Bihar Road Tax

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Bihar Road Tax

Bihar, one of the popular states in Northern India, is known for its extensive road network that plays a pivotal role in the state's transportation and connectivity.

To sustain and improve this infrastructure, Bihar enforces road taxes, a fundamental source of revenue.

Bihar road taxes are essential for financing road repairs and construction projects and enhancing road safety measures. By collecting road taxes, Bihar ensures its roads remain well-maintained, contributing to efficient mobility for its residents and travellers.

Understanding the rules and regulations surrounding road tax is vital for vehicle owners to avoid penalties and contribute to the state's development. This article provides a comprehensive examination of Bihar Road Tax, delving into its specific details and implications.

What is Road Tax?

Road tax, according to India's Motor Vehicles Act, is a compulsory fee levied by the government on individuals who own and drive/ride vehicles on public roads. This tax serves as a source of revenue dedicated to the maintenance and enhancement of the country's road infrastructure.

This revenue helps the state adapt to the growing demands of its road network, facilitating economic growth, trade and overall development in the region. Vehicle owners must pay road tax when registering their vehicle with the various Regional Transport Offices in Bihar.

The specific amount of road tax varies across states and is contingent upon factors like the vehicle's type, age, engine capacity, and other specifications. Vehicle owners must fulfil this obligation during the vehicle registration at their respective Regional Transport Office (RTO).

Non-compliance with road tax regulations can lead to penalties or legal repercussions.

Who Levies Bihar Road Tax Charges?

The Bihar RTO (Regional Transport Office) Registration Charges are levied by the Bihar State Government. These charges are collected when a vehicle is registered with the Regional Transport Office in Bihar.

This department, known as the Department of Transport (DoT), plays a very prominent role in overseeing the effective implementation of the Indian Motor Vehicles Act and its associated regulations.

The state is constitutionally empowered to collect road tax, and the DoT contributes significantly to maintaining the organised administration of this tax system, facilitating the state's ability to fund road infrastructure and ensure smooth traffic flow.

Road tax is an essential part of the process of legally owning and operating a vehicle in the state of Bihar.

RTO Tax in Bihar Calculation

The Bihar Parivahan Tax is determined by factors like

The vehicle's make

Vehicle’s engine capacity

Vehicle type

Vehicle’s seating capacity

Its age and usage

Different tax brackets apply depending on whether the vehicle is a personal or commercial two-wheeler or four-wheeler. Now, let's delve into the specifics of Bihar's vehicle tax.

It's important first to grasp the concept of the ex-showroom price, as road tax is calculated based on this value. The ex-showroom price encompasses the vehicle's cost, including CGST, SGST, IGST, and Compensation Cess.

For personalised information regarding your specific motor vehicle tax obligations in Bihar, we recommend consulting the official Bihar Parivahan portal.

Additionally, we have included detailed tables below, outlining road tax details for both new and older vehicles across various categories specific to Bihar.

This will help you accurately determine your road tax liability within the state, ensuring a smooth process for vehicle owners.

Bihar RTO Tax for Vehicles

Every vehicle owner in Bihar has to pay the road tax according to the value of the vehicle they own.

Here is a list of the applicable taxes for all types of private and commercial vehicles in the state.

Road Tax Calculation for New Two-Wheelers in Bihar:

In Bihar, road taxation on two-wheelers is determined by their price range:

Vehicle Price Range Applicable Road Tax
Less than ₹1 Lakh 8% on the total price of the vehicle
₹1 Lakh – ₹8 Lakhs 9% on the total price of the vehicle
₹8 Lakhs – ₹15 Lakhs 10% on the total price of the vehicle
More than ₹15 Lakhs 12% on the total price of the vehicle

Road Tax Calculation for New Three-Wheelers in Bihar: Three-wheeler vehicles, such as autorickshaws, are classified under the commercial vehicle category. The age of the vehicle determines the road tax for three-wheelers. Here’s a list to understand the applicable road taxes for this category:

Time Period Applicable Road Tax
0 - 5 years ₹6,000
5 - 10 years ₹6,700
10 - 15 years ₹10,000

Road Tax Calculation for New Four-Wheelers in Bihar: The applicable road tax in Bihar for four-wheelers also depends on their price range, which is similar to that of two-wheelers in the state:

Vehicle Price Range Applicable Road Tax
Less than ₹1 Lakh 8% on the total price of the vehicle
₹1 Lakh – ₹8 Lakhs 9% on the total price of the vehicle
₹8 Lakhs – ₹15 Lakhs 10% on the total price of the vehicle
More than ₹15 Lakhs 12% on the total price of the vehicle

Bihar Commercial Vehicles Road Tax Online Road tax for larger commercial vehicles like vans and maxi cabs in Bihar is calculated based on their seating capacity. For four-wheeled vehicles falling under the commercial category, such as taxis and cabs, the applicable charges are determined by their price range. Here is a list to understand the applicable tax slabs better:

Vehicle Price Range Applicable Road Tax
Less than ₹1 Lakh 8% on the total price of the vehicle
₹1 Lakh – ₹8 Lakhs 9% on the total price of the vehicle
₹8 Lakhs – ₹15 Lakhs 10% on the total price of the vehicle
More than ₹15 Lakhs 12% on the total price of the vehicle

For larger commercial vehicles, here is the tax slab:

Seating Capacity Ordinary Semi-Deluxe Deluxe Luxury
13 – 26 seats ₹550/seat ₹675/seat ₹785/seat ₹1300/seat
27 – 32 seats ₹600/seat ₹750/seat ₹860/seat ₹1300/seat
33 seats or more ₹700/seat ₹870/seat ₹1025/seat ₹1300/seat

Vehicle Entry Tax in Bihar for Other State Vehicles

Upon entering Bihar, vehicles from other states are exempt from road tax for a period of 12 months. Following this duration, the vehicle owner must register the vehicle in Bihar and start the road tax payments. The applicable rules for two-wheelers and four-wheelers will determine the specific road tax rates.

Bihar Road Tax Payment Online: A Step-By-Step Process

You can conveniently make your Bihar Road tax payment online from the comfort of your home.

Follow these simple steps to complete the process in less than 5 minutes:

Step 1: Go to the official Vahan Citizen Services website.

Step 2: On the left-hand side, enter your vehicle registration number. Then, select the state and the corresponding RTO.

Step 3: When a new window appears, click on the 'Login' button.

Step 4: Next, click on 'Pay Your Tax.'

Step 5: Fill in all the necessary details, including the registration amount for your vehicle.

Step 6: Complete the payment using your preferred payment method.

Step 7: Make sure to save the Bihar Vahan road tax receipt for future reference.

How to Find the Amount of Your Bihar Road Tax Online?

Within the services provided by the Parivahan Sewa website, you can conveniently verify the road tax status for your registered vehicle in Bihar online.

The Vahan e-Services portal, which is part of the Parivahan Sewa website, facilitates this process through the following steps:

Step 1: Visit the Vahan e-Services website.

Step 2: Select 'Know Your Vehicle Details' from the menu bar at the top.

Step 3: Input your vehicle number and the verification code, then click on 'Vahan Search.'

This will lead you to a new page where comprehensive details about the vehicle and its owner will be displayed.

Here, you can easily discover the MV Tax status of your vehicle, whether it's LTT (Life Time Tax) or OTT (One Time Tax) paid.

Offline Payment of Road Tax in Bihar

Paying Bihar Road tax offline involves a simple process.

Start the process by visiting the nearest Regional Transport Office (RTO) in your area.

Upon arriving at the RTO, approach the designated counter for road tax payments. Here, you will be provided with the necessary road tax payment form.

Complete the form with accurate details and proceed to clear your dues as indicated.

It is crucial to ensure that all required information is correctly filled in the form. Once the payment is successfully processed, remember to collect the official payment receipt.

This receipt serves as documented evidence of your road tax payment and should be retained for future reference or verification purposes.

[Note: Specific documents and payment processes may vary, so you should contact the Bihar RTO or visit the Vahan website for any additional information or requirements regarding offline road tax payment in the state.]

Penalties for Non-Payment of Road Tax in Bihar

Non-payment of road tax in Bihar is subject to penalties as outlined in the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988. This obligation applies to all vehicles operating on Bihar's roads, except for vehicles from other states on temporary visits.

Failure to comply with this requirement results in penalties, the severity of which is determined by the duration for which the tax remains outstanding. The Government of Bihar holds the authority to levy penalties under the Bihar Vehicle Tax Act of 1994.

In addition to penalties, the Government of Bihar also imposes interest on overdue road tax payments. The amount of interest is contingent upon the number of days the payment has been delayed.

The applicable penalty rules are outlined below:

Penalty Period Applicable Fine
1 to 15 days None
15 to 30 days 25% of the total tax amount
30 to 60 days 50% of the total tax amount
60 to 90 days Equal to the tax amount
More than 90 days Double the tax amount

List of RTOs in Bihar

Here is a list of the all the RTOs in Bihar with RTO codes and addresses:

RTO Name RTO Code RTO Address
Patna BR-01 Chajju Bagh, Patna, Bihar - 800001
Gaya BR-02 Gaya, Bihar - 823001
Chapara BR-04 Chapra, Saran, Bihar - 841301
Bhojpur BR-03 Bhojpur, Bihar - 802301
Motihari BR-05 Motihari, East Champaran, Bihar - 845401
Muzaffarpur BR-06 Muzaffarpur, Bihar - 842001
Khagaria BR-34 Khagaria, Bihar - 848203
Darbhanga BR-07 Darbhanga, Bihar - 846004
Munger BR-08 Jamalpur, Munger, Bihar - 811214
Begusarai BR-09 Begusarai, Bihar - 851101
Bhagalpur BR-10 Bhagalpur, Bihar - 812001
Purnea BR-11 Purnia, Bihar - 854301
Saharsa BR-19 Saharsa, Bihar - 852201
Nalanda BR-21 Nalanda, Bihar - 803101
Bettiah BR-22 Bettiah, West Champaran, Bihar - 845438
Dehri BR-24 Dehri, Rohtas, Bihar - 821307
Jehanabad BR-25 Jehanabad, Bihar - 804408
Nawada BR-27 Nawada, Bihar - 805130
Gopalganj BR-28 Gopalganj, Bihar - 841428
Buxur BR-44 Buxar, Bihar - 802101
Siwan BR-29 Siwan, Bihar - 841226
Sitamarhi BR-30 Sitamarhi, Bihar - 843315
Vaishali BR-31 Vaishali, Bihar - 844114
Madhubani BR-32 Madhubani, Bihar - 847211
Samastipur BR-33 Samastipur, Bihar - 848101
Kishanganj BR-37 Kishanganj, Bihar - 855107
Araria BR-38 Araria, Bihar - 854311
Katihar BR-39 Katihar, Bihar - 854105
Madhepura BR-43 Madhepura, Bihar - 852113
Lakhisarai BR-53 Lakhisarai, Bihar - 811311
Bhabhua BR-45 Kaimur, Bhabua, Bihar - 821101
Jamui BR-46 Jamui, Bihar - 811305
Supaul BR-50 Supaul, Bihar - 852131
Banka BR-51 Banka, Bihar - 813101
Sheikhpura BR-52 Sheikhpura, Bihar - 811103
Sheohar BR-55 Sheohar, Bihar - 843329
Arwal BR-56 Arwal, Bihar - 824115

Motor Insurance in Bihar

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To Sum It Up

Understanding the Bihar Road Tax is essential for every vehicle owner in the state. It serves as a vital source of revenue for the development and maintenance of road infrastructure. Knowing the specific factors that influence road tax calculations, such as vehicle type, age, and engine capacity, is crucial for accurate compliance.

Additionally, awareness of exemptions and penalties for non-compliance ensures a seamless and lawful experience for vehicle owners. By adhering to road tax regulations, individuals contribute to safer and more efficient transportation networks in Bihar.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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What is the penalty for late payment of Road Tax in Bihar?


The penalty for late payment of Road Tax in Bihar depends on the number of days the tax remains unpaid.

Can I get a refund on Road Tax if I sell my vehicle?


Yes, that is possible. You can apply for a refund on Road Tax if you sell your vehicle before the tax period expires.

Are there any exemptions for certain types of vehicles?


Yes, there could be certain exemptions or reduced rates for electric vehicles and vehicles used for specific purposes like agriculture. You can log in to the Vahan portal to look into the details of the same.

Is Road Tax applicable to vehicles from other states temporarily visiting Bihar?


No, vehicles from other states on a temporary visit to Bihar are exempt from paying road tax.