GLA car:

Engine displacement Petrol - 1332 cc
Diesel - 1950 cc
Top speed  Petrol - 210 km/h
Diesel - 222 km/h
Fuel type Petrol and diesel 
Maximum Torque Petrol - 250 Nm @1620-4000 rpm
Diesel - 400 Nm @ 1600-2600 rpm
DriveTrain AWD
Body type SUV
Transmission Dual-Clutch Auto 
Number of cylinders 4
Seating capacity 5
Cylinder valves 4

Mercedes-Benz GLA Variants and Price

The Mercedes-Benz GLA car comes in three different variants. Here are their details and pricing information

Variant (Base Model) Specifications  Ex-Showroom Price*
GLA 200  Petrol - 1322 cc, Automatic ₹43.6 Lakh
GLA 220d Petrol - 1950 cc, Automatic ₹45.2 Lakh
GLA 220d 4M Diesel - 1950 cc, Automatic ₹47.7 Lakh

The Mercedes-Benz GLA comes in five different colours, including:

  • Polar White

  • Iridium Silver

  • Mountain Grey

  • Cosmos Black

  • Denim Blue

Unique Selling Points: Mercedes-Benz GLA Cars

Here are the unique selling points of the Mercedes-Benz GLA car:

  • The Mercedes-Benz GLA has a sleek exterior design with a bold front grille, sporty bumper, and sharp headlights. Its compact yet spacious body measures 1.80m in width and 4.42m in length and has a ground clearance of 141 mm. These features and dimensions make it ideal for off-road adventures.

  • It has a luxurious interior design, with features including premium leather quality, high-quality plastics, supportive and comfortable seats, a spacious trunk, etc.

  • Mercedes-Benz GLA also comes with advanced technology, including satellite navigation, a large touchscreen display, and a premium sound system.

  • The car has multiple safety features, including traction control, airbags, anti-lock brakes, and stability control systems.

Rivals of Mercedes-Benz GLA Cars

Here are the top Mercedes-Benz GLA contenders:

  • BMW X1

  • Volvo XC40

  • Audi Q2

  • MINI Countryman

  • Audi Q3

  • BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe

  • MINI Cooper

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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How much boot space capacity does Mercedes-Benz GLA offer?

How much boot space capacity does Mercedes-Benz GLA offer?

Mercedes-Benz GLA provides 435 litres of boot space capacity. 

Is it necessary to insure my Mercedes-Benz GLA car?


Yes, the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 requires me to insure my Mercedes-Benz GLA car and have at least a third-party liabilities insurance policy to cover damages and injuries to the third-party liabilities. However, exploring and opting for other car insurance options, including standalone own-damage and comprehensive car insurance policies, is recommended.

How much mileage does the Mercedes-Benz GLA car offer?

Currently, the Mercedes-Benz GLA mileage isn't available. 

What documents do I require to raise my Mercedes-Benz GLA car insurance claim?


Here are the essential documents you require to raise your Mercedes-Benz GLA car insurance claim:

Your car's original purchase invoice The duly filled claim form The car's Vehicle Registration Certificate (RC) copy, proving your legal ownership The driver's driving licence copy in case of car accidents The car's original repair bills and receipts The claim's police report copy is associated with theft or an accident Other relevant documents your insurer may require from you

What are the benefits of riders/add-ons with a car insurance policy?


Riders/add-ons provide enhanced insurance coverage, allowing you to benefit from add-ons like roadside assistance, daily allowance, and more.

Mercedes-Benz GLA is a five-seater SUV luxury car.


Is Mercedes-Benz GLA a five or seven-seater car?

What is the horsepower of the Mercedes-Benz GLA?

Mercedes-Benz GLA generates a horsepower of 187.74bhp@3800rpm power. 

**Disclaimer:**All the prices and other information listed above pertain to a specific city and vehicle model. Since this information is subject to change, it is advisable to check the latest information before purchasing a vehicle or an insurance policy.