Himachal Pradesh Road Tax

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Himachal Pradesh Road Tax

Beautifully nestled in the lap of the Himalayas, Himachal Pradesh enchants with its breathtaking landscapes and pristine roads. As travellers revel in the natural splendour, the smooth highways and winding mountain paths are integral to this scenic journey.

Yet, behind the scenes, road maintenance and infrastructure demand funding. Enter road tax—a crucial element ensuring these routes stay safe and well-maintained.

Here, we will explore the fascinating blend of Himachal's beauty and the practicality of RTO tax in Himachal Pradesh 2023, deciphering its necessity for sustaining the region's charm while making our road trips delightful and sustainable.

What is Road Tax?

Road tax in the Indian states is a crucial financial mechanism state governments impose on vehicle owners, ensuring the sustenance and improvement of public road networks. This obligatory levy functions as a user-based contribution towards road infrastructure's continual maintenance, repair, and expansion.

The taxation varies, considering factors such as the vehicle's type, age, and engine capacity. This revenue plays a pivotal role in fostering the development of roads nationwide, financing the creation of new thoroughfares and implementing safety measures.

Essentially, road tax adheres to the fundamental principle that those utilising the roads should share the financial responsibility for their preservation. It serves as a vital component in sustaining and advancing the diverse and extensive road systems that traverse the varied terrain of India, contributing to a safer and more efficient transportation ecosystem for all.

Who Levies HP Road Tax Charges?

The state government of Himachal Pradesh levies the Himachal Pradesh Road Tax. In India, the authority to impose and collect road taxes typically rests with the state governments rather than the central government.

The state government determines the rates and criteria for road tax, considering factors such as the type of vehicle, its age, and other relevant parameters. The revenue generated from road tax is then utilised to maintain, develop, and improve the state's road infrastructure, ensuring safer and more efficient transportation for residents and visitors alike.

Therefore, in the case of Himachal Pradesh, the state government is responsible for setting and collecting road tax charges within its jurisdiction.

Himachal Pradesh Road Tax Calculation

In Himachal Pradesh, road tax rates depend on several factors. These factors include

The type of the vehicle

The price of the vehicle

The manufacturer

The purpose of the vehicle (personal or commercial)

Vehicle’s age

The state of origin

Together, these considerations determine the road tax amount vehicle owners in Himachal Pradesh must pay, ensuring a fair and balanced taxation system.

For detailed information on your motor vehicle tax in Himachal Pradesh, you can check the Parivahan portal.

Additionally, we have provided comprehensive tables below detailing road tax information for new and older vehicles in specific categories relevant to Himachal Pradesh. This will help you quickly understand your road tax responsibilities within the state.

Himachal Pradesh RTO Tax Rate for Different Categories of Vehicles

The calculation of road taxes for different categories of vehicles in Himachal Pradesh is stated below.

Road Tax Calculation for New Two-Wheelers in Himachal Pradesh:

Calculating road tax for two-wheelers in Himachal Pradesh is straightforward. It involves determining a percentage of the ex-showroom price you paid for your bike.

This uncomplicated method ensures a clear and easily understandable approach to assessing road tax obligations for motorcycle owners in Himachal Pradesh.

Price of the Vehicle Payable Tax Rate
Up to ₹1 lakh 6% of the vehicle’s cost
More than ₹1 lakh 7% of the vehicle’s cost

Road Tax Calculation for New Four-Wheelers in Himachal Pradesh:

When it comes to calculating road tax for personal cars or motor cabs, the starting point is the ex-showroom price, similar to that of the two-wheeler road tax prices:

Price of the Vehicle Payable Tax Rate
Up to ₹15 lakhs 6% of the vehicle’s cost
More than ₹15 lakhs 7% of the vehicle’s cost

Himachal Pradesh Road Tax for Commercial Vehicles:

Regarding Himachal state tax for taxis and other commercial vehicles, the road tax computation is based on the vehicle's intended use. This encompasses factors such as the vehicle's size and distinguishing between a light motor vehicle, a goods vehicle, or a passenger vehicle.

Type of the vehicle Payable taxable amount Amount of Tax Payable for the first 15 years post registration (annually) Amount of Tax Payable after 15 years (annually)
Light motor vehicles ₹1,500 ₹1,650
Medium goods motor vehicles ₹2,000 ₹2,200
Heavy goods motor vehicles ₹2,500 ₹2,750
Minibuses ₹500 for a seat per year, subject to ₹25,000 per year ₹550 for a seat per year, subject to ₹25,000 per year
Ordinary/express/semi-deluxe/deluxe/air-conditioned buses ₹500 for a  seat per year, subject to ₹35,000 per year ₹550 for a seat per year, subject to ₹35,000 per year
Private service vehicles ₹500 per seat per year ₹550 per seat per year
Auto rickshaws ₹200 per seat, subject to ₹5,000 per year
Motor cabs ₹350 per seat, subject to ₹10,000 per year
Maxi cabs ₹750 per seat, subject to ₹15,000 per year
Buses for contract carriages ₹1,000 per seat, subject to ₹52,000 per year
Ambulances ₹1,500
Hearses ₹1,500

Himachal Pradesh Road Tax for Other State Vehicles:

Price of the Vehicle Payable Tax Rate
Up to ₹15 lakhs 8% of the vehicle’s cost
More than ₹15 lakhs 9% of the vehicle’s cost

Himachal Pradesh Road Tax Online Payment: A Step-By-Step Process

In Himachal Pradesh, road tax payment offers two avenues: offline and online. Opting for online payment is the swiftest and most user-friendly method.

For online road tax payment in Himachal Pradesh, follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit the official website: https://parivahan.gov.in/.

Step 2: Fill in the required details on the form.

Step 3: Choose "Online Service."

Step 4: Select "Services" and navigate to "Vehicles."

Step 5: Input your vehicle details.

Step 6: Choose an online payment option.

Step 7: You'll be directed to a secure payment gateway.

Step 8: Enter your mobile number for OTP generation.

Step 9: Input the OTP received and click "Submit."

Save the generated road tax receipt and consider taking a hard copy to keep in your vehicle for reference. This online process streamlines the road tax payment in Himachal Pradesh, providing a secure and efficient solution for vehicle owners.

How to Find Your Himachal RTO Tax Amount Online?

The Parivahan Sewa website extends its convenient services to Himachal Pradesh, enabling users to check the road tax status of their vehicles online effortlessly.

With the Vahan e-Services portal within the Parivahan Sewa platform, you can follow these steps:

Visit the Vahan e-Services website.

Navigate to 'Know Your Vehicle Details' in the top menu bar.

Input your vehicle number and the verification code, then click on Vahan Search.

You will be redirected to a new webpage presenting comprehensive details about your vehicle and its owner.

On this page, you can easily verify the MV Tax status of your vehicle, discerning whether Life Time Tax (LTT) or One Time Tax (OTT) has been duly paid. This user-friendly online platform enhances vehicle owners' accessibility to road tax information in Himachal Pradesh.

Offline Payment of Road Tax in Himachal Pradesh

To settle road tax payments offline in Himachal Pradesh, head to the nearest Regional Transport Office (RTO) with essential documents: address verification, ID proof, vehicle registration certificate, Pollution under Control (PUC) certificate, and valid car insurance policy. Payment options at the RTO include cash, debit card, credit card, or UPI.

Once payment is made, you will receive a receipt. Make a copy and store it in your vehicle. This copy serves as a crucial document that you can readily present upon request during a vehicle road tax check, offering tangible proof of compliance with road tax regulations in Himachal Pradesh.

Penalties for Non-Payment of Road Tax in Himachal Pradesh

Individuals failing to renew their road tax face a penalty of 25% for each year of delay. The Regional Transport Office (RTO) conducts daily calculations for road tax defaulters with delays of less than a year.

These penalties are officially computed on the 16th of every month, making the process systematic and transparent. The 25% penalty is levied on the outstanding road tax amount, emphasising the importance of timely renewal.

This ensures that road tax defaulters are subject to proportional fines, discourages delays, and promotes adherence to the renewal deadlines. The regular assessment on the 16th of each month provides a structured approach, enabling a fair and consistent application of penalties for road tax defaulters.

List of RTOs in Himachal Pradesh

RTO Code RTO Name
HP-62, HP-01, HP-02 Shimla
HP-63, HP-50, HP-01A, HP-02A Shimla
HP-06 Rampur
HP-69, HP-70, HP-01B, HP-02B Bilaspur
HP-73, HP-01C, HP-02C Chamba
HP-68, HP-04, HP-01D, HP-02D Dharamshala
HP-67, HP-60, HP-01H, HP-02H Hamirpur
HP-66, HP-61, HP-01K, HP-02K Kullu
HP-65, HP-05, HP-01M, HP-02M Mandi
HP-71, HP-01N, HP-02N Sirmaur
HP-93, HP01-SA, HP02-SA Baddi at Nalgarh
HP64, HP59, HP01S, HP02S Solan
HP-72, HP-01U, HP-02U Una
HP-03 Shimla Urban
HP-06 Rampur
HP-09 Theog
HP-10 Rohru
HP-11 Arki
HP-12 Nalagarh
HP-13 Kandaghat
HP-14 Solan
HP-15 Parwanoo
HP-16 Rajgarh
HP-17 Paonta Sahib
HP-18 Nahan
HP-19 Amb
HP-20 Una
HP-19A Gagret
HP-08 Chaupal
HP-21 Barsar
HP-22 Hamirpur
HP-23 Ghumarwin
HP-24 Bilaspur Sadar
HP-25 Kalpa
HP-26 Nichar
HP-29 Jogindernagar
HP-28 Sarkaghat
HP-27 Pooh
HP-30 Karsog
HP-31 Sundernagar
HP-32 Gohar
HP-33 Mandi Sadar
HP-34 Kullu
HP-35 Ani
HP-36 Dehra
HP-36 Dehra
HP-37 Palampur
HP-38 Nurpur
HP-39 Dharamshala
HP-40 Kangra
HP-41 Kaza
HP-42 Keylong
HP-43 Udaipur
HP-45 Pangi
HP-46 Bharmaur
HP-47 Dalhousie
HP-48 Chamba
HP-49 Banjar
HP-51 Shimla Rural
HP-53 Baijnath
HP-54 Jawali
HP-55 Nadaun
HP-56 Jaisinghpur
HP-57 Chowari
HP-58 Manali
HP-74 Bhoranj
HP-76 Padhar
HP-77 Dodra Kawar
HP-78 Bangana
HP-79 Sangrah
HP-80 Haroli
HP-81 Saloni
HP-82 Balh
HP-83 Jawalaji
HP-84 Sujanpur
HP-85 Shillai
HP-86 Dharampur
HP-87 Janjehli
HP-88 Fatehpur
HP-89 Jhandutta
HP-89 Jhandutta
HP-90 Shahpur
HP-91 Naina Devi ji at Swarghat
HP-95 Kumarsain
Not allotted Nagrota Bagwan

Motor Insurance in Himachal Pradesh

In the picturesque landscapes of Himachal Pradesh, having a robust two or four-wheeler insurance plan is not just a prudent choice but a legal necessity. The unpredictable mountainous terrains and diverse weather conditions pose unique challenges for vehicle owners, making insurance coverage imperative for financial protection.

Amidst the array of insurance options, Tata AIG stands out as a reliable choice for Himachal Pradesh residents. Our comprehensive bike and car insurance plans offer mandatory third-party coverage and extensive protection against own damage, theft, and natural calamities. This is particularly crucial in a region prone to landslides, snowfall, and other weather-related risks.

You can compare car insurance or bike insurance plans for Himachal Pradesh online on our website, which is crafted with an understanding of the region's specific needs. Quick and hassle-free claim settlements, a wide network of garages, and 24/7 customer support contribute to a seamless experience for policyholders navigating the challenging roads of Himachal.

Choosing us ensures that Himachal Pradesh residents comply with legal requirements and enjoy peace of mind, knowing that their vehicles are shielded against the unpredictable elements that characterise this enchanting state. We are a fitting partner for those seeking comprehensive coverage and reliable support amid the breathtaking but demanding terrains of Himachal Pradesh.

To Sum It Up

Having robust information about the road tax amounts and RTO registration charges in Himachal Pradesh is imperative for every vehicle owner in the state. As vehicles journey through this Himalayan haven, the partnership between travellers and road tax becomes a vital thread, weaving together the beauty of the journey and the practicalities of road maintenance, creating a seamless road network for all to cherish and traverse.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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When are road tax penalties calculated for defaulters in Himachal Pradesh?

When are road tax penalties calculated for defaulters in Himachal Pradesh?


Road tax penalties for defaulters are officially calculated on the 16th of each month in Himachal Pradesh.

What happens if road tax renewal is not completed on time in Himachal Pradesh?


Failure to renew road tax on time in Himachal Pradesh results in a fine of 25% per year, computed daily if the delay is less than a year.

What documents are required for offline road tax payment in Himachal Pradesh?


For offline road tax payment, carry documents like address verification, ID proof, vehicle registration certificate, Pollution under Control (PUC) certificate, and a valid car insurance policy.