Andhra Pradesh Road Tax

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Andhra Pradesh Road Tax

The Andhra Pradesh (AP) Road Tax system plays a pivotal role in regulating the state's road infrastructure and vehicular movement. Road tax, a mandatory financial obligation for vehicle owners, is a crucial revenue source for the state government. This tax contributes significantly to road network development, maintenance, and expansion, ensuring safer and more efficient transportation.

Understanding the nuances of Andhra Pradesh's road tax is essential for residents and businesses, as it impacts vehicle acquisition costs and ongoing ownership expenses. The tax structure may vary based on vehicle type, fuel used, and other factors, requiring a detailed understanding of the regulations.

What is Road Tax?

Road Tax, also known as Vehicle Tax or Vehicle Excise Duty, is a mandatory fee imposed by the government on individuals or businesses owning motor vehicles.

As per Section 39 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, road tax is an essential legal requirement for vehicle owners in India. This section mandates that no person can drive a motor vehicle or allow it to be driven on public roads unless the appropriate road tax has been paid for the vehicle.

The Act empowers state governments to formulate road tax policies and structures, leading to rate variations across different states.

Road Tax rates may vary based on factors such as the type of vehicle, its age, engine capacity and emissions.

This tax is levied to generate revenue that contributes to developing, maintaining and improving road infrastructure and transportation services. The funds collected are allocated towards creating safer roads, enhancing traffic management systems, and promoting sustainable transportation networks.

Road tax is crucial for a well-maintained road infrastructure that facilitates smooth and safe movement of vehicles. It directly contributes to improving transportation facilities, aids in managing traffic congestion, and supports overall economic growth.

By mandating road tax, governments can ensure equitable sharing of the costs associated with road upkeep among vehicle owners while also encouraging the adoption of cleaner and more sustainable modes of transportation.

Who Levies AP Road Tax?

The Andhra Pradesh State Government levies the Andhra Pradesh Road Tax.

The responsibility for imposing and collecting road tax falls under the purview of the state's Transport Department. This department is entrusted with the task of regulating various aspects of transportation, including vehicle registration, issuance of licenses, road safety measures, and taxation.

The state government determines road tax rates and structures based on factors such as the type of vehicle, fuel type, vehicle age, and other relevant criteria.

Road Tax in Andhra Pradesh Calculation

In Andhra Pradesh, the state government calculates the road tax based on a uniform nation-wide method, considering crucial vehicle-related information provided by the owner during the registration process.

Various factors influence the road tax amount to ensure an unbiased tax evaluation across diverse vehicle types:

  • Seating capacity of the vehicle.

  • Engine's cubic capacity.

  • Fuel type of the vehicle.

  • Total cost of the vehicle.

  • Weight of the vehicle.

  • Intended usage (private or commercial) and the date of purchase.

Vehicle's age (significant when registering a used vehicle or transferring one to Andhra Pradesh from another state).

This approach guarantees a just assessment of road tax, promoting consistency across vehicle categories.

Andhra Pradesh provides the convenience of an accessible road tax calculator on the official Parivahan portal.

Moreover, the comprehensive tables below present road tax details for new and older vehicles across diverse categories, facilitating quick determination of the road tax liability in Andhra Pradesh.

Andhra Pradesh Road Tax for Two-Wheelers

Below are the fees levied by the RTO department in Andhra Pradesh for two-wheelers.

Age of the Vehicle Applicable Taxes (on the cost of the vehicle)
New Vehicle 9%
Up to 2 years 8%
2 - 3 years 7%/td>
3 - 4 years 6%
4 - 5 years 5%
5 - 6 years 4%
6 - 7 years 3.5%
7 - 8 years 3%
8 - 9 years 2.5%
9 - 10 years 2%
10 - 11 years 1.5%
Greater than 11 years 1%

AP Transport Road Tax for Four-Wheelers

The AP RTO department enforces the subsequent road tax rates for four-wheelers.

Age of the Vehicle Lifetime road tax for vehicles valued under ₹10 lakhs (% of vehicle cost) Lifetime road tax for vehicles valued over ₹10 lakhs (% of vehicle cost)
New vehicle 12% 14%
Up to 2 years 11% 13%
2 - 3 years 10.5% 12.5%
3 - 4 years 10% 12%
4 - 5 years 9.5% 11.5%
5 - 6 years 9% 11%
6 -7 years 8.5% 10.5%
7 - 8 years 8% 10%
8 – 9 years 7.5% 9.5%
9 – 10 years 7% 9%
10 – 11 years 6.5% 8.5%
11 – 12 years 6% 8%
More than 12 years 5.5% 7.5%

Road Tax for Commercial Vehicles in Andhra Pradesh

Here is the road tax summary for commercial vehicles in AP:

Vehicle Type Age Under ₹10 lakhs Above ₹10 lakhs
Light Motor Vehicle (LMV) Up to 3 years 0.12 0.14
LMV 3 to 5 years 0.11 0.13
LMV 5 to 10 years 0.1 0.12
LMV Above 10 years 0.09 0.11
Medium Commercial Vehicle (MCV) Up to 3 years 0.14 0.16
MCV 3 to 5 years 0.13 0.15
MCV 5 to 10 years 0.12 0.14
MCV Above 10 years 0.11 0.13
Heavy Commercial Vehicle (HCV) Up to 3 years 0.16 0.18
HCV 3 to 5 years 0.15 0.17
HCV 5 to 10 years 0.14 0.16
HCV Above 10 years 0.13 0.15

Andhra Pradesh Road Tax for Other State Vehicles

Regarding road tax for vehicles from other states in Andhra Pradesh, they are permitted to operate for 11 months without road tax payment.

Following this period, the vehicle's registration must be switched to Andhra Pradesh, and the tax obligation commences. The applicable tax varies based on regulations for two-wheelers and four-wheelers.

Andra Pradesh Road Tax Online Payment: A Step-By-Step Process

Initiate the process by visiting the official Parivahan portal dedicated to Andhra Pradesh.

Locate the 'Online Services' section in the top menu and click on 'Vehicle-Related Services'.

From the dropdown options, choose your specific state, which is 'Andhra Pradesh'.

Input your registration number, select the corresponding RTO from the provided dropdown options, and then click 'Proceed'.

Move to the 'Services' tab and click 'Tax/Fee Services'.

Proceed to 'Pay Your Tax' and fill in your vehicle's registration number and the last five characters of its chassis number.

After entering the details, validate by clicking 'Verify Details', leading you to a road tax collection form.

Click on the 'Payment' option, and then choose 'Confirm Payment'.

Select your preferred online payment method and proceed by clicking 'Continue'.

Upon the successful completion of the payment process, a downloadable receipt will be generated, so remember to save it for future reference.

Additionally, download and print the application letter generated by the website, as it includes your application number for future correspondence.

Vehicles Road Tax Check AP - How to Find Out Your RTO Road Tax in Andhra Pradesh Amount Online?

To access your tax information for Andhra Pradesh, adhere to the following steps:

Visit the Vahan Services portal designed for Andhra Pradesh.

Locate and click on the 'Know Your Tax Amount' option positioned in the top menu.

On the ensuing page, furnish all requisite details meticulously and accurately enter the captcha. Subsequently, click on 'Get Tax Details'.

[Note: If your vehicle is private, opt for 'Motor Cab' from the dropdown menu and select 'Light Motor Vehicle' in the subsequent field.]

Offline AP Vehicle Tax Payment

Visit the nearest local or state RTO office with all required supporting documents.

Approach the front desk to inquire about the road tax payment process and request an application form.

Complete the application form with your personal details and specific vehicle information, including type, registration date, and purchase date.

Submit the filled form and necessary documents at the designated counter and proceed to make the road tax payment.

Ensure you receive a payment receipt, which will be important for future reference.

Penalties for Non-Payment of RTO Road Tax in Andhra Pradesh?

Period Imposed Penalty
Within a month after the due date Penalty not exceeding one-half of the quarterly tax
Within two months after the due date Penalty not exceeding the amount of quarterly tax
Over two months from the beginning of the quarter, half year, or year Penalty not exceeding twice the quarterly tax
For each calendar month or part thereof in respect of motor vehicles with lifetime or lump sum tax Penalty not exceeding 2% of the lifetime or lump sum tax for the calendar month or part thereof, with a maximum of twice the lifetime or lump sum tax due

List Of RTOs in Andhra Pradesh

RTO Code District Contact Details
AP-01 Adilabad Phone: +91 8790 250 000
AP-02 Anantapur Phone: +91 8555 230 000
AP-03 Chittoor Phone: +91 8639 420 000
AP-04 Kadapa Phone: +91 8762 230 000
AP-05 East Godavari (Kakinada) Phone: +91 8912 230 000
AP-06 East Godavari (Rajahmundry) Phone: +91 8836 230 000
AP-07 Guntur (Guntur) Phone: +91 8666 230 000
AP-08 Guntur (Nuzvid) Phone: +91 8666 231 000
AP-09 Hyderabad (Secunderabad) Phone: +91 40 2455 0000
AP-10 Hyderabad (Kondapur) Phone: +91 40 2455 1000
AP-11 Hyderabad (Malkajgiri) Phone: +91 40 2455 2000
AP-12 Hyderabad (Kukatpally) Phone: +91 40 2455 3000
AP-13 Hyderabad (LB Nagar) Phone: +91 40 2455 4000
AP-14 Hyderabad (Gachibowli) Phone: +91 40 2455 5000
AP-16 Krishna (Vijayawada) Phone: +91 8662 230 000
AP-17 Krishna (Guntur) Phone: +91 8666 232 000
AP-18 Krishna (Machilipatnam) Phone: +91 8663 230 000
AP-19 Krishna (Nuzvid) Phone: +91 8666 231 000
AP-20 Khammam Phone: +91 8792 230 000
AP-21 Kurnool Phone: +91 8512 230 000
AP-22 Mahbubnagar Phone: +91 8396 230 000
AP-23 Medak Phone: +91 9121 230 000
AP-24 Nalgonda Phone: +91 8666 233 000
AP-25 Prakasam Phone: +91 8502 230 000
AP-26 Vizianagaram Phone: +91 8914 230 000
AP-27 West Godavari (Eluru) Phone: +91 8881 230 000
AP-28 West Godavari (Bhimavaram) Phone: +91 8892 230 000

Motor Insurance in Andhra Pradesh

Motor insurance is mandatory for all vehicles registered in Andhra Pradesh, India. It provides financial protection to the policyholder in the event of an accident, theft, or other damage to their vehicle. Two main types of motor insurance are available in India: third-party insurance and comprehensive insurance.

Third-party insurance is the minimum coverage required by law. It covers the policyholder against any liability for damages caused to third parties, including other vehicles, property, and people.

However, comprehensive insurance for four-wheeler or two-wheelers provides additional coverage for the policyholder's vehicle, including repairs and replacement costs.

A motor insurance policy certificate is vital during vehicle registration at an RTO. Moreover, in accordance with the Motor Vehicles Act, it's mandatory to possess at least a third-party bike or car insurance policy to operate the vehicle on public roads within the state.

At Tata AIG, we strongly advocate opting for comprehensive insurance for 4-wheeler or 2-wheelers for new vehicles, given its wider coverage scope.

With us, you can compare insurance plans online with the help of our bike/car insurance calculator and select the one that aligns with your requirements. If you need more help picking the right insurance plan for your vehicle, you can contact our insurance ombudsmen.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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What is the significance of road tax in Andhra Pradesh?


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Can I drive my vehicle from another state in Andhra Pradesh without paying road tax immediately?


Yes, you can operate your vehicle from another state in Andhra Pradesh for up to 11 months without paying road tax. After this period, you must change the vehicle's registration to Andhra Pradesh and pay road tax.

What type of motor insurance is mandatory for driving in the state?


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