HSRP Punjab

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HSRP Punjab

All motor vehicles in India must be affixed with a standardised High-Security Registration Plate (HSRP). This is per the legal mandate issued by the Ministry of Road, Transport and Highways (MoRTH), made by amending the Central Motor Vehicles Act of 1988.

Therefore, all motor vehicles in Punjab must follow this rule. All vehicle owners who own a vehicle bought before April 2019 must register for an HSRP in Punjab online or in person.

If caught driving without one, you can be levied hefty fines of ₹2,000 to ₹3,000.

This blog explains how to register for an HSRP number plate in Punjab, the application fees and everything else you need to know about high-security number plates in Punjab. Read on!

What You Need to Know Before Registering for a High-Security Number Plate in Punjab:

HRSP plates come with a unique 10-digit pin and colour-coded sticker that can be used to identify the vehicle it is attached to.

It was introduced as a measure to store vehicle information within a central database and to recognise stolen vehicles with duplicate number plates.

Only people who own vehicles bought before April 2019 need to register for an HSRP number plate in Punjab. Vehicles bought after 2019 already come with an HSRP, so manual registration is unnecessary.

HSRPs with colour-coded stickers are mandatory, and those caught without one can be levied fines from ₹2,000 to ₹3,000 by traffic authorities.

Moreover, you should also ensure your vehicle is insured with basic four-wheeler insurance to avoid attracting additional fines.

Vehicles with damaged or faded HSRPs must be replaced with new ones. These could also attract fines if not replaced.

When applying for an HSRP in Punjab online or offline, you will only be asked for your RC details, like vehicle registration number, chassis number, registration date, engine number, etc.

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Process for Online Number Plate Application in Punjab

On the HSRP Punjab Website

Visit the Punjab HSRP website.

Click the “Apply HSRP Online” option on the homepage.

Select your application type and enter your vehicle details. For new HSRP plates, choose “Old (Full HSRP Set)” from the drop-down.

Click “Click Here for Vahan Verification.”

Choose your nearest fitment location and book an appointment.

Submit your application and pay your HSRP fees.

Download and maintain the payment receipt for future reference. You will need to present it at your appointment with your RC details.

You can also choose to reschedule your appointment if you find that you can not make an appearance on the scheduled date.

Offline Registration Process for HSRP in Punjab

For offline processes in Punjab, you can visit your nearest RTO and ask to submit an in-person application at the front desk. You can check online for RTO addresses and find your closest RTO to register for an HSRP number plate in Punjab.

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How to Apply for Only Colour-Coded Stickers on the HSRP Punjab Website?

Visit the Punjab HSRP website and click “Apply HSRP Online.”

Select your “Colour Coded Sticker Only” from the application type drop-down and enter your vehicle details. Click “Click Here for Vahan Verification” once done.

Choose your nearest fitment location and book an appointment.

Submit your application and pay your colour-coded sticker fees of ₹75.7.

Download and maintain the payment receipt for future reference. You will need to present it at your appointment with your RC details.

High-Security Number Plate Fees in Punjab

These are the only fees to be paid when registering for an HSRP in Punjab. There are no other dealer charges or additional fees to be paid at your fitment appointment. For a full breakdown of the fee structure, you can visit the HSRP Punjab website.

Vehicle Type  Punjab HSRP Fees
Two-Wheelers ₹200.6 to ₹300.9
3 Wheeler (Passenger and Goods) and Invalid Carriages ₹270.22 to ₹376.62
Light Motor Vehicles and Passenger Cars ₹468.75 to ₹892.08
Tractors ₹200.6 to ₹300.9
Medium and Heavy Transport Commercial Vehicles and Trailer Combination ₹634.84 to ₹951.55
Mandatory Colour-Coded Sticker Fees
For All Vehicles ₹75.7 

Checking Your HSRP Status in Punjab

Visit the Punjab HSRP website and click “Track Status” on the top tab.

Enter either your vehicle registration number or your invoice number. The invoice number can be found printed on your application form or your invoice receipt.

Click Submit and you will the shown your application status, i.e., whether it is approved or if it is still under process.

HSRP Punjab Online Registration: Cancelling Your HSRP Booking and Applying for a Refund

You can cancel your HSRP order by visiting the Punjab HSRP website and contacting them through their helplines:

Helpline Number: 7888498859, 7888498853, 7743009100

Email ID: customer.care@hsrppunjab.com

You must state that you wish to cancel your HSRP number plate order and initiate a refund process.

On approval, the refund amount will be credited to your bank account, and you will receive a notification through email or SMS of the transaction.

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Both are mandated and thankfully, you can apply for them online using the HSRP website for your number plate and the Tata AIG website for your car insurance. We offer several types of four-wheeler insurance policies, from basic third-party plans to comprehensive policies.

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As per the mandate from the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH), all Indian vehicles must be affixed with an HSRP and its colour-coded sticker. This includes Punjab state. So, you must ensure your car or bike has an HSRP and the corresponding sticker.

Thankfully, registering for an HSRP number plate in Punjab is quite easy, as you can complete the entire process online on the HSRP Punjab website. This applies to replacements as well.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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