HSRP Rajasthan

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HSRP Rajasthan

In a significant move aimed at curbing vehicle theft and facilitating enhanced tracking of lost or stolen vehicles, the Ministry of Road Transportation & Highways (MoRTH) has introduced a pivotal amendment to the Central Motor Vehicles Rules of 1989.

All vehicles sold on or after April 1, 2019, are mandated to come equipped with High-Security Registration Plates (HSRP). This proactive measure ensures an additional layer of security and accountability within the automotive sector.

According to the official communication from MoRTH, vehicle dealers are now obligated to receive HSRPs, including the third registration mark, from the manufacturers alongside the newly produced vehicles on or after the stipulated deadline.

In this blog, we will get into the layers of HSRP implementation in Rajasthan and shed light on its implications and benefits for both residents and travellers alike.

What You Need to Know Before Registering for an HSRP Number Plate in Rajasthan:

HSRPs are built to last, sporting a tamper-proof reflective film that stays vibrant even under the harshest desert sun.

Each plate boasts a laser-etched code that's like your vehicle's fingerprint, making it practically impossible to replicate.

The reflective film on HSRPs makes your vehicle easily visible even in low-light conditions, improving road safety for everyone.

HSRP data is stored in a centralised national database, facilitating vehicle tracking and recovery in case of theft.

The unique identification code on HSRPs can help authorities quickly identify vehicles involved in accidents, speeding up the claims process.

By deterring theft and improving vehicle identification, HSRPs contribute to a safer and more secure road environment for everyone.

The dimensions of the High-Security Registration Plate (HSRP) vary based on vehicle categories as follows:

2 and 3 Wheelers: 200 x 100 mm and 285 x 45 mm

Light Motor Vehicles and Passenger Cars: 340 x 200 mm and 500 x 120 mm

Medium and Heavy Commercial Vehicles and Trailer Combinations: 340 x 200 mm

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Process for HSRP Rajasthan Online Registration of Number Plate Application

On the Book My HSRP Rajasthan Tracking Website

The online HSRP registration process for Rajasthan commenced nationwide on November 1, 2020. The website now facilitates online HSRP applications for both new and existing vehicles.

Steps for High-Security Number Plate Rajasthan online apply:

  • Begin by visiting the official Book My HSRP portal at https://bookmyhsrp.com/.

  • On the homepage, choose between "High-Security Registration Plate with Colour Sticker" or "Only Colour Sticker" by clicking the respective tab labelled "RJ Book My HSRP (Number Plate)."

  • For the "High-Security Registration Plate with Colour Sticker" option, click directly on https://bookmyhsrp.com/plate/VahanBookingDetail.aspx.

  • The Vahan Booking Details page for the HSRP Plate will then appear.

  • Complete the Booking Details section by entering vehicle information such as the registration state, registration number, chassis number, and engine number. Then, click the "Click Here" button.

  • Select your preferred fitting location where the HSRP Number Plate for an old vehicle or new vehicle will be installed in your chosen state.

  • Choose a convenient appointment slot for the installation at the nearest fitment location.

  • After selecting the place and time, review the Booking Summary of the High-Security Number Plate. It will display all the details of your booking.

  • Verify and confirm the date and time. Once confirmed, proceed to make the payment for the HSRP plate installation using online payment methods such as Internet Banking, debit card, credit card, or other online payment modes. Note that HSRP Plates can only be applied online by prepaid customers, as cash is not accepted at the installation centres.

  • The final step involves downloading the HSRP Plate receipt, which contains confirmation of payment and details about your vehicle. This receipt can be printed or downloaded for your records.

Offline Registration Process for HSRP Rajasthan

To register for Rajasthan HSRP offline, visit the Regional Transport Offices (RTOs) and complete the process. Submit the required application form, accompanied by the necessary vehicle documents.

How to Apply for Only Colour-Coded Stickers on the HSRP Rajasthan Online Website?

  • Visit the www.bookmyhsrp.com website

  • Click on the ‘Only Colour Sticker’ tab on the Home Page

  • Enter your state, followed by the registration number of your vehicle and all other details

  • Verify your details and make sure there are no mistakes

  • Enter the Captcha correctly and press on ‘Click Here’

  • Pay the fees and download and print out your payment receipt. You will need to present it at your appointment with your RC copy.

High-Security Number Plate Rajasthan Fees

As the central government has not standardised the cost of HSRP, it is prone to differ across states. The pricing is also contingent on the vehicle's class and type.

Here is an insight into the cost of HSRP number plates in Rajasthan.

Type of Vehicle Fee (without GST) Fee (With GST)
Two-wheelers ₹300-₹400 ₹600
Four-wheelers ₹600-₹1100 -
Colour-coded stickers ₹100 ₹120

In the event of damage to the rear and/or front plates of the HSRP, a replacement fee is applicable based on the vehicle type.

Below is a breakdown of the charges for various vehicle categories in Rajasthan:

Type of Vehicle Price Range
Medium Transport Commercial Vehicles / Heavy Transport Commercial Vehicles & Trailer Combination ₹250-₹500
Three-wheeler (Passenger & Goods) & Invalid Carriages ₹110-₹220
Light Motor Vehicles and Passenger Cars ₹230-₹480
Two-wheelers ₹120-₹170
Tractors ₹140-₹180

HSRP Online Registration in Rajasthan: Checking Your HSRP Status

  • Visit the official HSRP registration status check page using the link: https://www.bookmyhsrp.com/TrackOrder.aspx.

  • On the displayed page, find the section for checking the status of High-Security Registration Plates.

  • Enter the Order ID, Vehicle Registration Number, and the displayed Captcha.

  • Click the "Search" button to initiate the status check process.

  • Review the results to check the appointment status for your HSRP.

Rajasthan HSRP Online: Cancelling Your HSRP Booking and Applying for a Refund

Visit the Book My HSRP website and go to the order cancellation page.

Enter your order number, vehicle registration and the captcha code. You can get the order number on your application form or your payment receipt.

Click Search, and you will be presented with the option to cancel your Rajasthan HSRP order and initiate a refund.

The refund amount will be credited directly to your bank account.

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So, whether you are a seasoned rider navigating the bustling bazaars of Jaipur or a road trip enthusiast conquering the Thar Desert, HSRPs are your ultimate companion. They are more than just plates; they are a statement: a commitment to safety, security, and peace of mind.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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What is the last date for HSRP apply online in Andhra Pradesh?

What is the last date for HSRP apply online in Andhra Pradesh?


There is no last date for the HSRP registration. MoRTH has already issued the notice, and a majority of Indian states, including Andhra Pradesh, are following it by levying penalties on vehicle owners without an HSRP. Therefore, it is recommended to register for your vehicle’s HSRP as soon as possible.

What is the validity of my HSRP booking receipt?


You can check the validity of your HSRP booking receipts by visiting the official Book My HSRP Portal. On reaching the site, select the “Receipt Validity” option and follow the instructions to retrieve your validity.