Tripura Road Tax

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Tripura Road Tax

Tripura is the northeast state of India, which borders Mizoram and Assam. It is the third smallest state in the nation and the seventh least populous state. The hilly state of India is located in a geographically isolated area and has only one major highway. Forest covers half of the area of the state.

The highway NH8 connects Tripura to the rest of the country. Tripura Road Transport Corporation is the organisation that looks after road maintenance, tax and other vehicle-related services in the state.

To maintain the road infrastructure, the RTO of Tripura collects the road tax. The Tripura RTO tax depends on the type of vehicle and its purpose. In this post, we will learn about the road tax in Tripura.

What is Road Tax in Tripura?

Road Tax in Tripura is basically a way to collect money from individuals for using the government or public roads. It is the mandatory fee that vehicle owners need to pay for using public roads.

The money collected from the individual or general public is utilised in the maintenance of road infrastructure only. It is used for road construction, road repairment, road safety mechanism and more.

The road tax in Tripura is based on several factors, such as the type of vehicle owned by the owner, engine capacity, the age of the vehicle, environmental impact and more. RTO officials are responsible for collecting road taxes.

Who Levies Tripura Road Tax Charges?

The ruling government of the state decides the Tripura road tax charges. The state government decides the road tax and other vehicle-related taxes. The government-authorised Tripura Road Transport Corporation collects the tax.

The RTO has various regional offices all across the state to collect these taxes from the individuals. All the registered vehicles in Tripura need to pay these taxes as per the regulation.

Road Tax in Tripura Calculation

The state government is responsible for deciding the road tax. Different factors that help in determining the road tax in Tripura are:

The very first thing that helps in determining the RTO tax in Tripura is vehicle seating capacity which means how many individuals can sit in a vehicle.

The next factor is the age of the vehicle, which means when the vehicle was purchased and how many years it has been on the road.

Another thing that helps in calculating the road tax in Tripura is the vehicle engine capacity.

Further, the weight of the vehicle also plays a crucial role in factoring the road tax.

Finally, the last factor in determining the road tax is the price of the vehicle.

Different tax slab rates are depending on the vehicle category, which are 2%, 10%, 12.5% and more. This vehicle road tax is generally paid annually or once every 15 years.

Tripura RTO Tax for Vehicles

The road tax for vehicles varies from state to state based on their vehicle-related policies and road regulations. The central GST and state GST are already included in newly purchased vehicles. Below is the calculation of Road tax in Tripura for different kinds of vehicles.

Calculation of Road Tax in Tripura for Bike ( Two-Wheelers)

The parameter that is important while calculating the road tax in Tripura for bikes is vehicle cost. Depending on the vehicle price, the tax slab rate is considered; below is the tabular representation of private and public two-wheelers in Tripura.

Vehicle Type Tax Levied
Personal Usage Gearless Two-Wheeler One-time payment of ₹1000 for 15 years and then payment of ₹500 every 5 years.
Personal Usage Geared Two Wheeler Under ₹1 Lakh One-time payment of ₹2200 for 15 years and then payment of ₹1000 every 5 years.
Personal Usage Geared Two Wheeler Over ₹1 Lakh One-time payment of ₹2650 for 15 years and then payment of ₹1100 every 5 years.

Calculation of Road Tax in Tripura for Car (Four-Wheelers)

Like a two-wheeler, the calculation of road tax in Tripura for a car or any other four-wheeler depends on the vehicle's price. Below is the table indicating the road tax of different four-wheelers in Tripura.

Calculation of Tripura Road Tax for Commercial Vehicles

When it comes to determining the Tripura RTO charges for commercial vehicles on the road, the laden weight capacity of the vehicle is considered. Below is the table for road tax for commercial vehicles in Tripura.

Vehicle Cost Applicable Tax Amount
Less than or Up to ₹3 Lakhs One-time payment of ₹4100 for 15 years and then payment of ₹2050 every 5 years.
Between ₹3 Lakhs to ₹5 Lakhs One-time payment of ₹4800 for 15 years and then payment of ₹2400 for every 5 years.
Between ₹5 Lakhs to ₹10 Lakhs One-time payment of ₹6900 for 15 years and then payment of ₹3450 for every 5 years.
Between ₹10 Lakhs to ₹15 Lakhs Single-time payment of ₹7550 for 15 years and then payment of ₹3775 for every 5 years.
Over ₹15 Lakhs Single-time payment of ₹8250 for 15 years and post that payment of ₹4125 for every 5 years.
Registered Laden weight Applicable Tax Amount
Below and Up to 3000 Kgs ₹600
Between 3000 Kgs to 5560 Kgs ₹900
Between 5560 Kgs to 7500 Kgs ₹1620
Between 7500 Kgs to 12000 Kgs ₹2625
Between 12000 Kgs to 16200 Kgs ₹5250
Over 16200 Kgs ₹6560 plus ₹25 for every additional 1000 kgs

Calculation of Tripura Road Tax for Tourist Vehicles

There is a tax in Tripura for tourist vehicles also; below is the structure for the same:

Vehicle Type Applicable Tax Amount
Tourist Cab up To 6 Person Seating Capacity ₹925 yearly
Tourist Cab Up To 6 to 12 person Seating Capacity ₹3000 yearly
Tourist Vehicle Up To 12 to 30 person Seating Capacity ₹10000 yearly
Tourist Omni Bus ₹15000 yearly

Tripura Road Tax Online Payment - Step-by-Step Procedure

To make the road tax online payment in Tripura, vehicle owners need to follow these steps:

Step 1: For paying the Tripura RTO charges for roads or vehicles, visit the official Parivahan Sewa website.

Step 2: Further, click on the "Online Services" option and then choose the "Vehicle Related Services" option.

Step 3: Now, next, choose the state "Tripura" from the dropdown.

Step 4: Next, on the Vahan citizen services page, enter the vehicle registration number, select RTO and then click the "Proceed" button.

Step 5: Click on the road tax option and pay the amount using your desired method.

Step 6: Submit the payment request and collect the receipt.

Tripura Road Tax Offline Payment

If the online process seems hectic, then vehicle owners can pay Tripura RTO tax for the road by visiting the RTO office, too. The following steps need to be followed for the same:

Step 1: To pay the road tax for the vehicle, visit the nearby RTO office in Tripura.

Step 2: Ask officials for road tax forms and fill them out carefully.

Step 3: Submit the road tax form along with other documents such as vehicle registration certificate and driving licence to officials.

Step 4: The RTO officer will check the road tax amount in their database based on the information provided in the forms.

Step 5: They will give you the payment amount and request you to make payment either by cash or online.

Step 6: After paying the amount, collect the acknowledgement receipt.

Note: Please note that documents and procedures for road tax may vary. Therefore, it is best to reach out to the Tripura RTO or visit the Vahan portal for any additional information regarding offline road tax payments in Tripura.

How to Check Road Tax Amount In Tripura?

To know how much road tax you need to pay to the RTO authorities, you can carry out the below procedure.

Step 1: Visit the official Tripura State Portal website.

Step 2: Next, click on the "Services" section, and under that, look for the "Transport Services."

Step 3: Now next click on the "Road Tax Assessment and Penalty Calculation" option.

Step 4: It will take you to the Vahan services portal; here, enter the vehicle registration number and RTO region and click the "Submit" button.

Step 5: Next, click on the "Know Your Tax Amount" option.

Step 6: The road tax for your vehicle will be displayed on the screen.

Penalties for Non-Payment of Tripura RTO Tax

The road tax in Tripura is mandatory for all vehicle owners. If the individual doesn't pay the road tax on time in Tripura, then there are some serious repercussions. As per the MVA 1972, the vehicle owner who doesn't pay the road taxes on time or within the specified period has to pay the hefty penalties imposed by the RTO authorities.

If the individual is booked under the non-payment of road tax in Tripura and found guilty, then they need to pay 1.5 times the annual road tax sum.

However, the RTO authorities offer sufficient time to individuals to pay their road tax. Most users generally pay the road tax in advance at the time of vehicle registration. Other than this, there is also a 15-day grace period for vehicle owners to pay taxes. During this period, no fine would be imposed on vehicle owners.

Road Tax Refund in Tripura

Not just this, vehicle owners can also claim a road tax refund in Tripura. If the vehicle owner has already paid the one-time road tax for a vehicle for 15 years, but, due to some reason, the vehicle is off the road or scrapped or discarded in between the 15 years, then the individual can claim the road tax refund.

To claim the refund, individuals can visit the regional RTO office and carry out the procedure for vehicle cancellation. After the procedure is done, the authorities will offer the refunded amount.

However, for any reason, if the vehicle owner is transferred to another state, then they need to do the procedure in the former state RTO only.

List of RTOs in Tripura

Below are the details of some of the RTO offices in Tripura.

RTO Names RTO Codes Addresses
Agartala TR-01 Agartala, West Tripura, Tripura - 799001
Unakoti TR-02 Kailashahar, North Tripura, Tripura - 799277
Gomati TR-03 Udaipur, South Tripura, Tripura - 799013
Dhalai TR-04 Dharmanagar, North Tripura, Tripura - 799250
North Tripura TR-05 Ambassa, Tripura - 799289
Khowai TR-06 Teliamura, Khowai District, - 799201

Having Motor Insurance in Tripura

As per the road transport authorities of India, having basic motor insurance in India is a necessity. Every vehicle owner needs to have insurance while driving on the road in Tripura, irrespective of the vehicle type.

Individuals who are driving without basic bike or car insurance need to pay a fine of ₹2000 to traffic authorities at the time of inspection. The purpose of insurance for cars and bikes is to offer protection to vehicles against various risks.

Generally people in India consider buying 3rd party insurance online, but the coverage offered in it is limited. With changing road conditions and vehicle prices, it is best to go for a bike or car insurance policy that offers enhanced protection.

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Road tax in Tripura is mandatory for all vehicle owners. By paying road tax vehicle owners not only adhere to the traffic laws and regulations but also save themselves from paying any penalties. The tax collected by the road and transport authorities is utilised in various road development or maintenance programs.

The tax laws may vary or be revised depending upon the current ruling government, so it is best to visit the authorised government website to know the revised rates.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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How much is the road tax in Tripura?

How much is the road tax in Tripura?


The road tax in Tripura varies depending on the vehicle type and other factors such as vehicle age, price and more. For example, the calculation for road tax in Tripura for bikes depends on the vehicle type, such as gearless or geared, and price. For commercial vehicles, the road tax is calculated based on the registered laden weight in Tripura.

Are there any vehicles that are not allowed to pay road tax in Tripura?


Almost every vehicle in the state needs to pay the road tax. However, some vehicles are waived from road tax fees in Tripura. These vehicles are ambulance and hearse vehicles. The private ambulance is also included in the list.

Where to make road tax online payments in Tripura?


Vehicle owners can pay the road tax in Tripura by visiting their nearest RTO office. The official will guide you through the whole road tax payment procedure. Other than this, there is a way to pay road tax online by visiting the Parivahan Sewa portal. It is the uniform platform started for vehicle and road-related services by the Indian government.