BMW M2 Insurance

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BMW M2 Insurance

For car enthusiasts, choosing a luxurious and performance-driven four-wheeler is more accessible today. With the increasing demand and popularity, the availability of top-notch models in the country is also rising.

BMW M2 is a powerful four-wheeler recently launched in the country. It is taking the level of sophistication several folds higher with its unique performance, advanced technology and top-level comfort delivery.

However, you need more than investing in a BMW M2 to make you a smart driver. Protecting your brand-new BMW M2 with the appropriate car insurance policy is necessary to enjoy a seamless and stress-free driving experience.

In this blog, we will talk about the importance of car insurance for your BMW M2, how to buy or renew your BMW M2 car insurance, key features of a car insurance policy from Tata AIG, and much more.

Purchase/Renew Process of BMW Insurance with Tata AIG

Process for Purchasing BMW M2 Insurance

Go to the Tata AIG official website.

From the top bar on the home page, select “All Products”.

Next, choose the “Car Insurance” option from the “Motor Insurance” drop-down menu.

On the new webpage, enter your BMW M2 car registration number.

Once done, select the “Get Price” option below it to proceed.

On the next page, a new form will open wherein you will be required to enter your personal and car details accurately.

Upload all necessary documents like ID proof, car-related documents, etc., as requested.

To proceed, calculate and select your IDV of the BMW M2 using an IDV calculator.

Once done, combine any add-ons you wish to purchase with the base car insurance policy.

A premium quotation based on your answers and add-ons will flash on the screen.

To proceed, you can compare different plans and make the final premium payment against the policy of your choice. Ensure you read the terms and conditions of the policy thoroughly.

After making the payment, you will receive the new car insurance for your BMW M2 in your email inbox after the approval of the application.

Process for BMW M2 Car Insurance Renewal

Visit the Tata AIG Car Insurance policy page.

On the main screen, enter your BMW M2 registration number.

Select the “Renew” option under it.

A new renewal form will open on your screen. Enter the required information accurately. The information requirements consist of policy number and expiry date, claim history, other policy-related details, etc.

If you had a claim-free year, you can leave the details section empty and benefit from the “No Claim Bonus” add-on if you had purchased it previously.

Now, review your existing policy terms and add or remove any add-ons as needed.

For the final step, review the BMW car insurance price for renewal available on your screen.

If the updated BMW car insurance cost is good to go, make the final payment using one of the digital payment options to complete the process.

Now, your renewed policy will be shared in your email inbox.

Additional Notes:

The policy tenure for car insurance is usually 1-5 years, and every policyholder gets 90 days to complete the BMW M2 car insurance renewal to avoid losing insurance coverage for their car. Ensure you complete the same as soon as possible or before the 90-day period is over.

BMW M2 Insurance Price/Cost

The need for affordable car insurance plans is growing rapidly to meet the individual requirements of different people. We at Tata AIG ensure there is one plan for everyone, with ample customisation flexibility to allow the policyholders the freedom to choose a favourable plan for their BMW M2.

Moreover, for added convenience, we allow you to compare different plans online to help you make the right decision. We offer 2 different plans under our car insurance policy category, and they include the following.

Third-Party Car Insurance

These are standard car insurance plans that provide coverage against any damage or loss incurred by a third party by the insured car. The premium calculation for this policy type is based on the engine capacity of the car (cc). This regulation is developed by IRDAI and is evaluated annually.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

A comprehensive car insurance plan extends coverage for all damage and loss incurred by the insured vehicle due to unforeseen circumstances. The premium calculator for this policy type includes an evaluation of several factors. The list includes car IDV, add-ons, make of the car, model of the car, and location of the car.

Please Note:

As per the Motor Vehicle Act 1988, third-party insurance is mandatory for every car owner to drive the vehicle on the road. Therefore, purchasing third-party car insurance is compulsory.

Driving without a valid car insurance is prohibited and therefore, it is recommended to renew your policy within 90 days of expiry.

Add-Ons for BMW M2 Insurance by Tata AIG

To enjoy increased financial coverage for your BMW M2, Tata AIG offers customisation flexibility with all the comprehensive car insurance plans. You can choose from 12 different add-ons.

Based on the number of add-ons you combine with your comprehensive insurance policy, the premium value will increase. The list of 12 add-ons includes the following.

Key Replacement

Engine Security Cover

Tyre Security

Repair of Plastic, Fibre, Glass, and Other Parts

Daily Allowance

Zero Depreciation

Return to Invoice

Consumables Cover

No-Claim Bonus

Loss of Personal Belongings

Roadside Assistance

Emergency Hotel and Transport Expenses

Inclusions and Exclusions Under Tata AIG’s BMW M2 Insurance

BMW M2 Car Insurance Inclusions

Inclusions  Description 
Third-Party Cover With a third-party and comprehensive car insurance policy, you get cover against any loss or damage incurred by a third party due to the insured BMW M2.
Accidental Damage In case of an accident or other unforeseen circumstances that require repairs and replacement, comprehensive plans extend coverage for the expenses incurred by the insured BMW M2.
Transit Damage  During the shipment of your BMW M2 from one location to another, any damage or loss incurred by the car in transit is covered under a comprehensive plan.
Total Loss In case your car is stolen or damaged beyond repair, a comprehensive plan covers the same and compensates the insured as per the IDV.
Personal Accident Cover (for drover/owner) Tata AIG offers personal accident cover for the driver/owner of the car for a value of up to ₹15 lakhs.
Natural Calamities  Damage incurred by the insured vehicle due to natural disasters like earthquakes, cyclones, tsunamis, etc., are all covered under a comprehensive insurance policy. 

BMW M2 Car Insurance Exclusions

Exclusions  Description 
Negligence while Driving  Driving any vehicle after the consumption of alcohol or any other illegal substance and then meeting with an accident is carelessness. The damage and loss incurred in such situations is not covered under any policy. 
General Wear and Tear Any damage incurred by the BMW M2 due to regular use is not covered under any plan. 
Speed Racing  Any damage or loss to the car due to voluntary participation in speed racing and other reckless activities is not covered under any plan. 
Breaches of Laws  If there is any damage or loss incurred by the car and the driver is found without a valid DL or insurance policy, no insurance cover will be provided.  
Commercial Use  Using personal vehicles for commercial purposes is not allowed. If the car meets with an accident during commercial use, no coverage will be extended.
Regular Maintenance  Any regular maintenance of the car, including repairs or part replacements, is not covered under any car insurance plan.

Top Reasons to Choose BMW Car Insurance from Tata AIG

Purchasing car insurance for your BMW M2 is necessary to secure your financial well-being in case of unexpected accidents and other situations. However, along with the choice of the right car insurance, choosing the right insurance provider is crucial.

To know why Tata AIG is a good choice when it comes to car insurance plans, here are some of the top reasons.

Customer-Centric- Tata AIG is highly customer-oriented and thus ensures the customers are happy and satisfied. Whether you want to file a car insurance claim or renew your plan, we offer easy-to-follow and understand processes, all online, for quick resolution. Tata AIG’s claim settlement ratio also stands at 99% for 2022-2023.

Affordable Plans- To ensure there is a plan for everyone, regardless of their budget, we offer affordable car insurance plans and also allow users to benefit from many ongoing discount schemes. This way, everyone can enjoy the benefit of a safety net without draining their pockets.

Customisation Flexibility- Comprehensive car insurance plans with Tata AIG come with 12 add-on options, allowing complete freedom for the buyers to customise their plans as needed. This increases the scope of coverage of the base insurance plan.

24/7 Customer Support- As part of the happy customers’ goal, Tata AIG extends 24/7 customer support to everyone to ensure quick query resolution regarding anything around a policy. Whether you wish to buy/renew a car insurance plan or file for a claim, you can ask them for anything.

Extensive Cashless Network- We offer our customers a vast network of 7500+ authorised garages to help with repairs and replacement with ease. The best part is we pay the garages directly for all the repairs and replacement requests to ensure a hassle-free experience for all.

BMW M2: Overview and Unique Selling Points

BMW M2 is one of the most powerful luxury cars in the country today. It is packed with comfort, elegance, style and technology to provide the driver with a seamless driving experience, regardless of the road condition.

Here are some of the unique features of the BMW M2.

Advanced Technology- The BMW M2 is packed with new-age technologies to enhance the driving experience while ensuring the utmost safety of the driver. It comes with built-in infotainment systems, driver assistance, and connectivity options. It further comes with an easy-entry function that allows effortless seat movements as needed.

Performance is Key- The goal of this car is to justify the vehicle's character of being very compact yet bold. This is done using the powerful inline-six petrol engine that strives for top performance of the car with proper control and handling of the car in any road condition.

Compact Design- The BMW M2 is very compact in size, making it easier for the driver to navigate congested roads in India with ease. Moreover, the top priority for the manufacturer is driver’s comfort so the materials used inside the car are hand-picked to ensure maximum comfort.

Bold Exterior and Elegant Interiors- The presence of the M Frameless kidney grill, along with the adaptive headlights and shadow line lights, is eye-catching for any passerby. Additionally, the muscular 19”/20” wheel configuration makes the BMW M2 appear to be a racing car.

However, the interior is quaint and easy on the eye, made with rich, high-quality materials and packed with exclusive features that promote a comfortable ride for every passenger and the driver,

BMW M2: Variants and Prices

For the BMW M2, there is only one variant available in the Indian market called the Coupe. You can choose between a manual and automatic transmission, and it comes with a petrol engine. There is no diesel option available in this model yet.

Variants Ex-Showroom Price (Delhi)
BMW M2  ₹99.90 Lakh

Disclaimer: This pricing was taken from Car Dekho on 12/12/2023 at 12:55 pm IST. Since prices are subject to change, we recommend checking your city’s current ex-showroom price before buying. Most of the prices listed above are expected prices in India.

Top Competitors of BMW M2

Competitors Starting Price (In ₹)
Jaguar F-Type ₹99.98 Lakh
Land Rover Defender ₹93.55 Lakh
Audi Q8 e-tron ₹1.14 Crore
Audi Q8 Sportback e-tron ₹1.18 Crore
Land Rover Discovery ₹95.65 Lakh

Disclaimer: These prices were taken from Car Dekho on 12/12/2023 at 12:45 pm IST. Since prices are subject to change, we recommend checking your city’s current ex-showroom price before buying. Most of the prices listed above are expected prices in India.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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Are there any colour variations available for the BMW M2?


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To file a car insurance claim, you can either call us on our toll free number or visit our main Claim page to begin. On this webpage, select the “Initiate Claim” option and choose “Car” as the product. Follow the steps on the screen and complete the self-inspection form to get your application started.