Car Insurance for Disabled People

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Car Insurance for Disabled People

Having a personal vehicle provides a great degree of freedom and independence, especially for people with disabilities. It allows you to go anywhere without having to depend on others.

However, car insurance for disabled person can be a bit challenging as there are many critical factors to consider.

In this article, we will help you navigate the world of car insurance for disabled people and select the right car insurance policy according to your specific requirements.

What is Disability Car Insurance?

Before moving on, let us address an important question: what exactly is disability car insurance? Disability car insurance is a type of insurance specifically designed for drivers with physical disabilities. It is important to note that there are no specific disability car insurance rules or categories.

Instead, car insurance companies customise their regular car insurance plans according to the requirements of disabled drivers.

Why is Car Insurance Important for Disabled People?

Legal Requirement: According to the Indian Motor Vehicles Act, every car owner must insure their vehicle. If found driving an uninsured motor vehicle, you may be fined up to ₹2,000.

This means you must have suitable car insurance regardless of your physical condition or the type of car you are driving.

Financial Support: A car insurance policy acts as a financial backup during an emergency event such as a vehicle breakdown, road accident, third-party liability, and so on. It allows you to deal with the resulting damages incurred during unforeseen accidents.

Freedom to Commute: Above everything, car insurance gives you the freedom and flexibility to go anywhere you want without having to worry about potential car issues that may arise when handling a vehicle as a disabled driver.

Coverage for Vehicle Modifications: A majority of specially-abled drivers tend to have certain modifications in their vehicles. These include wheelchair support, ramps, etc. Note that the repair and replacement costs for such vehicles can be very high. This is where having a car insurance plan pays off.

Peace of Mind: Finally, car insurance acts as a risk management tool for vehicles. Having the right policy at your disposal ensures your safety and allows you to drive smoothly without worrying about the legal regulations or any unprecedented accident. Simply put, it keeps you financially and mentally prepared against unseen circumstances.

How Does Physical Disabilities Affect Car Insurance?

Physical disabilities have a significant impact on car insurance in terms of coverage, premium cost, claims settlement procedure, and a few other factors. Let us see how these factors are influenced by your disability:

Coverage Requirements: The coverage requirements of disabled drivers are much different from the requirements of a normal driver. For instance, disabled individuals require more coverage for their vehicle modifications or any adaptive equipment they are using.

These include special seats, hand controls, wheelchair ramps, etc. In addition, disabled drivers require added coverage for personal injuries more than a normal driver. They might also need to invest in add-ons such as roadside assistance for their ease and convenience.

Premium Rates: Premium rates for disabled drivers are calculated after taking into account some additional factors.

Besides the age, location, and type of vehicle, car insurance companies take a disability as a major factor for calculating the premium rates.

Some insurance providers consider it as a higher risk and charge slightly higher premium rates. But when you work with Tata AIG, you do not have to worry about this.

Claims Settlement: Although the claims settlement process remains the same for disabled car insurance, the drivers might be required to submit additional documents for proving their disability or related factors.

This is the reason why it is strongly recommended to be very open with your insurance provider when it comes to your driving ability and physical conditions.

Features of Tata AIG Car Insurance for Disabled Adults

Affordable Premium Rates: What makes Tata AIG stand apart from other insurance providers is the affordable premium rates we offer. By purchasing our policy online, you can save up to 75% on your insurance premiums.

Claims Assistance: We understand that navigating through the claims settlement process can be very challenging for disabled drivers. That is the reason we have more than 650 claim experts dedicated to helping you settle your claims without any hurdles.

Cashless Settlement: Cashless claims settlement is one of the key features of Tata AIG car insurance plans. With our cashless settlement feature, you can get your damaged vehicle repaired cashlessly at our network garages.

We have 7,500+ registered auto garages across the country where you can get your car repaired without paying a single penny out of your pocket.

What’s more? You can stay assured that your vehicle is handled by trusted and experienced professionals.

High Claim Settlement Ratio: Tata AIG offers a claims settlement ratio of 99%. It means, we settle 99 out of 100 claims we receive. Our higher claims settlement ratio signifies that your claims will be settled efficiently.

Third-party Damage Coverage: Our comprehensive car insurance plans offer excellent coverage for third-party loss (TPL) and damages done by your vehicle. It means, you do not have to deal with the financial stress and legal expenses incurred due to a TPL.

Customisable Plans: We offer customisable car insurance plans, keeping in mind your specific requirements. You can design your plan as per your vehicle type and other requirements and only pay for the features you really need. This makes our car insurance plans a great fit for disabled drivers.

No Claims Bonus: If you do not make a claim during your policy tenure, you become eligible for the no-claims bonus. With these rewards, you can get additional discounts on your policy premiums.

In fact, if you do not make any claim for five consecutive years, you can get up to a 50% discount on your insurance premium.

Buy/Renew Online: To buy Tata AIG insurance, you do not have to visit a physical location and undergo a vehicle assessment. Instead, you can buy a suitable car insurance policy online from the comfort of your home. Our insurance experts are always there to assist you during your purchase and renewing the policy.

Types of Car Insurance Coverage Available for Disabled Drivers

Tata AIG mainly offers three types of car insurance policies, each with its own list of inclusions and exclusions.

  1. Comprehensive Car Insurance

Comprehensive car insurance is a type of insurance plan that provides broad coverage and financial protection to the insured car against a wide range of unforeseen events. This includes car breakdowns, accidental damages, theft, natural as well as man-made disaster damage and so on.

The best part about our comprehensive car insurance is that it offers coverage for the damages sustained by the insured vehicle as well as third-party losses and damages incurred due to the insured vehicle.

Inclusions  Exclusions 
Damages sustained by your insured vehicle.  Accidents caused due to drunk driving. 
Third-party liabilities incurred by the insured car.  Damages that are not a result of the specified inclusions. 
Damages caused to your vehicle due to natural calamities like earthquakes, cyclones, floods, riots, etc.  Accidents caused due to negligence of the driver. 
Theft of insured car.  Normal wear and tear of the insured vehicle. 
Total loss of the insured vehicle. 
  1. Stand-Alone Own Damage Car Insurance As the name suggests, a stand-alone own-damage car insurance is a type of insurance plan that offers financial coverage only for the damages incurred to the insured vehicle. It also covers various events such as theft, road accidents, natural and man-made calamity coverage, etc

    Inclusions  Exclusions 
    Personal damage to the driver and insured vehicle.  Damage/loss done to a third party by your insured vehicle. 
    Damage to your insured car due to natural calamities like floods, earthquakes, cyclones, thunderstorms, etc.  Damages due to driving in an intoxicated state. 
    Damages to your insured vehicle due to manmade calamities like riots, vandalism, etc.  Normal wear and tear of your vehicle. 
    Damages/loss to your insured car due to fire or theft.  Damages due to political situations like wars, nuclear attacks, etc. 
    1. Stand Alone Third-party Car Insurance A third-party car insurance is the basic insurance policy that offers the necessary coverage for damages or loss incurred to a third party due to the insured car. It covers third-party bodily injuries, property damage, and even death. Further, this type of insurance does not offer any coverage to own damages sustained by an insured vehicle. Also, having TPL insurance is a legal requirement for every vehicle owner in India.

      Inclusions  Exclusions 
      Damage/loss incurred to a third-party or property due to your insured vehicle.  Damage/loss sustained by your own vehicle. 
      Bodily injuries to a third-party driver.  Injuries sustained by the driver of an insured car. 

Disabled Car Insurance Claims Settlement Process

The car insurance claims settlement process is a critical aspect of having insurance. At Tata AIG, you can opt for a cashless or cash reimbursement settlement. Below are the simple Steps you need to perform when making a car insurance claim:

Step 1: Report About the Incident

The very first **Step you need to take to raise a car insurance claim is to report the incident to our claim experts. You can do so either online or by calling us directly.

To initiate your claim request online, you can visit our homepage and select “Claim”. On selecting this tab, you will be redirected to a claims form in which you must fill in the following details:**

Your insurance policy number.

Your personal details, such as name, address, contact information, etc.

Detailed explanation of the incident.

A duly signed copy of FIR (in case of accident or theft).

Any third-party damage/loss incurred.

Enter all these details correctly and hit “Submit”.

Step 2: File Your Claim

After your claims form is submitted, we will review and approve it. Once approved, you will be assigned a claims registration number to use for all future claim-related communications.

Step 3: Survey of Damages

The third and most important **Step is to assess the damages sustained by the insured car and its driver. We will send our inspectors to your given location to do this.

Step 4: Submit Documents

Next, you need to submit all the required documents to support your claim. This includes policy documents, vehicle registration certificate and licence, ID and address proof, and the invoices if you have initiated the repair.

Step 5: Final Settlement

Once your claim has been approved, you can either send your car for cashless repairs at our network garages or opt for cash reimbursement depending upon your preferences. Majority of our customers go for cashless repairs because it is easy, paperless, fast, and highly convenient.

How to Choose the Best Tata AIG Car Insurance for Disabled Adults

Identify Your Coverage Needs: As a disabled car owner, your coverage requirements might be different from a normal driver. So, before anything else, take enough time to identify your specific coverage needs.

For this, consider taking into account factors like vehicle modifications, risk exposure, your driving ability, and so on.

Choose the Right Policy: Choosing the right insurance policy based on your coverage needs is the next step you need to perform. As discussed in the above sections, there are three types of car insurance policies.

We recommend all disabled car owners get a comprehensive policy as it offers much better coverage than the stand-alone own damage or third-party insurance.

Another benefit of having comprehensive car insurance is that you can further extend its coverage by adding useful add-ons.

Check the Add-ons: As stated above, add-ons can help you extend your coverage, making your insurance plan more efficient. We offer various car insurance riders such as Roadside Assistance Cover, Zero Depreciation Cover, Engine Protect Cover, Return to Invoice Cover, and many others you can choose from.

Consider Your Budget: Purchasing car insurance costs your hard-earned money. However, it should not be a financial burden on you. Thus, invest in a policy that matches your budget. Also, look for special offers to enjoy some discounts.

Consider Premium and Deductibles: Deciding the premium and deductible amounts is another critical aspect of buying car insurance. Before selecting an amount, understand that your premiums and deductibles are inversely linked to each other.

The higher your premium, the lower is your deductibles, and vice-versa. So, if you want to cut down on your monthly premium cost, consider opting for higher deductibles.

Check Policy Terms and Conditions: At last, finalise a policy only after understanding its terms and conditions. It is a crucial step because each policy has some exclusions. You want to make sure that the coverage you need does not fall under the list of exclusions of your selected policy.

Bottom Line

Emergencies do not discriminate between fit and disabled drivers: they can strike anyone, anytime. For this reason, every car owner regardless of their fitness and driving abilities should invest in the best car insurance for disabled drivers. Not only it prepares you to deal with the aftermath of unforeseen emergencies, but also helps you stay on the right side of law.

Purchase your car insurance policy online from Tata AIG, and do not let any problem come in the way of your independence.

Whether you are fit or differently abled, we treat our valuable clients equally. Visit us and we will tailor a suitable insurance plan as per your unique requirements. Also, do not forget to check out our latest bumper-to-bumper insurance for additional benefits.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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Are there any disability discount on car insurance available for handicapped drivers?

Are there any disability discount on car insurance available for handicapped drivers?


There are no car insurance discounts specifically for disabled or handicapped drivers. However, this does not mean you cannot avail of any discounts. You can get discounts based on your driving habits, age, vehicle type, etc. Further, you can also enjoy No-claims discounts provided by reputed insurers like Tata AIG.

Do car insurance companies charge more for disabled drivers?


No. A majority of reliable car insurance providers do not charge more from drivers because of their disability. Most of the time, the insurance cost becomes high due to certain modifications in the vehicle such as retractable ramps, wheelchairs, etc.

Which insurance is best for disabled drivers?


Comprehensive car insurance is the best option for car owners with disabilities. The reason behind this is simple: a comprehensive car insurance plan offers all-around protection by providing coverage for self-damage to the insured car as well as any loss/damage done to a third party.

What is a handicap discount in motor insurance?


Some insurance providers may offer handicap discounts on their car insurance policies for disabled drivers. This discount can be referred to as handicap discounts.

What is the meaning of coverage for disabled vehicles?


Coverage for disabled vehicles refers to an insurance policy that protects disabled car owners and their insured vehicles against various damages or losses due to unprecedented events such as road accidents, natural calamities, theft, etc.

How can a disabled person be independent?


A disabled person can become independent by considering the following measures: Using accessibility modifications in living spaces, vehicles, tools, etc. Utilising assistive devices and technologies such as smart wheelchairs, voice assistants, mobility aids, etc. Considering cooperative employment options. Gaining support from the community.