Tata Nexon EV Insurance

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Tata Nexon EV Insurance

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Tata Motors currently leads the EV market with a market share of 72% (for FY-23) and this is further evidenced by the Nexon EV being the best-selling electric SUV in India. It is an all-electric version of the Tata Nexon and it makes for a great city car, with its recent upgrades.

However, before you grab your car keys, you will need a Tata Nexon EV car insurance policy. This is because your EV car insurance acts as a financial buffer against unforeseen out-of-pocket expenses like third-party liabilities, accidental damage and theft.

Read on to learn how you can secure your Tata Nexon EV with a Tata Motors insurance plan.

Purchase/Renew Your Tata Nexon EV Car Insurance Online with Tata AIG

Tata Car Insurance Purchase Process

Visit Tata AIG's website and go to the Car Insurance page.

Type in the registration number for your car (found in your RC) and click Get Price to begin your car insurance application process.

Fill out the application form with your details, scan and upload your KYC documents – address and ID proof, bank details, etc., and select your Insured Declared Value (IDV) from the provided list.

If you have chosen a comprehensive plan, select your desired add-ons. These are optional and can be skipped.

Check all your details and submit your application form.

Next, you can proceed to pay the Tata Nexon EV insurance cost via your preferred online payment method - Mobile wallet, net banking, UPI, QR code, etc.

Once payment has been confirmed, we will issue a PDF copy of your Nexon EV car insurance policy to your registered email after processing, verifying and approving your application.

Tata Car Insurance Renewal Process

Visit Tata AIG's website and go to the Car Insurance page.

Type in the registration number for your car (found in your RC) and click Renew to begin your Tata car insurance renewal process.

Fill out the renewal form and enter your claims history details. If you have not filed any car insurance claims for the previous policy year, you can claim a No Claim Bonus (NCB) discount.

Select your add-ons (if applicable) and submit your renewal application.

Next, you can proceed to pay your renewal premium via your preferred online payment method - Mobile wallet, net banking, UPI, QR code, etc.

Once payment has been confirmed, we will issue a PDF copy of your renewed Nexon EV car insurance policy to your registered email after approving your renewal application.

Tata Nexon EV insurance Cost

As more people go green to reduce their carbon footprint, EV insurance costs have come under the spotlight. Initially, car insurance premiums for EVs may outpace their fuel-based counterparts, but if we take a step back and look into running and maintenance costs, the total expenditure tends to level out due to the absence of moving parts in EVs.

Moreover, EVs are still a relatively new concept in India and their risk profiling still has a long way to go. The IRDAI also offers a 15% discount on third-party car insurance premiums for EVs to encourage their purchase and use.

With this in mind, we at Tata AIG offer two specialised Tata car insurance policies for your Tata Nexon EV. Here is an overview of what factors we consider when calculating your Tata Nexon EV insurance cost:

Third-Party Nexon EV Car Insurance: Premium rates are set by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) based on your car's battery capacity (kW/kilowatts).

The rates are revised every year and can be checked on the Ministry of Highway and Road Transport's (MoRTH) official portal under their Gazette notifications.

Comprehensive Nexon EV Car Insurance: Premium rates will depend on your car's Insured Declared Value (IDV), variant/make/model/age, along with your location (zone/resident city), add-ons and accumulated No Claim Bonus (NCB) discount (if applicable).

To make premium estimations on your end easier, we offer a car insurance premium calculator on our website. This free tool lets you view and compare policy quotes and helps you choose an EV insurance policy that aligns with your budget.

Please Note:

IRDAI mandates third-party insurance for all EV cars in India. You must get at least third-party insurance for your Nexon EV if comprehensive policies are not to your preference.

New car owners are mandated to hold third-party insurance for 3 years, either as a separate plan or bundled under a comprehensive plan.

For EVs, the Indian government provides FAME (Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Electric Vehicles) subsidies – where the EV buyer gets an upfront price reduction. You can check if your Tata Nexon EV is eligible for this subsidy on the FAME 2 portal under Scheme → Models.

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Boost Your Tata Nexon EV Insurance Protection With Tata AIG's Add-ons

Think of policy add-ons as a form of extra insurance coverage since their main function pertains to extending your base coverage. They are a great investment for those who live in high-risk zones and for EV owners since electric cars have specialised parts.

However, they can increase your overall Tata Nexon EV insurance cost so only choose add-ons for coverage you are sure you will need. At Tata AIG, we offer 18 unique add-ons, including 2 EV-specific add-ons you can opt for to boost your insurance protection:

  • Electric Surge Secure (For Hybrid/EVs)

  • Zero Depreciation - Battery (For Hybrid/EVs)

  • Zero Depreciation

  • Tyre Secure

  • Engine Secure

  • Emergency Medical Expenses

  • No Claim Bonus Protection Cover

  • Return to Invoice (RTI)

  • Roadside Assistance

  • Misfuelling

  • Repair of Glass, Fibre, Plastic and Rubber Parts

  • Loss of Personal Belongings

  • Consumable Expenses

  • Key Replacement

  • Courtesy/Hire Car

  • Daily Allowance

  • Additional Third-Party Property Damage Cover

  • Emergency Transport and Hotel Expenses

Inclusion and Exclusions Under Tata Car Insurance in India

Third-Party Liability We will cover legal and financial third-party liabilities like damage/loss to the third-party individual’s property and their death/bodily injury (including the passenger) incurred during an accident.
Accidental External Damage We will cover damage/loss incurred to your Tata Nexon EV during an accident under our comprehensive plans and own damage covers.
Theft Total and partial loss due to burglary, housebreaking and theft. IDV reimbursement for total loss only applies when the whole car is stolen and not found within a particular time frame. It does not apply to only parts of your car being stolen.
Damage During Transit Damage incurred to the car whilst in transit via road, rail, inland - waterways, lift, elevator or air will be covered.
Natural Disaster Coverage against earthquakes, landslides, rockslides, floods, lightning strikes, fire, hurricanes, frost, hailstorms, etc.
Man-Made Disaster Coverage against damage due to terrorist activity, strikes, riots, malicious acts and man-made disasters of a similar nature will be covered.
Personal Injury (For Owner-Driver) We offer a built-in personal accident cover for the owner-driver with a sum assured of up to ₹15 lakhs to cover medical expenses and/or death resulting from road accidents.
Total Loss of Vehicle We will pay you the full IDV amount of your Tata Nexon EV for total vehicular loss (repair costs exceeding 75% of the car’s IDV) resulting from major accidents.

Nexon EV Car Insurance Exclusions

Regular Wear and Tear We will not cover costs like depreciation, loss due to regular wear and tear, mechanical or electrical breakdown, failures or breakages.
Owner Negligence Loss or damages that could have been easily avoided through routine maintenance of the car or with proper precautions will not be covered.
E.g., Loss/damage from disuse of the car for long periods of time, improper storage or transportation, etc.
Geographical Limitations Repair costs for your Nexon EV will not be covered if your car was driven and damaged outside of India or if the EV was repaired at an unauthorised garage.
Racing, Reliability and Speed Testing Your Tata car insurance will not cover damages incurred from speed testing, racing or benchmark/reliability tests.
Acts of War Damage from nuclear peril, war, rebellions, acts of foreign enemies or other warlike operations, either direct or indirect, will not be covered.
Breaches of Law Damages resulting from using the car for illegal or fraudulent acts. E.g., Drunk driving, driving without a licence, etc.
Contractual Liabilities Claims for uninsured events, claims filed after 3 days of the damage and claims filed when the policy is not active/lapsed will not be admissible.

Top Reasons to Pick Tata Motors Insurance from Tata AIG

Nexon EV Car Insurance Inclusions

Get Insured Online: We are a 100% digital insurance provider. You can access all our services and plans through our website or mobile app – Meaning you can buy, renew and file your claims all through our website. This results in time and costs saved on your end and enables us to lower your Tata Nexon EV insurance cost.

No Agents Involved: We are able to maintain policy affordability thanks to our direct-to-customer transaction model. This allows us to cut out the middleman during your purchase process. Having no agents also means you get to explore all our available 4-wheeler insurance products at your leisure.

Quick Processes with Minimal Paperwork: We have streamlined all our online processes so you can be in and out of our website with a brand-new insurance policy in just a few clicks. The same applies to your Tata Car insurance renewals and claims processes, as they require minimal paperwork and all payments can be done online.

Cashless Claims: We take our hassle-free claims processes one step further by offering cashless claims at all our network garages. This completely eliminates the problem of inaccessibility to cash, as we directly settle the bill with the garage, allowing for a quick and stress-free claims process.

High Claims Settlement Ratio (CSR): Tata AIG has held a 99% claims settlement ratio as of FY 2022-2023. We have an uncompromising dedication towards customer support and satisfaction and promise a safe and seamless claim settlement process for you.

Additional Services: In addition to the insurance coverage you receive under our plans, you also get access to other benefits when you choose Tata AIG as your insurance provider. We offer 24/7 customer service, EV-specific policy add-ons and NCB discounts of up to 50% for consecutive claim-free years.

The All-New Tata Nexon EV – A Quick Overview and Unique Selling Points

The all-new Tata Nexon EV, now 20 kilos lighter, is one of India's highest-selling EVs. Tata Motors also expects to see its EV sales doubling[source] in the coming years, promising sustained popularity and increased EV adoption.

This can also be attributed to the company's price cuts, narrowing the price difference between the electric and ICE versions of the Nexon. Here are some key USPs of the Nexon EV for those curious:

All-New Digital Design: The Nexon EV comes with smart digital daytime running lamps (DRLs), R16 Alloy wheels, hidden rear wipers and tri-arrow design elements with blue embellishments that help accentuate its all-electric feel.

A Cabin That Boasts Plush Comfort: This 5-seater comes with ventilated seats with extra cushioning plus a centre armrest, rear AC vents, a voice-assisted sunroof, cooled glove boxes, a digital dashboard and a grand centre console that makes longer drives easier. There is also no shortage of luggage room as the EV comes with an ergonomic boot space of 350 litres.

Charge Anywhere: The car comes with multiple charging options: 2 types of wall box chargers, a DC fast charger and a 15A portable charger. The car also offers vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) charging and V2L technology, allowing you to charge your gadgets as well.

Elevate Your Drives: The EV comes with paddle shifters on the steering wheel, allowing for easier driving in bumper-to-bumper traffic or going downhill where frequent braking is required. You also get all-wheel disc brakes, 6 airbags and seat belt reminders for all passengers.

Colours and Variants Available: The Tata Nexon comes in 9 variants, with the base model being the Creative Plus and the top model the Tata Nexon EV Empowered Plus LR. You get 5 colour options: Pristine White, Empowered Oxide, Flame Red, Daytona Grey and Intensi Teal – all in dual tones.

Tata Nexon EV: Variants and Prices

Variants Ex-Showroom Price (Delhi)
Nexon EV Creative Plus (Base Model) ₹14.49 Lakh
Nexon EV Fearless ₹15.99 Lakh
Nexon EV Fearless Plus ₹16.49 Lakh
Nexon EV Fearless LR ₹16.99 Lakh
Nexon EV Fearless Plus S
Nexon EV Empowered ₹17.49 Lakh
Nexon EV Fearless Plus LR
Nexon EV Fearless Plus S LR ₹17.99 Lakh
Nexon EV Empowered Plus LR (Top Model) ₹19.29 Lakh
Disclaimer: The prices were taken on 29/02/2024 at 05:05 pm IST. These prices are subject to change. Hence, we recommend checking your city's current ex-showroom price before buying.

Top Competitors of the Tata Nexon EV

Top Competitors Ex-Showroom Price (Delhi)
Tata Tiago EV ₹7.99 - ₹11.89 Lakh
Citroen eC3 ₹11.61 - ₹13.35 Lakh
Mahindra XUV400 ₹15.49 - ₹19.39 Lakh
MG ZS EV ₹18.98 - ₹25.08 Lakh
Hyundai Kona Electric ₹23.84 - ₹24.03 Lakh

Disclaimer: The prices were taken on 29/02/2024 at 05:05 pm IST. These prices are subject to change. Hence, we recommend checking your city's current ex-showroom price before buying.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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What is the most expensive part of an EV?

What is the most expensive part of an EV?


The battery is the most expensive component of any EV. Your third-party Tata Nexon EV insurance costs are also based on your car's battery capacity (kW).

What is the cost of the Nexon EV after subsidy?


FAME 2 provides subsidies of ₹10,000 for every kWh of battery capacity for all EVs with a maximum cap of 15% (as of June 2023) of the EV’s cost.

Taking the base model Nexon EV as an example – Priced at ₹14.49 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi) after the huge price cut of ₹1.2 lakh, after adding the FAME subsidies, it would cost ₹15.1 lakh on-road.

However, you should note that while the Nexon EV met FAME requirements earlier, it currently does not (as of 29th February 2024). We recommend checking the FAME 2 portal for updates on this before opting for a subsidy at your local dealer.

How can I file an EV car insurance claim for my Tata Nexon EV for an accident?


In case of an accident please ensure you contact us immediately and inform us of the event. All Tata car insurance claims must be made within 3 working days of damage to be admissible.

You should also contact local authorities (the police) and get a copy of your FIR before proceeding to our website to initiate your claim.

We will send a surveyor to inspect the damage and to determine the repair costs. Answer all questions honestly for a smooth claims process.