Odisha Road Tax

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Odisha Road Tax

As an Odisha vehicle owner, you are undoubtedly familiar with the concept of road tax. This mandatory levy is essential for maintaining the state's extensive network of roads and ensuring safe and convenient travel for all.

Understanding the intricacies of Odisha road tax is crucial for ensuring compliance and avoiding penalties.

This comprehensive blog will take you to the Odisha road tax world, providing a clear understanding of its calculation, payment options, exemptions, and various other aspects.

Whether you are a first-time vehicle owner or a seasoned motorist, this guide will empower you to navigate the road tax process easily.

Embrace a smooth and hassle-free driving experience by equipping yourself with the knowledge to manage your road tax obligations in Odisha effectively.

What is Road Tax?

Just as cars need fuel to run, vehicle owners must pay road tax to operate their vehicles on public roads legally. Road tax is a mandatory charge imposed by state governments to fund the maintenance and development of the state's road network.

This tax helps cover the costs of building, repairing, and maintaining roads, bridges, traffic signals, and other infrastructure, enabling smooth and safe transportation.

The amount of road tax that a vehicle owner needs to pay varies depending on various factors. In some states, road tax is paid annually; in others, it can be paid in instalments or even for the entire vehicle's lifespan.

Regular payment of road tax ensures that vehicle owners contribute to the upkeep of the roads they use, ensuring a well-maintained and efficient transport system.

It also helps reduce the burden on taxpayers to fund road infrastructure, making it a fairer and more equitable approach to road funding.

Who Levies MV Tax Odisha Charges?

The road tax is levied in Odisha by the Odisha Motor Vehicle Taxation Act 1975. The state government is responsible for collecting the tax from the vehicle owners, and the revenue generated is used to maintain and develop the state's road network.

The Odisha government has delegated the authority to collect road tax to the State Transport Authority (STA). The STA operates a network of Regional Transport Offices (RTOs) across the state, which are responsible for processing road tax applications, issuing tax challans, and accepting payment of road tax.

Road Tax Rate in Odisha Calculation

Road tax in Odisha is calculated based on the following factors:

Type of the vehicle: The tax rate varies for different types of vehicles, such as two-wheelers, four-wheelers, commercial vehicles, and other state vehicles.

Model of the vehicle: The tax rate also depends on the vehicle model.

Capacity of the vehicle’s engine: The tax rate increases with the vehicle's engine capacity.

The unladen weight of the vehicle: The tax rate also depends on the vehicle's unladen weight, which is the weight of the vehicle without any passengers or cargo.

Purchase price of the vehicle: The tax rate may also be based on the vehicle's purchase price.

Additionally, the Odisha government also levies a Green Tax under Section 4D of the Odisha Motor Vehicles Taxation Act of 1975 on all vehicles. The Green Tax is intended to encourage the use of eco-friendly vehicles and reduce pollution.

The state government has also introduced a One-Time Tax (OTT) for luxury vehicles, a lump-sum payment calculated based on the vehicle's engine capacity and purchase price.

To learn more about Odisha's taxation processes, you can log in to the Parivahan portal and learn everything in detail.

Odisha Road Tax for Vehicles

The state government has different road tax applicability for the different vehicle types.

Calculation of Two-Wheeler RTO Tax in Odisha

The two-wheeler road tax in the state depends upon the ex-showroom prices of the vehicles.

Price of the Vehicle Applicable One-Time Tax Amount (in percentage)
Below ₹5 lakhs 6% of the vehicle’s ex-showroom price
Between ₹5 lakhs and ₹10 lakhs 8% of the vehicle’s ex-showroom price
Between ₹10 lakhs and ₹20 lakhs 10% of the vehicle’s ex-showroom price
Between ₹20 lakhs and ₹40 lakhs 12% of the vehicle’s ex-showroom price
Above ₹40 lakhs 20% of the vehicle’s ex-showroom price

[Note: Two-wheeler owners in Odisha need to pay a one-time road tax during vehicle registration]

** Road Tax Calculation for New Four-Wheelers in Odisha:**

Like two-wheelers in the state, the road tax prices in Odisha also depend upon their ex-showroom prices.

Price of the Vehicle Applicable One-Time Tax Amount (in percentage)
Below ₹5 lakhs 6% of the vehicle’s ex-showroom price
Between ₹5 lakhs and ₹10 lakhs 8% of the vehicle’s ex-showroom price
Between ₹10 lakhs and ₹20 lakhs 10% of the vehicle’s ex-showroom price
Between ₹20 lakhs and ₹40 lakhs 12% of the vehicle’s ex-showroom price
Above ₹40 lakhs 20% of the vehicle’s ex-showroom price

[Note: The four-wheeler owners need to pay a one-time tax during the vehicle registration, which applies to the owners of jeeps, omnibuses, motor cabs, school buses, maxi cabs, and so on.]

Odisha Road Tax for Commercial Vehicles

In Odisha, the road tax for commercial vehicles depends on their gross weight.

Vehicle’s Gross Weight Annual Road Tax Amount (in ₹) Additional Road Tax Amount (in ₹)
Below 1000 kg 540 -
Between 1000 kg and 2000 kg 2356 -
Between 2000 kg and 5000 kg 2446 444
Between 5000 kg and 10,000 kg 3773 1182
Between 10,000 kg and 13,000 kg 5363 1816
Between 13,000 kg and 16,200 kg 7800 2640
Between 16,000 kg and 25,000 kg 14000 5000
Between 25,000 kg and 31,000 kg 19000 7000
Between 31,000 and 35,200 kg 23000 9000
More than 35,200 kg 23,000 + 500 per 500 kgs or part thereof 9000 + 500 per 500 kgs or part thereof

Green Tax in Odisha for Vehicle Owners

In addition to the regular road tax levied in Odisha, the state government also imposes a Green Tax on vehicles. The Green Tax is a surcharge to promote environmental protection and reduce vehicular emissions.

This tax applies to transport and non-transport vehicles that have completed 15 years from their registration date.

Green Tax Rates for Transport Vehicles - ₹4,000

Green Tax Rates for Non-Transport Vehicles - ₹1,000

The Green Tax is payable at the time of renewing the vehicle's Registration Certificate (RC) or Fitness Certificate (FC). It can be paid either at any Regional Transport Office (RTO) or online through the Odisha e-Transport Portal.

Paying your Odisha road tax online is a convenient and efficient way to fulfil your vehicle registration obligations.

Vehicle Tax Payment Online in Odisha

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to pay your Odisha road tax online:

Step 1: Visit the Odisha e-Transport Portal, which is the official platform for online vehicle registration and tax payment. You can access the portal by visiting the following link: https://vahan.parivahan.gov.in/

Step 2: Once you have accessed the Odisha e-Transport Portal, navigate to the "Online Services" section. Under the "Vehicle Related Services" category, select the "Online Tax Payment" option.

Step 3: Enter your vehicle's registration number and chassis number accurately. The portal will validate the details and display your vehicle's registration information.

Step 4: Choose whether you want to pay your road tax quarterly or annually. Quarterly payments are typically more cost-effective, but you must make four payments yearly.

Step 5: The portal offers multiple payment gateways, including online banking, debit/credit cards, and UPI. Select the payment method that suits you best.

Step 6: Provide the required payment information, such as your bank account details or credit/debit card information. Confirm the transaction and proceed with the payment.

Step 7: Once the payment is successful, you will receive a payment confirmation and tax challan. Save the challan for your records and future reference.

How to Find the Amount of Your Odisha Road Tax Online?

To access your road tax details in Odisha, follow these steps:

Go to the Vahan Services portal for Odisha.

Click on the 'Know Your Tax Amount' option at the top menu section.

Fill in all the required details on the following page and ensure you enter the captcha correctly. Then, click on 'Get Tax Details'.

[Note: For a private vehicle, select 'Motor Cab' from the dropdown menu, and in the subsequent field, choose 'Light Motor Vehicle'.]

Offline Payment of Road Tax in Odisha

If you do not want to go for the road tax payment online in Odisha and rather wish to go the traditional way and make an offline payment of road tax in Odisha, follow these steps:**

Step 1: Visit the nearest Regional Transport Office (RTO).

Step 2: Talk to the office staff and ask for the road tax payment forms.

Step 3: Fill out the form carefully with all the required details.

Step 4: Submit the completed form along with all other necessary documents to the designated RTO official.

Step 5: Pay the road tax fee in cash, or you can also make use of the other accepted payment methods as specified by the RTO.

Step 6: Once the payment is done, you will receive a receipt as proof of payment.

[Note:** Please note that specific documents and procedures may vary. Therefore, it is advisable to contact the Odisha RTO or visit the Vahan website for any additional information or requirements regarding offline road tax payment in Odisha.]

Penalties for Non-Payment of Vehicle Tax in Odisha

The Odisha Motor Vehicles Taxation Act, 1975, stipulates penalties for non-payment of vehicle tax. The penalties vary depending on the period of non-payment.

According to Section 13 of the Odisha Motor Vehicles Taxation Act, 1975, if any motor vehicle is used in the State without payment of the tax due thereon, the owner of the vehicle shall be liable to pay a fine equal to the amount of the tax due together with a penalty equal to twice the amount of the outstanding tax.

Also, as per Section 14, any tax due and not paid as provided for by or under this Act and any sum directed to be recovered by way of penalty under Section 13 may be recovered as arrears of public demand.

The government also has the right to distrain or sell the vehicle or its accessories to recover the due tax or penalty amount.

Vehicle owners are, therefore, advised to pay their road tax on time to avoid any penalties or other legal complications.

List of RTOs in Odisha

Here is a list of all the RTOs in Odisha with their codes and addresses:

RTO Name RTO Code RTO Address
Bhadrak OD-22 Bhadrak, Odisha - 756100
Bhubaneswar-II OD-33 Bhubaneswar-2, Odisha - 751002
Rayagada OD-18 Rayagada, Odisha - 765001
Angul OD-19 Angul, Odisha - 759122
Kendrapara OD-29 Kendrapara, Odisha - 754211
Bhanjanagar OD-32 Bhanjanagar, Ganjam, Odisha - 761126
Nuapada OD-26 Nuapada, Odisha - 766104
Jharsuguda OD-23 Jharsuguda, Odisha - 768201
Jajpur OD-34 Jajpur, Odisha - 755001
Nayagarh OD-25 Nayagarh, Odisha - 752077
Keonjhar OD-09 Keonjhar, Odisha - 758001
Chandikhol OD-04 Chandikhol, Odisha - 755044
Ganjam OD-07 Ganjam, Odisha - 760001
Malkangiri OD-30 Malkangiri, Odisha - 764044
Dhenkanal OD-06 Dhenkanal, Odisha - 759001
Baragarh OD-17 Bargarh, Orissa - 768028
Phulabani Khandamal OD-12 Phulbani Kandhamal, Odisha - 762001
Boudh OD-27 Boudh, Odisha - 762015
Jagatsinghpur OD-21 Jagatsinghpur, Odisha - 754103
Nabarangpur OD-24 Nabarangpur, Odisha - 764059
Sundergarh OD-16 Sundergarh, Odisha - 770001
Cuttack OD-05 Cuttack, Odisha - 753001
Puri OD-13 Puri, Odisha - 752001
Gajapati OD-20 Gajapati, Odisha - 761200
Debagarh OD-28 Debagarh, Odisha - 768108
Balangir OD-03 Balangir, Odisha - 767001
Sonepur OD-31 Sonepur, Odisha - 767017
Talcher OD-35 Talcher, Angul, Odisha - 759100
Sambalpur OD-15 Sambalpur, Odisha - 768001
Bhubaneswar OD-02 Bhubaneswar, Odisha - 751001
Rourkela OD-14 Rourkela, Odisha - 769001

Motor Insurance in Odisha

Odisha has a high incidence of road accidents, and a motor insurance plan can help vehicle owners meet the financial costs of repairing or replacing their vehicles in the event of an accident.

Third-party bike or car insurance is mandatory in India, including Odisha, for all vehicles that ply on public roads. It is a financial safety net that protects vehicle owners from financial losses incurred in the event of an accident, theft, or damage to their vehicle.

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To Sum It Up

Odisha road tax is a vital source of revenue for the state government, and it plays an important role in the maintenance and development of the state's road network.

Vehicle owners in Odisha are legally obligated to pay road tax on time, and failure to do so can result in penalties, including fines, suspension of vehicle registration, and even seizure of the vehicle. Also, being aware of the car registration charges in Odisha can help you with the entire registration process.

So, keep this guide handy if you are going to buy a car or a bike in Odisha. Also, do not forget to buy car insurance or bike insurance plans from Tata AIG.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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What should I do if I lose my Odisha road tax receipt?


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