UP-14 RTO Office Ghaziabad

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UP-14 RTO Office Ghaziabad

Ghaziabad is the largest city located in the western part of Uttar Pradesh and is also a part of Delhi NCR. The city is hustling and bustling with people from all walks of life, as it offers many employment and educational opportunities, medical facilities and transportation services. Its proximity to Delhi makes it even more popular among people.

A large influx of population means more vehicles on the road. This is where the role of the Regional Transport Authority comes into play. It is responsible for looking after various transport and vehicle-related services.

If you are a resident of Ghaziabad and own a vehicle, you must be aware of the RTO office in Ghaziabad, as it can be helpful if you need any vehicle-related official services.

In this guide, we shall provide you with UP 14 RTO details such as address, timings, services, etc.

What is the Regional Transport Authority in Ghaziabad?

The RTO office in Ghaziabad is the governing authority formed as per the Motor Vehicles Act 1988. The RTO handles the administration and regulation of transport-related activities in the city. It functions under the State Government’s Transport Department and provides various services related to the vehicles registered in the city.

Owners of private and commercial vehicles require various approvals and documents from the RTO to be eligible for UP 14 passing and to drive on the roads within the city and outside. The RTO also looks after the implementation of the traffic rules in the city. There is one RTO office in Ghaziabad which carries out all the functions and responsibilities as per the M.V. Act.

RTO Office in Ghaziabad

If you require any services related to your vehicle, you can seek assistance from the authorities with the help of UP 14 RTO address, phone number, and other contact details.

UP 14 passing city name Ghaziabad
RTO Code UP 14 RTO Code
Hours of Operation 10 am to 5 pm
Address B35, Bulandshahr Bypass Road, Block B, Industrial Area, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh - 201001
State Uttar Pradesh
Helpline Number 1800 1800 151
Email Address TC-UP@NIC.IN

Functions of RTO Office in Ghaziabad

The RTO office in Ghaziabad is responsible for carrying out a multitude of functions for the city’s residents. Some of them are explained below.

Issuing Vehicle Licences and Permits: The RTO office in Ghaziabad is responsible for issuing licences and permits for vehicles. It issues driving licences, vehicle permits, etc. All vehicle owners are mandatorily required to have a driving licence and permit (commercial vehicles) to drive on the roads, without which they are liable to be penalised.

Regulating the Traffic Laws : The UP 14 RTO looks after the traffic laws in Ghaziabad. Its primary function is to lay down the traffic laws in accordance with the M.V. Act and ensure that all the laws are followed by the residents.

Besides, the RTO is also responsible for rolling out the fines and penalties for traffic violations. In a gist, the RTO looks after the establishment, enforcement, and adherence to traffic laws for the safety of motorists and the smooth movement of traffic.

Revenue & Tax Collection: Among the many functions of the RTO is collecting revenue and taxes for the government, such as road tax, vehicle tax, etc. These taxes must be paid by vehicle owners, as they assist the government in the maintenance and development of roads and highways.

The RTO also collects various fines and penalties from the violators of traffic rules within the city.

Manage Transport Operations: The RTO Ghaziabad also manages the transport within the city. It lays down the basic standards that all vehicles must meet to ensure the safety of the motorists and the environment. For instance, it requires all vehicles to have a PUC certificate, showing that their emissions are within the safety limits.

Services Offered by RTO Office in Ghaziabad

Following are the services offered by UP 14 RTO:**

Driving Licence Issuance

A driving licence is the most crucial document that every vehicle driver must possess as it proves his ability to indulge in safe driving on the road. The RTO in Ghaziabad issues driving licences to the applicants after conducting writing and driving skill tests. Therefore, a person who wants to drive in Ghaziabad must apply for a DL.

The age criteria for a driving licence is 18 years for a geared vehicle and 16 years for vehicles that have engine capacity of less than 50 cc. The RTO issues licences for the following types of vehicles.

  • Geared motorcycles

  • Motorcycles with less than 50cc capacity

  • LMV

  • Heavy commercial vehicles

  • Two-wheelers without gear

  • Licence for bulldozers, cranes, trailers, etc.

Some of the services related to the licence provided by the Ghaziabad RTO are

  • Licence renewal

  • Duplicate licence

Vehicle Registration Certificate

  • Vehicle registration certificate or RC is the most fundamental document of any vehicle. It contains all the information about the vehicle and establishes the ownership of the person who has bought the vehicle.

  • All vehicle owners are compulsorily required to obtain an RC after they purchase a vehicle, whether new or second-hand. The RTO Ghaziabad is responsible for issuing registration certificates to the vehicle owners.

The following are the types of RC issued by RTO Ghaziabad:**

Temporary Registration Certificate: This type of RC is issued by the RTO to the car manufacturers or dealers for new vehicles. It is a temporary document with a validity of 7 days, extendable up to one month. It serves as the vehicle's identity till it gets a permanent number plate.

Permanent Registration Certificate: According to the Motor Vehicles Act, all vehicles in India must be registered with the government and have a permanent RC. Vehicle owners who have temporary RC must apply for a permanent RC with the local RTO. In the absence of an RC, one may be fined by the traffic authority.

Those who require a permanent RC must approach the RTO Ghaziabad and obtain an RC by providing the necessary documents, such as form 20 and completing the procedure at the RTO. An RC is valid for 15 years after issuance and can be renewed every 5 years after that.

Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate

A PUC certificate is among the mandatory documents required for a vehicle to run on the road. It is a certificate that proves your vehicle’s compliance with the emission standards. It helps to prove that your vehicle’s emissions are within the set limit and are not harming the environment excessively.

The RTO issues a PUC certificate after inspecting the vehicle, ensuring that it meets the pollution safety standards. A PUC certificate is valid for one year, after which you must renew it every 6 months.

Vehicle Permit

A vehicle permit is like a permission granted to vehicles so they can ply on the Ghaziabad roads. It is specifically applicable to the passenger and goods vehicle, allowing them to travel between places. Granting vehicle permits is another crucial service provided by UP-14 RTO passing.

It is mandatory for all vehicles to obtain a vehicle permit based on the type of vehicle and its usage. Driving commercial vehicles without a permit attracts penalties and fines in Ghaziabad.

Here are the various types of permits issued by Ghaziabad RTO.

Goods Carrier Permit: Vehicles require a permit to carry goods from one place to another within the state. A goods permit is issued under section 79 of the Motor Vehicles Act, without a vehicle cannot ply inside the state.

National Permit: A national permit allows a commercial vehicle to move from one state to another for delivering goods. A vehicle can obtain a permit for up to 4 states according to rules 86 & 87 of the M.V. Act. To obtain a national permit, the vehicle must not be more than 12 years old.

Passenger Vehicle: Passenger vehicles, such as auto rickshaws, cabs, etc., must obtain a passenger vehicle permit from the RTO. The permit allows such vehicles to transport people from one place to another within Ghaziabad.

Stage Carrier Permits: A stage carrier permit is issued by the Ghaziabad RTO for buses that travel within the city to transport the public to different destinations. The stage permit is issued under section 70 of the M.V. Act.

All India Tourist Permit: The RTO Ghaziabad also provides tourist permits to buses and such vehicles that are engaged in transporting passengers for tourism purposes within and outside the state.

No Objection Certificate

  • A no objection certificate is another crucial document issued by UP 14. This certificate is mandatory if a vehicle owner is shifting to another city and wants to take the vehicle along and re-register it in the other state.

  • A no-objection certificate certifies that all the taxes and dues against your vehicle have been duly paid. It is essential to note that a NOC is required only when one is moving to another state for a period of more than a year.

Vehicle Fitness Certificate

  • As per the M.V. Act, a fitness certificate is a mandatory document that every vehicle owner must have. It certifies that the vehicle is fit to ply on the roads. The Ghaziabad RTO issues a fitness certificate for a vehicle that is valid for a few years, after which it must be renewed.

  • The application for a fitness certificate can be made online, after which one must take the vehicle to the RTO Ghaziabad for inspection.

Necessity of Car Insurance in Ghaziabad

The Motor Vehicles Act 1988 requires all vehicle owners in Ghaziabad and all other parts of India to mandatorily possess certain documents. The aim behind these documents is to ensure that the vehicle is safe to ply on the roads and the driver is capable of safely driving the vehicle.

Similarly, to enhance the safety of motorists, it is mandatory for vehicle owners in Ghaziabad to have third-party car insurance. It protects the policyholder by paying for third-party liabilities such as damage to the third-party vehicle or injury to a person.

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Vehicle owners in Ghaziabad must be aware of the various documents they must possess. To obtain various documents and certificates for their vehicles, they can approach the RTO in Ghaziabad.

Apart from issuing documents and certificates, the RTO also looks after traffic rule enforcement and adherence. It also lays down the fines and penalties to penalise the motorists who disobey traffic regulations.

Many of the document applications, renewals, etc., can be done online using the Parivahna Sewa website. The website also provides all the information related to a vehicle at the click of a button.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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UP 14 is which city and what are the types of licences issued?


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