HSRP Telangana

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HSRP Telangana

Telangana, one of the popular southern states in India, is a dynamic region established in mid-2014. With its boosting economy dominated by the agricultural and the IT sector, along with its cultural diversity, Telangana makes for an excellent state for visits and relocation.

An essential aspect of Telangana that makes it a safe and established economy is its deep-rooted cultural heritage and the remarkable efforts towards increasing and maintaining road safety.

High-Security Registration Plates are one such initiative that is directed towards improving road safety while monitoring vehicle-related incidents and crimes better.

The traditional car number plates were easy to tamper with, increasing the scope of criminal activity and accidents significantly.

Let us understand what a high-security number plate in Telangana is and how it benefits the people of the state while reducing accidents and casualties to a bare minimum.

Key Features of High-Security Number Plate in Telangana

According to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, every vehicle owner with a vehicle purchased before April 2019 is required to apply for a high-security registration plate (HSRP) with a colour-coded sticker.

HSRP in Telangana and many other states in India is now mandated by law and can incur heavy penalties for the ones without it. It is a significant upgrade to enhance road safety and improve vehicle security. Here are some important things to know about HSRP:

HSRP comes with a chromium-based hologram, a unique identification number and other stickers that make it tamper-proof.

The HSRP is installed using strong security screws to ensure maximum security and reduced risk of any sort of tampering or intentional damage.

The primary purpose of the HSRP number plate in Telangana is to allow easy identification of vehicles for monitoring and tracking purposes. Additionally, it encourages safe driving and compliance with the state traffic laws.

In case the colour-coded stickers are fading or damaged, new ones are mandatory to avoid fines as they indicate fuel type.

The HSRP is made of a 1.0 mm thick aluminium sheet and comes with a guarantee of at least 5 years.

How to Apply for a Colour-Coded Telangana High-Security Number Plate?

High-Security Number Plate Telangana Apply Online Option

Go to the official website of High-Security Registration Plates.

On the web page, navigate to the option of High-Security Registration Plate with a colour sticker and then click on “Book” to proceed.

A new web page will appear on your screen. Here, you are required to first choose your state as “Telangana” from the drop-down menu.

Next, enter all the requested information accurately. This will include a registration number, chassis number, engine number, and a captcha code.

Upon completion, select the “Click Here” option to proceed.

For the next step, you need to book a fitting location. This is where the number plate will be fitted onto your car.

Next, you need to select an appointment slot for when you wish to get the HSRP fitting completed at your chosen fitting location.

Before proceeding, cross-check all information entered by you regarding the vehicle and then make the application payment to submit the same.

After completing the application submission process, collect your payment receipt and visit the chosen fitting location as per the appointment slot you selected in the previous section.

High-Security Number Plate Telangana Apply Offline Option

For the offline option to apply for HSRP in Telangana, all you have to do is go to the nearest RTO office and request an application form for the same.

You need to fill up the application with accurate information regarding self and your vehicle before submitting the same to the RTO officer for verification. You will also be required to pay the application fee to complete the process.

Once verified and approved, you can collect your HSRP from the nearest RTO from your location.

Different HSRP Number Plate Cost in Telangana

The high-security registration plate is an additional support aspect extended to the public for improved transportation systems in the state.

For HSRP, a small fee is requested at the time of application submission for authorised registration. Every state has a different fee structure based on vehicle category. For Telangana, the HSRP number plate cost is as follows:

Vehicle Category  Fees for HSRP in Telangana
Four-Wheelers ₹1,100
Two-Wheelers ₹400
Colour-Coded Sticker  ₹100

Check HSRP Status in Telangana Online

For TS HSRP status, the online method involves the following steps:

Visit the official portal of Book My HSRP.

On the web page, select the “Track Order” option.

A new web page will appear on the screen. Here, enter the vehicle registration number.

Next, enter the captcha code mentioned and click on “Search” to view the TS HSRP status.

How To Cancel and Get Refund for HSRP in Telangana?

If you wish to cancel your HSRP registration and file for a refund, here is how you can do it. Please note refunds are only available if a damaged or incorrect size HSRP is delivered.

You can call the registered numbers 040-69999712, 040-69999713, 040-69999772, and 040-69999773. Upon calling, mention your order number and reasons for cancellation.

You can also send an email to online@hsrpts.com mentioning your order number and reasons for cancellation.

Upon approval on call or via email, your refund will be processed and will be reflected in your account in 6-8 days.

Role of Tata AIG Car Insurance for a Four-Wheeler

HSRP in Telangana is mandated by law, and no vehicle purchased before April 2019 comes with it and thus requires the vehicle owners to complete the registration for the same either online or offline.

Similar to the mandate of HSRP, the Telangana government also requires all vehicle owners to carry a valid bike or car insurance policy at all times.

At Tata AIG, you can choose from third-party or comprehensive insurance for a four-wheeler or two-wheeler to benefit from a financial safety net in times of need.

We offer complete customisation liberty, and our plans take into account the IDV value of your car or bike in case the vehicle is stolen or damaged beyond repair. Choose as per requirement from our website and drive stress-free.


Telangana is prone to traffic congestion from time to time. To improve this, the state government has allocated ample resources to improve road infrastructure and traffic management.

With the introduction of HSRPs, vehicle owners are investing in a safer driving environment for their vehicles and themselves. With the flexibility of digital solutions to obtain and install HSRP in Telangana, there is no reason to delay it any further.

Disclaimer / TnC

Your policy is subjected to terms and conditions & inclusions and exclusions mentioned in your policy wording. Please go through the documents carefully.

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