Volvo S90 Insurance

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Volvo S90 Insurance

Volvo S90, a large luxury sedan, is at the apex of automotive elegance, comfort, and performance. It is extraordinary and distinguished for its design, advanced safety features, and exemplary interiors. While features are the key elements, the engine and its power equally compete with their rivalries for performance.

The joy of driving can give you moments to explore and cherish. However, beyond the joy of exploring the car for its features and performance, safety should be a significant consideration. Car insurance is one of the most preferred solutions that can safeguard a car to maintain its best standards.

If you have decided to purchase the Volvo S90, get this insight into our Tata AIG four-wheeler insurance plans to know how best we can protect your car at your comfort with simple and convenient features.

Purchase/ Renew Volvo S90 Car Insurance with Tata AIG

Process To Buy Volvo S90 Insurance Online

Visit our official website, Tata AIG Car Insurance.

In the space provided against 'Your Car Registration Number,' enter the correct details and click on 'Get Price.'

The application form for car insurance will pop up. You will be required to provide your personal details and a few further information about your car. Ensure it is up-to-date and correct.

Upload the required documents, proof of identity, proof of residence, bank details, etc., for the KYC verification process.

Next, choose add-on covers from the various options available. Add-on covers for your Volvo car insurance are not mandatory. You can avail of it based on their features and your requirements.

Submit the application form. Based on the features and options that you have chosen, the car insurance premium, S90 insurance cost, will appear on the screen.

You can provide your consent and proceed to pay the premium online.

Upon verification and approval of your application for Volvo insurance, we will send the policy document and further details to your registered email address.

Process For Volvo Car Insurance Renewal

Visit our official website, Tata AIG Car Insurance.

In the space provided against 'Your Car Registration Number,' enter the correct details and click on 'Renew.'

The application form for car insurance renewal will pop up. Provide the necessary details, such as policy number, claims history(if applicable), expiry date, etc.

If you have not made any claims, be clear about mentioning it. You can make use of the 'No Claim Bonus' to reduce your premium.

Choose add-on covers if required and proceed to pay the applicable Volvo car insurance price.

Upon payment verification and confirmation, we will send the car insurance policy document online to your registered email address.


Ensure to renew the Volvo car insurance within 15- 30 days before the actual expiry date. Click here to learn about why you need to renew your car insurance timely and how to renew an expired car insurance.

We offer long-term comprehensive car insurance plans for up to 3 years. Click here to learn the benefits of Multi-Year & Long Term Car Insurance.

Volvo S90 Insurance Price/Cost: What is the Premium for Volvo S90 Car Insurance?

The Volvo car insurance price or the premium is primarily based on the type of car insurance plan required.

At Tata AIG, we offer three different types of car insurance plans.

Stand-Alone Third-Party Car Insurance Policy - Third-party car insurance is a basic car insurance policy, legally mandatory, and covers the damages caused by your insured car to a third-party person or their property.

Stand-Alone Own Damage Car Insurance Policy - It is applicable to cars purchased after 2018 and covers the damages caused only to your insured car.

Stand-Alone Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy - It offers extensive coverage, including own damage and third-party damages.

How Can You Determine Car Insurance Premium?

The premium rate for a third-party car insurance plan is decided and considered for annual revisions by the Insurance Regulatory And Development Authority Of India (IRDAI). It is based on the car's engine cubic capacity (cc).

The premium for stand-alone own damage and comprehensive car insurance plans depends on several factors, including the Insured Declared Value, Age, Make and Model, Engine capacity, Add-ons (if applicable), Deductibles, and Claims History.

At Tata AIG, we offer affordable car insurance plans to suit individual needs. You can compare car insurance plans based on their features to decide on suitable coverage for all your financial needs.

In addition, to make well-informed financial decisions, you can utilise our car insurance premium calculator, which provides the applicable premium rate for your Volvo S90 insurance based on the chosen plan options.

Add-Ons For Volvo S90 Car Insurance By Tata AIG

Add-on covers provide additional coverage for your comprehensive car insurance plan. It is optional and can be availed of at an additional price, adding to the base premium cost.

At Tata AIG, we offer 12 add-ons for Volvo S90 insurance. Here is a list of the most commonly used add-ons.

Zero Depreciation

No Claim Bonus (NCB) Protection

Engine Secure

Repair of Glass Fiber and Plastic Parts

Daily Allowance

Roadside Assistance

Emergency Transport and Hotel Expenses

Key Replacement

Tyre Secure

Consumable expenses

Loss of personal belongings

Return to Invoice

Inclusions and Exclusions Under Tata AIG’s Volvo S90 Insurance

Volvo S90 Car Insurance Inclusions

Circumstances What Is Covered In Volvo S90 Car Insurance?
Natural Disasters Stand-Alone Own Damage and Comprehensive car insurance plans offer coverage for damages incurred due to natural disasters such as earthquakes, cyclones, snowfall, etc. 
Man-made calamities Stand-Alone Own Damage and Comprehensive car insurance plans offer coverage for damages incurred due to man-made calamities such as riots, strikes, terrorist attacks, etc.
Fire Stand-Alone Own Damage and Comprehensive car insurance offer coverage for fire damages incurred due to lightning, self-ignition, explosions, etc.
Theft or total damage The comprehensive car insurance plan will compensate with the IDV or the total market value in case of theft or total damage due to an accident.
Accident Stand-Alone Own Damage and Comprehensive car insurance offer coverage for the damages incurred due to an accident. 
Transition damages The comprehensive car insurance plan will cover the damages incurred to your car while it is moved between two places through water, air, or road.
Third-Party Damages Stand-Alone Third-Party and Comprehensive car insurance plans offer coverage for bodily damages to third-party, their death, or their property.
Personal Accident Cover The comprehensive car insurance plan offers coverage against death and major injuries and permanent total disability to the owner-driver up to 15 lakhs. You can also add optional liability cover to unnamed passengers.
Add-On Covers The Comprehensive car insurance plan offers 17 add-on covers that provide additional coverage based on the specified scenarios and conditions.

Volvo S90 Car Insurance Exclusions

Circumstances What Is Not Covered In Volvo S90 Car Insurance?
Licence issues Damages caused due to driving without a driving licence
Geographical boundary issues Damages caused due to driving outside India
Alcohol and drug usage Damages caused due to driving your car under the influence of drug or alcohol
General maintenance Costs incurred due to general maintenance or ordinary wear and tear
Driver’s negligence Damages caused due to driver’s negligence or using private vehicles for commercial usage
Speeding and crash testing Damages caused due to crash testing, speed racing, or similar activities.
War situations Damages incurred due to war situations
Add-ons not included Cover for add-on benefits that are not included in the car insurance policy
Replacement of consumables Only 50% reimbursement of the cost for consumables due to wear and tear is applicable.

Reasons to Buy Tata AIG Volvo S90 Car Insurance

While you purchase a car, you look through the different features, performance, USP, price, and other key specifications to ensure you purchase the best car to value your money and future.

When you buy car insurance, the same research has to be a prime concern, for car insurance is an ultimate necessity for financial security and a moral obligation for public safety.

Here is why you can consider Tata AIG for your Volvo S90 insurance.

Brand reliability- 20 years of experience in the insurance industry with sheer commitment, integrity, and loyalty to our customers signifies the promise of commitment.

Tailored coverage- You can choose between third-party, stand-alone own damage, and comprehensive car insurance coverage based on your driving style, location, and financial needs. In addition, you can customise it with our add-on covers for enhanced coverage.

Add-on covers- At Tata AIG, we offer 17 add-on covers at affordable premiums to increase your coverage specific to possible compelling scenarios. It is extremely important if you are a frequent traveller or reside in accident-prone zones.

Hassle-free claim processes- We offer hassle-free online processes to initiate a claim and proceed with quick disbursements. With more than 650 claim experts, we ensure every customer has a transparent and seamless experience.

Claim Settlement Ratio- At Tata AIG, we have registered a Claim Settlement Ratio of 99% for the FY 2022-2023. It guarantees an assured claim settlement process for your car insurance needs.

Wide Network of Garages- At Tata AIG, we extend a vast network of garages with more than 7500 garages, offering cashless claims.

Volvo S90: Overview and Unique Selling Points

Volvo S90 stands out in the premium sedan category with its luxury interiors, sophisticated design, advanced safety features, and cutting-edge technology, with a prime focus on driving performance. The perfect blend of luxury and performance paves the way for a joyous driving experience.

Unique Selling Points Of The Volvo S90

Premium Interiors- The fine Nappa leather for the S90 is a key feature, soft to the touch, for a comfortable and relaxed driving experience. Further, interior illumination (high level), charcoal headlining, pitched oak decor, and tailored steering wheel, dashboard, and door top panels add to the elegance.

Performance- The mild hybrid car powered by a petrol engine features performance with 1969 cc, 250 BHP Power, and 350 Nm Torque. The transmission type is Automatic - 8 Gears. The recovered brake energy to charge a 48V battery supports combustion for a smoother, powerful, and fuel-efficient driving experience. The ARAI Mileage is 14.7 kmpl.

Safety and Security- In addition to standard features, the Volvo S90 is packed with a power child safety Lock, dual-stage airbags, a whiplash injury protection system, side impact protection, and an inflatable curtain that can embrace your journey for a safe driving experience. Furthermore, features like pilot assist, lane-keeping aid, and adaptive cruise control support driving.

Exterior Styling- While comfort and elegance appeal to the interiors, the Scandinavian style is even more profound in the exteriors. The front grille in high gloss black with chrome feature, the 18" 5-Triple Spoke Black Diamond Cut, and the bright aluminium trim around the side windows are a few to mention.

Technology and Sound- The air-ventilated subwoofer and Bowers & Wilkins high-fidelity audio system dramatise a lively experience for fun-filled moments. Features for advanced technology, the Google Assistant, Google Play Store, and Google Maps are incorporated for 5 years. Further, the Volvo Cars App remote functions are incorporated for 4 years.

Volvo S90: Variants and Prices

Volvo S90 Variants Ex-Showroom Price
S90 B5 Ultimate Mild Hybrid (Petrol + Electric) Automatic ₹68.25 Lakhs

Disclaimer: The price was taken from Volvo on 04/12/2023 at 7:00 pm IST. Since prices are subject to change, we recommend checking your city’s current ex-showroom price before buying. Most of the prices listed above are expected prices, as some variants are yet to launch in India.

Top 3 Competitors of the Volvo S90

Competitor Car Name/Model Ex-Showroom Price 
Kia EV6 ₹60.95 Lakhs
Audi Q5 ₹62.35 Lakhs
BMW 3 Series ₹71.50 Lakhs

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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Is the Volvo S90 a luxury car?


Volvo S90 is a luxury car that belongs to the premium sedan segment, known for its Scandinavian style, comfort elements, elegant features, advanced technology, superior performance, and safety extensions.

How can car insurance impact the resale value of the Volvo S90 in the used car market?


Maintaining a car insurance policy is perceived as a well-deserved car, which can positively impact the resale value of your Volvo S90. Further, if you have not initiated any claims or used them wisely to the optimum level, you can show how you have used the vehicle over the long term. It can attract a better or a higher resale value.

Are there any discounts to purchase Volvo car insurance online?


At Tata AIG, you can save up to 75% on your premium if you buy car insurance online.



All the prices and other information listed above pertain to a specific city and vehicle model. Since this information is subject to change, it is advisable to check the latest information before purchasing a vehicle or an insurance policy.